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Torturing Iraqi Prisoners - Who's responsible ?

02 May, 2004

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The whole world is outraged by the pictures broadcasted on all major media networks, showing coalition forces torturing Iraqi prisoners in an inhumane and disgusting manner.

President George W. Bush also expressed "deep disgust" at the reported US abuse of Iraqi prisoners and said that stern action would be taken against the individuals responsible for these despicable acts.

"I share a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated," Bush said at the White House. "I didn't like it one bit. "Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the American people,"

Chief of the General Staff of Britain, General Sir Michael Jackson also raised his voice against British Soldier involved in similar inhumane acts:

"If this is proven, the perpetrators are not fit to wear the Queen's uniform. They have besmirched the good name of the Army and its honour."

1. Do you think such pictures would help coalition forces to win the hearts of Iraqis ?

2. Do these pictures somehow reflect the overall morale of coalition forces in Iraq ?

3. Who should be responsible for such inhumane acts of coalition forces in Iraq ?

Picture Courtesy Daily Mirror : URINATED ON: A British soldier urinates on an Iraqi prisoner in a vile display of abuse. The captive was beaten and hurled from a moving truck. Army chiefs are investigating.

Reader Comments:

How on earth can anyone justify such acts? To hell with all of them. I cant imagine being more ashamed of my country's government and military.

Suzanne, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2004

The recently inhumane treatment by U.S and british troops has showed how courageous and patriotic they are. The most tourment act with those people who had their heads hooded, hands and feet tied up, and naked. Thats the respect these troops have for humans from other races. These r the people who welcomed coalition forces and felt these troops have come to overthrow the strongman saddam hussein but lately they have felt these trooops have came to occupy their country nothing but for the sake of Israel and of course for oil. I truely condemn this outrageous and insane act by the troops and feel sorrow for the victims. I really appreciate CBS for broadcasting the violation of human rights. The Iragis have thought that the U.S led occupation will be ended soon but Mr. Bush's word for troops to stay in Iraq for atleast five more years have ignored their thoughts. Now these people regret for letting U.S in their country.

Ali Sharif, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2004

What a sad story, a nation which preaches democracy,human rights, dignity of human being has done the same thing as Saddam used to do with his opponents. Then what is difference between Bush Government and Saddam.

Raja Habib Jalib, Canada - 06 May, 2004

Ah ! Hear this. A patch

"Being an American, and having served in the Marine Corps., I am appalled at the photos of the mis-treated Iraqi prisoners. In my military service, I was repeatedly instructed that we are signors of the Geneva Convention, and that if we were captured, we should expect treatment similar to what we gave prisoners we had captured. I believe that the troops involved directly, as well as their superiors whould stand military trial, and if guilty, receive the appropriate punishment. After having been photographed with the prisoners they were responsible, I do not know how any of them can hold themselves with any pride in their service to the U.S.. I sincerely hope that all commanding officers, and senior NCOS will pay closer attention to the actions of their troops and prevent this kind of activity from being repeated. I also will say that in the U.S., we routinely air our faults, as well as our triumphs. The photos and the story have caused many of us to send messages like this to our repesentatives in government to push for better oversite, and appropriate punishment. This will not be buried, as claimed by some who do not know or undertand the U.S. at all." Bruce Skerry. USA(Pak TRib)

aabshaaraypakistan, Pakistan - 06 May, 2004

It is so funny

It makes me laugh when muslims talk about torture. Pakistan and other arab countries routineley torture and kill innocent people. For example in Pakistan last week a Christian boy was tortured and killed by Madarasah students because he drank water from islamic madarasah.
People living in west and i mean white people can show anger but why do muslims criticize this is beyond my imagination. Did the same muslims criticize when bodies of 4 Americans were dragged through Falujah. Did muslims apologize for bodies of US soldiers dragged through street of Mogadishu, Somalia. Did muslims apologize for 9-11? Come on give me a break .

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 06 May, 2004

The Buck Stops Here

In 1945 President Truman had a sign on his desk proclaming "The Buck Stops Here". The saying "the buck stops here" derives from the slang expression "pass the buck" which means passing the responsibility on to someone else. Pretend President Bush as Commander in Cheif should take the responsibility of those who serve under him. I guess the sign on Bush's desk reads "Keep Passing the Buck".

Dave, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2004

The root of the problem

They(US and UK) call themselves the civilised people, yet their foreign policies, their internal policies, only exploit the week and cause nothing but harm to their own people and others around the world. The system of Capatalism has shown itself up to its true capability of dealing with mankinds affairs-none what so ever. The true alternative system that can bind mankind together is Islam, as it did from the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, till 1924. Its time mankind saw the blatant misfortunes of Capatalism and its exploitative nature and imperialistic hegemony. It was Islam that was able to collect and distribute wealth in such a perfect way that not even one person needed charity in the whole of West Africa(that was under the rule of Islam). Today Africa and indeed the whole world faces starvation, disease ridden popolations and enormous economic debts that cannot be repaid under the influence of Capitalism. We mankind have to see this and turn to the true source of the Creator, and realise its beauty. Email:

Raza Khan, United Arab Emirates - 06 May, 2004


show these pictures now

jordan, Reunion - 06 May, 2004

Torturing Iraqi Prisoners - Who's responsible ?

In response to Sammy Jabareen, Canada, who said, "...People living in west and i mean white people can show anger but why do muslims criticize this is beyond my imagination. Did the same muslims criticize when bodies of 4 Americans were dragged through Falujah. Did muslims apologize for bodies of US soldiers dragged through street of Mogadishu, Somalia. Did muslims apologize for 9-11? Come on give me a break."

Why should Muslims criticise when the bodies of four Americans were dragged through the streets - the kuffaar Americans unlawfully invaded Iraq and killed thousands of innocents - its the response you get when you invade another country unlawfully; in fact, Many Muslims expressed joy over that act; Similarly, when the bodies of US soldiers being dragged in Mogadishu only happened because the Muslim Somalis felt that they were being targeted and invaded unlawfully - let's not forget, over a thousand Muslim Somalis died and only about 17 US soldiers died; Lastly, where's the proof that Muslims are responsible for 9-11?! There are so many inconsistencies in the evidence gathered and flaws in the investigation as to who was responsible, and if you want to talk about about the flaws at another time, I am more than happy to have the debate. Since there is no definite proof that Muslims were responsible, the Muslims have no reason to apologise for 9-11. The Muslims will not apologise for 9-11 because there is no evidence to suggest that Muslims were responsible.

Razur Rahman, United Arab Emirates - 07 May, 2004

Torturing Iraqi Prisoners - Who's responsible ?

By the way, the kuffaar Bush didn't really apologise for the abuse suffered by the Muslim Iraqis - the guy only said "I said I was sorry to the king of Jordan" - I didn't hear him say SORRY - infact, nobody heard him say sorry.

Razur Rahman, United Arab Emirates - 07 May, 2004


Most of the Americans, including Pres. Bush is repeatedly saying that the actions of these soldiers doesn't reflect the mentality of Americans ?

May I ask does, MTV, Hollywood and nude bars on 42nd street New York and all over America, also not represent the mentality of American people?

Everything is naked and nude in what we see America through Hollywood and now we have also witnessed what American soldiers have done to these prisoners.

History also witnessed that an American President screwed an intern inside the most powerful house of the world, that is, White House which is in America too and American Prsident elected by Americans can only sit in it.

So please tell us that whose mentality these all things reflect if not American culture ?

SIJ, Pakistan - 07 May, 2004

Razur Rahman, United Kingdom

Razur Rahman you live in United Kingdom which is full of 'KHUFFAR' and is a 'KAFIR' country. DO you plan to move to an islamic country soon. How about moving to Pakistan ?

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 07 May, 2004

Laying the Foundation!

Bush and his administration
lay the foundation to these atrocities,by refusing Geneva
Convention at Guantanamo Bay.
The US administration in her
glory,indirectly encouraged a
few to act as Caligula.What took Bush to reluctantly say
sorry to King Abdullah after
being rebuked by the media.He
did not have the courage to
address the Iraqi nation and
tell them without his smirk.I
am extremely sorry for the vile conduct of my men and as
the Commander in Chief I will
accept the blame.How can a god say he was sorry!

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 07 May, 2004

Who Bush, What Rumsfeld ? Who Powell? Who Osama bin Laden (remember 9/11 ?), Who Mullah Omar (remember one eyed man?), Who Saddam (remember killing of children n women ?)Who George Bush Senior (remember Iran Iraq war?) Who American soldiers (remember Naked Iraqi Prisoners ?), Who remembers anything?

America is great! We forgive the criminals and we punish the innocent. Who are you? Sleep America sshhh!. We will awake when our mothers and daughters will ashammed of ourselves, we will awake when our dad and brothers get custodial death for nothing, we will awake when our sons will kill the next door neighbour's son by calling him a muslim ? We will awake when the media glamourises crime and make it look so interesting. Sshhh!~ Sleep~! There's still time for trouble to come your own home!

HM, Pakistan - 07 May, 2004

Torturing Iraqi Prisoners

Who is responsible ?
Passivity of Muslim world is responsible.....Don't blame anybody else.......Enemy has power over you,in the area that you let him do so....Check your ranks and files..lack of knowledge,lack of wisdom, firey thoughts but passive action.Weak nations,always looking for some strong person to lead.....Down we go..lot to come yet.

A Khokar, United Arab Emirates - 08 May, 2004

Absolutely right MR.SIJ , Americans Europeans all are sex adicted. Alchol ,sex, sexual relations with others, all these are there piorities and habbits. How come sammy Jabereen understand coz she also has the western

HM, Pakistan - 08 May, 2004

I firmly believe that all muslims are crazy. You do not know how to live free. You seem to need to have someone control your lives. You follow blindly your radical religous leaders and seem to think God is on your side. You never really evolved into the 21st century and would feel more at home 2000 years ago. You also are outraged at photos of Iraq prisoners (most people in the USA are also) but fail to see the killings and dismemberment of bodies that happen because of the Muslim religion. America is a free country. We have many people from all over the world who live here for that right. Can you say the same? I wish we did not allow any Muslim in this country. This would be a much better place. And one last thing, you people smell bad, take a bath. Standing next to you in an elevator is too much.

Joe Mamma, United Kingdom - 09 May, 2004

Untrue refections

I feel compelled to state that this is NOT how all Americans are. I am embarrassed to see these horrible pictures, not embarrassed to see that the Iraqis are naked, however, I am embarrassed to see the thumbs-up and smiles of my American brothers and sisters. I shudder to think what other abuses are not being photographed. I hope the world knows that not all Americans approve of the actions of Bush and his cronies in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am certainly and proudly one of those people. I can only hope the leaders of my country wise up and withdraw from Iraq and focus instead on peace and charity.

Lauren, United Kingdom - 09 May, 2004

Torture to prisoners

What a shame on the US proclaiming a democratic country and went to Iraq to get freedom from Saddam Hussain. It is really sad that they are suffering in the hands of US and there is no one who can say much or to stop Americans of their inhuman treatment to powerless people of Iraq. Where is International Court for War Crimes? They should step in.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 09 May, 2004

PLEASE don't blame all Americans for this reprehensible and sickening behaviour. I am ashamed that this has happened. I am ashamed of the man sitting in the Oval Office, who stole the Presidency. I am ashamed of those who continue to support him. I am ashamed that the ideals this country was founded on are so easily disregarded here now. I am angry. Many in America are. We do speak out, though it scares some of us to do so, because no matter how much you hear that America is a place where you can say anything you want against the government, it just isn't true. And we don't know all that happens. Do you think our government allows us to see all these things? I can tell you, there are more things than this that we never hear about, not just in other countries, but also here, in this one. But the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the mistreatment of its people, the death and injury of so many innocent people, and this latest scandal, these hurt my heart. This is not what I believe my country to be about. The men who do this - Bush and his ilk - these are not what I want for my country. They can not and do not speak for me, or for many others in America. We are not all spoiled children, not all hateful, not all mean, not all selfish or greedy or evil. The evil done "in the name of America" wounds and enrages me more than I can say. We had the chance to reach out to so many in the world after September 11, when they reached out to us, and Bush and his men squandered that opportunity for greater understanding and perhaps friendship between us. I understand your anger; I feel it, too; and shame - always shame. I am sorry. So sorry.

, United Kingdom - 09 May, 2004

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