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The Mumbai Massacre : Who? How? Why?

04 December, 2008

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A heinous crime has taken place in Mumbai. Innocent human beings have been killed by some monsters in the name of some dubious causes. Pakistan Tribune shares the grief of the victims and offers heartfelt condolences to the aggrieved.

At the moment there are a lot of conflicting reports coming out of the India. There is a crossfire of blames and counter-blames between India and Pakistan. Intense emotional rhetoric is further fogging up the already murky situation enveloping the two nuclear armed states. It is time to cool it off, troubleshoot and, if possible, nip the evil in the bud to avoid a repeat of the incident on either side.

Despite having immense internal problems, starting from Kashmir and spreading as far away as Nagaland and Assam, India feels that the roots of all her troubles lie in Pakistan. While Pakistan, a country most violently hit by terrorism, which has lost thousands of its citizens to terrorism and whose President’s wife was assassinated by similar criminals, feels that India is being unjust in its accusations and that both countries are victims of the same criminals who do not wish to see the two neighbors supping at the same table.

Pakistanis further say that there are also Islamist terror camps in Bangladesh, where the 10,000 strong JMB group receives ample funding and arms from sympathizers across the Muslim world. And that even in India, a massive country with large rural areas under-patrolled by police, Islamist terrorist camps have been found in the Karnataka jungles of the Southwest. What is more, the Maoist Naxalite movement operates in thirteen of India’s twenty-six states and is a robust organization with anywhere up to 20,000 members. In April 2006, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself called the Naxalite threat the “biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.” The Pakistanis assert that there’s plenty of indigenous terrorist training capacity, not all of it controlled by or even backed by Pakistan. And that the insurgency in the North of Pakistan is being fueled and funded by Indians through their Consulates from across the border in Afghanistan.

  • Who did it, how they did it, why they did it and what is the solution? Speak out.
  • Reader Comments:

    My two words

    Terrorists have no boundries..Mumbai or Benajir. Same goes for politicians.. Narender Modi or Some ISI General. They will always be there to take advantages of the situation. The real problem is that Pakistan after two wars too a policy decision that they will not be able to get Kashmir by direct war, so blled India by these acts till he comes to negotiating table. So when President Zardari (personally hurt by these terrorists) made peace initiatives with India(and I really believe he wants peace with India), it did not suit the military and ISI, because the raison d'etre of the military is to fight India as an enemy. Remember that Zaradari called Manmohn and offered help and even agreed to send ISI chief to India to show his good faith, and later denied under pressure from Military and ISI. There is power struggle going on in Pakistan between democratic forces and Military. The good news is that time is in the favor of democratic forces, they are waiting that Obama and rest of the world is on their side. That is why Zaradari and Gilani are asking for patience, and India know it. There will be no war only pressure. However, power is never given as a gift. If only Pakistan public can rise to the occasion and understand this. Do not take their statements on their words. Try t read between lines. That is politics

    Gulshan, Canada - 29 December, 2008

    Time for common Pakistani shoe-s away extremists

    Common man on street of Pakistan will be hating the publicity its country must be getting in world media after the last inhuman act of cowardice by its misguided fellows. these fellows have been handpicked and brainwashed into accepting inhuman theories of killing innocent humans who do not belong to Islamic faith. This extremist mindset is beginning of end for society, when these indoctrinated animals starts crossing borders and starts attacking unarmed innocent humans. Civil society of Pakistan has additional responsibility, as the animals who have been allowed to grow in their back yard has not only started killing fellow Pakistanis but started transgressing international border surreptitiously. This virus which is spreading unabated needs immediate attention and surgical treatment, if needed. International help is always available to uproot this menace , which will be good for man kind. Civil society of Pakistan will be doing yeoman service to Allah, if they expeditiously and collectively join hands to eradicate this virus from their soil. Pakistan will be progressing rapidly once this menace is removed..till then, there is no future. Get up..fellow human beings of Pakistan..time to declare war against terror..we Indians are with you!

    Sanjay, Hungary - 29 December, 2008

    Give me a break !!!!!!!!

    Who----> RAW & RSS
    How----> By training Hindu terrorist
    Why----> To get rid of ATS chief Hemant Karkaray and melign the name of Pakistan

    Please see this video clip of Alex Jones on Youtube

    Aamir, Canada - 01 January, 2009

    Pak related issues

    It is felt that Pak is following 15 years old policies. When ISI is a part of Army, Keyani[Just a salaried Officer not a voted Leader] will get all informations even of PM,President etc. Hence the Army is using it for their purpose. Seperate ISI from Army.Denying truth will only back fire problems. Pak should concentrate on economy and clean the stupid terror. Even Pak is generated from India so where is the question of Kashmir further seperating from India. Unit is the need of the hour not disintegration. Look at China. Unity gives strength. Unity of Pak+India should be thought. Mullas do know little science and know little how the World is moving hence the problem. How foolish it is attacking Taj of Tata which is as big as Pak. Will TATA give any investment in Pak near future? Pak is sinking in heavy headed foolishness. Improving the economy is the need of the hour and for that unity, stability, clean of terror etc is needed.

    Arvind-Pune, Hungary - 01 January, 2009

    Solution to problems

    solution to problem is what you have be happy and do not be greedy.
    china tookover Tibet and noone supports their theory of why it should be theirs.similarly the pok is a similar story.
    To give is powerful and to take and grab is coward.religion of any kind always says when you give something,or help some one or forgive someone you feel good about yourself.
    Humans have become illogical,American policies were hated so they were attacked,But how did bush become part of those policies as he had been just elected when USA was attacked.I mean you could blame his predessors but not him.

    charat pratap, Hungary - 01 January, 2009

    Beyond Lines

    Why do we have to fight in the name of religion or state? If you go through the history, wars are created by indiviuals who want to control their people.The write the histoy and Glorify themselves. They have their own selfish means. So wake up guys, don't be stupid and follow these so called leaders, be it religious or politicians. Live and let others live. God has given us plenty to be shared amoung us all.
    Hatred gives Hat. Love gives Peace and fulfillment. Spend more time hepling the needies, it will give you a sence of fulfillment.

    Sunil, Seychelles - 01 January, 2009

    pakistan should not envy nabour

    pakistan seems not concentrating on progress ,this country only thinks of ditruction.they should know one day they will be out of earth map n we have america as nabour

    manoj, Hungary - 01 January, 2009

    Pakis are in deep shit

    What you sow, what you reap. Pakistan will never be able to wrest Kashmir from India. Those f--king so called freedom fighters are nothing but paid paki agents who come out after friday prayer and create trouble. Those bast--rds have no influenece beyond certain muhhallas in Srinagar. Eventually India has to destroy Paki Army which is the source of all ISI induced terrorism. Paki army wants Kashmir not because they love kashmiri people that much, it is because kashmir is the source of all water pakis get and also by occupying kashmir they will be breathing down india neck close to delhi. India will never let that happen. China is using its client state pakistan to create trouble in India to reduce completion.
    World is going thru clash of civilizations as the islamic jehadis are bent upon imposing 7th century ways of life to rest of the world. They hate freedom and petro dollar is helping them to achieve their goal of getting back to glory days of islam. US, Russia, Israel, China, India, Japan, EU, Australia, SA, South America all have to unite against this scourge puported by Pakis, saudis, iran, hizbullah, let, jamaat, huji, harkat, hamas, muslim league, indonasia, malasia, al qaida, etc. Nuking mecca, iran, and pakistan would be a good start

    72hoories, Pakistan - 02 January, 2009

    Well done Pak Tribune

    I think there should be a common platform may be a online group/ website where Indian and Pakistani common people can discuss what they think and what they want.
    We should work the solution and then realise that all of us want: -
    1. Our respective countries to prosper
    2. Have a better future for our children
    3. Not let China or US or UK benefit from the situation
    4. Have bold and honest leaders
    5. Have an environment where we can walk free, without worrying for future
    6. Eliminate all terrorists of any religion

    Indian and Pakistani people - Please speak out. You have a right to do that and tell the world that the people run the country and not its dishonest and selfish leaders

    Goldie, Hungary - 02 January, 2009

    Please for gods sake - dont change your ways......It is time you should go to your Islam for achievi

    I am an Indian and for some strange reason, I love pakistan... and I feel that people of pakistan and the state of pakistan haven't reached the greatness which they are destinied to reach...Hindus, christians and jews are conspiring against you and are trying to bring you down...
    But, Pakistan is a very great nation and it has to become even more great in future...
    So, I have few requests for the people and the government of pakistan.
    1.Please continue to pursue jihad against every one who doesnt agree with you and who are non muslim.
    2. Please give your ISI a free hand to conduct many more dare devil heroic acts like Mumbai attacks in as many capital cities of non muslim countries as possible...for example..New york, Washington,Telaviv, London, Moscow etc...
    3.Please continue to concentrate on your medieval(real)version of Islam and convert all pakistanis into hardcore taliban.
    4.Please ban education to all pakistani women and convert all higher educational/research/technical institutions into madrassas where you teach only what your holy book quaran says.Forget about technology and science.It is a western conspiracy to keep muslims as slaves...
    5.Please built atleast 4 mosques per each street and please increase the time you spend in namaz and kindly spend most of the day time in your near by mosque and educate your youth about the greatness of Islam and how to defeat the infidels...
    6. Please dont bother to care what the rest of the world says about you...dont divert your attention from jihad and keep working at it constantly...
    I am very sure that one day these actions will bear the fruit and almighty allah will grant you the greatness you deserve.

    Eventhough I am from your enemy country, as I have said, I have a special love for pakistan and I wish you all the luck!
    I am sure,victory will be yours and pakistan will become the greatest in the world with allah's blessings...

    CHAITANYA, United Arab Emirates - 08 January, 2009


    pakistan children are being misled by religious clerics.why parents are allowing to happen this.why can not muslims understand the obvious fooling tactics of the clerics.See, if jihad is the cause of allah,and if allah wants his land vacated from non muslims,leave it to allah,who is almighty and does not require help from worldly people.he can achieve it just in a fraction of second with his divine powers.This simple logic can be very easily understood even by a child.
    This is all being propagated by mindless, selfish ,people.

    p k jain, Hungary - 09 January, 2009

    Whether India or Pakistan it is sad to see that the common man has been the worst victim of terroism,you need a debate across the table to solve this issue,merely accusing each other will not help in any way.It is a matter that the politicians and the diplomats should understand better.Let us pray that good sense prevails and a healthy relation be maintained between the two countries.

    Raghunath Singbal
    Panaji Goa

    Raghunath Singbal, India - 22 November, 2012

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