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The deal

02 August, 2007

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Secret talks between General Pervez Musharraf and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto have entered the final phase.

According to sources privy to President House, and the PPP Chairperson, Benazir Bhutto, talks are almost “ successful”, However there are only two minor hitches. First Benazir Bhutto wants General Musharraf o shed his uniform before the presidential elections, while General Musharraf wants to do that after getting re-elected. Second Benazir demands the withdrawal of all the corruption cases against her immediately and unconditionally, while the government is reluctant to do that”, the source said.

The deal revolves around four major points.

First, Musharraf will lay off his military uniform and get elected as a civilian president by the current assemblies with the help of ruling PML (Q), and the PPP. Second, all the corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto will be withdrawn, third, the general elections will be held under a neutral caretaker government, and fourth, the current local bodies government will be dissolved before the elections.

“ The two sides have almost agreed on the four points, however there is still difference of opinion on the implementation”, a source said.

“ General Musharraf is not ready yet to withdraw the corruption cases against Benazir immediately. He has proposed to her to return, participate in the elections, and in the meantime the government will gradually withdraw the cases against her”, he maintained.

According to power sharing formula, the source claims, an amendment will be made in the constitution paving the way for Ms Bhutto to become the prime minister for the third time.

After elections, the PPP will make governments in center, and Sindh province, while PML(Q) will make governments in Punjab and Balochistan provinces, whereas whoever gets majority in north west frontier province, it will be given the chance to form government there.

On the other hand, the ruling PML(Q) and PPP leaders appear to be stunned over the secret talks as General Musharraf and Ms Bhutto did not take them into confidence about the deal.

Here are some questions
1) What’s your opinion about deal? Will it work?
2) Will Benazir be able to tackle the simmering crises in the country?
3) Is America pressurizing Musharraf and Benazir for deal? If yes why?
4) Where will Benazir and Musharraf morally stand after deal as they have hurled serious allegations ranging from corruption to violation of constitution against each other.
5) Balochistan and the NWFP the provinces are most violence-hit provinces, where the PPP has no say. How will Benazir tackle the situation there?

Reader Comments:

Deal--what a joke

Pakistan will never survive unless the nation stop recycling its corrupted, incompetent, and selfish so "leaders" over and over again. The Pakistani nation has no right to live if it collectively decides to be ruled by such characters. It needs new blood, a new generation of strong charactered Muslims. For example, How can a fugutive, who plundered the nation's wealth to the tune of 72 arab rupees, has massive cases against her in the court, is wanted by the government, goes out every other day and make speeches and statements against the very existence of Pakistan, is literaly a fugutive, --and people still talk about her as a legitimate leader and contemplating the possibility of bringing her back??..Come on people..whats gotten into your heads?

Jamal Hassan, San Marino - 12 August, 2007

Big Deal Rally of 80000 In Jakarta yesterday

Imagine 80,000 yesterday rallying in Jakarta under Hizb-ut-tahrir(formed in Jerusalem Israel 1953 after 1948 Jewish independence) with Jews dedicated for caliphate creation. Imagine with PLO state in less than 20% land (original) under caliphate without Muslim Common Market without Muslim Currency for oil sales to fit in global development .Imagine terrible massacre of Lud and Khalia wala massacre in Amritsar.

Imagine Pakistan with no border or subdivided into independent Pakistan without Balochistan .Islamic Banking is dedicated under oil sheiks as common denomitor called Caliphate.

World Rich(including none Muslim) are owner of banks or oil distributors under UN
Running Iraq UAE to Brunei and central Asian oil or few places to find missing UN wage money.

Deal is Caliphate as one state under Islamic Banking IMF BB and PM without uniform . Muslim states is under Islamic banking set up as caliphate without present Pakistan
And under Indo USA Nuke deal .Caliphate Regimes with Nawaz Shariff charged for corruption alongwith others in other countries under one IDB banking currency working
Under Euro or USA dollar is deal.

be Zee, United Arab Emirates - 12 August, 2007

Dicktators Leave pakistan alone.

EMERGENCY, martial law, election in uniform, election from these assemblies, no return of Nawaz Sharif, a deal with Benazir on Gen Musharraf’s terms, general elections to suit the general’s convenience: this is the nonsense that Pakistan faces. And all because of one man and his paranoid desire to cling to power, no matter what the consequences. A fine gift to the country on its 60th birthday..On a sinking ship any captain with a semblance of honour and sense of duty is first concerned about the safety of his passengers and crew. He is the last man to leave the ship. In our case this concept of honour has been turned on its head. A helmsman for eight years, not satisfied that he has been around for so long, is concerned only about himself. His ship is sinking but he wants everyone to go down with him....He feels he is riding a tiger and will be devoured if he gets down. This is wrong imagery. We are a forgiving nation. We did nothing to Yayha Khan, who presided over Pakistan’s biggest disgrace. Nothing ever happened to that other military hero, Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan ‘Tiger’ Niazi, who surrendered to Jagjit Singh Aurora in Dhaka’s Race Course Ground. The tiger and his riding are only in Musharraf’s imagination..He feels he is riding a tiger and will be devoured if he gets down. This is wrong imagery. We are a forgiving nation. We did nothing to Yayha Khan, who presided over Pakistan’s biggest disgrace. Nothing ever happened to that other military hero, Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan ‘Tiger’ Niazi, who surrendered to Jagjit Singh Aurora in Dhaka’s Race Course Ground. The tiger and his riding are only in Musharraf’s imagination..He feels he is riding a tiger and will be devoured if he gets down. This is wrong imagery. We are a forgiving nation. We did nothing to Yayha Khan, who presided over Pakistan’s biggest disgrace. Nothing ever happened to that other military hero, Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan ‘Tiger’ Niazi, who surrendered to Jagjit Singh Aurora in Dhaka’s Race Course Ground. The tiger and his riding are only in Musharraf’s imagination...He feels he is riding a tiger and will be devoured if he gets down. This is wrong imagery. We are a forgiving nation. We did nothing to Yayha Khan, who presided over Pakistan’s biggest disgrace. Nothing ever happened to that other military hero, Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan ‘Tiger’ Niazi, who surrendered to Jagjit Singh Aurora in Dhaka’s Race Course Ground. The tiger and his riding are only in Musharraf’s imaginationOver the last eight years we have had our ears filled with talk of commando courage. Isn’t it time to honour the code of the commando for once? There is no need to be afraid of the Constitution. There is a right way of doing things and if this road is followed, many of the things that seem threatening may not be that frightening after all. Every military ruler in our history has had to be pushed out. Why not do things differently this time?


salaudden Rumi, Pakistan - 12 August, 2007

Khilafa versus Democracy

Khilafa not democracy as what brother Salaheen Rumi is propogating is what the muslims prime requirement should be in order to regain its former glory as a formidable force wherein no infidel could dare eyeball a faithfull .

Democracy is a refuge for the monkeys to indulge in monkey-antics and become parliamentarians. As an outcome of democracy , Dacoits like Phoolan Devi in neighboring India, Eunuchs and gays elsewhere , Liars and manipulators everywhere , stripteasors and prostitutes in Italy , actors in America , rapists and murderors get elected , sit in parliament and govern destinies ! This is not Islam . In democracy , Numbers prevails while in Islam one on truth can prevail over one million on falsehood . Not so in democracy . Using numbers , some state governments in America citing democratic rights have permitted same sex - Man to Man and Woman to Woman marriages . Not so in Islam even if you have all the majority numbers on your side . Islam and democracy can never jell together and are as poles apart as the proverbial " Chalk and Cheese ".

The talk of Khilafa is the Talk of Enlightment , is the Talk of Success and is the Talk of a True Momin .

O Allah , grant immense perseverance and ultimate success to all those who strive relentlessly to establish your Word as the only Word of Law . A'amin .

Sadat Khan, Pakistan - 13 August, 2007

Musharraf’s Re-Election Dilemma

President Pervez Musharraf's secret rendezvous with former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Abu Dhabi has left Pakistan guessing what kind of an alliance is being hatched with elections only months away.
Mr. Musharraf, going through the weakest phase of his eight years in power, wants another term as president. Ms. Bhutto wants to return, after nearly a decade of self-exile, and a third chance to run the country as prime minister. The goal of both leaders is to turn Pakistan into a progressive Muslim nation, but will have to confront conservative religious forces and the indigenous Islamic militant movement which is eating away Pakistan.
Both of these egocentric leaders will have to overcome many obstacles before they can work together as President and Prime Minister. Musharraf will have to convince the governing Pakistan Muslim League-Qaid (PML-Q) to accept a power sharing arrangement with Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). This will be a hard sell because at the moment the PML-Q is the largest party in the National Assembly with 126 seats, and 40 seats in the Senate. Furthermore, Musharraf will also have to bring himself to accept a “balance of power between the president and the prime minister” and a division of authority on security matters. To complicate matters further, the possibility remains that the opposition parties under the umbrella of All Parties Democratic Movement may refer President Musharraf’s candidacy to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. In this event Musharraf’s ascendance for a second term presidency will be at risk providing a deal to reinstate Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is not reached earlier.
Former Prime Minister Bhutto will also face her own challenges. She will have to convince Pakistan People’s Party cadres to support her decision for the greater cause of democratization of Pakistan. It is therefore essential that Musharraf agrees to resign his army position. The problem with this scenario remains that if Musharraf adopts a policy to get himself re-elected in uniform from the present assembly prior to the general elections planned for January 2008, he will risk loosing legitimacy and the support of Bhutto. If however, he waits until after the general elections to get himself re-elected from the new assembly, he will risk disqualification because the constitution bars military officers from standing for public office for a two year period after their retirement or resignation.
Under these circumstances it seems very likely that Musharraf will get himself re-elected from the present assembly and will immediately resign his army post after his election for a second term.
Bhutto may, under this formula, be able to sell her party the Musharraf presidency. But she will have to wait until Musharraf actually resigns from the army before she can convince her party to go along with her plans. In return, to facilitate a third term premiership for Bhutto, Musharraf will have to convince the PML-Q to pass legislation allowing Bhutto to become the next Prime Minister.
Despite these challenges the possibility of a Bhutto-Musharraf partnership with its secular outlook is what Pakistan needs at this juncture to confront the dark forces of Islamic extremist militancy. One must hope that between now and the forthcoming presidential election planned for September-October timeframe, the governing PML-Q and Musharraf avoid mistakes to further weaken the presidency and diminish chances of his re-election.

Cyrus Saify, United Kingdom - 15 August, 2007

The Peculiar Relationship

"No American President can stand up to Israel."

These words came from feisty Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations (1967-1970) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1970-1974). Moorer was, perhaps, the last independent-minded American military leader.

Admiral Moorer knew what he was talking about. On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the American intelligence ship, USS Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 173. The Israelis even strafed the life rafts, machine-gunning the American sailors leaving the stricken ship.Apparently, the USS Liberty had picked up Israeli communications that revealed Israel's responsibility for the Seven Day War. Even today, history books and the majority of Americans blame the conflict on the Arabs.

The United States Navy knew the truth, but the President of the United States took Israel's side against the American military and ordered the United States Navy to shut its mouth. President Lyndon Johnson said it was all just a mistake. Later in life, Admiral Moorer formed a commission and presented the unvarnished truth to Americans..The power of the Israel Lobby over American foreign policy is considerable. In March 2006, two distinguished American scholars, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, expressed concern in the London Review of Books that the power of the Israel Lobby was bending US foreign policy in directions that serve neither US nor Israeli interests. The two experts were hoping to start a debate that might rescue the US and Israel from unsuccessful policies of coercion that are intensifying Muslim hatred of Israel and America. The Israel lobby was opposed to any such reassessment, and attempted to close it off with epithets: "Jew-baiter," "anti-semitic," and even "anti-American." Today Israeli citizens who oppose Zionist plans for greater Israel are denounced as "anti-Semites."..Many Americans are unaware of the influence of the Israel lobby. Instead they think of the US as "the world's sole superpower," a macho new Roman Empire whose orders are obeyed without question or the insolent nonentity is "bombed back to the stone age." Many Americans are convinced that military coercion serves our interest. They cite Libya, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now they are ready to bring Iran and Pakistan to heel with bombs.

This arrogance results in the murder of tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of men, women and children, a fate that many Americans seem to believe is appropriate for countries that do not accept US hegemony..Coercion is what American foreign policy has become. Macho superpatriots love it. Many of these superpatriots derive vicarious pleasure from their delusions that America is "kicking those sand niggers' asses."

This is the America of the Bush Regime. If some of these superpatriots had their way every "unpatriotic, terrorist supporter" who dares to criticize the war against "the Islamofacists" would be sent to Gitmo, if not shot on the spot..These Bush supporters have morphed the Republican Party into the Brownshirt Party. They cannot wait to attack Iran, preferably with nuclear weapons. Impatient for Armageddon, some are so full of hubris and self-righteousness that they actually believe that their support for evil means they will be "wafted up to heaven." [see

It has come as a crippling blow to Democrats that "their" political party is comfortable with Bush's America, and will do nothing to stop the Bush regime's aggression against the Iraqi people or to prevent the Bush regime's attack on Iran...Elsewhere on earth and especially among Muslims, the suspicion is rife that the reason the war against Iraq cannot end, and the reason Iran and Syria must be attacked, is that the US must destroy all Muslim opposition to Israel's theft of Palestine, turning an entire people into refugees driven from their homes and from the lands on which they have lived for many centuries. Americans might think that they are merely grabbing control over oil, keeping it out of the hands of terrorists, but that is not the way the rest of the world views the conflict..Instead of re-evaluating a failed policy, Bush's "war tsar," General Douglas Lute, has called for the reinstitution of the draft. Gen. Lute doesn't see why Americans should not be returned to military servitude in order to save the Bush administration the embarrassment of having to correct a mistaken Middle East policy that commits the US to more aggression and to debilitating long-term military conflict in the Middle East..Jimmy Carter was the last American president who stood up to Israel and demanded that US diplomacy be, at least officially if not in practice, even-handed in its approach to Israel and Palestine. Since Carter's presidency, even-handedness has slowly drained from US policy in the Middle East. The neoconservative Bush/Cheney regime has abandoned even the pretense of even-handedness..

Shams Tabreeziii, Pakistan - 16 August, 2007

Pakistan Politics

Please give Gen.Mushareff credit for saving a nation from financial bankruptcy and the stigma of a terrorist state.Inspite of the cheap vote bank politics,where criminals and dacoits can become ministers and a foreign lady can control the whole government,Indian democracy gives chance to release the pressures with in by giving freedoms to public to carry out Rasta rokos,bandhs, occassional riots and also freedom to throw out the government by a free election.Dictatorships only disadvantage is that it allows the pressure to build up by shackling dissent that then bursts at the seams.It is better to allow a chastened Mushareff to continue rather bthan handing over the reins to looters like BB ansNawaz.After all he is a soldier and he will not sell the nation.

Maj.N.Krishnan, Hungary - 16 August, 2007

BB and the General

It is unfair for US to force a western style democracy in Pakistan.Every nation should get the type of Government the people deserve.India has her chaotic democracy, Pakistan also should have one like that.But Pakistan has to overcome the influence of two evils,the Mullahs and the military.

vavnith, United Kingdom - 17 August, 2007

Enough of This

As a nation where are we going and whom are we following to keep Pakistan alive. Ammendments in the constitution are addressed as child play for the power thirsty people in Pakistani politics. Seems like the all players of this game are playing in a stadium and we all like to watch them over on our silver screens and beleive that some miracle will happen which will save our beloved country. Does Pakistanis really care who wants to be on the golden throne, NO, because we have enough of our everyday problems to deal with. Why don't the people in power understand the true meaning of this precious God gifted life, yet people who are in power beleive that they are immortal. I request everyone in power to save Pakistan from these evil elements and let us live in peace.

Imran, Canada - 18 August, 2007

Personal interest

Both these leaders(Mush and Benazir) have nothing to do with the national interests of pakistan. They are more interested in the personalgains and nation should dislodge them by supporting the Nawaz Sharif led opposition. Nawaz has got popularity due to his principal stand and un-wavering commitment.


Anjum, United Arab Emirates - 20 August, 2007


We have nothing to do with BB or BaBa but what is in front of us is that the country and the nation in it seems to be drawn towards some disaster. May not come the days like those of 1971.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 20 August, 2007

The Deal

A coalition of Fascism, corruption, terrorism and neo-imperialism Part-1
We presented some of our view point under the heading of “Mother of all Deals”, Pak Tribune, which can be seen at

It is recognized that why Benazir is under so much serious pain that she has lost her senses. There is no doubt that she is flowing money with both hands for self projection. Main reason of her activities revolves around corruption cases against her and husband. Including murder cases like Murtaza Bhutto and Balouch.
She is taking turns every day to justify her faithfulness to US administration. She is unaware of the fact that what impact it will have on the local peoples. Her few statements reflects how greedy she is, and showing herself as clever fox. But now a lot of water has passed through bridges, her over cleverness could be counted on finger tips, her mesh has holes and fish know how to pass through broken mesh.
First of all it is decided that her group is most dishonest creed of the nation, what ever she and her husband did we have already presented in “Mother of all deals”, but another example of Gen: Babar is worth quoting, he picked monuments of Afghan Culture and heritage from different areas worth billions, which he never returned. Only one statue which as he claim to purchased for US$100,000 was later shifted to surrey palace. Unfortunately all the cases of corruption of Jialas are on record and they can’t deny their involvement. UN heritage foundation has records of all looted heritage from Afghan museums.
Leaving other statements which every Pakistani knows, she announced for “Orange revolution”. PPP intellectuals and scholars have ever been talking about leftist revolution, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Kim il Sung, Salvador Allende, Ernesto Che Guevara were their role model, I have seen a lot of communist literature in bookshelves of PPP leaders highlighting socialist revolution. , so Kori Akino was projected. Later when Benazir came in to power she called for “new social contract”, When Benazir was kicked out second time from office, and then “Aung San Suu Kyi” of Burma was given resemblance of her activities against Generals.
Leaving general thoughts of ordinary PPP worker, now newly floated doctrine of “Orangr Revolution” reflects that PPP has taken u-turn from its basic philosophies. Orange revolution is a kick on the grave of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, hypocrisy toward Burtrend Russel and Ahmed Soakarno. It is also admonitory for Najir Naji, Munoo Bhai, Prof. Mahdi Hasan, Prof. Mubarik Ali, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, and all such intellectuals, poets and human rights workers who passed their life for the socialist cause. It is for the information that Orange revolution has failed.
Second silly statement of Benazir is against Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, we can sacrifice one thousand Benazir and Mush only on the name of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. She used her bad mouth to tease sentiments of general public. This is feudal mentality to pose herself supernatural and treating PPP workers as her personal slaves. She has no authority to take name of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, sleeping with dirty dogs at New York now talking about those peoples who live in hearts of patriotic Pakistanis. If no body is above the law then why you are trying to create deals for short cut, go to courts instead of lick spitting a fascist dictator.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 21 August, 2007

The Deal

A coalition of Fascism, corruption, terrorism and neo-imperialism Part-2

Third silly statement she issued to CBC, supporting barbaric action taken by Mush against Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa, anchor asked whether you might take same bloody action if you are in power, she said yes! It means she is ready to open all the ways which lead to anarchy, bloodshed and unrest in the society. She already has agenda to divide society on sectarian and ethnic lines. Her statement also reflects barbaric mentality of feudal against common peoples and how those did not care any principals of Human rights. This was the Benazir, in PPP Government who buried his father under hundred thousand tones of RCC, with a state value of 60 crore rupees. She can go to last limits of her honor and dignity to please western media.
Her lip sticking to US media and to fascist dictator at home; reveals how for can she go to limits for achieving so called PM ship. It is her notion that is the only way which can save her from imprisonment, and protect looted money in overseas banks.
This deal is not between two leaders, it is hidden agreement between two mafia heads, fascist, thugs, corrupt gang and terrorists. Based on single point agenda to how to keep continue saving interests of each other. That is why none have any thing to disclose, that what happened in deal, whether it occurred or not. It is surprised on top leadership of PPP, out of them there are great scholars who are mum and except shaking their head up and downward have nothing to say. With great apology it looks that a young daughter has runaway, and parents want to hide whereabouts of lover for the sake of respect. On other side opposition is requesting her not to marry with dictator, how foolish are our politicians.
It is a great dilemma of century that when peoples stood against dictator under leadership of Lawyer movement, Benazir showed her back. She is ready to accept slavishness of intelligence agencies, Sh: Rashid to whom she kept in Jail, Ijaz ul Haq, Ch; Shujaat, all retired faujees and an already built system on the footings of corruption, where will she fit? And what status she might have? It is known to every one.
Clever fox will be thrown on garbage third time. This is psychic of feudal that they can go to least disregard for their cause.
Statement of Benazir and some of the PPP leaders in support of massacre at Jamia Hafsa was shocking; their statements did not reflect sentiments of majority of PPP workers and leaders to whom we know. Supporting a political party is another thing but supporting human rights violations, state terrorism, use of disproportionate force, kidnapping, target killings, abduction of families, aerial attacks on civilians, and all barbaric actions which are being committed by fascist regime, to condemn all such actions PPP workers supported Lawyers movement along with other fellow citizens. And sentiments of common PPP workers are not hidden.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 21 August, 2007

The Peculiar Relationship

Mr.Shamas Tabrezi's comments truly deserve credit.The sacred cow, Israel has everything to gain from American policy in the Middle East.Each presidential candidate is trying to convince Jewish lobby that he/she(Hillary Clinton) is more jewish than the jews.Two scholars, Mearsheimer & Walt are the voices in the wilderness. Strong jewish lobby is already at work to discredit both scholars. Universities are being pressured not to allow these gentlemen to express their views.Freedom of expression is fine as long as it does not critisize jewish interest.
For oridinary American, the six pack Joe, Israel is a Holyland reserved for Jews. He is being told in every sermon on every Sunday by his preacher.Who is going to speak the truth?

Alamsher Wazir, United Kingdom - 21 August, 2007

Whats in Store

Well not too selfishly i must state that General musharaf brought real prosperity to pakistan every which way possible in the interest of paksitan.

Yes the deal finally politics has gone interesting so be it.
Its only in pakistan that a corrupt political agenda minded Justice is freed by the superior court and people start following it thanks to the legal fertinity. but no one has ever asked those people who actully felt the heat of the CJ when he abused power and is still willfully defaming his own profession by revoking his earlier decisions.
When the CJ of the country can act as a political catalst
Why cant the president do it deal or no deal the future economic prosperity that the general brought will be up for grabs in the next elections if the president remains then we have a chance to some how pull strings and survive otherwise we in pakistan know what democracy created pakistan in to.
Atleast give the general a hi five he brought us back from a on the verge to be declared terrorist,defunct and failed state to a progressive looking state and by doing that also he saved many of the americans living outside being declared terrorists and put up in to gutanamo bay.
Come see for your self if pakistan is back from a poor disregarded corrupt and ethically divided country or it bears the fruits of enlightened Moderation.

Deal or no deal one thing is certain its up to us if we go unstable we loose a much thriving economy and better living standards or just want a retard republic where feudal families and self calimed democrats pilfridge what ever is left.

and for people who dont want america's interference i would advise them to stop using their operating systems as they are also made in america along with their intel processors, would aivse them to first get rid of these and then question americas interference.

Omer Asim, Pakistan - 21 August, 2007

Agent Rulers..

What happens when leaders sell their dignity, honor and the land their ancestors built and bled for? What happens to thinkers and writers when they think without their conscience?

Arab leaders and the majority of the upper class, even though this class represents less than 10% of any respective population of any country in the Middle East, including 99.9% of recognized writers, journalists and thinkers are all clinically living alright; spiritually they are dead as a rock. Repeated reaction similar to recent events in The Middle East by this small and wealthy percentage of the population have betrayed the Region for the least several hundred years since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Of course, the West recognized the weakness and vulnerability of this small group and applied on them every conceivable black mail invented since the beginning of the human existence. Black mail tactics, soon became a school of thought for this small group. Eventually they became Western bodies, scattered all over the Middle East.

300-million Arabs are so intrigued with the Western culture they have little regard to the cradle that housed them when they were babies. For them naked bodies, free sex and Hollywood are the fashions they prefer to run after and do not bother with Islamic rules and laws. What is pathetic about this hysteria is most Americans are actually disgusted with what America turned into. This tells us Arabs are not in love with American culture in a true sense, but are afraid to make a full commitment to Islam.

History will one day register true facts about Islam and Arabs. Arabs will continue to fall behind; Islam, on the other hand, will be embraced by Westerners and North Americans in numbers beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. This brings us back to the famous argument. Islam is not an Arabic religion; it is a religion for all mankind, very much like Christianity. The Holy Qur’an was sent to mankind in Arabic not as an indication Islam was an Arabic religion. Arabia at that time had the worse human right abuse on the planet. Naturally, Arabia was God’s choice to steer to the right path first. Arabic is the language of Heaven; it cannot be claimed as the language of Arabs, but the language of all mankind in hereafter life..In Pakistan when you have people with slave mentality god help us.the colonialist left 210 years ago,yet they left a big SMELL of ignorance in sub-continent.omer asim loves america that is what all muslim countries are producing.slave mentality and dollar worship.speak english and wear western suits the muslims feel good about them.omer read koran and lear about life.pakistan zinndabad.

Omer Bin Khaattab., Pakistan - 21 August, 2007



OAH, San Marino - 22 August, 2007

Circus & Clowns

Quite so often, lower ranking official of U.S.administration
is visiting Pakistan.BB is knocking at the doors of U.S officials.May 12 carnage in Karachi is a past history.Gen.
President wants to hang on to power. Millions of dollars, US is giving him every month to fight Talibans, are never audited.The country is on selling block. I had heard about Banana republic, now I can see it.General keeps on talking about rule of law, making new deals with thuggish party MQM and Mullah Fazal Haq.BB will sacrify every princple of integrety as long as she has hope to share power.Then ther is Nawaz Sharif who accepted exile over imprisonment. Look around, it is a circus being run by clowns.

Alamsher Wazir, United Kingdom - 22 August, 2007

Musharef and the BB

As an Indian(I nam happy I am not seeing any Indian bashing in your press now a days)we want Pakistan to be close to us and a stable country.If Musharef belongs to Delhi my ancestors are from Peshawar.We share one character in common ,to see every thing in the negative way.The way Gen.Mushareff has brought out this nation from the brink of bankruptcy will even beat a trapeze artist.Why think of the discredited politicians like BB and Nawaz.Why can't you bring out a leader of character.Kashmir and other problems with India were nurtured by the Military and the Mullahs for their own benefit.People should forget about these divisive problems and leave the matter as it is.In their foolish quest for Kashmir,the country may lose Sindh and Baluchistan.No Government in India worth its salt can take a decision to surrender J&K State to Pakistan.

Jaskaran S Nalwa, Hungary - 22 August, 2007

A deal of joke

I go along with the opinion of Maj.N.Krishnan, India who very honestly stated his words that Gen. Musharraf has done a great job for Pakistan. Today its a different Pakistan and economy is growng above 7% which is a remarkable achievement. He got a good team and especially PM Mr. Aziz is working hard to make sure that Pakistan becomes an economic tiger of Asia. With the human capital and natural resources, team is working fine. There are people with different opinions and they do have a right to say whatever they think but overall sitution of Pakistan is great. Gen. Musharraf is not only a military man but a very polished politician who cornered PPP especially BB by having a meeting with her. Gen Musharraf got a majority behind him and his re-election is sure for next five years. By the end of next five years Pakistan would achieve lot in economic field and basics to common man will be met better. Good luck all well wishers for Pakistan.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 23 August, 2007

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Should You Try Napping During the Workday?
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