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The Promising Pakistan

17 November, 2011

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Today if you stop someone in a busy street in New York or any other Western metropolis and ask him or her about Pakistan, the most obvious answer would be "Yeah! The most dangerous country in the world" or "Yes, the country that harbored Bin Laden". Terrorism and Pakistan have almost become synonymous, thanks largely to the occurrences of last ten years. However, things were not always bad for Pakistan. During the first three decades of its existence Pakistan showed a lot of promise. Within only five years of its coming into being, Pakistan's annual growth rate touched the magical figure of over 9% in 1953.

During the 1960s, Pakistan was seen as a model of economic development around the world and there was much praise for the way its economy was progressing. Many countries sought to emulate Pakistan's economic planning strategy and one of them, South Korea copied Karachi's second "Five-Year Plan". The economic hub of the nation was home to wizards like Dr Mahboob Ul Haque, a pioneer of Human development theory and founder of the Human Development Report. His contributions were so immense that UNDP established an award in his name that alternates between recognizing political and civil society leaders.

Besides having been gifted with tremendous natural beauty and diversity, Pakistan's promise also shone bright in all other walks of life. This nation succeeded in developing the most complex and efficient network of irrigation canals of its time. Pakistan is one of the biggest exporter of talented human resource. Pakistan television produced epic TV serials that are considered classics world over and are still watched in our neighbor's acting schools. Pakistan produced immensely talented cricketers and is still regularly producing the fastest and most charismatic fast bowlers.

Jehangir Khan and Jansher Khan took the game of squash to new levels of excellence. Jehangir Khan remained unbeaten for five straight years. This run of 555 matches is perhaps the longest winning streak in any competitive sport. The two have won the World Open Championship 14 times and British Open 16 times. Not forgetting the snooker world champion (Muhammad Yousaf), grand slam finalists tennis player (Aisam Ul Haque Qureshi), A1GP race driver (Adam Khan) and Mountaineers who scaled Mount Everest without oxygen (Hassan Sadpara and Sameena Baig). This "failed state" of sorts is a nuclear power that builds fighter jets of its own and exports defense equipment to the rich Middle Eastern countries. Its fighter pilots ruled the skies in Indo-Pak and Arab-Israel wars. They have the distinct honor of shooting down Israeli planes over Jordan, Syria and Iraq. So…Where did we go wrong along the way?

  • Isn't it tragic that the world now sees Pakistan through the jaundiced western eyes like Fox News, CNN and other foreign Propaganda channels?
  • Haven't we the Pakistanis failed to project the beautiful & Serene image of the 'real' Pakistan globally?
  • We castigate Pakistan for its follies but refuse to acknowledge the milestones it has achieved.
  • Why can't this brave nation of 180 million people be given the confidence in its abilities and potentials? Why is our information media continuously bombarding the nation with negative and doomsday news round the clock?
  • Pakistan is not a failed state but we failed Pakistan. What do you have to comment?

Reader Comments:

Pakistan from here to eternity

There is no doubt that a mega conspiracy is being hatched against the really well surviving Pakistan.This maligning and even disparaging propaganda by the external foes and the internal Trojan horses has not even spared utilizing the media within Pakistan as well, let alone the media in the west and worse yet the Indian one that uses deigningly slurrs like "Paki", " dogs" and other shameful words so commonly in India press. In contrast Paks are well behaving in their media.

I have just returned to Canada from Pakistan after holidaying there for 11 weeks. Pakistan is just very grand country with extremely nice and pretty and beautiful people. I stayed in Skardu, Murree, Islamabad, Lahore and some other places. Very first respectful credit goes to the Pak nation that it is standing up against many times bigger foe by possessing a very respectable nuclear arsenal of about 130 nukes. That deters any Pak hater from launching attack on Paks. Indira Gandhi would never have dared to go into East Pakistan under the current nuclear balance in South Asia, even if East Pakistan was separated by 1000 miles of the enemy territory. That 1000 miles separation and the sure prevention of re-supplies and re-inforcements caused that tragedy in 1971 and it could never have happened in today's all innihilating balance of nuclear weapons in south Asia.

Now, let us come to the grandness of Pakistan land and its very handsome people. The National Geographic had described Pakistan's Skardu area as the grandest play of nature on planet earth.There Paks have 55 of the 100 tallest mountain peaks of the world. And also there, Paks have the world's first silargest glaciers outside the arctic. Paks have the world's second largest coal reserves of 200 billion tons with grand future prospects.Paks are very friendly with all nations and China, the world's next sole-super power is very close friend to keep guard for Pak.

And Paks are very handsome / pretty people with light tan gold skin

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 17 November, 2011


That 1000 miles separation and the sure prevention of re-supplies and re-inforcements caused that tragedy in 1971.

There is a sentence for it.

" Underestimating the enemy and bad strategy from Generals.Also 90k brave soldiers without a whimper... surrendering is not exactly bravery story "

mohit, Canada - 28 November, 2011

pakistan is a blessing of Allah and created for a great is going to be a citdel of islam, is barrier between mslim countries n Indian hegemonic ambitions towards mid is a great balancing n security factor for all SE Asian countries against Indian domination.a big conventional n nuclear power.we may not know our strength nimpotance.But its enemies knew its potential immediately after its creation.that is why,no other country of the world has been subjected to so many cospiracies,pressures for the last more than 60 yrs as it has been to pak.even then,we have endured n survived by the grace of Allah.Hard times will come to end soon n Pak will play its rightful roll for which it was created by Allah.dont despair.that time is not far off mhen Pak will be a force to be reckoned with,inshaAllah.

Asghar Ali, Pakistan - 12 December, 2011

The Real Problem of Pakistan

The real problem of Pakistan is 'Feudalism', a malignant cancer that India got rid of right after the independence and we, unfortunately, are still plagued by this evil. That is the difference between India and pakistan. We can never move forward until we surgically and ruthlessly remove this cancer from the sacred body of our beloved country. Feudalism is against the human dignity and ironically it flourishes in a so-called democratic set-up. The worst form of democracy is a democratic government occupied by feudals, they get a legal shield to cover their sins and perpetuate their states and control. That is what Pakistan is today. Many states within a state. We are not free. We are an enslaved country. Destroy feudalism and Pakistan will flourish, there is no second option. Long live pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

Razi, Canada - 23 December, 2011

pakistan's realliety

Paki's, please don't live in illution. learn something from india, indian democracy and indian people and anna hajare. don't live in illution that the nukes are the only great thing, see south korea, it don't have the nukes and how advance that conutry is and see north korea inspite of having the nukes it has been seperated from the whole world, living in its fantasy. anawar mahamood stays in canada and he tries to write really nice-2 peoms. but the reallity is something else. learn something from india and anna hazare and route out corruption from ur country like india is doing and behave like a good neighboure.

jagat khan, India - 02 January, 2012

Oye Jagat Bhai,
Kyu Sentimental ho rahe ho??
Yaar India me bhi bade problem,
Relax karo, aaish alro paji

Zia, India - 03 January, 2012

A poem on promising Pakistan

Promising Pakistan

All the Paks must understand
That Pakistan is promising land
Walking with China hand in hand
The pair is grandest of the grand

Lovely, lovery, sweet are Paks
Love for Paks is all time talks
West got silver white girls sweet
But, gold tan Pak skin, none can beat

Not just pretty skin, pretty their eyes
Are brighter than the summer skies
Rose like lips, Pak apple cheeks
My lost heart just loverly seeks

Mountain peaks and valleys I seen
Are so beautiful, just so green
Each girl is pretty, each boy is joy
Visit sweet Pak, you will enjoy

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 January, 2012

Reality check of Pakistan - first

Pakistan has got so many problems in its hand to solve. The grandest of them is terrorism. The second problem is establishment of democracy. The third problem is the mindset of Pakistani society. The fourth problem is the corruption.
I will explain each problem in detail. The grandest problem is terrorism, which Pakistani security agency and military harbors thinking as strategic option. That they can use them against India, their no. 1 rival enemy. But the same terrorism has become so huge/big that it can swallow the military and ISI Pakistan's security agency. There is no place in Pakistan one can say is safe from terrorism.
The second problem, establishment of democracy is inspite of Pakistan being declared as democratic country on its inception, it has been ruled three fourth times by military rulers. Now also the situation looks same, anytime military can topple democratic govt. and establish military rule. The Pakistan's military has been spoiled like a boy who has been spoiled at child age and now you can't do anything. If you try to correct it, it will go more wrong.
The third problem is mindset of Pakistani society. The whole society has become hardliners, they don't accept the diversity of anything like religion, thoughts etc. killers of people who support good cause like one of the Punjab's minister is been portrayed as a hero in the court premises and also the society is keeping mum. I think when Jinnah created Pakistan, he wanted to establish a nation which will treat all religion as equivalent and will not support a particular religion which the govt. after him started. From democratic republic of Pakistan in initial days it has become Islamic republic of Pakistan.

jagat khan, India - 06 January, 2012

Reality check of Pakistan - second

People from other religion feel threatened in Pakistan and this is the difference between India and Pakistan. If you compare India and Pakistanis population, the Muslim population is growing faster than Hindu population is growing in India whereas the Hindu population is Pakistan is dwindling every year, leave about growing.

The fourth problem is corruption, though I agree that it is not only the Pakistan's problem, it is in so many countries. But I also feel that the corruption problem in developing economy is more harmful than developed countries. That is why I think developing countries should spend more effort to root out corruption. Like Anna Hazare is doing in India, somebody in Pakistan should also start same kind of satygraha/movement. Why I feel it is a imp. Problem to solve in developing countries is, whatever effort you make for development will go into waste if corruption is there.

Also please don't go on skin color and pretty faces, they are everywhere. If you go in west indies or any south African countries like Zimbabwe or Kenya etc. they are beautiful in there own sense. Only the white skin or gold tan skin does not make one beautiful. Like Anwar mahmood tries to portray Pakistan is a good country because it's people of gold tan color.

jagat khan, India - 06 January, 2012


Pakistan can become strong and flourishing not by amassing nuclear weapons but by getting rid of it by generating nuclear electricity. Pakistan should give up primitive religious fundamentalism and become modern and tolerant like Turkey. It should become a friend of India and strengthen SARC TO RECONNECT WITH BANGLADESH AND OTHER NATIONS IN THE REGION. Pakistan should become a bridge for friendship between India & China to boost peaceful negotiated settlements of all the disputes and contribute in making a Asia a region of peace, prosperity & co-operation. All solutions to Pak problems lie in a friendly India.

Upendra Awasthi, India - 06 January, 2012

Which Pakistan

Today there is open revolt against the vision of Pakistan that Jinnah had. It is the vision of leaders like JuD Hafeez Saeed. From what is happening to minorities it is obvious that Jinnah has been burieed deep deep in to ground. Can pakistan survive with its new HATE policies.

dv1936, - 20 January, 2012

Pakistan was alright till 1965. Intoxicated by the friendship with China and US, it started provoking India with wars during 1965, 1971 and lastly Kargil which resulted in the loss of half of the country and its honour among the world. The strategic assets have become liabilities and the country is unable to pull out from the mess it created. While the country is facing major problems like severe power cuts, corruption, separatism in Baluchistan and KP, fragile government, drowning major sectors like Railways, PIA, Steel mills, the people are very much interested in religion and sharia law. Non-Sunni Muslims are threatened everyday and killed as pastime. We better not talk about other minorities. They can be kidnapped and converted to Islam just like playing a game.

Tippu Khan, Pakistan - 23 January, 2012

pakistan my darling

its interesting to read the comments of indians more than pakistanis in this pakistani forum... thnx for advice mr.jagat khan n i think same problems are more prevailing in your india also try to solve the problems of ur own country first..and mr.mohit we are not indians who put the blame first on their neighbour then start investigating...who was the culprit behind the condemable samjhota express incident,your own serving military colonel and clues are the same in ur own pre planned mumbai attacks as was 9/11..ajmal kasab is all the drama which u have played.long is the list concentrate in ur own country rather than poking your nose in our lovely n the chrming pakistan

farhad khan, Pakistan - 17 February, 2012

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