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The Judgment.

28 September, 2007

Following a nerve-shattering legal battle, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has allowed the country’s military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf to contest the presidential election in uniform, which is scheduled to be held on October 6.

"The petitions hereby are dismissed as not maintainable" announced Justice Rana Bhagwandas, the head of the panel of nine judges hearing a string of petitions challenging the re-election of General Musharraf in uniform for next five-year term.

Six of the nine-judge larger bench gave verdict in favor of dismissing the petitions while other three judges, including Justice Rana Bhagwandas, differed.

As soon as the verdict was announced, the lawyers present in the courtroom shouted “shame shame” slogans, and anti-Musharraf slogans, forcing the judges to leave the courtroom in a hurry.

Opposition supporters threw rotten eggs and tomatoes at the imposing marble court building in Islamabad and chanted "Shame! Shame!" and "Go, Musharraf, go!" after the verdict was announced.

"This is not a Supreme Court judgment. This is a written judgment received by the judges from the president house”, Ali Ahmed Kurd, a senior legal expert, and senior vice president of the Supreme Court Bar Association said.

Justice rtd Wajihuddin Ahmad, who is contesting General Musharraf in upcoming presidential election says “ I am disappointed. The Supreme Court’s judgment is the sequel of its traditions . General Musharraf is not allowed to contest the election in uniform in line with the constitution. If the court has allowed a government servant and a sitting army chief to contest election, then it has to give the same right to all the government employees and army officers”.

“This is surprising that the court took 11 days to decide whether these petitions are maintainable or not. This can be decided within a day or two. Then why did the court take 11 days to only decide about the maintainability of the petitions. If the court had to decide about these petitions on technical basis, then it must have been decided on the first day. This is unbelievable that after hearing of 11 days, the court simply declared the petitions non-maintainable without citing even a single reason”, he maintained.

Here are some questions
1)What is your opinion about this judgment?
2)Has the dictatorship has won once again?
3) Is this judgment another sequel of Justice Muneer’s judgment?
4)Is the game over for anti-Musharraf forces?
5)Are their any options left for APDM to stop Musharraf from getting re-elected by current assemblies?

Reader Comments:

An other blow

What nonsense that same four judges have been appointed in petition subitted by Justice Wajeeh ud Din. It is not possible to expect any fair decision. Moreover how daring public looted money worh US $ 1.5 billion waived off by government to Benazir. We are unable to understand what is going on. Why washington is trying hard to appoint its poodles on Pakistan. It looks that majority of PPP leaders are corrupt, because those have been making fool to public, it means those are part of corruption.
American made democracy is hypocracy nothing else.

Ghulam Rasool Chauhdhry, Pakistan - 03 October, 2007


, Pakistan - 06 October, 2007

Death merchants..

Arab and Muslim leaders like to believe George W. Bush has their good intention. In a away they are right.Israel began butchering Palestinians fifty years ago; its slaughter house still operates all year round. Israel invaded Lebanon and destroyed a country that was known the jewel of the Middle East and left more than 17,000 dead and several hundred thousands injured; half million others left the homeland they loved and cherished to take refuge in foreign countries. Israel’s atrocities and mass murder were made possible only through American financial aid and American free military fire power such as advanced fighter jets, smart bombs, sophisticated tanks, and other weapons of mass destruction such as nukes, chemical and biological warheads. Israel and America are one and the same. Zionists in general from all corners of the earth have chosen United States of America to be their home base. They have mastered the techniques of exhausting their enemies’ resources and wealth. When you die at the hands of a Zionist, your death is paid for by your own money. Wealthy Arabs invest in United States; Zionists pocket 90% of the profit; the remaining 10% profit is subject to freezing whenever The U.S. president says so..

United States protects Arab and Muslim regimes in the Gulf Region for two main reasons: Oil revenue that supposed to remain in the region and benefit Arabs and Muslims is recycled back to United States in the form of investments; these investments are funds subject to be seized or frozen by U.S. financial and investment institutions on orders from the White House. How can Arab and Muslim leaders be so stupid? How can they betray their religion and people? The Middle East is sitting on a ball of fire. It is a matter of days; maybe hours before Arab masses break their silence and join their brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. The straw that broke the camel’s back has already struck the conscience of all decent Arabs and Muslims. U.S and Israel’s crimes are difficult to measure and describe in words or numbers. The enormity of these crimes rise quicker than the turn of a second. Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon are indeed racing against the clock to kill every Arab and every Muslim they think is impeding their goals and objectives.Israel began butchering Palestinians fifty years ago; its slaughter house still operates all year round. Israel invaded Lebanon and destroyed a country that was known the jewel of the Middle East and left more than 17,000 dead and several hundred thousands injured; half million others left the homeland they loved and cherished to take refuge in foreign countries. Israel’s atrocities and mass murder were made possible only through American financial aid and American free military fire power such as advanced fighter jets, smart bombs, sophisticated tanks, and other weapons of mass destruction such as nukes, chemical and biological warheads. Israel and America are one and the same. Zionists in general from all corners of the earth have chosen United States of America to be their home base. They have mastered the techniques of exhausting their enemies’ resources and wealth. When you die at the hands of a Zionist, your death is paid for by your own money. Wealthy Arabs invest in United States; Zionists pocket 90% of the profit; the remaining 10% profit is subject to freezing whenever The U.S. president says so.

Saddam’s slaughterhouse
Was quickly vacated
And quickly captured
By George W. Bush and Toni Blair.

There is a mathematical equation here:
Result of Minus One equals Plus Two.
Death is the common denominator for now.

U.S. missiles thunder.
Falluja’s Mosques cry Athans.
Smart and Cluster Bombs
Hit homes, hospitals and schools.
Resistance fighters remind you
Of old Muslim comrades;
They fight; they die with a smile.
They leave us with a memory
We need like we need our souls.

Invaders call themselves liberators!
They kill Iraqis.
They liberate Death from Life.

Killing is a venture
For two bit soldiers.
They plant death seeds
In bullets and bombs.

They reduce schools and hospitals
to ash
To hide mass graves.

Killers parade to rhythms
Hummed by soldiers fathered
By vengeful pimps.

Iraq’s five thousand years history
Burned to charred sand.
Arab leaders stand and watch!
Other worlds offer mercenaries
For oil shares.

Falluja collects
Young and old Iraqis
limbs, heads and arms.
How do you put these remains to rest?

salahudeen rumi, Pakistan - 06 October, 2007

Wow! What a Country we are?

I never heard such a story where a nation's bigot ruler will promulgate an ordinance to forgive nation's looters like Benazir and Zardari and, even, provide them another chance to loot the nation just to save his rule. And look at the so-called 'civilized' west to support those corrupt rulers and politicians to safeguard their imperialist designs and politico-economic interests.

In such an event, in which corporate world is ruled by interests rather than morality and ethics, I can not call our world a civilized one but, instead, it is, even, worse than the pre-historic world.

Hidayat Ullah, Canada - 06 October, 2007

I hate opposition

Well this is the new trend in our country, whenever the Supreme court rules in favor of opposition they accept the decision with all their heart and when a decision comes against them they start carrying rallies all over the place. They do not only burn millions of rupees of individual property but also create a negative image of Pakistan in the international community. Only yesterday my friend in school showed me a violent rally being carried in Geo, and questioned me is this how Pakistani's are? Ashamed, I was left speechless. I guess some body has to get these people to shut up! Whats the problem with them? One day they say that Supreme Court is an independant organization dedicated in assuring the rule of law. And when this "lawful organization" verdicts against them then this independant organization becomes "an organization being pressurized by the dictator." If they can't gather enough support for themselves than they have no right to question those who are elected by the People of Pakistan.

AliKhan, Pakistan - 07 October, 2007

Mafia joined mafia

Mush- Benazir deal will produce “Gigantic Mafia” Part-1

Amnesty to terrorists, murderers, rioters, swindlers, thugs and gangsters mean providing legitimacy to corrupt and wealthy generation of experienced mafia, who will successfully occupy political and bureaucratic scene of Pakistan under protection of Pakistan Army.
The trained mafia will convert “Banana Republic” into “Absurdistan”, under control of neo-cons, sophisticated weapons and nuclear power. It will be next failed state which will act as Nazi third Reich or its role will not be different from historical cocaine and drug mafias.
Western countries that have provided legitimacy to fascist, corrupt and terrorist gang will very soon stand against them.

Top beneficiaries:
Severity of this deal could be judged by a few examples, before detailed available figures may be quoted as reference.

1. Benazir Bhutto her husband Asif Zardari and Mother Nusrat Bhutto will benefit $1.5 billion, out of which 0.9 billion is under National Accountability Bureau, Islamabad. Murder case of Murtaza Bhutto and Aalam Blouch ex Federal Secretary against Asif Zardari are the few examples only.
2. 25000 terrorists, rioters, murderers of MQM (Altaf Husain) group will be neat and clean from any case.
3. A large number of Fauji Mafia involved in corruption of billions will be free.
4. A large number of corrupt politicians, Government Servants will be free from all cases.

Dilemma of this deal is that west has provided legitimacy to Musharraf, Benazir and Altaf Husain, who are in good books of Washington and London, and have played historical role to make coalition of heterogeneous thugs in the light of Neo-cons war of terror. Benazir was issuing statements against National Accountability Bureau, because it was a great danger for corruption her entire family:

Benazir’s statement against NAB
Apprising of loot and plunder by NAB and the threat posed by the NAB to the new parliament, she wrote, “Billions of rupees that could be spent on hospitals and schools and on our poor people were used to benefit the NAB. Billions of rupees allegedly were paid under the table to officials of the NAB by desperate individuals knowing that judge and jury were one,
Detailing how the NAB was being used as an instrument of politics she reminded the parliamentarians that, “first the law was selectively applied exempting those supporting the King's Party from their loan defaults and corruption charges. Second, NAB convicts were freed and given high office for colluding with the death of democracy and the exploitation of the hard working people of Pakistan. Third, several political figures convicted for corruption and abuse of power were released from prisons and cases withdrawn through unexplained executive action.”

Benazir who was in panic for a deal with dictator and under the table had been negotiating with generals, PPP declared them corrupt and lodged a complaint against Vice Chief of Army Staff and Corpse Commander Rawalpindi.
PPP moves NAB against Ahsan Saleem Hayat and Tariq Majeed Butcher.
September 12, 2005
The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) said on Sunday it had filed a petition against General Tariq Majid, the chief of general staff, and General Ahsan Saleem Hayat, the vice chief of army staff, for allegedly “causing financial losses to the national exchequer through corruption” and demanded action against them under Section 10 of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance.

Some corruption cases against Bhutto family in NAB.
With in a few days all records pertaining to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats will be disappeared, for records a few cases are as under:

1. 31-Mar-2006
Swiss Court of Appeal allows DEPUTY CHAIRMAN NAB to participate in criminal proceedings against Benazir and others in Geneva.
Criminal proceedings were launched by the Swiss Government in 1997 against Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari and their agent Jens Schelegelmilch on charges of Money Laundering. Pakistan was admitted as a damaged civil party to the proceedings. On the last hearing dated 24 November 2005, Ms. Benazir Bhutto protested on the presence of Deputy Chairman NAB in the court. NAB went in the Court of Appeal on the grounds that its representation was best qualified in view of their knowledge of case and the predicated offence committed in Pakistan.
The next round of hearing is expected in April 2006.

international professor, Pakistan - 07 October, 2007

Mafia joined mafia

Mush- Benazir deal will produce “Gigantic Mafia” Part-2

2. 22-Mar-2006
Following properties have been attached:
1. 98 acres of agricultural land at Sanghar.
2. 9 acres in Hyderabad
3. 39 acres agricultural land in Deh Deliwadi, Hyderabad.
4. 2 acres agricultural land in Nawabshah
5. Plot in Co-operative society, Nawabshah.
NAB has also moved an application into the Accountability Court for attachment of overseas properties of Mr. Zardari. Further hearing has been adjourned till 04.04.2006.
3. 25-Nov-2005
Benazir Bhutto was summoned by Judge Fournier in Geneva in connection with criminal proceedings pending against her. She was required to answer on charges of aggravated money laundering on 24 and 25 November 2005. The report discloses a Trust whose beneficial owner is referred to as Benazir Bhutto. The Trust owns various accounts in Jersey as well as properties in London. She refused to answer questions regarding commissions paid on Swiss accounts of off-shore companies belonging to her relatives that were transferred in England to be used for different purposes to the benefit of the Bhutto family.
cross-examined Robert Massey, director of Cotecna, one of the two companies which were awarded the PSI contracts thanks to hidden commissions paid in Pakistan, Mr. Khaled Ahmed, specially appointed Chief Collector Customs Officer (Karachi South region) a few weeks before the PSI contracts were entered into, put ‘Officer on special duty’ a few months later.
4. 22-Jun-2005
PPP ALLEGATIONS REFUTED – Murder case of Murtaza Bhutto
Allegations leveled by Makhdoom Amin Fahim against NAB authorities for interfering in the murder case of Mir Murtaza Bhutto. According to NAB’s spokesman, any interference by NAB in the subject case is absolutely out of question.
5. 22-Nov-2003
Swiss court orders restitution of US $ 2.4 million from an account in Geneva, to GOP on account of commissions received in import of URSUS tractors.
A case was filed before the Ehtesab Bench of the Lahore High Court alleging that Benazir Bhutto, ex Prime Minister and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari in collusion with others have obtained illegal gratification and undue pecuniary advantage in the form of commissions and kickbacks in the purchase of URSUS tractors from Poland.
6. 18-Nov-2003
NAB clarifies ambiguity about Asif Zardari's judcial custody
Asif Ali Zardari was convicted on 12 September 2002 by the Accountability Court at Rawalpindi to suffer seven years rigorous imprisonment and Rs. 40 million fine on account of accepting Rs. 40 million as commission/kickbacks for installation of third 130 metric ton steel converter in Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi.
7. 5-Nov-2003
Benazir & Zardari file petition before Swiss Misdemeanour Court for trail by an upper court in money laundering case Court in Geneva observed that
“That in any case, to the extent that the accused were to be found guilty, it is doubtful that a prison term of less than 18 months could be considered”. The decision of the Misdemeanour Court strengthen the prosecution position in the sense that Both BB and AAZ initially claimed that Judge Devaud had no legal authority to sentence them; now, they impliedly accept the jurisdiction of the upper Geneva court in line with the Geneva legal system.
7. 5-Nov-2003
Misdemeanours Court in Switzerland dismisses BB & AAZ' objection in money laundering case.
8. 3-Nov-2003
Swiss court to hear BB's appeal in money laundering case on 04 November
It may be recalled that BB/ AAZ and their Swiss attorney Jens Schlegelmilch were sentenced by Judge Devaud on the charges of money laundering for six and four months respectively, along with the order for restitution of approximately U.S $14.454 million to the State of Pakistan. All the three accused had challenged the said order.
9. 15-Sep-2002
Asif Ali Zardari, former MNA convicted to 7 year R.I. and fined Rs.40 million in Steel Mills case
10. 11-Jul-2002
Hakim Ali Zardari, ex MNA convicted to 5 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs.18.5 million for illegal accumulation of assets.
The evidence based on investigation found that the accused acquired palatial house in France (viz, Chatean de la Reine m le Mesnil-Lieubray in Normandy, France) worth FF 48 lacs equivalent to Pakistani Rs.18.132 million on 12.4.1990 through a joint ownership of his own self and his wife Mrs. Zareen Ara Bokhari.
Please see Part 3

international professor, Pakistan - 07 October, 2007

Mafia joined mafia

Mush- Benazir deal will produce “Gigantic Mafia” Part-3
11. 9-Jul-2002
Benazir Bhutto convicted under 31-A of NAB Ord in ARY case
The former Secretary Commerce Brig. (R) Aslam Hayat Qureshi, and Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and Haji Abdur Razaq were other principal accused in this deal.
12. 27-Dec-2001
Asif Zardari arrested for fraudulent car import

Other major beneficiaries:
Jehangir Badar, ex minister arrested for corruption
Mr. Jehangir Badar, ex-MNA, Senator and Federal Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources has been arrested by NAB Lahore on charges of corruption on 21 August 2001.
He owned shares in various hotels in Lahore besides holding shares in various properties, hotels and petrol pumps located in Dubai, London, Toronto and Virginia (USA). It is further revealed that the accused owned 2 houses valuing Rs.20 million in Lahore besides having a 10 kanals of plot (under construction) in Ali Town, Rai Wind Road Lahore. The accused also owned a 2 kanals of commercial plot in Ali Town, Rai Wind Road, Lahore.
Yousuf Raza Gilani, former Speaker of National Assembly convicted for misuse of authority to 5 years R.I. and fined Rs. one million
Accused purchased luxury vehicles (one Toyota Land Cruiser, 2 Mitsubishi Pajeros and one Toyota Corona at exorbitant rates from M/S Najam Motors Lahore. The accused kept 10 luxury vehicles in his personal use at Islamabad, Lahore & Multan against the entitlement of just one car. Got installed 8 unauthorized official telephones at his Islamabad, Lahore and Multan residences.

22 February, 2005
Pakistan's Supreme Court has refused the government's request for it to withdraw a corruption case against an incumbent minister Faisal Saleh Hayat.
Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had filed a case of bank default of 690m rupees ($11m) against the minister, Faisal Saleh Hayat.
Helicopter scam: Prime Minister Secretariat
ISLAMABAD (September 27 2007): The Prime Minister Secretariat is said to be reluctant to recover $3.268 million in the notorious helicopter case of Benazir Bhutto's second term, from the legal heirs of Malik Allah Yar Khan (late), bother-in-law of former President Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari, They said that two of the legal heirs of Malik Allah Yar Khan are the Federal Minister for Women Development Sumaira Malik and Ayla Malik, Member National Assembly, and spouse of Yar Muhammad Rind Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions (Safron).Other two co-accused in the case reportedly are Zia Pervez Hussain, son-in-law of Malik Allah Yar Khan, and Dr Munir Ahmad Khan, ex-Director of Cuxhaven Inc, Denmark/UK.

Note: The above details are the part-1 of fruits of NRO (National Reconciliation Order), other hidden details available on records will be sent to all concerned.
This ordinance is world’s most dangerous fraud with the citizens of their own country.
All Human Right groups, media, journalists, intellectuals and scholars must condemn this move. Who will pay the price of looted money? Hungry, naked and poor peoples of Pakistan. If peoples of Pakistan will ask any question, those will be labeled as terrorists or against war on terror. Western countries are requested to take back their implanted agents, we don't need Mush, Benazir and Altaf Husain. We don't need Gujrati mafia. Fraud elections have strengthen our determination to chalk out such criminals and keep informing their lords that fascist mafia is not friend of any one, if any body want to see their true face then stop economical benefits, deadly weapons and condumn their barbaric actions against their own citizens.

International Professor

international professor, Pakistan - 07 October, 2007

I congratulate you!

Hey International Professor,

I want to congratulate you, for the efforts you are putting in, to show the world what does this NRO, really, means? And Pakistan is in urgent need of those kinds of voices. I, absolutely, agree with you and wish you good luck in spreading the true word. You are showing to the world the true faces of our corrupt military and civil bureaucracies and our corrupt politicians, who deserved to be publicly hanged, the way they played with the sentiments, money, recourses and future of our poor masses.

Supporting these corrupt elements in Pakistan, the West is committing a crime against humanity and if they believe in an Evangelical, Catholic or Protestant God, he will not forgive them for committing such a gross crime. But I know it is not only religion but the imperialistic designs of the big corporations which are in play. Business is so blind that it can not see 300,000 civilian deaths in Iraq and 100,000 civilian deaths in Afghanistan but it can only see how it grows its profit and influence. After the promulgation of this ordinance and the open western support for its architects, how can the west call itself “civilized”? To me, they are, even, worst than the pre-historic world.

Keep it up International Professor!

Hidayat Ullah, Pakistan - 09 October, 2007

The Pakistani "Pharaoh", who annihilates village after village by using brutal air power and artillery has, no sanctity or significance for the month of Ramadhan. According to the news reports 250 Muslims have been killed including a significant number of women and children. Musharraf has sacrificed the blood of 250 Muslims to show his loyalty to Bush.

Musharraf is even worse than the Pharaoh who at least didn't massacre his own people who shared his faith. We also want to inform those members of the parliament who have recently elected this "Pharaoh" for a term of another five years that they are also equally responsible of this great sin. Furthermore, all those amongst the army and the civil society who supported Musharraf will also carry the burden of this sin in the hereafter, according to the level of support they have provided. Allah says in Qur'an : { إِن'َ فِر'عَو'نَ وَهَامَانَ وَجُنُودَهُمَا كَانُوا خَاطِئِينَ } "for Pharaoh and Haman and (all) their hosts were Men of sin".
This heinous crime in the blessed month of Ramadhan has demonstrated that a shaitan (satan) like Musharraf doesn't need Iblees (Satan) to deviate him from the straight path rather these Muslim rulers are in themselves Shayateen from who's evil even Satin asks refuge. Musharraf has not taken the oath of Presidency so far and yet he is exceeding limits and Allah knows how much tyranny he will unleash after he has actually taken the oath. Due to their actions these Muslim rulers they have no genuine political future, consequently they are ready to exceed all limits in their quest to please the imperialist in order to retain power.
Hence with the passage of each day, Musharraf's tyranny is only going to increase. The time has come that the people of influence amongst the politicians and the army should announce their rejection of Musharraf's policies and establish the Khilafah by uprooting these agent rulers.

salahudeen rumi, Pakistan - 11 October, 2007

Blackwater Security, Bush's Private Waffen SS

Why has not the Turkish parliament given tit for tat and passed a resolution condemning the Iraqi Genocide?

As a result of Bush's invasion of Iraq, more than one million Iraqis have died, and several millions are displaced persons. The Iraqi death toll and the millions of uprooted Iraqis match the Armenian deaths and deportations. If one is a genocide, so is the other.

It is true that most of the Iraqi deaths have resulted from Iraqis killing one another. But it was Bush's destruction of the secular Iraqi state that unleashed the sectarian strife.Moreover, American troops in Iraq have killed more civilians than insurgents. The US military in Iraq has fallen for every bit of disinformation fed to it by Al Qaeda personnel posing as "informants" and by Sunnis setting up Shi'ites and Shi'ites setting up Sunnis. As a result, American bombs and missiles have blown up weddings, funerals, kids playing soccer, and people shopping in bazaars and sleeping in their homes.

Not to be outdone, Bush's private Waffen SS known as Blackwater Security has taken to gunning Iraqi civilians down in the streets. How do Blackwater and Custer Battles killers escape the "unlawful combatant" designation?

One can only marvel at the insouciance of the US Congress to the current Iraqi Genocide while condemning Turkey for one that happened 90 years ago.
People seldom see the beam in their own eye, only the mote in the eyes of others. Every member of the Bush Regime is busily at work denouncing Iran for causing instability in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the US has invaded two countries, throwing them into total chaos, while beating the drums for war with Iran and conspiring with Israel to invade Lebanon and to attack Syria.

The indisputable facts are that the US and Israel have attacked four Middle East countries and are determined to attack a fifth. Yet, it is peaceful Iran, at war with no one, that Bush and Israel blame for causing instability in the Middle East.

Not content with its many wars in the Middle East, the Bush Regime is sponsoring wars in Africa and is setting up an African Command. The US government has been bombing and attacking other countries ever since the cold war ended. Instead of peace, the gang in Washington DC chose war.

Other than the Israel Lobby, the greatest supporters of Bush's wars are Christian evangelicals, specifically the "rapture evangelicals" and the "Christian Zionists."

I remember when Christianity was about saving one's soul. Today it is about bringing on Armageddon. While the various evangelical Christians preach war in the Middle East, they condemn Islam for being a "warlike religion."

Americans are so full of themselves that they are blind to their extraordinary hypocrisy.

The US government has broken every agreement with Russia by withdrawing from the anti-ballistic missile treaty, pushing NATO to Russia's borders, conniving to place missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic, and buying governments in former Soviet republics and installing US military bases therein.

When Russian President Putin finally has enough and protests, the US Secretary of State blames Putin for being difficult and restarting the cold war.

Few Americans realize it, but they take the cake.

International polls show that the rest of the world regard the US and Israel as the greatest dangers to world peace. Americans claim that they are fighting wars against terrorism, but it is US and Israeli terrorism that worries everyone else. The rest of the world knows that the wars are about US and Israeli hegemony and that the US and Israel are prepared to engage in whatever acts of terror are necessary to achieve hegemony.

That is the bare fact.

When the US dollar loses its reserve currency status, the US empire will come to an abrupt end. Sooner or later the rest of the world will realize this and, in an act of self-protection, dethrone the dollar.

Khawajaa gahreeb nawaaz.., Pakistan - 16 October, 2007

musharaf not control the mahangayee

in pakistan musharaf is the unpowerfull prisedent in the country they have 2 power one is the army cheif 2nd the prisedent but he fail to control the mahangayee poower cityzin how send there life today tomato (rate is res.110 kia musharaf anda nazar nahee ata

ghulam haider, Pakistan - 17 October, 2007

Agent Rulers..

بِس'مِ الله الر'َحمَنِ الرَحيم

We have decided to send you this letter on the occasion of the holding of Presidential elections.
We convey our advice to you following the example of RasulAllah سلم و عليه الله صلى, who advised several leaders of the Qur'aish while fully aware of the fact that they will neither heed guidance nor follow the true deen. This action of RasulAllah سلم و عليه الله صلى was in accordance with the command of Allah سبحانه وتعالى,

لِمَ تَعِظُونَ قَو'مًا الل'َهُ مُه'لِكُهُم' أَو' مُعَذ'ِبُهُم' عَذَابًا شَدِيدًا قَالُوا مَع'ذِرَةً إِلَى رَب'ِكُم' وَلَعَل'َهُم' يَت'َقُونَ[ [الأعراف:164
“And when a community among them said: "Why do you preach to a people whom Allah is about to destroy or to punish with a severe torment?" (The preachers) said: "In order to be free from guilt before your Lord (Allah), and perhaps they may fear Allah." [Surah al-A'raf 7:164]

seek forgiveness from Allah سبحانه وتعالى on the Day when all souls will be brought forth to Him سبحانه وتعالى. And we pray to Allah سبحانه وتعالى that you become one who fears Him سبحانه وتعالى and that you seek guidance.

You served your rule so far to spread the colonialist influence of the kuffar, especially that of America in this Islamic Land, increasing the slavery of the Muslims and undermining their deen. The following are just some of the crimes you committed to establish the kuffar over the Muslims:

· With regards to authority, whose origin lies with the Muslims and which is their right to grant to whomever they choose, you resorted to ruling by force and with the support of the colonialists, specifically America. This weakened your position over the Muslims as the nature of Islam, which is in their hearts and minds, prevents them from submitting to the oppressor forever. Over time your rule weakened so much that your colonialist masters, the Americans, were forced to seek the support of their competitors in the affairs of Pakistan, the British. This is why you found yourselves suddenly having to scramble for a deal with your bitterest rivals, those whom you vowed to keep out of rule, denouncing them as looters and plunderers.

· With regards to the lands of the Muslims, you created conditions whereby the Americans established a new military presence in the region, which gave them an advantage over the Muslims of South and Central Asia. You sacrificed hundreds of Muslim soldiers to protect the American occupation from the Muslim resistance in the tribal areas. You abandoned the Muslims of Kashmir, declaring Jihad against the Hindu occupying forces as a crime.

· With regards to the resources of the Muslims, at the behest of the colonialist financial institutions, you passed on the ownership of energy resources to private interests, burdening the public with rising costs of petrol, gas and electricity and strangling Pakistan's industrial and agricultural activity. In submission to the colonialist, you burdened the people with oppressive taxes such as GST, which placed heavier burdens upon the people. You created conditions for the transfer of vital and strategic projects like the oil and gas extraction to the kuffar. You took loans from the colonialist financial institutions thereby allowing them to wield more influence.

· With regards to the deen of the Muslims, you launched a campaign against the youth to seduce them away from the deen by spreading the corrupt Western values through educational reforms, cultural activities and media propaganda. You oversaw the slaying of the elderly, women and children in Lal Masjid so as to make them an example for the Muslims of Pakistan, who dearly desire the implementation of Islam. These were just some of the major crimes you committed, though we know of many others, including those that you worked hard to conceal from the people. Moreover, we felt it is unnecessary to reveal to the people your corrupted belief, for the evil by which they are touched through your actions is enough for them to know. And throughout your perpetration of all these crimes, you fell into the fire of becoming one with the kuffar even though Allah سبحانه وتعاتَت'َخِذُوا الى warned oppressors like you that,

We therefore call upon you to repent the misdeeds that you committed in your rule so far and seek forgiveness from your Lord سبحانه وتعالى for the heinous acts committed.Allah سبحانه وتعالى says,

وَلاَ تَح'سَبَن'َ الل'َهَ غَافِلاً عَم'َا يَع'مَلُ WILL -PREVAIL. A stern reminder to allies of Kufir (munafiqs) Obey Allah and obey Rasool....otherwise you will loose your good deeds. The Cost of disobdience is too heavy to bear.

Khawajaa gahreeb nawaaz.., Pakistan - 18 October, 2007

The Judgement of THE UNJUDGED Military-Rules in Pakistan

786 Salam to Islam in Paksitan, that is why perhap's it has been nemed Islamic Republic of Paksitan while NAME is INDIFFENRT to FAME while practice of ISLAM is other than the reality on ground in Pakistan. Ali Ahmed Kurd this Kurd as family name may well be connected to Kurd people that of Kurd-Origins.
The judgement is Ruz-e-Mehaser The Day of Judgement which one Muslim may not forget, but the judgements in Pakistan are Home-Made-Judgements. The judgement in Pakistan is Bkue-Print of the Judgement of the West because in the West teh judgement is dictated in the Western STLYED Cow-Bow Service and that is preety same carried out by the Civil-Servants of Pakistan and India aswell all in the name of Democracy which is actually Tailered Concept from teh Colonial-Times under The Ruled-Judgement which means Fake-Judgement DESIGNED under the Westeren-Concept. The Real solution to all such Judgements in Paksitan is ISLAM-Judgement and not the WEST-Judgement.
In Pakistan Fake-Judgement equals False-Judgement because Wrong-Judgement is presented as Right-Judgement while it is not the Correct-Judgement because this packet come's from the WEST and not from ISLAM. The Judgement can be only right if it is based on the correct justice, but where is the correct justice no where thus all amount's to Wrong-Judgement because it is rooted through the Incorrect-Judgement. The Judgement without neutrality and objectivity would always be Sided-Partial and Not-Independent thus all the Judgements would also be INCORRECT bringing out only INJUSTICE.

Written by F.Koch (JAIC)

Al-Haj.F.Koch (Justice Advise Investigation Centre), Netherlands - 19 October, 2007

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