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The Mumbai Massacre : Who? How? Why?

04 December, 2008

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A heinous crime has taken place in Mumbai. Innocent human beings have been killed by some monsters in the name of some dubious causes. Pakistan Tribune shares the grief of the victims and offers heartfelt condolences to the aggrieved.

At the moment there are a lot of conflicting reports coming out of the India. There is a crossfire of blames and counter-blames between India and Pakistan. Intense emotional rhetoric is further fogging up the already murky situation enveloping the two nuclear armed states. It is time to cool it off, troubleshoot and, if possible, nip the evil in the bud to avoid a repeat of the incident on either side.

Despite having immense internal problems, starting from Kashmir and spreading as far away as Nagaland and Assam, India feels that the roots of all her troubles lie in Pakistan. While Pakistan, a country most violently hit by terrorism, which has lost thousands of its citizens to terrorism and whose President’s wife was assassinated by similar criminals, feels that India is being unjust in its accusations and that both countries are victims of the same criminals who do not wish to see the two neighbors supping at the same table.

Pakistanis further say that there are also Islamist terror camps in Bangladesh, where the 10,000 strong JMB group receives ample funding and arms from sympathizers across the Muslim world. And that even in India, a massive country with large rural areas under-patrolled by police, Islamist terrorist camps have been found in the Karnataka jungles of the Southwest. What is more, the Maoist Naxalite movement operates in thirteen of India’s twenty-six states and is a robust organization with anywhere up to 20,000 members. In April 2006, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself called the Naxalite threat the “biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.” The Pakistanis assert that there’s plenty of indigenous terrorist training capacity, not all of it controlled by or even backed by Pakistan. And that the insurgency in the North of Pakistan is being fueled and funded by Indians through their Consulates from across the border in Afghanistan.

  • Who did it, how they did it, why they did it and what is the solution? Speak out.
  • Reader Comments:

    India must blame itself..!

    India must blame itself..!

    Here I shall share one somber news item about the world's biggest democracy (or hypocrisy) which highlights the pains and plights of the vulnerable minorities under the roof of this Brahamocracy.
    “Untouchable woman dies after Indian medics refuse treatment” LUCKNOW, India, April 24, 2008 (AFP): An “untouchable” woman who gave birth outside an Indian hospital because doctors would not treat her died Thursday, a day after her baby, officials admitted. The newborn boy of Maya Devi, 28, died Wednesday due to lack of medical help minutes after being born outside the maternity wing of Kanpur Medical College in northern Uttar Pradesh state. Devi was only put in intensive care after giving birth but died of a heart attack early Thursday. Several doctors, including the hospital's chief medical superintendent, refused to touch her or provide medical care as she delivered her baby, the Press Trust of India reported. Devi was a Dalit, or “untouchable”, a group at the bottom of the caste social ladder long ostracized and forced into menial professions despite laws banning discrimination. Many high-class Hindus fear coming into contact with them.
    So this kind of treatment meted out to the grass roots Indians irrespective of their being Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians lay ground for the general resentment which often turns into bloody conflicts and homegrown terrorism. The Bombay tragedy is not the first or the last but it is one of the many previously unheard calls for the lawmakers in New Delhi to change their course, democratize their outlooks and dispense socio-economic justice to all their citizens irrespective of their origin, color, cast or creed.
    Indian media should also play a positive (not poisonous) role in the confidence building within and outside of their country's borders.
    Otherwise the prevailing apartheid system and the rising number of Hindu terrorist organizations, their killings of innocent Muslims, Christians and Sikhs would only lead to more chaos, clashes and the ultimate dismemberment of the so-called secular state of India.
    The Indian leadership should not only accept and implement the outstanding UN resolutions on the issue of Kashmir but should also ensure and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their neighbors for the sake of peaceful and progressive co-existence.
    A stable Pakistan is as good for India as the stable Afghanistan is for Pakistan. Landing on the moon is good but landing into the hearts of your citizens and neighbors is better..!

    Ahmed bin Babar

    Ahmed bin Babar, Pakistan - 11 December, 2008

    hello ,First of all TERRORIST r PSYCHO's.SO we have to fight together against them,no matter india ,pakistan & U.S

    asha, United Arab Emirates - 12 December, 2008

    hey Indians and Pakistanies

    Dont you remember that september 11 Attack,when Bush comes to power he did that Drama,people still believe that Attack by Osama,but who did those???? now Obama came.... Americans and israel creating this kind of insident and they are expert on that.. they willing to kill innocent people and children like Iraq Afganistan and Palasteen... Why dont you ppl undestand those? You people Fighting??? There aim is that.....

    wazan, Somalia - 12 December, 2008

    Vinash Kale.. Viparit Buddhi!

    "You go mad as the destruction comes closer". It seems whoever was behind this act is going through this phase.Nothing positive could come from something so wrong. In fact its impossible to escape from the consequence of what you do. Its been said time and again that these people have no religion, sect so an so forth but its an additional responsibility of the society, to hit right back on whose name they do this. As "Any religion, leader can be defeated only by its followers"

    Krishna, United Kingdom - 12 December, 2008

    Why dont we unite

    The common people in both countires have nothing against each other, it is only the politicians who are creating all this mayhem. Common people of india and paksitan should unite to fight terrorism and all who support it be it in india or pakistan.

    Shahid N, Pakistan - 12 December, 2008

    Peace for all







    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 12 December, 2008

    Terror, the Economic Barriers

    For finding answers to the questions, “Who did it? How they did it? Why they did it? And what is the solution? We shall have to start from the basics

    Every crime has its reasons with perpetrator's interests hidden behind it. A sincere and thoughtful analysis can unearth the real culprits of Mumbai massacre and in this case it is evident like day-light that, apart from the innocent lives lost, Pakistan is the next hardest hit casualty. It is on the brink of losing almost every thing it painfully built in its struggle to establish a soft image of responsible and peaceful country interested in welfare of its people and also the world at large. There are several reasons to explain that, Pakistan has only to lose and nothing to gain from this heinous crime against humanity committed by its perpetrators that I tend to ruefully call Mumbai holocaust:

    Present democratic Government of Pakistan has a very deep rooted vested interest involved in playing safe with India, as well as not giving its armed forces any chance to be draged into any disgraceful compromises. Ever since assuming their democratic responsibilities as President and Prime Minister of the world's 5th largest country, President Zardari and PM Gilani have repeatedly expressed their sincere and firm resolve to have truly cordial and mutually respectful friendly relations with India for the wellbeing of their respective people. Even Nawaz Sharif has taken no time in expressing his desire to pick up the strings of friendship which he established during his stewardship and strongly re-bind them to extend further, leading to a logical conclusion.

    Pakistan Army has also realized that, martial tactics have bitterly failed in all of its initiatives to date in producing results in any endeavours. Therefore, it must assume a humane role and spend its energies in fighting vices and extending humanity, rather than fighting savage wars for generations and spending hard earned money of depressed people without fruitful results. Accordingly, it has assumed the role of a strong and highly professional anti-terror work force more tuned to the world expectations than any senseless skirmishes for unfounded reasons with India. Its nuclear deterrent is the most appropriate catalyst for this highly acceptable disposition.

    It is unfortunate that, some fortune hunting politicians of India are desperate in kneeling and begging favours from America for their own personal reasons. India should remember that, Rice only talked what she had been fed by American “Intelligence Think-Tank". Not long ago, Goldman Sachs, an American “Economic Think-Tank" had predicted India to become world's third largest economy in the next 20 years. Getting the cue, Bush had asked Americans not “to respond to India's exploding economy, by erecting Economic Barriers", which is a clear indication of hidden intentions. So let us erect our own think-tank defense and read the message.
    I tend to advise India. "Stop thumping chests for American fears about booming Indian economy”, as your ancient economic might was ruined before and history is being repeated. Remember what became of the Leaping Asian Tigers of Nineties. Also remember that, Millennium Watchers had warned that, by 2050, South Korea would be leading the world by far, with a per-capita income exceeding a whopping one million US Dollars!----- unless BRAKES were APPLIED!
    As a multi-ethnic, multi-religious democracy, India is showing the world that the best way to ensure fairness and tolerance is, to establish the “rule of law”. The best way to counter resentment is to allow peaceful expression. The best way to honour human dignity is to protect human rights. For every nation divided by race, religion or culture, India should offer a hopeful path: If justice is the goal, then democracy is the only way to it. For this, a continuously conducive atmosphere is a prerequisite, which can only be achieved with a prosperous, democratic Pakistan as India steadfast partner in progress in addition to being its peaceful neighbour. Let us be realistic and see who gains by creating Economic Barriers in our progress, using the Weapon of Mass Destruction called “Terror”.

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 12 December, 2008

    Media has a role, Army should think possitive


    I have seen Pakistani media is always supporting these jehadi people even they are doing wrong. You should NOT support these people. Pakistani citizen may believe you.
    This issue is NOT simple , its a very complex issue.
    You all know that without support and fund from ARMY, ISI its not possible for these jehadis to act such act.

    You are very small country compare to India. You can manage your country better than India. Still your country is 30 years behind India in any area (Sc & Tech, Economy etc).

    So I feel you all should work for better Pakistan not for dummy war against India.

    If NOT You be like Zimbabwe.


    BT, Hungary - 12 December, 2008

    For a Better Pakaistan

    Pakistan does not have multiple options on the table. Either you comply with US / India demand for Pakistan's betterment or face the destruction by terrorists. Even China joined the move with India –US initiative to ban the Jamaat-ud-Daawa (JuD) as a global terrorist organization by the United Nations Security Council. I do not think anyone has any issues with Pakistan's normal public. The issue is with the army / ISI's pre- dominant foreign and internal policy of Pakistan. That is not only harms Pakistan internally but it hurts future of Pakistani citizens abroad as well.

    Japan's and Germany's dominance as economical power is because they do not have an army. After the Second World War, America and their allies imposed a “no army” rule on Japan and Germany. Although it was stupidity from America but Japan and Germany has benefited the most out of it. They weren't needed to spend big money on army and diverted all the money on infrastructure and technology developments keeping America as their security for a nominal fee.

    If we consider above example as a guideline, Pakistan should dissolve their army and ISI by itself, if Pakistan is willing to become like Switzerland, Germany or Japan. Or even look at Canada, we follow the same strategy. If Pakistan wants to survive as a democratic nation, this is the only viable option.

    Other option is to form a consortium comprising India, China, Russia, France, UK and America to ensure Pakistan's security and dissolve Pakistani army and ISI by force. Pakistan should be allowed to maintain a Police force to keep the law and order in the country (No external forces inside, other than for an initial clean up). Pakistan's border with Iran and China should be patrolled by “consortium forces” to prevent arms smugglings in to Pakistan. And it should be “consortium nations” responsibility to invest in Pakistan for the betterment of people. By doing so Pakistan doesn't have to go around the world to

    Most of the weapons to Muslim extremists are provided from Pakistan's ordnance factory. Pakistan army has the history of providing weapons to all most all extremists around the world including Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Palestine, Kashmir, Taliban, Al Qaeda and you name it. All those ordnance factories in Pakistan should be closed and there should be a system to reclaim all the weapons from the public. Government could run an “Amnesty period” for Pakistani citizens in case they want to give up on weapons voluntarily.

    Instead of living in denial, Pakistan as a nation should wake up. If we cannot do anything to dissolve Pakistani army, in near future, Pakistan will be disintegrated mainly because of Army / ISI / Panjabi dominance. Or another army coupe is imminent, because ISI and army knew what they have done in the past / present and they do not want to make them public. Pakistani Punjabis are almost same threat as ISI and Army (Look at Anwar Mahmood. No matter where he lives but he always makes sure, he has enough time to inject poisons on Pakistani minds).

    Foremost action should be handing over of suspected Pakistanis Masood Azhar, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi and Indian national on run Dawood Ibrahim to India. It will send a clear message to extremists in Pakistan that anyone operates from Pakistani soil will be handed over to the concerned nations and authorities. And it will help Pakistan to regain deteriorated Pakistani image in the world. Without doing these steps, Pakistan has a doomed future.

    If Pakistan wants to flourish as Germany / Japan / Switzerland / Canada, then give up on Army and ISI ASAP. Once Pakistan achieves the above, the Pakistani passports will be widely accepted and you will gain respect. If not, emigration personals around the world will keeps on picking up Pakistanis from lines for interrogations and further questioning. If you want to gain respect, this is the only way. O….Pakistan…… it's up to you now.

    Jones, Canada - 13 December, 2008


    I am a Pakistani Sunni muslim resident in the UK for 6 years. In my time here I have made wonderful friends from India who seem to be obsessed with education and economic prosperity. Most are refreshingly secular, and I for one, through my interaction with them and with the English, have changed my stance on world and regional politics, role of religion, jihad etc.
    It is with sheer embarrassment and utter sadness that I read these infantile conspiracy theories coming out from my beloved Pakistan. It is everyone's fault- Mossad, CIA, India - not ours. No, the fact that our beloved motherland is riddled with filthy and dangerous terrorists whose ability to bring not just India but also Pakistan down to their knees, is forgotten.
    Pl grow up, my fellow muslims and Pakistanis. Pakistan based terrorists have been responsible for ghastly attacks in India and Pakistan over the last 8 years- FACT.

    Ahmad Fazal, Pakistan - 13 December, 2008

    Bad time

    Its bad time for Pakistan,
    Only GOD can say whether Pakistan will survivie in this matter. India is very strong this regard. Now for Pakistan forget Kashmir, it has to struggle for itself. Can not say whether Pakistan will be exists in world map near future...!!!! No more Azad Khashmir....Now struggle for Azad Pakistan...!!

    Rajesh, Pakistan - 13 December, 2008

    Terrorist attack on Mumbai

    I have read most of the comments (post). I liked the fact that people from all the religion and throughout the world including Pakistani people have criticized this shameful attack on the Indian financial capital.
    The attack was planned by LeT and ISI agency of Pakistan. This attack was aimed at Indian finance capital to slowdown the Indian growth. But nothing can stop India from its growth. I support Pakistan and Pakistani people as they are brothers of every Indian. The whole world has faith in India and its people. take an e.g. of English cricket team. the team returned to India within two weeks of attack on Mumbai.

    Jai Hind.

    harishankar, Hungary - 13 December, 2008

    Punjabis need to be controlled

    Our great nation (god bless her) has been trampled by Punjabis and they are effectively ruling the rest of us and fomenting trouble in the rest of the world. It is said before Independence India and Pakistan were world's biggest garrison since the britishers diverted all revenue towards raising an army to fight their wars all over the world. Now it is the Punjabis in Pakistan who have taken over the role and our nation has become a tool to further riches and heinous agenda of this province and community. Now that it is also established (see the Dawn article) that the perpetrators were from Punjab there is a need from all Pakistanis to unite and control the menace inside.

    Ahmed Khan, Pakistan - 13 December, 2008

    The only attacker in custody, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Iman is from a place called Faridkot village in Pakistan's Punjab province. His father was named as Mohammed Amir, married to a woman named Noor. According to a report in The Observer on Sunday, the newspaper, in an investigation conducted by it, has obtained electoral lists for Faridkot showing 478 registered voters, including one Mohammed Amir, married to Noor Elahi. Amir's and Noor's national identity card numbers have also been obtained. The list of 478 registered voters shows a "Mohammed Amir", married to Noor Elahi, living in Faridkot. Amir's national identity card number is given as 3530121767339, and Noor's is 3530157035058

    pakistani chakka, Pakistan - 13 December, 2008

    Look in the mirror

    People of subcontinent are resilient, we have had bigger tragedies and we have forgiven and forgotten. Just look at our blood soaked history. Fundamentalist exist both in all the countries of subcontinent. They do no represent the People. We in India have a bunch ourselves. Instead of pointing fingers, lets just look in the mirror and see how we can better ourselves. Anyone with any Ideas of Grandeur, there will no longer be changes in our boundaries, Brothers and sisters on both side will die to extinction before that happens. We can sow thorns for our neighbors or flowers.

    Raj Gujral, Hungary - 14 December, 2008

    THE Truth

    The argument that Pakistan govt. will act upon the terrorists or islamic fanatics seems totally illogical to me. The terrorists are part of the machinery created by pakistan establishment to wage a covert war against India& Russian occupied Afghan for the last 3 decades.Same group of scoundrels responsible for scores of henious crimes commited on the subcontinent in the past many years.Since pak not able to match india in any other front and still has tremendous desire to pin down india's growth is been doing this.The money for all this is extracted out of financial aid recieved from america, also donations from some wealthy muslims across the world, and ISI's shady opium trade.Also support of arms by china.(which is also interested in pinning india down). Speaking that pakistan is a victim of terror is a joke in itself.Terrorists are a group of their own people which have been misguided by their military govt.Argument that these are non state actors without any control of govt. is what i cant buy, because paks military govt is the one who have produced then and is thriving them, and finally using them to their own interest. The scourge of terrorism/ jihad can only removed with the intervention of indian and US military into pakistan.Pak should welcome air strikes carried out by indian or US air forces if it is really serious in fighting terror.

    AB, United Arab Emirates - 14 December, 2008

    Kashmir fasicination will destroy pakistan

    IS it so difficult to understand this? or we dont want to?
    Pakistan has been fascinated over Kashmir ever since Independence. When it understood a conventional war will not achieve result it adopted terrorism as a state policy… david and goliath, bleeding India to bankruptcy with thousands of attacks is popular thinking of a common Pakistani.
    To complicate issues further we have Jihad in the name of Allah, ISI given a free hand, Afghan problem, military dictatorships and poverty. This has created a deadly cocktail feeding terrorists. The Pakistani government historically was okay with it as the fascination with Kashmir never ends. It's gone too far now and Pakistan has become the epicenter of world terrorism.
    I don't know who is right and could not care less about Kashmir. Does the suffering of 2 billion people in both countries justify the fight over a small piece of land – KASHMIR? Cant we convert the LOC into a border?
    We need statesmen in both countries to find a solution. It's not worth it.

    Dev, Hungary - 14 December, 2008

    Peace is the answer


    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 14 December, 2008

    Introspect self

    It's a shame that self-denial could make a whole nation this blind, to acknowledge that it's your country's terrorism killing people in another nation in the name of Islam.

    Please stop saying that WE both r victims of terrorism. Your nation sponsors terrorism, and now the poison is so blotched in the very fabric of Pakistan, it is doomed now to become like Somalia.

    No way India & Pakistan r equal, and we don't care about ur existence or prosperity. But, can Pakistan say so? NOOO.... This is the core ideology of Pakistan. Not to expand it's knowledge or to be a developing nation, but rather how to bring down India with it. Intact it's such a saddening feeling that a whole nation believes in such feeling and taking up terrorism as the only way to go around. This article itself is an example of inteovert have pakistan people become.

    Imteospect yourself. Think about your kids, grand kids... Imagine them holding an AK-47 with no hope of life in front of them. Come out of self-denial mode and have some courage to fight ur own terrorists to give atleast a normal life to ur country's future generation.

    Whereispeace, United Kingdom - 14 December, 2008

    Save Pakistan

    Dear Pakistanis,

    I really wonder people like Hamid Gul are given shelter in your country & your security advisor Zaid Hamid.

    If your administration is under the control of these ppl, then truely allah can only save you.

    I have softcorner for your citizens & ppl like ajmal amir kasab.

    Only you people can save urselves

    terrorism is not going help you ppl to spread islam and have the whole world converted in islam.

    Life is beautiful, spend time with your family.

    This is not going to lead anywhere, only life will be short(of victims & terrorists).

    Ajinkya, Hungary - 14 December, 2008

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