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US War On Iraq

21 March, 2003

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Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq. In his speech to the nation, President Bush said "We will meet that threat (Iraq)now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities."

This has triggered two important questions,

1) Right of 'Preemptive Attack' where one country invades the other on the basis of information that the later is preparing for war against the former and
2) The effectiveness of UNO which in this case has failed to stop the war.

In all other cases, when a country is attacked by another, the country who launch the attack is called aggressor and is condemned by the rest.

What do you think how should the countries of the world including Pakistan, respond to US attack on Iraq ?

Should the invaders be called aggressors and be condemned?

Reader Comments:

Condemn the USA!

USA, Britain and Australia using military to kill innocent Iraqi people in the name of 'regime change'. they should be condemned in clear terms. One can only laugh at Pakistan's choice of word 'deplore'. Pakistan really needs sensible diplomats in their foreign office.

Sunny, Pakistan - 21 March, 2003

God is Great

Defence Secretary of America, Mr. Rumsfeld called the massive bombing compaign, Shock and Awe operation an impressive exhibition of U.S. Military's Might and Power with precision. I wonder why in the world they research so hard to kill humans of their choice with precision technology. At the end of the day they are killing human beings who just happen to wear uniforms and take orders from their leaders, just like US forces taking orders from Bush. To look with an eye of sense and logic, Bush and Saddam represent the same coin. They both like to invade countries with tanks and bombs, like to remain in position to control oil prices and enjoy killing innocent people. World would be a much better place if we only remove President Bush and destroy CIA's infrastructure.

Ali Agha, Pakistan - 22 March, 2003

Ambassador's fate

There's no question about USA being the aggressor, not only in case of Iraq, but in all the cases of wars in history. They had already won the war against Japan, but to take revenge of pearl Harbor, they dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan just to exhibit the American aggressive retarted psyche.

Next move of diplomatic war has already started with Pres. Bush request to the world leaders to freeze Iraq's assets in their countries and to ask Iraqi ambassadors to vacate their positions.

Russia and Lebanon has so far bluntly rejected such requests of Pres. Bush. I wonder how would Pakistan react to it? I think they should not ask the Iraqi ambassador to leave Pakistan.

Naseer Ahmad, Pakistan - 22 March, 2003

The Naked Aggression!

Human life is a free commodity that one can expand at will. Bush came to power through the back door and the only way he can hold is to cause chaos around the world. We will be witnessing during this decade, if he remains in power more of such naked ventures.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 22 March, 2003

Diplomatic Aggression !

Soon we will have to ask White House, as which diplomat is good or which one has to be expelled. Imagine the crisis that will take place between many countries. I am told Pakistan has asked the Iraqi Envoy to leave. If this is true,than we know Musharraf is an American stooge.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 22 March, 2003

Wrong War!!

As an Indian I believe that fundamentalism is a serious threat to the world. This war is wrong and unjust. Its a violent and cunning campaign to dominate the people and resources of Iraq. If Pakistan and India don't wake and shed their silly mutual hatred (perpetuated by politicians) we will go back to the Raj!! Then we will be one country under Washington!!

Anil Kumar, Hungary - 23 March, 2003

Against War

Iran's supreme leader, Ayathulla Khamanei has called US attack on Iraq, "New Hitlerism".

I absolutely agree with him. Infact, I would say that Pres. Bush is much dangerous than Hitler, as Bush doesn't even know what is the capital of Spain and yet he's talking about coalition forces. Bush, who before election, didn't even know where Kashmir exists and was clueless when asked by a journalist whether he knew the name of Indian Prime minister, imagine what would happen to this world when a lunatic ignorant like him ignores the rest of the world and takes decisions to attack Iraq ?

May God replace him with a peace minded person in America... Amen!

Against War, Pakistan - 23 March, 2003

What about Sadam?

In all the hate of big superpower (USA), where is the talk about the poor treatment of the nation of Iraq under held hostage by Sadam and his two sadistic sons? Free the people!

Raj, Hungary - 24 March, 2003

Bush Maniac - Iranian Dictatorship

As an iranian I could tell you that even though Bush is a maniac, current regime under which Iranians are living is much more of a resembelance of a dictatorship than any other regime. Just about all Iranians are waiting for U.S to attack Iran next and set us free from our dictator regime. I also know many iraqi people and they are very happy that finally saddam is going.

Behrouz, India - 24 March, 2003

I Disagree With This War

This war is a proliferation of the PNAC charter (if you are unaware of what pnac is go to ). While the people of Iraq may be repressed by Saddam, and a more respectful government may be better for the people...the proliferation of PNAC is what frightens me.

James, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2003

Anti Saddam

Hussein's a psychopath whose time has come and gone. Why should any of you care what Saddam does to children to make their parents talk? Who cares that he cuts off limbs and cuts out tongues? After all, they are not your children or your limbs or your longues. But ultimately it doesn't matter right? Because what I gather from all you America-haters/Saddam Lovers is that killing children is A-okay as long as a Muslim does it. You should be ashamed of yourselves for calling yourself human and supporting Saddam Hussein.

Mike, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2003

Nice neighbors

The world doesn't need to fear Bush. Only those countries that train, finance, or aid terrorists need to fear him. What is so hard to understand about this?

Algore, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2003

Little Tyrant - Bush

Remember, Bush's brother closed the polls in Florida to assure George's election? Remember how strong the economy was here when he got elected?
Remember how much resistance there is here for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for increasing our "strategic oil reserves," which were (last week) at a 40 year low? Remember, we too love our children at war in Iraq and pray this will be over soon. I am praying the local nations bring forth a peaceful, sane, government quickly to replace the Baath regime so our little tyrant has no excuses to keep us hemorraging our resources overseas in what certainly looks like an attempt to gain control over others.

Barbara, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2003

starvation is over

soon iraqi children will no longer be starving from sanctions and will not have to fear rape and torture. afghanistan is happier. iraq will be too.

curt, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2003


It is a moment of thought for the whole world. We should think. WHO IS GOING TO BE NEXT?

BUSH, has already proved that UNO's role is to generate paperwork, and it is handicapped without him.

Save the world from SADDAM, but who is going to save the world from BUSH?

Zaff, Pakistan - 24 March, 2003

This war is totally wrong!!

saba, Pakistan - 24 March, 2003

Freedom is their just cause

When they were helping free Nicaragua from a very oppresive and corrupt government, the world cried foul, as the Sandinistas killed thousands and thousands of innocents. With their help, Nicaragua is now a free, elected democracy, with three major elections under it's belt.

Truth is, Saddam is a devil. He uses Islamic brotherhood to drive outrage against a civil enemy. I think those American, UK, and Australian soldiers are heroes and the Iraqi people will soon thank them for their freedom.
The leaders of the United States, Spain, Britain, and Australia should be congratulated for holding steadfast their beliefs while a corrupt and jelous minority of leaders attack them personally. God protect them, the innocents in Iraq, and their heroic soliers.

C. Barberena, Nicaragua - 24 March, 2003

War Or Terrorism

Dont think that Saddam is muslim,dont think that he has no chemical and other weapons,only you have to think that when Saddam was cooperating to inspectors then why Bush attacked on Iraq.Bush is only thirsty for oil in Iraq.Thats simply worlds largest terrorism.

Mehmood Ahmed, Pakistan - 24 March, 2003

A just war

The US is fighting a just war in Iraq. Many of the dissenters in the US dont really protest about the war, they just are sorry their canidate lost the election.
Someone had to finally stand up and do the right thing. The MAJORITY of Americans support our President.

Mike, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2003

How to win the war

The predictions of US and British military/war analyzers were proved totally wrong. As the war is continue Allied troops facing more and more difficulties to pursuit toward Baghdad. They are losing their copters, jets and the soldiers (whether in case of death or POWs). The moral of soldiers is continuously dropping. All the media and the peoples of world are against the US and British policies. Then what is the way to win the war. Yes I believe there is one way that is throwing a nuclear or heavily mass destruction bombs, but how? The answer I best think is to throwing a chemical bomb on their soldiers and publishate, the Iraqi used the chemical weapon on the Allied soldiers. The story will be over by another nuclear blast, which is absolutely not a problem for US Government.
The End

Kashif Sarwar, Pakistan - 25 March, 2003

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