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US Nuclear Pact with India

05 March, 2006

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By Farzana Shah
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Some Congress members say the deal will exacerbate the threat of nuclear arms proliferation, but the president disagreed.

During a discussion with entrepreneurs in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, he said India has been "an excellent partner in non-proliferation over the past decades". "Therefore, I can tell the American people that this is an important agreement to help deal with the proliferation issue.

However, the Bush administration does not find Pakistan fit for same kind of agreement. US Secretary of State Codaleezza Rice says though, Pakistan is one of the most important allies of America in war on terror, however a civil nuclear agreement with it is not possible at the moment.


1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?

4) Do you agree with Ms Rice’s statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?

Reader Comments:

Why is Pakistan worried?

This deal is all about Energy and Prestige. It is not about Strategic Superiority.

India has got simply a terribly huge energy demand. Pakistan cannot compare with India on this.

As far as Prestige is concerned, it is obvious that India has got global ambitions as a world economic and military power.

Pakistan has far more modest dreams, the primary being simply ensuring a stable country. Pakistan should pursue its own dreams and let India pursue her own ambitions. There is no comparison so lets stop comparing.

Raj, Georgia - 12 May, 2006

better option

Mr. Aajad, wouldn't it have been better for there to have simply been one India rather than an anti-India, anti-democratic, anti-secular, anti-Hindu, anti-Christian, and anti-Sikh break off nation?

Naman Mantra, United Kingdom - 14 May, 2006

Plus 57 millions children are facing serious malnutrition, highest in the world…,,so first of all take care of those poor kids. I have no idea where the hill you guys come up with ….Report your friend Mentra etc,is referring to is not something generated by impartial institution such as UNO about failed state… is an agenda to degarde pakistan by western media and indian media too....if you watch your NRI news, they talk about pakistan only....and talk gotta grow and fix your minds.........
Naila Habib, Khyber University Pakistan

Naila Habib, Pakistan - 15 May, 2006

Yeah, and genius, we need resources to fix that problem. Electricity is one of those resources that will help us deal with this problem.

Uh this right here: "impartial institution such as UNO" shows how little you know about these institutions. Furthermore, the Indian media had nothing to do with this. This was created by the Foreign Policy Magazine. This is a completely American party. Nothing to do with India.

Actually you are completely wrong about the "NRI news" only talking about Pakistan. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about because there is no truth to this statement. If anything, it's the other way around. And even if they do talk more about Pakistan than other foreign nations, isn't it justified?

Naman Mantra, United Kingdom - 18 May, 2006


India consider themsleves as a demacractic country..i just wanna tell india"wat REAL democracy is"..Although democracy means govt of the ppl,for the ppl,by the ppl..!!!A democractic countrys' govt solve ppl problem.and first problem of the ppl is bread..and for india information..Pakistan has less poverty than india..and ppl of Pakistan are more happy than ppl of india..!!!All are invited to visit both country and see living condition of ppl..inshallah u will find ur answer in favour of Pakistan..!!thats my bet!!!

hasnain, Pakistan - 19 May, 2006

India aur Pakistan

Hi all
I just want to share something with you. I have done my schooling from Ambala Cantt. There, it was normal to have a news of a soldier hurtmartyr. Someone during exercise, someone with terrorist encounter or someone at border. It's a matter of proud to martyr in India. But practically speaking, think about the life of leftovers. Think about the life of a mother, a sister, wife, children of a person who had martyr his life and its not that a pleasure to live it.
And I'm sure the story behind the border is same.
And this is all because of this purposeless rivalry. What I think is, both countries today needs young blood with positive approach, which should really think to smoothen this friction. Now this war needs to be shifted from between the countries to within the countries, to a war between good (element who work serving god by serving his objects, we human beings a better life) and evil (elements which make human life in this region tough). We need today to fight those elements that prevent us or fuel this friction because they are the biggest threat to our nations today. Then only we can promise our future generation a better future.
And for this first of all we need to think positively about each other.

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana pedta hai.”

Aajad, - 20 May, 2006

kashmir elections

wants a news in urdu about kashmir

mohammad maqsood, Pakistan - 30 May, 2006

What makes people prone to false proud about their country or ethnicity

I just went through all the conversation and got following unanswered:
1. What makes a Pakistani to believe that they are more advanced country than India in terms of social, economical, political or military strength? They would always be able to see indian slums but prosperity, development, democracy and difference between 1947 india and today's india will not amaze them.
2. Many indians believe that pakistan is a backward country. They do not have an idea that Karachi is very much similar to Mumbai, Lahore similar to Delhi and even if there is a dictatorship, things are not bad like any other dictator governed country. Infact pakistani masses still get the same freedom as it happen in India except some pockets of pakistan. Militarily also, pakistan is within first 20 nations. Indian economy is doing well but we are almost at the same level.
3. My pakistani friend might not like it but competing india militarily or economically or socially is a waste if time for them. Militarily speaking, it is draining precious resources from their pocket. Economically, they must see their own strength and infact must collaborate with indian firms to maximize their economic output. It is more in the interest of pakistan to make good business with India. However, pakistan is also a very important country for india to do business. Socially speaking, india have done very well in the past 60 yrs as India had many more problems and diversity than pakistan. pakistan is not even able to maintain a working democracy, even if it is more less diverse than india.
4. India would be making a mistake if it already believes that its a better country eceonomically in south asia. Its growth in the last decade is very good but its population require more effort and atleast a decade more to see appreciable upliftment of living standard of indian poors. To begin with in 1947, pakistan had better per capita income, half population density and less diverse population but it failed on many accounts. Its better for pakistan to understand this and undo bad things asap.
5. Finally, India can never achieve its ambition of regional/global player unless it stops appreciating itself and try to prove that neighbors are not that smart. See the reality. neighbors are aslo doing well and it is too early to be judgemental. Pakistan too must understand that their future lies in south asia and India has seriously started the race, its time for them to be part of this race than just comparing foolish stuffs or having false glory of pakistan being a already modern state.

Deep Patel, Hungary - 31 May, 2006

Answers to questions like "Would it effect the balance....?"

Balance is not the right word its "imbalance".

Its proved Democracy does not have any replacement. As far as Hindu high Cast dominance and human rights are concerned you can see A Muslim and my "Hero" is the President.

A Minority Sikh is the prime minister. What else does india need to prove that its a country of fair opportunity and personal freedom.

Politics in Pakistan has been Power Play.Rule of the gun and gun can only spill Blood. Where as Politics in India has been Rule of the Balot and the Pen (The press).

We Indians are not only hindus as most in pakistan think We are Muslims we are sikhs we Christians we are Buddhists we are Jains we are jews.

For us life comes first then the country family and the least is religion.muslims in India will truly represent Islam cause Bin LAden could not pursue any Indian Muslim to join him.They are open to changes to their way of life as no other Muslim in any country.hinduism has been changing for ever and it will.Christians sing their Carrols but not in English.

With such diversity We have become even stronger as "Indian" .I wish Pakistan to be a very prosperous nation but I also wish will not create any trouble in India too neither in Sharm Al sheikh or the London Under Ground or New York .....or in Kashmir.

All the best to the ppl of Pakistan.

, Pakistan - 19 July, 2006


come on guys .. plzzzzzzz.. GROW UP ..

Usman Khan, United Arab Emirates - 02 August, 2006

Pakistan is at the front line for the fight against the ‘faith’, the national character of its people is increasingly being torn apart by religious and ideological compulsions. Fervour whipped from Afganistan, Kashmir, Iraq, Al Qaeda, lebanon and has regressed insight - growth, democracy, progress are hoary goals. The few who have managed to live in the West; in their tear filled moments can objectively share the mess their country is in.

India - Pakistan comparisons is not in correct form now…sad…both born of the same people. A strong and prosperous Pakistan would be a blessing. The reality in Pakistan is an unacknowledged downward spiral.

Karan Rajkumar, Canada - 19 September, 2006


If democracy prevails in Pakistan, not only its relations with India will improve but also its economy.

Kunjal Patel, United Kingdom - 30 September, 2006

The world to deal with

I just know one thing: Indians are not focussed on Kashmir and Pakistan at all. We comapre ourselves with China. We are concerned with USA and the developed world.

suman, Hungary - 12 October, 2006


Its just waste of time to compare both countries. We all know the truth.

SHUB, Pakistan - 26 October, 2006

Pakistan vs India?

India is way ahead of Pakistan. We are about to surpass the china's growth rate in 2007. In economic terms India is blessed with hell lots of resources, where as Pakistan is depending on foreign aid after 9/11. In religious terms there have been few instance of clashes but that is not the view of all the fellow Indians, almost most of my friends are Hindus. We are not fighting like Sunnis and Shias in Pakistan. Where as your chief nuclear scientist has been confined to disgraceful house arrest and our Missile man is the President.

If Pakistanis do not drop thier animosity towards India and concentrate on only Kashmir then they are heading towards a doom!!, Just by raising slogans against India in Int'l forums your country will not bring u prosperity, Its the best time u drop tht mindset of bleeding india anymore. No more anymore adventures like Parliament Attack, please! Don't test our patience, when you have many vulnerabilities like Balochistan!!!

Ahmed, Hungary - 22 December, 2006

A Hub of Terrosism

No doubt that Pakistan is a hub oe terrorism.

Be it Somalia, Thailand or far eastern Philippines, Pakis are found fighting for self proclaimed "Jihad". They contribute a lot for alienation of Muslims around the world. If Muslims are hated around the world it is not the fault of a person hating them. The introspection must be made by themselves as and why is this happening? They encourage poverty stricken Muslim youths to fight against Hindus in India. Similarly they encourage Muslim youths to fight against Buddhist nation Thailand and Christian nation Philippines. And of course the terror threat on US, UK, Europe and Israel is not a new news. Learned person must have a common sense to think about this propaganda politics and terror. Unfortunately, the 9/11 attackers of WTC at New York were also learned men.

Iqbal Moosa, Hungary - 14 January, 2007

not very well framed questions, nevertheless here's my shot at answers

1. could be. US would like to make strategic partners with second most populous country, just in case there is a conflict of US interests with most populous country sometime in future.

2. there is no 'balance of power' in south asia as of now. if the Editor meant 'stability of military peace' in south asia, the answer is no.

3. that is for Pakistan to decide. Pakistan has had good relations with US for last four decades. if things have soured in the last five years, Pakistan should know why.

4. there are only two countries where military enjoys political power and who have openly played the nuclear card in recent past. anybody who values world peace would agree with Ms Rice's statement.

ss, Hungary - 24 January, 2007

Economy, Prospects and Charity starts at home

Ordinary people like us should worry about our family and their well being before trying to decorate the facade for the international exhibition. Just like charity, economy and prosperity begins at home. Each one of us can make a big difference to our countries by being responsible family man/woman.

Arun, Hungary - 03 February, 2007


1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?
Yes. China, USA and India (in that order) are going to be the big players in about two decades. It is in USAs interest to align themselves with the party they have more in common with to counter the influence of the third.

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?
In all honesty since the 90s there hasn't really been a balance in power of any sort, especially militarily. India as things has a definite advantage(BBC:

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude? 4) Do you agree with Ms Rice?s statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?
First, do not make this into a pride issue. Pakistan has some real problems particularly that of radicalism, and it behoves Pakistan to solve this crisis ASAP, because until that happens the world will not tolerate the further nuclearization of Pakistan.

As someone has already mentioned, the two countries are in different places and have different aspirations. For India, this entire deal is about energy, which right now is the most crucial factor in realizing their dream of becoming a global power. The military is more than capable of keeping up its nuclear arsenal which is only for deterrent purposes given that India has the "no first use policy". India does however have ambitions to develop mobile armed forces units like western europe and the US. They are thus in the process of becoming a 3 carrier fleet and a 60 squadron airforce with the intention of establishing bases all over asia. All of this is to negate the Chinese dominance and not Pakistani. Again, Pak should not concern themselves with this because their main intention is stabilization and construction of a comprehensive economy. If Pak starts chasing the Indian dream it will never achieve these primary objectives. I won't be surprised if the future saw India and Pakistan adopt an EU kind of a model to pool their resources etc considering they have so many things in common. Hopefully radicalism in both places will be eliminated by the next generation and the quest for economic prosperity will become the primary goal for both nations.

Aditya, Pakistan - 07 February, 2007


Pakistan's nuclear is built upon clandestine. After stealing the blue print of nuclear technology, Mr. A.Q.Khan was selling the secrets of nuclear tech to enemies of United States, so how can United States have nuclear agreement with Pakistan. Iran next door neighbor is definitely getting all the help from Pakistan to build the nuclear bomb, which is a greatest threat now.

Sunil Sinha, United Kingdom - 26 February, 2007

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