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US Nuclear Pact with India

05 March, 2006

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By Farzana Shah
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Some Congress members say the deal will exacerbate the threat of nuclear arms proliferation, but the president disagreed.

During a discussion with entrepreneurs in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, he said India has been "an excellent partner in non-proliferation over the past decades". "Therefore, I can tell the American people that this is an important agreement to help deal with the proliferation issue.

However, the Bush administration does not find Pakistan fit for same kind of agreement. US Secretary of State Codaleezza Rice says though, Pakistan is one of the most important allies of America in war on terror, however a civil nuclear agreement with it is not possible at the moment.


1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?

2) Will this agreement destablise the balance of power in South Asia?

3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?

4) Do you agree with Ms Rice’s statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?

Reader Comments:

US Nuclear Pact With India

Q. (1) Do you agree with a contention that India-US nuclear agreement is against China?
A. (2) The word US is misleading. Canada UK EU NATO UN is attached to it. The
Intricate network of project personnel layout in Pakistan UAE Arabia and OIC
Makes it impossible to consider US allied fit for Muslim safety security amid
Greed OIL supply and linkage to Israel Sheiks Emirs and Financial Layout.
NATO US Agreement with India after Saudi agreement is Against Russia or
China or Japan or Korea or Iran
Q. (2) Will this agreement destabilise the balance of power in South Asia?
A. (2) With Huge number of Malls Hiways Car Trucks and India Purchase of Boeing
And Air Bus businesses by all none Muslim world, it will destabilize Muslim OIC
And Islam and Ummah who have practically no Share or Representation.
Q. (3) What should be the mildest reaction of Pakistan to American attitude?
A. (3) Pakistan should realize that Safety and Security of Pakistan and 1.5B Muslim
Is at Stake. OIC including Iran or Pakistan is not fit to tackle the issue. The
Kafir Arab Sheiks have squandered Muslim Oil resources overnight Squanderers
Is no friend of Almighty God? They include individual Muslim Imperialists
Called Hypocrite.
Q. (4) Do you agree with Ms Rice's statement that Pakistan is not fit for such agreement?
A. (4) Yes and vice-versa in all V I C E.Muslim Terror is Due(still to commence).

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 05 March, 2006

Pakistan and India are 2 separate countries

Pakistan should not worry about India as both are independent countries and should pursue independent policies with US and China. So this whole nuclear argument is out of proportion

If Pakistan has an agreement with India on the same lines Pakistan has with China, it will be even better for everyone.

Jonathan, United Kingdom - 05 March, 2006

The Munchurian Fear.

America knows that Chinese will not tow their line on the developments in Middle East.Despite their very close
trade relations.India on the other hand realizes present perception in the region.Why must she not persue what is best for her.Pakistan has to ask what must she do,to sail on the same boat as India.If it means giving up special relations with Beijing and let Israel open residence in Islamabad.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 05 March, 2006

Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Its the death of Non-Proliferation regime. India has been let free to dedicate its fissile materials reserves to expanding its nuclear aresenals. As a consequence this would start a spiral of arms race in the region.

Zafar, Pakistan - 05 March, 2006

NukeScientist-Chem Killing Actor

I just glanced actor Salman khan Bhopal Case
Where a Hindu Deer is worth more than 10million
Hindu aborted baby Girls of India .By quick research
It seems Union Carbide may have detonated Nuke
In Muslim Population and may have grabbed Insurance
Payment .The same Union Carbide may have detonated
Mini Nuke in Iraq in Hlbja Kurd While Fooling
Around with Gaddafi-Saddam-Iran via Israel and Bush.

The chemical supplying company Links to Holland
Riyadh Jeddah Dubai Tamil AQK/BJP /Indian Parlmnt
Big time congress Hero contact for India under disguise
Of a paint Product Supplier.

It just so happened that
BBC made a comment that gulf war was paint war!
I think 170m neglected Muslim Ummah need own
Projects with 1.5Billion Muslim Ummah without
Any right of way under 1 Bln India Nuke disguise
In worldwide Muslim Annihilation ongoing for
Their Asset Looting! 170Million India Muslim
Need East Timor Bali and Indian Ocean type own
States own Equal Share Equal Justice Equal Wealth
Equal Opportunity Equal Speak Out .Bush India
Nuke Deal is Cover Up with Canada passing Legal
Dagger keeping Law despite cases of dagger stabbing.
What the heck Canada Doing in Saudi Arabia Pakistan
Wealth and development? Is it a signal to start Private?
Investigation for worldwide Missing Muslim Ummah?

zakaria_belal, Canada - 05 March, 2006

Civilian Nuclear Program

I agree that a civil nuclear program is important. An important target for Civilian nuclear program is cheap and environmentally clean electric energy. Nuclear energy also produces radioactive isotopes which find application in medicine (radiation therapy of cancer) and industry (Gamma rays through thick steel structures to check for cracks) High doses of radiation can be safely used to sterilize food, such as potatoes, which can subsequently be kept for a year or more, without going bad.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 05 March, 2006

Pakistan is being used

Mushy is being used by the US, and it is just a matter of time before the US turn on him. I hope that this happens very soon. Pakistan needs democratic reformS, good relationship with India, China, US, Iran, Russia.
For Nuclear Deal, probably India has to trade in US mass produced dollar.

Fazal Gafoor, Guinea-Bissau - 06 March, 2006

Live Peacefully

Why progress of India is seen as bad point in Pakistan? They should also ride on mission to free and fare. As far as I think best ever friend of Pakistan now or in near future can be just India. Because Pakistan came out from it only.

Pakistan has to change their mindset. Change the way they look towards India. Most of the problem lies deep in the politics in Pakistan. That is really bad. They just survive on one single keyword ` Kashmir`

Well politicians are not for others they are just to help themselves. My dear friends just think of progress and with unbiased view.

Don`t stick to the old mindset.

Vart, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2006

US perception is irrefutable

When Mr. Bush mentioned that India and Pakistan have different history, he clearly referred to umpteen number of opprobrious acts of Mr. A.Q. Khan, when he betrayed to the world that he was undisputed pioneer of nuclear proliferation.

, Seychelles - 06 March, 2006

That's the way it goes


President Bush's visit to south Asia marked a big shift in American foreign policy in the region as though she wants to pursue its war on terrorism with the help of Pakistan on one hand but on the other wants to confront the fast emerging economic power China with the help of her cold war irritant in the region India by admitting her in the so-called “nuclear club”. This shows that the winds of change in the region are already blowing and Pakistan finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation.

"Part of my mission today was to determine whether or not the President is as committed as he has been in the past to bringing these terrorists to justice," said Mr Bush

And about civilian nuclear technology, he said, “Pakistan and India are two different countries and have different needs and 'different histories'

These statements show what is in store for Pakistan in the aftermath of an historic civilian nuclear pact with India who was rewarded for her clean track record on the nuclear front no matter how adamant was her behaviour against American foreign policy but an absolute no to Pakistan's request for the same and blamed her nuclear proliferation history for that. Bush put more pressure on Pakistan to do more in America's war on terror but offered no rewards for her efforts against terrorism. It is a far cry from 2003, when President Bush called Pakistan a "major non-Nato ally" for her part in the "war on terror".
The reality is that Mr Bush is diverting US attention towards the emerging economic threat of China, and Pakistan is paying the price. The White House sees India's fast-growing economy as a counterweight to China. That's how political economy works. “There is no goodwill in business”.
Now answers to your specific questions:
1) Civilian nuclear pact with India serves so many American interests. The first and foremost is the economic interest. After all it is business world and you do business with who gives you maximum profit and India is now worth it to do business with to America and on the other hand Pakistan hasn't have the same potential and good track record. The second interest is to confront Chinese economic expansion in China's own territory and the third one to put more pressure on Pakistan to do more in American war on terrorism or face humiliation and isolation.
2) There was actually no balance of power in south Asia even before the nuclear pact. India is a strong country both politically and economically. It has one of the most strong and stabilised democratic systems in the world and it does mean a lot and that was the reason that she achieved the nuclear pact almost on her own terms and in contrast Pakistan has a chequered political history and always been dictated to by others. So power goes with one's political and economic systems as well not only with a nuclear bomb.
3) Pakistan should realise her short comings and should work hard to address them instead of working as an American agent working against Soviet Afghanistan or terrorists and gain a little support here and there but for the long run find herself always in limbo.
4) I am not in favour of American policies in the world but I do agree with Rice's statement that Pakistan is not fit for such kind of a nuclear pact. A country where there is no rule of law, no democracy, no inter-provincial harmony, abject poverty, no solid politico- economic system and a dodgy track record who will want to do business with?

Hidayat Ullah, Canada - 07 March, 2006

Nuke-pact and Pakistan

I think, by now you people of pakistan should have realised that how much cost you people have paid for the mischieves of your Father of Nuke. Still, I would suggest you people to use your energy for PEACE and betterment of your citizens. Don`t waste your energy for creating hatred and spreading violance.

P.C.Godiyal, Hungary - 07 March, 2006

The US-India nuclear deal is important for economic reasons, because India is facing serious energy shortages problems and top of that India is very weak in energy production. This deal will help India to achieve its growing energy need and ultimately, there will be clean environment in South East Asia. Although next-door, China also has huge population but at the same it has enough nuclear technology/energy and less pollution. At the moment, India is polluting the entire continent due to congestion and 1.3 billion people with no proper system. More importantly, US-India nuclear deal will help reduce oil prices, because in recent years energy prices has increased significantly due to high demands in developing world. Although, there are other factors involved such as war in Iraq, unrest in Nigeria and Iran's nuclear issue.
Clearly, this kind of nuclear deal is essential to meet 21st centuries challenge, but it must be done under IAEA supervision in order to make sure there is no nuclear proliferation.
With respect to the Pakistan's demand, certainly, Pakistan does need enough energy and nuclear technology to meet its objective, but I think it is not an imminent, but for long run it must consider building new dams and continue to work with China and other developed countries to meet her needs.
It is in Pakistan's interest to have economically strong and stable neighbors and I think in this regard Pakistani government shown great courage and respect by not criticizing US-India nuclear deal. Since Pakistan has great minimum nuclear or military deterrence system, therefore, government must focus on other issues, such as maintaining strong and stable economic reform and fighting terrorism.
Zulfiqar A Tanoli

zulfiqar a tanoli, United Kingdom - 08 March, 2006

coming of age

For the time being it seems India has stopped benchmarking some things against Pakistan, sort of coming of age.
Online, I know quite a few good folks from Pakistan but here the only people supporting Pak's cause seem to be blinded terrorists from foreign soil. Wonder what else needs to be said on this topic.
A.1- Militarily China is still mightier, but obviously everyone seems to be betting that two will live in peace valuing their new-found riches. I think it's just because US wants India on its side on too many matters.
2.Balance of Power- Hardly. This is not going to stop the only war in the area which is fought covertly by terrorists. People who are supporting them will go on doing so as if nothing has happened, won't they?
A3.-What can the reaction be? In the past it has always been seeking more alms. Maybe again.
A4.-AQ Khan and ISI are bad enough names. Just because a General Jia thought making a bomb and a war will make him popular.

rahul, Hungary - 08 March, 2006

uncle sams too smart as always, let the indians have thier nuclear plants. who knows our next nuclear plants perhaps carry the logo ''made in russia'' lol.. self dufficiency is the best thing for us.. 10 years to come china will become a technological giant so all we need to do is to just sit calmly and let our neighbour the king dragon florish.. Made in china xinda baad lol

asif, Pakistan - 12 March, 2006

Long Live Peace

Time has come for both India and Pakistan to shed the old baggage and move ahead. World is moving ahead , wtih increasing globalisation..the boundaries are becoming irrelavant. Co-opting, co-production, sharing of resources are key words for success. India's energy needs are much more than Pakistan's , this fact cannot be denied by anyone. Hence, this nuclear deal is one step towards alleviating Energy problem for India, this may not be the ONLY solution though. India has embarked on path of opening up of economy, Indians want peace and prosperity for all Indians. Indians are aware , without peace with Paskitan this dream will never be fulfilled. So its in interest of India , more so, to extend hand of frendship with Paskitan to resolve all irritants which are destabilsing peace in region. For majority of Indians, Kashimir problem isnt the major issue with Pakistan..! Lets move ahead together, so that people of both countries ( who are so talented and have immense potential) live in peace and prosperity..!! long live Peace.

Sanjay, Hungary - 13 March, 2006


Everyone missed something here..Manmohan calling Vladimir Putin the next day Bush left, & the ongoing border negotiations with China. I really admire India`s much maligned foreign policy which compells nations like Brazil,South Africa,Indonesia,Singapore,Israel,former Soviet Union States & above all Saudi Arabia to extend the hand of friendship. India vis-a-vis Pakistan relationship`s like `neighbour`s envy, Indians pride`

PAk, Pakistan - 14 March, 2006

calm down....

i think its very difficult for pakistan to digest the comments comparing india and pakistan.

sunny, Hungary - 20 March, 2006

I think many are being irrational. India refuses to sign the NPT because it is a discriminatory agreement. Nations like 10,000+ nukes (Russia, USA) and nations with more nukes than India (China, Britain, France) are allowed to keep their weapons and India is not allowed to, despite the fact that their nukes have higher kTs than that of India?

Now you tell me, why is it that you have no problem with China having nukes, even though they are directly responsible for nuclear proliferation? India has never done so, so it is hypocritical to say that this deal deters curbing nuclear proliferation.

Furthermore, if India is such a "irresponsible" and "rogue" nuclear power, then why is it that only India has a "no first strike policy"? Why is India the only one that has a "no strikes on non-nuclear nations" policy? No signatory on the NPT abides by such restraint.

So I don't see where people come off with this idea that India is a bad nuclear power. Not signing the NPT doesn't make you bad. It's an optional treaty; it doesn't make you a criminal if you don't sign it.

Now if you try to compare India to Iran, then you apparantly have NO knowledge of world affairs whatsoever. India is a free, secular democracy run by the people. It's armed forces have never impeded on it's democratic institutions and it has conflicts with very few nations. But the biggest thing is that Iran signed the NPT. Nobody held a gun up to their head and forced them to sign the NPT. They signed it, and now they're violating it. The Indian government has never violated any such agreement.

Now please, don't joke us all by saying that the world can trust Pakistan with such technology. AQ Khan? Economic backwardness? Massive corruption, which is easily far worse than India's corruption? Terrorist galore? No secularism? A number of military takeovers? Undying hatred for people of specific nations and religions? Remember these things? Not exactly the ideal place for nuclear technology, eh?

China will not be able to "take over" India as some of you wish. Not only is it impossible, because of India's great armed forces and vast population, not to mention it's allies, but China would not want to cause conflict with India. Reason? Thousands of years of historical peace. Growing economic prosperity in the two nations. Proximity. Booming trade between the two nations.

If you look at India and China, things have cooled down so much that they don't just sit there bent up over territory disputes like certain other nations do (I think you know what I'm talking about). Trade between the nations is reaching all time highs, and along the borders the militaries and border patrol are having great peaceful cultural and social interactions.

The time has come for India. It has come of age, and it's going to boost upwards within the next couple of decades. Along with this comes more prosperity.

We only wish that we could bring our Pakistani brothers with us, but apparantly they are worried about only two things that we simply cannot agree on: Hating India, and Taking Kashmir.

Naman Mantra, United Kingdom - 21 March, 2006

Pakistan on its own

As always, the history proved again that Pakistan has to be on its own way. there is no true strategic partner except China. However we must develop our own technological capabilities & rely not on any other nations. Pakistan should not give up the deal with Iran for Gas pipe line.
and also extend trade cooperation with other nations, relying on U.S. could harm economy any time !

Ali, Holy See - 21 March, 2006

a new customer

u.s. who is facing huge trade loss with China now found a new customer 'India' to sell something like nuclear technology or more stuff. by favoring this, U.S. would be asking india to open its markets for all US products with reduced duties though US won't sign free trade pact with any asian nation.

uncle sam is a smart guy !

, Pakistan - 21 March, 2006

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