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US Nuclear Pact with India

05 March, 2006

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Some Congress members say the deal will exacerbate the threat of nuclear arms proliferation, but the president disagreed.

During a discussion with entrepreneurs in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, he said India has been "an excellent partner in non-proliferation over the past decades". "Therefore, I can tell the American people that this is an important agreement to help deal with the proliferation issue.

However, the Bush administration does not find Pakistan fit for same kind of agreement. US Secretary of State Codaleezza Rice says though, Pakistan is one of the most important allies of America in war on terror, however a civil nuclear agreement with it is not possible at the moment.


1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?

4) Do you agree with Ms Rice’s statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?

Reader Comments:

US Nuclear Pact with India

I go along with the words of uzma khan that some Indians do dislike Pakistanis but overall its not that bad. Comparing Pakistan with India is wrong because of size of economies and areas, of course the population as well. India got more problems than Pakistan and with the recent upturn in economy of Pakistan the difference is not much as the growth of Pakistan at 7% is too great. By 2016 Pakistan will export its textiles in the tune of $50B and JF-17 fighter jets etc. With the present growth and potential of a nation who got 55% of its people under 19 years of age the potential and future is great. No doubt India is also doing well. Two countries are very near to be working together on many issues and resolve of existing problems then people to people friendship will improve provided anti propaganda against Pakistan is minimised through the press. Its easy to make enemies but make friends is a good idea. Be positive in your thinking and surely you can change the hearts of Indian friends. Pakistan is least worried about the Nuclear pact between US and India. Its not going to harm Pakistan because of its indigenous produce and in few years time Pakistan will be exporting civil nuclear reactors. Pakistani scientists are too genious and they can show to the world what they can do.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 26 February, 2007


My dear Pakistani frnds,dont u realize one thing?That we r the same people,divided just becoz the sake of religion.Everyone knows the truth,plze stop comparing India with Pakistan.Pakistan do have very much potential but their fundamentalists dont allow to explore it !!Dont fall into an arms race with India,u cannot keep up and instead it will ruin ur economy.U people must understand one thing that India wanna b a glabal player n it has got nothin to do with Pakistan but China.U need not fear India coz history tells us that India never had a 1st strike.U people also talk abt 'cultural invasion',now dont u think that a culture almost 10,000 yrs old is impossible to avoid aven by the Pakistanis(who shares the same blood).Plze,,,lets start respecting each other and know ones regional and global roles.We r all the same people from the common root,,"INDIA"

Adarsh Choudhury, Hungary - 08 April, 2007

pakistan vs india

here i want to say sth if u r comparing india and pakistan let me do that ur so-called democratic and secular country india don't u know what the hell indian do with muslims in their secular state have u forgotten i m not sure whether it's 2000 or 2002 when in gujrat indian killed vast majority of muslims cruelly don't u know what do the indian army do with innocent kashmiris n in pakistan u never get to hear that muslims do anything wrong with hindus they are given the same rights as are being to muslims in pakistan if u don't believe u can ask any pakistani hindu so many people say that india is about to become a world power i don't understand a country with millions of children who die of malnutrition could become a world power people say that india is booming but if u really want to know about booming india then visit india u'll understand how much it's progressing millions of beggars even in ur bigger cities and ur financial hub mumbai are full of slums even ur airport are the most filthiest airport i have ever seen and dirty and smelly people all around n if u see pakistan just look at jinnah international airport it's as beautiful as any western airport karachi and other pakistani cities are more developed than any other indian city in pakistan one can hardly see any beggar in the street infrastructure of pakistan is very much developed it's telecommunication have made new records women in pakistan are more free than in india women can travel alone at nights in pakistan but in india people stare u so much n especailly if u r GORA , fair-skinned women they even try to touch you that u forget to go out even in daytimes n now ur bollywood of which u people are very proud all the bollywood films including ur stupid superstars are laughing stock bollywood is nothing except fashion and glamour there is no story line i think thery better off calling themselves cartoon industry n ur most beautiful women ashwariya have u seen her without make see her and u'll get what i mean pakistan is known for it's beauty and beautiful women u'll find billions of women in pakistan who r thousand times more beautiful than ur ash n a/c to me she is not even beautiful pakistani missiles are more power than indian missiles lots of people say that pakistan has stolen missile formula is this that easy to steal a formula from other country man is it that easy i'm wondering y other country didn't steal it

saira, Pakistan - 09 April, 2007

uncle sam is wise,

ya uncle sam is wise i do agree to this point, but dont leave we "desis" & shaolins, underestimated. pakis think china supports them in their so called noble cause 'jehad'. this is game of money no country supports other,keeping its intrests burried. the need of the hour is just to sit back gather all the left resources and head towards becoming developed from developing. as far as the hatered and dilemma is concerned let pak keep it for itself. china looks at india as a trading partner and to minimal a threat. pak wont give up criticizing, and neither the world or india bothers abt it. and now abt the comparison btw'n india and pak, its like comparing a priest to his misbehaving child.

enigma, Hungary - 16 April, 2007

From all that i read in this blog, it is easy to see one thing...Pakistan suffers,nay, it burns in envy with all that India has achieved. I am an Indian,a working software engineer, but I will be the first one to tell you that India is nowhere near what it can truly achieve...Nevertheless, the fact is that Pakistanis have a lot to introspect about...You guys talk of kismet and how God determines our destiny, frankly there is none for the pakis to look forward is a country in dumps...its consumed by all sorts of emotions,anti-India,anti-US,anti-Hindu,anti-Jew,and what does the world think of it?...Well,it does not think of it...There is sadly no good reason to think of a nation that lives on aid,whose people protest against the US but survive on their charity...guys,get real, India is not the best country in the world but surely Pakistan is the world's eye sore...for inspiration,if India is too "poor" or "corrupt" for you then my holier than thou pakistanis can learn from turkey..Honestly, we indians do not want to see Pakistan become a hag ridden nuisance on its march to glory...

By the way,read this article by a pakistani columnist.The blog is an Indian one because the link of that newspaper article has been taken off.But all facts about the columnist have been duly mentioned.The columnist is blessed with the honesty the other pakis here,unfortunately,do not have....

< a href=" ">Click here</a>

Sajit, Hungary - 10 May, 2007

One advice

One word of advice that every response should have date and time with it . Blog administrators , please act on it

Swapan Banerjee, Hungary - 11 May, 2007

Coverted religions

One thing would stop all comparisons between Indians and Pakistanis , if one must understand the realities that 99% of all muslims in South Asia are converted from Hinduism . Secondly , folks who think muslims are tortured in India has an access to very wrong and dangerous misconception , similar to what people in India think about Hindus in Pakistan . I think India , Pakistan , Bangladesh can live happily together if you folks can stop believing that Arabians are your fore-fathers . Go to any Arabian land , and see how badly south asian muslims are treated there . Friends , dont live in illusion , neither China , nor Iran , nor these sheikhs think of your well-being , you have to think of your own well-being . Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians , I think lack one common feature , is the inability to think out-of-box or out-of-religious convictions . See ,I fully accept Ms Saira's opinions that Pakistani gals are beautiful than ours , but can only wish to marry them ...wish the visa's are more liberalised now.

Devraj, Hungary - 11 May, 2007


u better look at the number of victims of jehadi terror strikes and then talk of gujrat...india is the most secular country on this planet....we have Dr.Abdul Kalam as our one pakistani hindu politician in a high position.U dont talk of malnutrition in INDIA without lookin at pakistani statistics.its not ur fault is a well documented fact that pakistani census are always wrong.The beggars of india are probably richer than the lower middle class people of pakistan are.U dont talk of airports...not too many pakistanis are rich enough to travel by naturally...THE JINNAH AIRPORT is neat and doesnt need as much maintenance as the airports of india do."Women" and "freedom" in pakistan...these are two terms that cant coexist...gimmie a break.not too many Muslim women in India move out in one pakistani woman who doesnt wear a black burkha on even the hottest day.TELECOMMUNICATIONS in pakistan?what is that?the ISRO is one of the top 7 space research organisations in the one doesnt have to speak of the media in india.almost all pakistanis watch indian movies but iam sorry to say that pakistani movies are not even talked of in 95% of india.cant help it coz the heroines are shown in burkhas and the hero has to marry her...only to discover later that shez not beautiful!INDIAN WOMEN ARE A MIX OF BEAUTY AND BRAINS...!.U DONT TALK OF AISHWARYA RAI....U R NOT AN ISO TO RATE HER BEAUTY....THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS INDIAN WOMEN FOR BOTH THEIR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL BEAUTY.IAM SURE PAKISTANI TERRORISTS WOULDVE TRIED TO KILL EVEN MOTHER THERESSA IF SHE HAD SET HER FEET ON PAKISTANI SOIL TO SERVE PEOPLE .PAKISTANI MISSILES ARE EITHER IMPORTED OR BUILT IN COLLABERATION WITH SOME COUNTRY,EXCEPT FOR HATF 1...WHICH IS INDEGENOUS.INDIAN MISSILES ARE ALL INDEGENOUS EXCEPT FOR BRAHMOS....WHICH IS LARGELY AN INDIAN AND PARTLY A RUSSIAN CRUISE MISSILE......SO THESE SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES ABOUT PAKISTAN AND INDIA.WHEN U DONT KNOW THE DETAILS OF ANYTHING....NOT JUST DEFENCE.....DONT POKE UR NOSE.......THIS IS A SERIOUS ADVICE.

nagarjuna, Hungary - 23 May, 2007

Only for Indians

Please stop this guys. We are trying to get a seat in the table of global powers in a few decades. I am somehow sure that when the Western Powers were rising, their citizens were not quibbling like this with the African Nations. Think big...Stop quarelling with the Pakistani citizens. Let them progress at their pace and be indocentric if they choose to.

We cannot afford it any more. We have a long to go and our own set of problems than to concentrate on a half-talibanized and half-post modern state.

Respect other countries and make ours such that people look up to it. Not compare.

Kunal, Hungary - 12 June, 2007

I don't see the point if this discussion at all.. Why is it that everyone is concerned about bashing and understating the progress of each other rather than just speak for the good and bad points of their own country. It is this weakness that politicians in not only India or Pakistan but world over use to mislead and manipulate the public opinion. It is good to be a patriot and feel proud or sad about their country's achievements or misfortunes. Don't be jingoistic..dinner table patriotism is not what is neededd to show love for country and fellowmen!!!

renegade, Hungary - 10 July, 2007

united suckers of america

George Bush, 9/20/2001:
“Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. (Applause.)
From this day forward,
any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism
will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime“
On whose side is Pakistan on? Which way will the Islamic bomb drop?See how:

kaif, Pakistan - 29 July, 2007

We just need some common country to hate

guys frankly if india and pakistan were together we will have more people and kashmir wont be an issue....

need of the hour : india and pak desperately need a common enemy...

I got it, Pakistan - 26 August, 2007

Noumaan from UK.

u indians should always keep in mind that despite the largest democracy u are the pooriest nation of the world., and to remind u that when pakistan was born it had nothing and all factories and established firms were in india, pakistan made itself from bottom and now at this stage we can teach good lesson to india and indian if they dare to piont towardes us, besides that india has always got support and help from the west while we made ourself by our own, i think indian should concentate on their pooriest people of the universe rather than making plans for future, and mark my words that by the help of Almighty Allah we muslims are far more intelligent than any nation of the world and that is simply because of Allah's help upon muslims. b 4 saying any thing indians should look at them selfs.

Noumaan khan, Pakistan - 03 February, 2008

what is prob with pak if usa make deal with india?

true indian, United Kingdom - 08 October, 2008

Goinging through all these post i found that there's no single post from an indian muslim supporting Indo-Us deal.U kno y? All of them are radical terrorists themselves(Like thier paki counterpart)undermining India's interest when ever they can.

Indian, Hungary - 25 October, 2008

Hard work required in India and Pakistan

Dear Readers ,

I am understand is that the both government required more physical attention to develop the both countries

Thanks ,
Alamzeb Tanoli

Aalmzeb Tanoli, Pakistan - 07 November, 2008

India or Pakistan Surgial Strike

As your commenet regarding current N. cooperation between India and US . I fully understand is that it is against 100 of China and Pakistan .

Kindly note that why India come in action against Pakistan . Think that India and Pakstan disputed area only in Kashmir and it is better for India that it should be give Freedom to Kashmiries . US want to Captured China in future but I understand is that Bush Administaration is totally wrong if they want to captured China .

China is a New clear powr and Paksitan is also . China will destry US if they not come to right way.

I fully understand is that US government it self creating problem to make deficulties for US peoples .

According to my point of views is that presently US Government totally be Criminals .

and they are wasting US peoples money and invite the peoples to understand the US peoples to enemoy of the Huinities .

I understand is that despite of hundred billions dollars at war , US Government totally faild to control or finish the surgical strike against US are there collegues countries

y messege for US Government is that Give Your Money for making love to every one
Hate to War against childerns , Womens , Innocent Peoples

Alamzb Tanoli from Makhan Gali, Pakistan - 12 January, 2009


hi this is faheem here from pakistan i m thankful to Mr nawaz sharif who make nuklar in his govt if he dont do this india shoud not left us the war has been happend so its good 4 paksitan taht we have nuclar power we are proud to be a paksitnies

Faheem Akbar, Pakistan - 25 January, 2009

India vs Pakistan

I say live and let live. Atleast in India we have much bigger fish to fry. Get rid of poverty, build infrastructure and frankly become a middle income country in the next 20-25 years. We cannot and must not go back to becoming an India-Pakistan conjoint. They must solve their polity and get their country back on track and all the best of luck!!. Meanwhile lets us in India focus on what we're good at; raking in the moolah by using our brains and brawn despite the best efforts of the government. And frankly we have lot more to lose with this rivalry because we've just got 'there'..Truth to tell I think we in India are far more interested in Infosys and the 20,000 km of the Golden Quadilateral that we are building at this stage than a discussion on the merits of our Mig-29 vs Pakistan's F-16. Its a futile argument because ultimately power follows money and not the other way around

Nikhil, Hungary - 30 April, 2009

india is giant and pakistan is nuclear sate

as it is clear that india is giant and all the neighbours just try to protect themselves...i m srilankan
and my advice to
that you are a big country and behave like that

my advice to pakistanis
just protect yourselves

varunasr, Somalia - 19 June, 2009

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