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US Coalition Attack and Peace Agreement

16 June, 2008

Just few days later, US coalition forces attacked Chopara check post with automatic and heavy weapons near Afghan border in Mohmand Agency late night killing 13 security officials including Major Akbar. More details....

Meanwhile, Pakistan`s military condemned a "cowardly" US air strike that killed 11 Pakistani troops near the Afghan border, saying it could jeopardise cooperation in the "war on terror".More details....

On the other hand, the peace agreement between local Taliban and Pakistani govt, which is going to be settled, Pakistani govt. and Peace Jirga trying hard to settle a peace agreement. Due to these govt. initiatives, the suicidal attacks have been decreased since new govternment formed, Pakistani govt. poses some confidence into its people and no more retaliation took place between Pakistan army and local taliban.

So this agreement can bring Peace and happiness in Pakistan. But the recent attack of US-Coalition at Mohmand Agency and threats of Afghan President Hamid Karzai could provoke the haterd among the Trible people and may leads to more suicidal attacks inside Pakistan and in Afghanistan too. US said that local taliban would be treated by means of power and there was no more space for any deal or agreement with local taliban.

  • What do you suggest, should Pakistan go with agreement or with US in war against terrorism as a front line ally?
  • Was the peace agreement a good decision?
  • Do you think, such cowardly acts of US can provoke haterd among the people of trible areas?
  • Reader Comments:

    Peace deal is the right decision.

    Peace deal in NWFP and FATA is the right decision of the new government. This is the only way to bring peace on Bush stupid "war on terror". Pervez Musharraf should have advice Bush regime to show Taliban proof of Osama Bin Laden involvement in 9/11 which they promised to hand him over to international criminal court for trail. This was very reasonable offer by Taliban which was rejected arrogantly by mentally sick Bush and Musharraf provided all the assistance to kill innocent Afghans without any real success in six years.

    Peace deal will bring stability in NWFP but Afghanistan and US will accuse Pakistan as "terrorists appeasers" aligning with "terrorists".

    Afghanistan puppet President Hamid Karzai, who only has control of Kabul, will keep blaming Pakistan for Taliban resistance without looking at the facts that they are fighting the occupation foreign military.

    This was the first attack and there will be plenty more air strikes to come from US.

    Barack Obama, if get elected will pursue Bush "war on terror" more vigorously which will go beyond air strikes.

    Pakistan government must take action against any such attacks in the future by responding with force not by issuing statements of condemnation.

    The majority of NWFP people already hate US with rising hatred in whole country.

    QB, Pakistan - 16 June, 2008

    The Agitation

    When the Nato forces are attacked they should also not agitate as we ought not to do because, whenever there have come forces opposite each other having some mis-understandings or by sheer mistake such things happen on either side. Both Nato and we must carry on with all that.

    Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 16 June, 2008

    U.S. Coalition and Peace Agreement

    First, the U.S. air strike inside Pakistan was nothing new. The U.S. has been carrying air strikes inside Pakistan for years, but it had arranged with Pervez Musharraf to have the Pakistani military claim that it had carried out the air strikes, and thus provided cover for the U.S. In return,
    the Pakistani military has been getting 80 million dollars a month for its operational expenses against the Taliban, but I believe that amount of money was too much for operational expenses,
    and that portion of it ended in Musharraf's and his army loyalists pockets as bribes for covering up for the U.S. air strikes inside Pakistan.
    Do those air trikes provoke hatred among Pakistanis? Definitely. And not just hatred, but boiling hatred.

    Unfortunately, the Bush administration is not a rational one to negotiate on anything. Bush has made it clear in speeches before the U.S. congress on Afghanistan ans Iraq issues: "We are not negotiating," he said. Then he delivered the ultimatums to both Mullah Omar in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq later. His mode of operation was to issue orders to those countries who could not militarily defend themselves against the U.S., and attack them if they failed to comply to his demands. That is why his Undersecretary of State John Negreponte came to Pakistan after the elections and told the new Pakistani government: "You cannot negotiate with those people[the Taliban]." What he meant was: Forget about negotiations with Taliban; killed them all. And, of course, the U.S. airstrike was also a reminder to the new Pakistani government of the policy of the U.S. as Negreponte had demanded earlier. There is nothing to negotiate with Taliban; we want to wipe them out! That is
    why Bush appointed Negreponte
    to handle the extermination of the Taliban. He had organized death squads in Central America that killed thousands of leftists U.S. opponents, and he has experience - not as a diplomat, but as one who can built extermination alliances against anti-American elements with corrupt foreign officials ready to take U.S. bribes. And if one day those officials are overthrown, they
    are assured U.S. residence and

    I had many students from both Afghanistan and Pakistan during my teaching career who
    told me they were Taliban, and I admired their modesty and honesty. They loved me, even though they knew I was a Christian Orthodox, they brought me presents and gifts when they visited their countries, and I know that a different religion is not a problem with the Muslims if we show them as much respect as they show to us. But if one
    bully the Muslims, as George Bush does, injure their national pride, offend their religion and their culture, and have his army using the Holy Quran for target practice, of flush it down the toilet in from of other Muslims, then terrorism becomes a form of liberation for them, and they are ready to die for.

    The threat of Afghan president Hamid Karzai to send his forces inside Pakistan to fight the Taliban
    was quite ludicrous, and he was probably ordered by the U.S. to say that. He is regarded a the Mayor of Kabul
    because he has no authority beyond that, nor he has authority in areas controlled by foreign armies. Karzai can
    bark, but he is toothless to threaten a bite.

    Was the peace agreement a good decision? Who knows. Any agreement between a superpower and a weaker country country is always bad for the weaker party. The strong always exploited the weak, and that is why the human history is strewn with
    wars, rebellions, revolutions and genocides. The exploited
    do not accept exploitation in eternity; they rise and fight.
    That is what Greek historian Herodotus said 2.500 years ago, and that is still true today. In general, a peace agreement with a country who has global hegemonic ambitions is not good because the sovereignty and the social values of the underling are sold out without any tangible benefit -other than bribes to corrupt politicians or military strongmen.

    Pakistan now should focus to recoup it lost sovereignty, and eliminate the foreign control of its government. The U.S. forces in Afghanistan [NATO is more a euphemism than substance] should create a 6-mile demilitarized zone inside the Afghan borders and fight the Taliban there -not in the Pakistani villages. And, if it does, it will probably gain a lot of respect from Pakistanis who are now boiling with hatred against the U.S. for raining bombs on them with impunity.
    That is viewed a barbaric by most people around the world -no matter the excuses given for a justification, and no matter the foolish propaganda used that describes the killing of innocent civilians as "collateral damage!" Former New York governor Mario Cuomo said in a speech to a Democratic Convention: Peace is better than war, because life is better than death." I am for any peace agreement that will eliminate human killings of each other.
    Nikos Retsos, retired academic.

    Nikos Retsos, United Kingdom - 16 June, 2008

    Not in ''Neocon'' interest.

    The success of Perle and Wolfowitz ''New
    World Order'' lies in creating violence in
    areas 'strategic' to their Economic game.
    It will not matter who comes as the new
    tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As he would be surrounded by them and
    will have no choice?

    Khalid Rahim, Canada - 16 June, 2008

    Judge on the past performance rather than future promises.

    The war is what US wants for its economy and expansion and also staying as sole power.Unfortunately it is doing it on muslim countries because with crusadic feelings it is easy to have support of its troops in it.ANyone who thinks that with some reasoning and logic or treaty war will end is totally wrong.US will keep war on as it did since its creation.Before it was waging war in south America,Africa,WWII.Now it will do against muslim countries.

    MKhan, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2008

    Peace Agreement in Tribal Areas of Pakistan

    Pakistan must do every thing possible not only to negotiate but maintain a just agreement with tribal people. Pathans dedication and sacrifices can not be questioned and second to none. Its provan beyond doubt that Mr Bush has perpatuated his rule and influence through dividing and spreading hatered among the people of the world. Thank God he will be leaving White House soon. Pakistani people and its Leaders must keep in view the interests of Pakistan only.
    Afzal Mir

    Afzal Mir, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2008

    Peace with criminal ?

    Its really amazing that we are trying to convince ignorant Talibans that it is 2008,world has been changed,girls can go to school and its not a sin if people listen to the music etc.There is no way to talk and convince these ignorant talibans who even cant write their names,thses criminals and ignorant people are giving bad name to Islam and its teachings.Pakistani army and ISI including CIA trained and used these talibans during soviet invasion of Afghanistan and now they turned into ugly monsters,they are terrorists and should be crushed with iron hand.

    Mwaqar, United Kingdom - 19 June, 2008

    ERemoving the smoke screen

    What do you suggest, should Pakistan go with agreement, or with US in war against terrorism as a front line ally?

    Pakistan is not a free country any more. First, it was an authoritarian regime created under Musharraf by covert hands for fulfilling hidden agenda. But, when General in uniform become strong and stubborn beyond acceptable limits refusing orders to "do more", he was cut to size with repeated threats made through intricate maneuvers involving Al-Qaida and Taliban, both "weapons of Mass Destruction", developed and installed by the secret operating agencies of the US terrorizing Musharraf to be submissive and obedient. Consequent developing situation forced Musharraf to make "deals to work" with the people like Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, he openly detested. Unfortunately, Benazir erred on her part of the bargain and tried to pull some fast ones against the broker of the deal which resulted in her untimely and violent end. What resulted, is a nightmare of horror for the whole country made a battle ground between Musharraf and "not so Musharraf". There is no cease-fire visible under the current dispensation of the sham-est of sham democracy drama being staged in Pakistan. This appears to be the top gear operation of the covert agenda of the unseen hands holding the real reins of power. No body knows what is in store for this unfortunate country already living 25% of its time in "stone-age", without electricity, food and hostile environments. Those holding the fort in clouds are not made to think, listen or care about future, as long as they can survive to milk the country and it's poor, completely dry.

    Was the peace agreement a good decision?

    All peace agreements are good if the intentions are genuine. Otherwise such agreements are not even worth the piece of paper they are written and signed upon. Yasser Arafat and Peres signed peace agreement on which they were awarded Nobel for Peace in 1994. The world took a sigh of relief that the Middle East would be in Peace. But, what happened immediately after? We don't even remember the Agreement today while Peace is in oblivion worse than ever. Similar appears to be the fate of tribal peace agreement as well under the presently existing ground realities and independent assessment by those who have a practical thinking mind.

    Do you think such cowardly acts of US can provoke hatred among the people of tribal areas?

    This question proves the extent of ignorance of the writer. The US act is a well calculated move to produce results already pre-planned and rehearsed on the super-computer model studies running various possible scenarios. The best options are selected from a whole range of events which are tested on computer model studies and covertly planted to pass through chain reactions and in-course adjustments for fine-tuning to hit the bull's eye for giving the intended results. To call such US moves as cowardly acts capable of provoking hatred among the people of tribal areas amounts to first giving some credence to the presence of the Allied forces in Tribal areas, considering them working with good intentions. It appears to suggest that, the US forces must take corrective measures so as to promote good-will and friendship between the various Tribal and other groups fighting against the Allied forces. This is exactly what the adversaries want them to believe. It needs to be understood that, they are not there for rebuilding inter-tribe or inter-sect or inter-group faith and love lost between them. They are creating avenues of turmoil and fire for cooking their evil broth on it. Their strategy is simple. They breed hate and fear, the building blocks of terror which they know is something much more lethal than any other weapon of mass destruction. They are fighting terror which they created themselves. Now, they are strengthening and aggravating terror so that they can provide justification to increase their fighting force against terror. Therefore, Osama must not surface until the real hidden agenda is achieved. Remember, one of the former top agents of the US agencies, Michael Scheuer, disclosed in his recently published book that, Osama bin Laden is their extremely dependable agent who is revered today by his contemporary agents. Enough material is available in the book proving that, the war against terror is the biggest conspiracy in the human civilization of man against humanity because, it has specifically been created to exterminate the ultimate religion “Islam”, for the protection and survival of “shamism”. Scheuer has highly praised the intellect and devotion to duty displayed by Osama as being the model of most trusted and brilliant operative in American history secretly idolized by them. So, let us correct our own course of thinking, to see what we refuse to see.

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 22 June, 2008

    Final soloution

    Bottom line is, get red of the Durand Line and join NWFP back to Afghanistan. Pakistans civil people will the live in peace and all pakhtuns and Afghans will sort the problems.

    Samir Latifi, British Indian Ocean Territory - 29 June, 2008

    US wants War On Terror on Pakistani soil . . .

    It is as clear as daylight . . . at least, it is for those that have their eyes open. NATO forces are getting hammered in Afghanistan and this situation will only be reversed by calling on the most miserable, immoral and bankrupt servants that Pax Americana have in their arsenal . . . the Pakistani political and military establishment.
    In the perverse thinking of the Islamabad elite, Pakistan can only survive if it does the bidding of Washington . . . even if that means hacking its own limbs off with a machete. Such a pathetic, servile mentality has destroyed the innate authority that Pakistan would have been able to extend into the Middle East and Central Asia. Such trying times called for bravery, vision and the intellectual capacity to translate Pakistans interests in a clear and distinct fashion from those of America. Whether in its democratic or military guises, the Islamabad elite have failed to provide the credible leadership that the Pakistani people have been crying out for . . . they are a disgrace . . . they are a sham and they are no longer fit to lead a great people.

    Adam Khan, United Arab Emirates - 29 June, 2008

    Wishful thinking does not make it so.

    If violence in NWFP and FATA did not spill over into other countries, Pakistan would not have to deal with other countries. Will a peace deal accomplish that? Who believes it will?

    MS, United Arab Emirates - 06 July, 2008

    good wills not political games

    It has been obvious that corrupt Pakistan government and its ISI organization do not want the peace to spread its wing in central Asia. The chaos and destruction is very profitable for these those morally bankrupt organizations. As long as the good wills on the part of the corrupt politicians and Pakistani ISI is missing from the equation, there will be no peace in the region. It is practical to get rid of the Durrand Line and let the people of Northwest to join the their native land of Afghanistan. That will allow the government of Afghanistan to sit and discuss the real peace with the assistance of the international community with these people and find a solution. As long as there is sanctuary for the foreign militans in Pakistan and the channel of money from outside is not dried up for these militants, this war will get deteriorated. At this moment, it is the combination of ISI, foreign money destined to militants especially the foreign operatives and the safe sanctuary that keeps the violence increasingly active. Talibans are the names that these paki government and ISI use for the sake of name. There are Tablian there who are fighting, but the real source of trouble in Afghanistan is Paki ruling elite, ISI, foreign money and safe sanctuary. Without destroying the militant bases in Pakistan, without destroying the bomb making factories in Pakistan, without closing the so called madrassas that are used to brain wash the children for war and suicide missions in Pakistan, there will no real peace.

    Najee, San Marino - 09 July, 2008

    Be Wise

    It has been made a fashion statement that Pathans/Pashtuns are cause of the problem.
    Never forget, Indian Invasion of Kashmir, Russian Invasion of our eastern neighbor failed due to them to a great extend. They have been major source for forex for Pakistan specially from the Gulf. Even now if you look around Pakistan you find them in hard working jobs such as construction, tandoors etc.
    They are simple people and only have been grossly ignored in the development plans of the country. They are the victims or state policies which promoted Jihad and turned a blind eye to FATA where crime and smuggling progressed for 59 years.
    USA and Pakistan Govt have both been trying to get the maximum benefit from the other. Being more powerful naturally USA gets the larger benefit. But those who suffer and on whose land and live these games are being played are Pathans. They did not have a role in 9/11 and the war on terror should not have targeted them. For those who wish to separate Pathans from rest of Pakistan, I say it is stupid thinkers like you who created Bangladesh. You will be sorry as you will be the next target in the bigger plan with no buffer which has protected you for decades now. Majority Pathans maybe ignorant and misguided by some forces but they are still better muslims and Pakistanis than you.
    If what you propose happens Pakistan suffers all the more. Some think with Bush gone, policies of the US may change for better. You are sleeping my friends. All these wars have to do more with Dollars and Contracts than Pakistan, Islam, 9/11, Iraq or whatever else. True Muslims and Islam are being demonized, but someone always has been. Japanese, Germany, USSR etc etc. That is how you get to justify what ever you do. Rest assured the solutions you can think of are childish as these plans have been made years ahead and are just being implemented in stages. You are just playing the tune that is expected of you.
    Wake up and stop being a tool of hatred. Keep in mind that young USA, UK and other NATO nation nationals are also dying in these wars. Maybe Muslims in Larger numbers. They dont deserve to die either. They are equally used as are Muslims. Oil my friends is on the way to reach USD 200.00 a brl. Blame being on Indian and Chinese demand. Some companies are making more money in a quarter than the total debt of Pakistan. This is what it is about. Terrorism and the war against it will continue till the need for some other .....ism arises and just like Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea.. we will once again be popular in the Great USA. Watch movies of the 80s and read Newsweek, Times etc from then and you will know how great the same militants were then. This is a phase that will last as long as it is planned for. Only wise and neutral attitude and minimize its damage. Emotional and hasty conclusions, only assist and continuity of the game at a steady pace.
    May Allah bring peace to the world and have a better future of generations to come. There are more important issues like global warming that needs us to unite. These selfish people do not wish to address these issues and divert attention through war on terror as big money is at stake. They are making money at cost or envoirement and human lives.
    Wake up. Start by staying neutral and if possible do somethng positive for the wellbeing of the whole humanity. Planting a tree is a good start.

    Sajjad, Pakistan - 11 July, 2008


    First off, let me start by saying that the USA is not our ally, it is an outright enemy. Only our enemies would attack us the way the US does and only our enemy would expect our government to be as servile as it is. The PPP government is equally keen to destroy and further destabilize Pakistan than the US. Pakistan does not need the US as much as the US needs us right now. We should re-examine our relationship with them and give them our strict terms and conditions and the government should put it's foot down on issues which simply are unacceptable to the citizens. Pakistan needs to engage in better dialogues with these "militants" as at the end of the day, they are our own people and we cannot continue killing them as this will only further agravate the situation in the country. There is already so much hatred against the US in our people and for good reason. We need to rise against our corrupt elite rulers and stand up to the Americans since they obviously don't want to.

    Imaan Hazir, Pakistan - 11 July, 2008


    every country has a govt it deserves.Joseph De Maistre it is all our own fault

    Jahangir Tareen, Pakistan - 12 July, 2008

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