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US Nuclear Pact with India

05 March, 2006

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By Farzana Shah
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Some Congress members say the deal will exacerbate the threat of nuclear arms proliferation, but the president disagreed.

During a discussion with entrepreneurs in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, he said India has been "an excellent partner in non-proliferation over the past decades". "Therefore, I can tell the American people that this is an important agreement to help deal with the proliferation issue.

However, the Bush administration does not find Pakistan fit for same kind of agreement. US Secretary of State Codaleezza Rice says though, Pakistan is one of the most important allies of America in war on terror, however a civil nuclear agreement with it is not possible at the moment.


1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?

4) Do you agree with Ms Rice’s statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?

Reader Comments:

Shazia " I am alright jack pullup the ladder" with US India NUKE Deal

Shazia “I Studied Banking in UK Live in Lahore of little unemployment Pakistan.
I am Alright Jackstraw Pull up the ladder”.

Shazia I had found employment in UK in less Than 24 hours of Arrival on DAY 1.
I have never been unemployed in EU /UK I do not eat pizza .I worked only in high
tech jobs.UK is the only place in the world with never ending surplus jobs .Only
if they can get sober and abolish 24 hr liquor sale and abolish pubs “how they live
and let live to indo pak people ” will change.

I just went to Lahore. One Lone Russian and I paid Rs 100/- each to neglected Shalimar
Garden and visited Dusty Neglected Badshahi Mosque. Old and new Lahore is like
Calcutta style Anarkali Bazaar nearby University of Engineering. Whereas in Calcutta
there are three medical Univ and dozens of hospitals modern Tube Airports Tramways
One home pathetic univ, Univ of Eng and Others. Both have millions of people
Unemployed. There are very few office block buildings in Pakistan. I had difficulty
in converting US dollar Pound sterling in Banks in Lahore .B Mngr who
had Send me to one outside.The one outside gave me spin with a calculator adjusted
with Preset minus one thousand rupees.He took cash first his partner showed me
RATE x calculation gave me the cash And disappeared with a thousand rupees – seem joint
operation with Bank foreign exchange dept(only in Lahore).

I have worked and lived in EUROPE America Middle east and North Africa.Unless
Govt of Pakistan stop this swindling method of Lahore jointly with major name Bank
This trend of joint swindling with bank foreign exchange Dept is most unusual anywhere.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 14 April, 2006

What a claim by Indians! Now there feet are not on ground, after reading all those articles I realized there is a big fuss about Indianism. My friends Keshav and Naman Mantra are quick enough to make speculations and strange claims. Which only make me laugh, Naman Mantra said (response to Zulfiqar Tanoli's comments, Pakistan and India are two nations with two different identities and needs.” No one is superior then other”) there is difference between USA and East Timor. May I ask who is USA and who is East Timor???? You mean India is US??? Keep dreaming about that, you have a right
to dream………..but definitely…Pak is not East Timor, if you don't know ask your Indian brothers back home……….oh by the way mr. Keshav, where the hell India got nukes?
If you don't know let me tell you, from Russia. Read history…. We are not going to accept any sort of crape…..because we are good enough to compete in every way. You
are talking about militants in Kashmir, you should know coward acts are being done by Indian army in Kashmir and they (militant) are freedom fighter, you know that Pakistan support them fully because they have to get self-determination,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you guys have one thing in mind…….India and India,,,,dream what you wanna dream……….

Amjad Islam

, Pakistan - 15 April, 2006

Poverty cannot be an excuse

I never intended to run down Pakistan for choosing to be an Islamic state in 1947.India's economic and political history is an open book. India rightly or wrongly chose to socialist economic model on lines on former Soviet Union. Major heavy industries like Steel, Oil etc were developed in public sector. Top class education institutes like IITs/IIMs were formed ( which happens to be foundation for preent tech boom in India). But all these economic and political decisions were taken with approval of Parliament. Hence, its Indians who chose the path for their future. Same is the case now, since India has embarked on path of opening up of economy to integrate with world economy as seamlessly as possible. Same is applicable for foriegn policis of various govts at Centre in India. Agreed, India could have done better ..but thats way India has been ..and others will have to learn to accept it.

Sanjay, Hungary - 16 April, 2006


Dear PAK Brothers

I think you will be better off, by thinking about achieving inter privicial harmony , a strong democracy, world class educational institutes , better economic policies & less of Kashmir issue.

You are also a country of great people & History.
I hope Allah/Eeshwar gives blesses you folks also to realize all the potential you have.

harsha, Hungary - 20 April, 2006

my indication show that real ira cell within united state pakistan ,india,united state,great britain ,ireland, and many additional countries and running a big child exploatation ring drug mule style and some nypd and fdny employeees among the groups

cyber_war44, United Kingdom - 20 April, 2006


Wat i dont get is why r ppl of our origin livin in U.S U.K or wehere ever having such a problem by the for all you refugees i dont care where you frm India or Pakistan . i was in Pakistan for sumtime i luved the ppl deir dey r very warm now it is in our bloods to hate each other just da way canadians and Americans we r guyz r just a little more hostile so all dis foul mouthing n all will always continue n mind ur own MATTER COZ DESIS ROCK INDO PAK ZINDABAD WE RULE Desi Raj Zindabad man Jal Band is kewl.... BUHAHAHAHA....

Sidharth, Hungary - 24 April, 2006

Proof--Both low in vital statistics

Proof--Both low in vital statistics

First congrats to this site for highlighting various points of view which could help India, Pak and the world to progress in a win-win way by cooperation and healthy competition.

Human Development Index--India 127, Pak 142nd

Transparency Intl Corruption perception index-India 88, Pak 144(close to 158 of Bangladesh & Chad, the most corrupt)

Per capita income—India 3400, Pak 2400
(World bank data--,
In real dollars-India-620, Pak 600

People below poverty line—India 25%, Pak 32%
(World bank data--,

Literacy- India 59.5%, Pak 48.7%(all latest CIA data-link above)
Female Literacy-India 48.3%, Pak 35.2%
Male literacy- India 70.2%, Pak-61.7%

Life expectancy—India 64.71 years, Pak 63.39 years(all latest CIA data)
Male- India 63.9 years, Pak 62.4 years
Female-India 65.57 years, Pak 64.44 years

Unemployment-India 9.9%, Pak 6.6% (only thing in which Pak is better)

Militrary expenditure as % of GDP- India 2.9%, Pak 4.5%
In dollars- India -$19.04 Billion, Pak $4.26 billion(OK as per size)

CIA world factbook on India--
“India's diverse economy encompasses traditional village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, a wide range of modern industries, and a multitude of services. Services are the major source of economic growth, accounting for half of India's output with less than one quarter of its labor force.”

On Pak

“Pakistan, an impoverished and underdeveloped country, has suffered from decades of internal political disputes, low levels of foreign investment, and a costly, ongoing confrontation with neighboring India. However, IMF-approved government policies, bolstered by generous foreign assistance and renewed access to global markets since 2001, have generated solid macroeconomic recovery the last four years.”

FINALLY both India and Pakistan rank LOW on all vitals and it is time to change it for better. Both are not doing enough in education, technology, industry, economy, health care, etc. otherwise they would rank higher in Human Development Index and other indicators.

Somehow most Pakistanis, including all the nice Paki friends I met in 6 countries where I studied or worked (Europe/Asia), believe that their country is better than India in everything, contrary to the facts. Most Indians themselves do not have the data and often believe them.


Dayal, Iceland - 24 April, 2006

vital issues

Mr. Dayal, you raise a good point. However you fail to take into account: where did India start? You act as if India has been this poor for a very long time and has done nothing to fix it's vital issues.

Poverty has dropped in India extremely quickly, (from roughly 80-90 percent in 1947 to 25 percent in 2005). Literacy boomed from less than 5 percent to 10 times that amount in only 50 years, and life expectancy roughly doubled! Now if you're telling me that India has no chance for future growth, then...I simply have nothing more to say than, "look at the facts".

And for this to continue at an even faster pace, India needs more resources. Where does India get more resources? The nuclear deal with America! Estimates say that by 2050, 25 percent of Indian energy will be generated by nuclear power (compared to today's less than 5 percent). Of course I'm not saying that nuclear power alone is going to fix everything, but every penny counts.

India once had a lower GDP and power HDI ranking than Pakistan in the past. But it eventually took over Pakistan in a vast majority of sectors. Why?

Naman Mantra, United Kingdom - 25 April, 2006

Here are the Answers


1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?

1) It is a civilian Nuclear agreement. US already has enough Nukes to take care of China if they want. No need for that to sign Nuclear cooperation agreements with India. Moreover international geo-politics isn't based on the rules of street gang-fights.

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?

2) No. Pakistan is already way ahead of India & is one of the world's most developed nations. Don't believe the statistics or news reports in the media. These are concoctions of Zionist-Hindu-Christian kaafirs who are enemies of Islam & who control the world media.

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?

3) Pakistan cannot care less for this American attitude. With capable scientists like Dr. A Q Khan, Pakistan doesn't need the help of any nation in the world. It can develop its own superior technologies to beat the Americans at their own game.

4) Do you agree with Ms Rice's statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?

4) Yes. India needs US cooperation because it is a poor developing country. Pakistan on the other hand is the most developed country in the world & with capable scientists like Dr. A Q Khan, what can a drop(US) give to an Ocean(Pakistan)?

Karan Thapar, Hungary - 25 April, 2006

India's rising Energy Needs

India's economy is growing consistently +7%since last few years and indications are that GDP will continue to grow if not much higher , atleast +9%. This economical growth cannot be acheived without rising Energy demands by every sector and improving life styles of Indians. Presently India consumes less than 3%of total Fossil fuels , as agaisnt 25% share of USA and 8% by China. Even if Indian economy doubles every 5 years, which translates to 12% growth...India's energy share in world will remain much lower than that of USA, China even in coming next 2-3 decades. Nuclear energy is one of the options for India to fuel the Growth. India cannot rely on Fossil fuel and its suppliers like Iran , Iraq for too long. These Middle Oil suppliers are intrinsically unstable states and susceptible to pressure of Western( read USA) world. India will have to evolve its energy security plan , covering various options - like Fossil, Renewable , Nuclear etc.

Sanjay , Mumbai, Hungary - 25 April, 2006

have some fun !

1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?

Yep, it is anti-china and it is anti-islam. these two forces have converged to destroy china and islam.

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?

what balance of power are you talking about? For any reasonable person, there cannot be any balance of power between India and Pak. With Allah firmly backing Pak, Pak is the most powerful country in the world. Even comparing US with Pak will be a joke. Few man made bombs can make little impact against allah and his mujhadeen.

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?

Ans: The mildest reaction Pak can have is to order all people of Pak origin in US to leave United States at once and come back home. Pak should also break all diplomatic relations with US.

4) Do you agree with Ms Rice's statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?

Ans: This is US alibi for not giving its nuclear technology to Pak, lest so many countries will come to know that US technology is not state-of-the-art. I wish Rice could tell the truth instead of maligning Pak for no good reason.

Chan, United Kingdom - 27 April, 2006

yes pakistan is not fit all but has disgraced itself a number of times internationally.

gill, Pakistan - 27 April, 2006

pakis stop being so irrational

i dont understand why some people in pak consider india as their gr8est enemy..
i think it is completely unfortunate even pak`s development is also happening just because india is growing......whenever i see any pak news report there is a 95% probability that it compare pak with india..stop being so indocentric....because its imp. that u understand that india has a global role to play,while pak can at best be regional power;the only challenge being that pak can use that power for the right purposes or not...

mayank jain, Hungary - 02 May, 2006

America underestimates the importance of nuclear pakistan in the region

US nuclear pact with India brought humiliation to the president of Pakistan who was the staunch ally against the war on terror and his pro-
American policies made him the enemy of Alqa-e-da,s leadership and narrowly escpaed many suicide attacks at home.President Musharaf,s pro-American policies also made him unpopular among pakistani masses but President Bush is wrong to underestimate the importance of Pakistan.The nuclear Pakistan is going fast towards china and its influence in the region can alter the fate of USA and also harm the US interests in Middle East,Afghanistan and Arab countries.This controversial nuclear pact with India will prove a great loss for America.China influence is growing fast in the region due to its steady and stable policies.China tries to make room among the masses but America prefers to one man.

Alamzeb, Pakistan - 04 May, 2006

Heh heh. Mr. Alamzeb, what makes you think that China is willing to anger their fellow Indian brothers just to please the Islamic military dictatorship of Pakistan?

As for stability, don't kid with me. Both China and Pakistan (especially Pakistan - it's on the top 10!) are much less stable than India. My proof? Right here:

Why is it that almost every Pakistani who has posted here says completely untrue things that they can't back up with any truth whatsoever?

, Pakistan - 05 May, 2006


Mr. Alamzeb, what makes you think that China is willing to anger their fellow Indian brothers just to please the Islamic military dictatorship of Pakistan?

As for stability, don't kid with me. Both China and Pakistan (especially Pakistan - it's on the top 10!) are much less stable than India. My proof? Right here:

Why is it that almost every Pakistani who has posted here says completely untrue things that they can't back up with any truth whatsoever?

Naman Mantra, United Kingdom - 05 May, 2006

India aur Pakistan

Yaar menu ek gal nahi samjh aandi..
Asi Hinustani te Pakistania de aur bhi padosi hain, fir hum log sirf eak dusre ke bare mein hi kyon sochte rehte hain...
Iran ke bare me pakis itna nahi sochte jitna hindustan ke bare mein isi terha Chin ke bare mein hundustani itna nahi sochte jitna pakistan ke bare mein...
Haan hum dono ke bare mein yeh chin aur us bohot sochte hain...
Generally Insan usi ke bare mein jayda sochta hai jiski use sabse jayda fikr hoti hai...
Yahan bhi kuch aisa hi hai kya???
Btw Asli prob aaj bhi dono deshon mein nuclear arms ki nahi hai...
Asli prob hai ki aaj bhi dono deshon mein eak aisa aadmi mil jayega jo sara din mehnat karne ke baad bhi rat ko bhuka sota hai...
Aur dono deshon mein uske bare mein koi nahi sochta...
Achha hota agar yeh do desh shuru se alag hota na ki partition ke wajha se, fir shayad us aadmi ko raat ko roti naseeb hoti....
Pata nahi hum log kab samjhege...
Goron ki dia jakhm aaj bhi dard de rahe hain...
Aur hum log khud hi us per namak dalte rehte hain...

In logon ke lia kurbaani ki thi "Asfaq" aur "Ram" ne...

Bevkoof the woh.

Aajad, - 07 May, 2006

Welcome to India!!

Dear Mr. Tanoli, We welcome you to enjoy the power of India & its Democracy. Our advise for you is to apply for citizenship at the Indian Embassy at the earliest, as India is already a sought after destination, and as the days go, situation would get tough, you know!! Mr.Tanoli, after all, why did you go to the US and sought its citizenship? It is for your welfare and your children's future, right! Well, now, it is here, right next door, in Great India!!
And imagine the greatest joy! Unlike in the Western world, Islam is respected in India and the proof of their stylish life in India is enhanced, just by their sheer numbers! Can you imagine, Second only to Indonesia!!
Dear brother Tanoli, India bled at separation but was healed by the healing touch of the Hindu majority!! Yes, there were stray incidents of violence, but then don’t we have that among the faithful, right at Karachi, brothers killing brothers, how sad!! I should say that as a credit to Hindus, they don’t do it just like that, not in the name of their religion! Whereas, Pakistan is still bleeding, confused and directionless!! No, I would not blame the General, if at all, he only tried his best to get Pakistan, back in the league of the nations!! It is an uphill task, though!
My suggestion is for Pakistan to reintegrate and become part of Great India, once

ibrahim, Hungary - 07 May, 2006

US Nuclear Pact with India

Hey, ; I guess the days of "The Raj" are still with us. Unfortunately Tony Bliar is as bad, but his excuse is that he is just a left-wing wimp.

Alan, United Arab Emirates - 09 May, 2006

my answer

A1)well! obviously China emerging super power in the region n iIndia has not that much good relations with it so this deal is an indication towords china as to pressurise it in the region 4 its policies.But I believe that China is a calm player of handling such moves by USA.

malaika, Pakistan - 09 May, 2006

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