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Two Shoes for Brother Bush

18 December, 2008

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George Bush, the US president, has had a pair of shoes hurled at him at a press conference during his last surprise visit to Iraq before leaving office in January.

An Iraqi reporter called Bush "Good bye kiss, you dog" and shouted out "this is the end" at Sunday,s news conference in Baghdad, before throwing his shoes at the US leader.

Bush, who had been giving a joint press statement with Nuri Al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, ducked behind a podium as the shoes narrowly missed his head.

The incident will serve as a vivid reminder of the widespread opposition to the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq - a conflict which has come to define President George Bush,s presidential legacy.

  • Do you think that throwing shoes at Bush symbolizes Iraqi’s hatred toward his polices and is justified?
  • What is the reaction of Arab world and the world at large?
  • Did the 29 years old journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi speak the heart of many people around the world?
  • Speak out please!!

    Reader Comments:

    Nice ta ta

    W,Bush deserved and got,cardial voice of muslims.He owed.

    G.N.Talpur,, Pakistan - 18 December, 2008

    Totally unacceptable

    1) It does not symbolizes Iraqi's hatred toward his policies. It can never be justified. These all are humanity. Bush and his military are only the guardian of peace, justice and protecting homeland and the worldmilitary are only the guardian of peace, justice and protecting homeland and the world.

    2) What is required for all of Arabs is an auditted study of hate levels.My auditing shows that arabs of Iraq have excelled in hate levels by a margin of 8 to 1 and still no sane person will agree to or approve even other one eigth hate of the oppressed minority people.

    3) There are very great factors supporting coal industry.First coal is the most favoured material in the world to generate electrical power.The world's biggest and the second biggest power producers America and China have more than sixty percent of their power generation done through coal and so is true about most countries including India.Second coal is used heavily in steel making as well.And they are already talking, that if oil and gas production goes down due to resource non-availability reasons, the coal will become even transportation energy king as it used to be over a century ago when the world used to have coal fired ships, trains and cars.

    I have 18 years of oil experience and i have presented papers in 249 countries of the world. Iran president has given me a special shake hand when i met him during a presentation in afghanistan oil engineers association.

    Not just coal is for power generation or steel making, coal beds have large amounts of natural gas assiciated with coal with as coal bed methane(CBM).America's more than 2 trillion cubic feet gas consumed out of 20 trillion cubic feet yearly production comes as coal bed methane(CBM)and that is three times more gas than gas produced yearly by India or Pakistan.And China is now heavily in using the world's most advanced CBM technology of America.America is the sole dominent of coal bed methane technology,which is safest also along with the candian one.China is using America's help and technology in this area.

    "Please do not squeeze and squash this small nation on the cross roads of the world's most important yet the most dangerous geo strategy.Please keep us free of the compelling needs and defaults of the consequences of the wrath of the mighty one's agendas of seeking global supermacy by many a powers."

    Anwar Mehmood, Hungary - 18 December, 2008

    Shoe at Bush

    I was wondering if this is the Islamic way of treating a Guest.
    That all muslim world hates America has been clearly demonstrated by the arab reaction.

    dv, United Kingdom - 18 December, 2008

    Very Nice

    I am very happy. This reaction really shows the hatred among Muslim towards Bush and his policies regarding War against Terrorism. In my dictionary, the meaning of "Terrorism" should be "Acts of Bush". This is what that he always wanted.

    I just want to show that i found some new versions of that incident. Plz take a look of this following link:

    Shakeel, Pakistan - 19 December, 2008

    Shoes thrown at Bush!

    Absolutely agree with the fact that it 'symbolizes' the hatered for US policies in Iraq and most of all is a slap in the face of the worst US president ever.

    Yaqoot Mir, Canada - 19 December, 2008

    HOw obvious it is with the contents that the letter writers,dv of US and Anwar Mehmood are actually cover names for Americans in US embassy writing these letters.

    anonymous, Pakistan - 19 December, 2008

    Are the Shoe throwers going to be the nexgen Islamic heros?

    I was not shocked at the act of throwing a shoe at Bush but I was shocked at the gleefully happy reaction from the Muslim Press! The fact that a journalist utterly disrespected his dharma is shameful and reflects badly on the Arab press. How would it look if all the western visitors stand behind glass shields in Arab press conferences?

    Also I read that the gentleman was a Shia. They were treated in the worst possible way by Saddam's regime. But today for the first time in centuries they have a voice and democratic freedom and this is the way they use it? Utterly disgusting. I understand that the war was not perfect but I cant believe that the Shia population would rather prefer to stay as a degraded people under Saddam than in a not so perfect democracy.

    Sandeep, United Kingdom - 19 December, 2008

    The shower thrower is an idiot and so is the shoe receiver.

    Zeeshan, Pakistan - 20 December, 2008

    Bushj and Hitler

    There is the similarity between this person called "Bush" and Hitler and I would add one more thing that he should be offered a gun so he can kill himself with some dignity. He is not a noble and will remember the first American president who think he saved American people, but created war and hatred among the populations through out the world. Unfortunately he belongs to the "Knowledge Society" called America. Attacking the religion like "Islam" and manipulating the minds of good people of this world to hate Muslims. He might have saved America but again he made his populations the most unhappy people on this earth and sooner or later the practice of Islam that we all see in our daily life will help the Americans to regain the happiness in this world. There exist some ignorance against Islam but the people with faith will only find happiness and after the departure of this evil mind I hope that we will make this world the most happiest place on earth. I hope every Muslims in their heart will forgive and forget because that is kind of life that we all living within the practice of "Islam"

    Aslam Sheikh, Pakistan - 20 December, 2008

    Make him Senator from Ill. or NY.

    Kiss my butt! I only wish he had more shoes and was a better thrower! I am a US news NUT. Watch the stuff everyday. Never in seven years have I heard one American news person, military, NGO, no one mention of the widows and orphans that have been left due to this war. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE.

    Person of concern #46637622, United Kingdom - 21 December, 2008



    MOSHIN, Pakistan - 21 December, 2008

    It happens in true democracy

    Zaidi throws his shoes pair
    On Mr Bush for all to stare
    In democracy,U learn to bear
    Tolerance is the most U care

    Brits threw even rotton eggs
    While leaders jumped on legs
    Grandest with the common pegs
    And for kindness leader begs

    Throwing the shoe on Mr Bush
    Was to see how Bush can tush
    Remember he did force N push
    In Iraq and Hindu Kush

    Bush is popular very least
    Brought just famine,no feast
    Bush was just a killer beast
    Of Iraqis in middle east

    Don't forget,Afghans suffer
    He boasts as proud,not duffer
    To Pak Fata, he got rougher
    Was no peace in that buffer

    He will leave in few days
    For peace,each human prays
    Peace for all, Obama says
    America show us peace ways

    Appologistic is, guess who
    Zaidi man who threw his shoe
    Still his ways Bush will do
    For few days, all can boo

    Favoured India most he could
    India centric,yes he stood
    And the fact is understood
    Wars he loved,not peacehood

    Bush wanted that India arm
    And he wanted Paks disarm
    Towards India,he would warm
    Nukes for India was his charm

    About Iraqi nukes,his lies
    About Iran's similar cries
    Em were beat about Bush tries
    Bush logic o no, no one buys

    May be shoe,he did'nt deserve
    Bearing it is democracy nerve
    Still America, he did serve
    Economy got downward curve

    America and world got tallies
    Stock markets got no rallies
    All are fallen,up are bellies
    In very deep recession alleys

    Shoes receiving aint insult
    This is democracy result
    Consult the wise, do consult
    Call not democracy a cult

    Bush got tush,he is forgiving
    Keeps his democracy living
    People o can have misgiving
    Good from bad must be sieving

    Bush did talk of crusade
    Wars on muslims as his trade
    Nine eleven, yes was made
    No forgiveness, but invade

    This is only democracy tease
    I appologize, yes please
    This Anwar allways is at ease
    Loves peace like dove n geese

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 21 December, 2008

    Weapon of Mass Hatred

    Iraqi journalist Muntazer Zaidi has practically demonstrated that, all Bush initiatives in Iraq and other foreign lands have left the downtrodden completely desperate. He displayed his anger in simplest manner and represented the sentiments of the infinitely suppressed world desperately anguished by Bushomanics. And his weapon of mass expression is his own pair of harmless shoes. This a scar on Bush philosophy of developing democratic governance abroad that even history can never heal by any amount and concoctions of explanatory balms. It indeed is a befitting farewell gift of the hapless minion man to the world's strongest living man.

    M. Saeed, Pakistan - 22 December, 2008

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    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 22 December, 2008

    Merry Christmas to Mr Bush through Nat King Cole song.

    Let us change the subject and send merry christmas greetings to Mr Bush. These christmas greetings are sung in 1946 song by Nat King Cole and the song stays in America's hall of fame.During the whole month prior to Christmas day on December 25th, we been listening to this song repeated swveral days in dshopping malls on the radios and at home and offices. Hundred or so many artists have copied and sang the original song by America's all time best voice of Nat king Cole.

    I am just copying , cutting and pasting one net spot and sending it as such:

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    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 22 December, 2008

    bush kutta

    he deserves it and even more
    the thrower is a genuine person and has a great capability of command a true army against america

    saiem, United Arab Emirates - 23 December, 2008

    Jootay maro, hum tumharey saath hay!

    Muntazar Zaidi, an amazing, patriotic, self-less individual, threw his shoes at the world's most powerful man and one of the world's biggest terrorist, George. W. Bush. His courage must be admired and his sacrifice appreciated.

    Imaan Hazir, Pakistan - 27 December, 2008

    Biggest terrorist in world Bush frm USA

    A salute to this Arab and Muslim world hero who with courage has win everyone's heart... My heartly prayers goes for his safety as the democracey in Iraq is worse than under Saddam rule. If a journalist can't express himself in a democracey then what was the point behind this war that resulted in million killed and trillion spent, A great response to the biggest terrorist in the world Bush from USA.

    khan, Aruba - 28 December, 2008


    I am not the least bit enthralled by the Bush punitive and stubborn legacy of 'With us or against us', far from it, BUT this contavenes the world famous Muslim standard of Hospitality and Cordiality to a guest who is held in great honor and regard, even if he was a pauper. I was embarassed by this incident, but then again, I did not witness the "orphans, widows", etc. created by the President's policies. I am sure with the amount of condemnation already, we will show greater regard to any 'remaining remnants', if any after this, of 'future Bushes'. Peace...

    N. Javed, United Kingdom - 28 December, 2008

    Democracy has come

    This shows finally democracy has come to Iraq. This reporter would have never been able to throw shoes at Saddam!

    h. harris, United Kingdom - 29 December, 2008

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