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Talking To Taliban

13 August, 2007

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By Rahimullah Yusufzai
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The Pak-Afghan Peace Jirga has agreed to form a mini Jirga for talks with Taliban and Hizb-e-Islami to coax them to play their role to restore peace to the war-stricken Afghanistan.

A joint declaration adopted at the conclusion of the three-day Jirga also calls for exchange of anti-terrorism intelligence, promotion of economic and social ties and strict monitoring of the Pak-Afghan border areas.

The mini Jirga for talks with the insurgent groups will comprise 50 members – with equal representation from Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Jirga will also ensure implementation of the points agreed in the Grand Jirga.

Taliban and Gulbadin Hikmatyar-led Hizb-e-Islami had already boycotted the Jirga dubbing that a US sponsored show of puppets.

Various delegates-both from Pakistan and Afghanistan- stressed the need for talks with Mullah Omer and Gulbadin Hikmatyar, who have been leading the powerful resistance movement against foreign forces.

Here are some questions
1)What brings Musharraf and Karzai to take this decision?
2)Will this help restore peace in war-hacked Afghanistan?
3)Do you think it is a huge development and victory of resistance movement in Afghanistan?
4)Do you this move enjoys the US support too?
5)Should Mullah Omer and Hikmatyar accept talks offer?

Reader Comments:

Initially Mush gave a snub to Karzai, and finally attended jirga after US pressure. I'm sure Karzai must have felt happy by Mush’s antiques. How many years US need to spoon-feed this mushy-baby who refuses to grow up? .

Richard A, United Kingdom - 13 August, 2007

1. Pakistan was always supporting a dialogue with the Talibans so it is not new from Pakistan's point of view.

Afghan govt and the US must have realized that peace can be achieved through dialogues.

2. Yes, it is a hope that this initiative will bring peace to Afghanistan.

3. It is a victory for all parties wishing a stable Afghanistan.

4. There is no doubt that US and allies have agreed to the dialogue with Talibans.

Situation in Afghanistan is getting worst and a dialogue with Taliban would only help.

5. Yes, both of them should accept the offer and work sincerely towards bringing peace to their country and the entire region.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 14 August, 2007

Talking to Taliban

Taliban- a hen who lay gold eggs – Part 1
There is a lot of propaganda against Taliban; it is strange that fascists and corrupt mafia of Pakistan is now saying that Taliban is not bad but Talbanization is bad.

In fact whether those are good or bad but no body want to loose a gold egg laying hen. Flow of American dollars and economical benefits, cash incentives for war on terror, bullet proof cars and sophisticated tools and equipment are witness that Taliban is a wound on the face of those beggars and thugs, who want to cash that wound for personal benefits. When ever Taliban will no more exist, all such elements will need some other hen for the same purpose.

Cold war era, front line state against communism, Kashmir, Siachin, Mujahideen, Jihadi, Al Qaeda, Taliban and all such dramas which make room for Pakistan Government along with Western allies to suck money from US. Count the faces in ISAF and NATO, why they are there, only to please US for economical and political benefits. No body want to fight, fighting is limited to a very small area or in international news.

In United States, only neo-cons and Islamophobic are active in this war or the contractors who are selling goods to American Government, who have financial interests only. Its worst example is, suppliers like Halliburton or 35000 persons of Private Army contractors who are fighting the war besides ISAF and NATO, or mercenaries like Pakistan who is receiving money for killed soldiers, selling dead bodies of poor, trained and professional Jawans of Pakistan Army, US $100 million is directly goes in to pockets without any audit, We have not seen any Major or above rank official ever killed.

Karazai, Mujadadi, Pir Gailani and Benazir who are issuing statements against Taliban had been enjoying top posts in Taliban Government or earned economical benefits on the names of supporting to Taliban.

911, a lotto 649 lottery, which over flooded Pakistani Banks, brought luxurious life style and expensive vehicles, alcohols and porn, foreign visits, pomp and shoe of NGO’s, Military business empire and real state money, armed security guards, fraud on the name of higher education. More over three dozen strategic, policy, defense, women and other hidden institutions were funded for the promotion of vulgarity, to change the real meanings of creation of Pakistan, slavery of India, to forget Kashmir and nuclear capabilities, to push and help Army in killing of civilians etc. Those institutions are being established for the monthly incomes and foreign trips of west sponsored so called intellectuals. All this is happening to create atmosphere of fear among westerners and generate an enemy number one of the west named “Taliban”, on other hand same “Taliban” is a kind mother for elite class of Pakistan for their luxurious life style and economical benefits.

Recently it was guessed that US might change its policy to involve Taliban in some kind of negotiations, it was a great set back for those who have constructed their buildings on the foundation of free and easy money. Those were also fearful that Taliban may change their policies their own. So a new doctrine of Talbanization is thrown to keep continuity of economical benefits for luxurious life style of elite. Meanings of new doctrine are very clear, to misguide west to keep receiving funds on the name of education, muddersah reforms, women protection, liberty and enlightened moderation etc. So bread and butter of foreign funded NGO’s, Oxford, Harvard and Tufts so called scholars, descendents of establishment, anti-Pakistan journalists, Generals, corrupt politicians, and vulgar extremists may not be deprived of their free income.

It is a great misconception and some prominent clergy had been taking advantage of creation of Taliban to their credit, which is quiet wrong. Rewind your memories or explore interviews of those peoples who trained armed, transported and financed recruits. According to them all Mujahideen were hired by Pakistani intelligence. Supply of some of them could be from seminaries but it was entire responsibility of intelligence to pick and choose any person. Another misconception which sectarian journalists like Najam Sethi group and some in Jang group or defense analyst are repeating since long that “Taliban” are wahabi, deobandi or salfi. Purpose of this exercise is to create hate and divide society on sectarian lines against Taliban.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 14 August, 2007

Talking to Taliban

Taliban- a hen who lay gold eggs – Part 2

Sectarianism is so badly cutting roots of our unity that recently when Pak Army invaded on Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa, there were hundred of copies of Quran, more then fifty thousand books of Ahadis and other books of Fiqah, no arrangement of their removal was planned, all copies of Quran and Hadis were humiliated or burnt, later those were thrown in nullah. Pakistani Mullahs who left no chance to take advantage of such issue, kept mum, declaring deobandi mosque and deobandi Quran, show their contentment on massacre.
If you may watch history of these hypocrite mullahs, they left no opportunity to bash non-Muslims or opposite sect for labeling and harassing. If you could believe that Gen. Naseer Ullah Babar who belongs to academy of fourty siparas in Quran, will be involved in supporting deobandi or wahabi, who was the mastermind at that time of creation of Taliban or does Shia Benazir was helping deobandi and wahabi is a great historical mistake in the minds of some sectarian intellectuals.

Now come to the point that why some peoples is supporting genuine Taliban of Afghanistan from Pakistani soil. To reach to conclusion it is necessary to study ethnic and religious structure of the area. Culture, rituals, cross border marriages, genealogy and anthropology of peoples of the area. Second important thing to consider is aggression, cruelty and killing of innocent peoples of the area with sophisticated weapons, creating a state of genocide of a particular community. Third important factor is those areas were host of Afghan refugees for more then thirty years. Lifafa Journalists and burger family scholars usually have no sense to think about sensitivities of the society, they jump to label them as Taliban and did not show any sympathy to brutalities which those poor have faced.
For example if some body paste a hand written letter in Pushto out side door of a barber shop, next day same letter is published in Washington Post or New York Times. If women of the area cover their head, it is termed as “Taliban dress”, propaganda that women are under discrimination in that area, a small percentage of incidences will be true, but if you may see Afghan women and NGO’s who are propagating, usually consists of singers and dancers, largest women protection group of Afghanistan headed by a singer, and HRCP members are in fore front to declare those singers as victims and earn money from west on their names. Next propaganda is cd’s and recording in public transport, before 911 it was also banned in Pakistan, there were a few porn video shops on fingertips, but now enlightened moderation is pushing young generation toward immorality, aids, physical and mental sickness due to promotion of vulgar culture in the society. It is not a duty of Taliban to stop such practice, it must be stopped by Government of Pakistan, like many civilized nations who keep strict control on porn.

We have quoted a few examples; it is difficult to cover all corners of the problem. In fact our foreign policy is bitterly failed, from Kashmir issue to friendship with India and U-turn of Afghanistan to un-necessary obsequiousness of neo-cons and neo-imperialists. Minister of foreign affairs is a rude and selfish person, he starts quarreling if some body may ask any question; he did not listen and treat him as Aql e Kul. Mean mentality of dictator to receive economical benefits in exchange to pride of nation has put Government under pressure that third category politicians and persons of establishment are successfully using carrot, if not they use stick. Its recent example is how imposition of emergency was turned down by Condi, their intervention was good for the peoples of Pakistan and health of democracy. Today 60th birthday of Pakistan was celebrated under 60,000 troops of Army, Police and agencies at capital of the state.

A huge tsunami of propaganda against so called Taliban is in practice that they don’t like women education or resist education of girls. I will let you remind that when Army was going to invade on Jamia Hafsa, first voice was raised by FATA, NWFP and Kashmiri peoples. That warning was translated as “Taliban threat” by fascist media and linked Jamia Hafsa to Talbanization.
Fact is that this question of involvement of leaders of FATA area in Jamia Hafsa support was asked by media and many other peoples of the area were contacted that why a large number of girls from those backward areas were under education at Jamia Hafsa. Parents and relatives simply replied that we want our girls to be educated, but tribal system and illiteracy with poverty does not allow us to let our girls study, in this context they termed that Jamia Hafsa which has a status of university, and according to them it is situated at educated area of Pakistan.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 14 August, 2007

Talking to Taliban

Taliban- a hen who lay gold eggs – Part 3

For them it was like sending daughters or sisters to UK for studies, moreover major expenses of boarding and lodging were born by Jamia administration, and all people of the surrounding area had trust on clerics, so they took bold step for the education of girls.

Now please tell who closed the doors of education to girls, whether Taliban or enlightened moderates? First step towards education was blocked on political and sectarian grounds. It will be easy for peoples the psyche of the area and foolishness of invaders that a General from Hangu was nominated to invade on Jamia Hafsa, every body knows sectarian differences of the area, each year dozen of peoples are killed, this mistake has further widened the differences and peoples of the area started attacks on state forces. Which fascist media has termed as “Shar Pasand” and “terrorists”.

Finally in the interest of Pakistan as a nation, any body who is purposely propagating, labeling and pushing for military action is agent of neighboring country, journalists, columnists and NGO’s who are writing horror stories and lies are receiving funds from abroad. Present killings by Armed forces in FATA and other areas is genocide of Pushtoons, it is crime against humanity to eliminate any part of the population without any legal justification, and it is state terrorism.

Remove all Generals, retired Faujis, all PPP politicians from the scene of FATA and NWFP, including Sherpao, Kamal Shah and other retirees. Let the peoples decide what they want or involve courts to decide whether peoples of that area are Taliban, terrorists, anti-state or foreign agents. This is not the duty of Bush or Karazai to decide future of tribal areas. If northern alliance, communists, Khalq and Parcham party will ever have a foot in side tribal region, it will be last day for Pakistan to claim the area back. It is very dangerous to use Sherpao group in this matter, don’t forget Al Zulfiqar, six consulates of our neighbor country, Karakoram State and role of nationalists in present Jirga.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 14 August, 2007

Talking Exile with Bank Account Abroad

Those who refused to quit unrapping of Religion for which Mujaheddine or Taliban(student)of Quran (Islam )fought before seem to have been changed into new format .This is also learning via internet referral .

What they followed before seem to have been overwhelmed by new phenomenon called Muslim Banking (equivalent to Islam or some name with Islam as a religion)said the Imam khutba with their own IB commission business. This is so gooooooooood mechanism to wrap up Islam
With divided loyalties amid shia sunni firqawarana fasad.Oil asset eating is 100% Muslim with current format is new world order (here to stay).

Benjuman Zakaria, Canada - 14 August, 2007

Talking to taliban

Uniform sans uniformity
Having been under uniform nothing was done for uniformity in this country. Rather every thing has been finding out for disharmony & heterogeneity. Pakistan is the first country in the globe where there was nothing virtual of disharmony - and there was everything for harmony and homogeneity. Pakistan is again the first country where disharmony & disparity are searched out & applied to split the people and pierce the peace. For instance; we don’t having schisms alone in religion. Rather we are having the dreadful discord in education system viz government extra ordinary schools, for extra ordinary people - government ordinary schools for ordinary people, - private schools for extra ordinary people - private schools for ordinary people - madrassas for imparting the madness. We are having the dreadful discord in health as well; allopathy, homeopathy, tebb-i-unani, tebb-i-islami for people of above assortment. Similar is the case in Judiciary; courts & tribunals of assortment. So what you sow the so shall you reap!!!

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court), Pakistan - 17 August, 2007

Restoration of peace

Well do you know who are talibans. Just the freedom fighters left overs of russian afghan war . well after draining them or using them against russian USA has really treated them like left overs. Well those so called Taliban( students) have acted upon the reaction of anarchy that was left in afghanistan and warlordism that was created by america's tactics of acheaving their wasted interests. Now to talk to Taliban is gonna work or not i think it is just the matter of having the global vision. dont we know what taliban wants and dont we know what america wants . What would you t alk about . America want night and they want day , just opposite how would u make them to sit on the table and talk on the issue of their independence when u know their history.

Adil Umer, United Arab Emirates - 18 August, 2007

Talking to Taliban- An other way

It is mot a matter that US can not take u-turn. It is p0ssible if it can talk to exix of evils like Iran and North Korea why not Taliban. There is a long passage for US to travel. There are more Taliban in their way, Chinese Turkistan is also a hot bed. Taliban also need a u-turn, if they will u-turn all the economical benefits to Pakistan will innediately stop. It is in the unterest og Govt. of Pakistan to keep alive this show and keep filling foreign reserves. There is no fight between extremism and liberalsim, it is just a fight between greedy griffons and rest of the ordinary public. In Pakistan liberals have no courage to label their daughters and sisters what we expect in their heart and mingd. Enlightened moderates must first start from home to push out their daughters as a role model. America has the history of sitting with each of its opponents, Qaddafi was a tough nut and Ahmedinajat was an other, you may watch he ran to embrace Karazai next day. According to internet knews Pakhtoonistan issue is again awakenung. It is only due to failure of our foreign policy that Jirga an important event was held in haphazzard manner, what mean of Jirga when accused, opponents and target are not represented. This is not a storey of one day, it is 25 years old game. Mush is always feel relaxed when opponents are orphan like peoples. Other wise his condition is visible in front of category three western diplomats.Pakistan's foreign policy is failed one, Kashmir gone, Nuclear capabilities are in the hands of eunuchs, target killings, state terrorism and unjustice is written on the faces of public. MUsh is flowing secterianism to divide pushtoons like Iraq.Choosing DG Rangers Husain Mahdi to attack on Jamia Hafsa was a part of this game. Now see Maj. Gen of Tochi Scouts and commandent of Shawal Rifles, all are being utilised on secterian grounds.
None in present govt want reconciliation because all of their sourve of income is US aid on the name of war on terror. A huge rush of descendents of establishment reaching in western schools abroad, Who is financing them.
Government spent 4320 million rupees on advertisement on CNN for 3 hour programma to show them staunch mercenries. Why Benazir is dieing with pain of War on terror, she is in hurry, she knows that if any thing will be settled peacefully then nothing will left for her. She is spenting million of dollars on her self projection.
I feel that negociation is possible, if Pakistan is sincire. If sensitive issues will left in the hands of political orphans like Mush, Shakuit Aziz, Ch; Shujaat, Ministry of Interior, or foreign funded NGO's it will never solve. After this jirga I strongly believe that we will get rid of FATA area on the name of Pakhtunistan. India is there to recognise it and it has also launched claim against Pakistan for those areas, study the history of Pakhtunistan.
All the present leaders of Afghamistan have been walking on the streets of Quetta and Islamabad. More ober there is twenty times larger like FATA area in Afghanistan.
First stop the brutalities, aerial bombartmnet, killings, imprisonments and remove army then start talking. Pakistan has failed and broke peace accord with Waziristan by sending troops in. As a result of which every day hidden dead bodies are buried in villages without any media coverage. It is funny that not a single dead body of any Taliban is ever shown to public. Winning heart and brains is the great success higher then land occupation. One dead brings ten opponents every day. It is crime and against the law to target a particular community on secterian or political grounds. It is suggested that Kashmala Tariq, Mehnaz Raffi, Benazir, Kishwar Naheed, Bushra Rahman, Asma Gailani, Shireen Mazari, Naseem Zehra type women and Fourty siparas, Sher Afgan Niazi and Long arm of Qunoon type ministers and scholars may be permanently appointed at Waziristan area. So those will successfully teach Taliban about advantages of vulgarity and desadvantages of massage therapy.Those scholars have taught us a lot at Islamabad that we don't need education any more, now it is the requirement of FATA area, where porn is very expensive.
Try all Pakistani's from educationests to vulgarists, may be any body will achieve their goal. Taliban could also be engaged in matrimonial relations.

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 19 August, 2007

Talking To Talibans

anyone responsible for killing innoncent Muslims and Civilian non Muslims is not worth talking to

Amir, Pakistan - 20 August, 2007

Traped in own game

Some will say Pakistan is traped in its own game, How clever, Why would you need to work hard and find ways to talk to a group of terrorists you the government and certain religious circles and certainly the intelegent department of the pakistan government supported for years. why not simple admit failure of past policy and a desperate atempt to establish real national recognition some 10 years ago by supporting the taliban.

pervez Musharaf knows very well how wrong his country has been to support the taliban and try to gain the support of the masses to do this. Now he has the task of reversing all that wrong, I think his job will be alot easier to come clean and start again, although looking at the governance and policy and history in pakistan he can achieve it without coming out with the truth.

Samir Latifi, British Indian Ocean Territory - 22 August, 2007

Crusade against Islam.

No pullout from Iraq while I'm president, declares George W. Bush.

On to Iran, declares Vice President Cheney.

Israel is a "peace-seeking state" that needs $30 billion of US taxpayers' money for war, declares State Department official Nicholas Burns.

The Democratic Congress, if not fully behind the Iraqi war, at least no longer is in the way of it.

Nor are the Democrats in the way of the Bush regime's build up for initiating war with Iran.

The Bush regime says it is going to designate part of Iran's military -- the Revolutionary Guards -- a terrorist organization, whose bases and facilities Bush intends to bomb along with Iran's nuclear energy sites. Three US aircraft carrier strike forces are deployed off Iran. B-2 Stealth bombers are being fitted to carry 30,000 pound "bunker-buster" bombs to use against hardened sites. Politicized US generals assert that Iran is providing arms and aid to the Iraqi resistance to the US occupation. The media are feeding the US population the same propaganda about nonexistent Iranian weapons of mass destruction that they fed us about nonexistent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. A former CIA Middle East field officer, Robert Baer, has written in Time magazine that the Bush regime has decided to attack the Revolutionary Guards within the next 6 months. Remember the "cakewalk war"? Well, this time the neocons think that an attack on the Revolutionary Guards will free Iran from Islamic influence and cause Iranians to back the US against their own government.

Lies, unprovoked aggression, and delusional expectations -- the same ingredients that produced the Iraq catastrophe -- all over again. The entire Bush regime and both political parties are complicit, along with the media and US allies.

According to Baer, the Bush regime has given no consideration to whether Iran's response to a US attack might be different than to welcome it as liberation. What if Iran really were to arm the Iraqi resistance and/or to sink our aircraft carriers? How can any government, even one as incompetent, delusional and unaccountable as the Bush regime, initiate war without any thought to the consequences?

The Bush regime's planned war against Iran casts light on the large increase in military armaments that the US is supplying to Israel. With Iraq in chaos and civil war, an attack on Iran leaves as opposition to Israel only Syria and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Israel cannot finish off the Palestinians until Hezbollah is destroyed. An Israeli attack on Syria while the US attacks Iran would leave Hezbollah without supplies in the face of a new Israeli attack.

The agenda unfolding before our eyes may be the neoconservative/Israeli/Cheney plan to rid the Middle East of any check to Israeli territorial expansion.

Nicholas Burns said that the $30 billion in military aid was not conditional on any Israeli concessions or progress toward resolving the conflict with the Palestinians. Israel's ghettoizing and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian West Bank proceeds apace.

Meanwhile in America, while more money is poured into more war, condemned bridges collapse killing Americans who trusted their government to provide safe infrastructure. Devastated residents of New Orleans remain unaided. Financial difficulties deepen for more Americans as falling home prices and jobs lost to offshoring push more Americans into desperate straits. The US dollar continues to fall as the government's war debts build up abroad.

Except for the armaments industry, where is the gain to America in Bush's wars? Before Bush invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban had stamped out drug production. The US invasion has brought it back.

On August 22 Bush told the Veterans of Foreign Wars that US troops are the "greatest force for human liberation the world has ever known." Tell that to the 650,000 dead Iraqis and the 4 million displaced Iraqis, and the tens of thousands of slaughtered Afghans, and the coming civilian deaths in Iran. Tell that to all the bombed civilians from Serbia to Africa who are blown to pieces in order that a US president can make a point. Bush goes far beyond George Orwell's "Newspeak" in his novel, 1984, when Bush equates US hegemony with liberation.

America's hegemonic hubris is a sickness. A country that tolerates a war criminal while he openly plans to attack yet another country is definitely not a light unto the world.

Shams Tabreezii.., Pakistan - 24 August, 2007

Let all talk to Taliban

While humanity is fast marching to WW3, only talking to Taliban can save the human race from the final doomsday.

Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 27 August, 2007

Lal Mosque Massacre: An Analysis Of What Really Hap

The skies of Islamabad still remains in a peculiar silent mourning with buzzing of grieving crickets narrating the stories of innocents massacred and gassed in cold blood by blood-thirsty tyrant and apostate dictator as a month passes by.

Amid dreadful storm of disbelief, tyranny and oppression, speaking truth remains the utmost of all noble tasks before Ummah. Abid Ullah Jan, a renowned Pakistani analyst, gives an eye opening study of the facts pertaining to this worst crime of Crusader-Zionist-Pervesist axis of evil.The so-called Lal Masjid operation is officially over but it leaves the military regime and Pakistan in a major security, political, moral and religious crisis. Based on the available information, we can clearly see what really happened. Following are the bare minimum of facts that can be accommodated in a short article. It is not difficult to dig the associated facts and prepare a legal case against the culprits of this bloody adventure.

The pro-regime analysts claim that all the damning information that exposes the regime is fantastic and damning allegations, facts mixed with fantasy to create a dramatic PR affects. They want to make the public believe that the following are mere perceptions and have nothing to do with the reality:That there are over 1000 casualties of students, mostly women and children and the government have removed the bodies for secret burials.

• There were no weapons in the complex and the governments have planted them after the operation.

• There were no terrorists or foreign fighters inside the complex and the government is only using this excuse to build its cases.

• The operation has been carried out on the orders of the US by General Musharraf to please West to seek a re-election for next five years.

As for the number of casualties concerned, there are two main issues at stake:

1) How relevant it is and,

2) Is it just the clerics who are kicking dust that 1000 casualties have taken place within students of the seminary?The hundreds of casualties is not so relevant because either 10 or 1000 means little when it comes to the punishment for taking innocent lives. Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto was hanged for the murder of just one person. Therefore, discussion on this point should not mislead us from the crime committed by General Musharraf.

Secondly, there are editorial and analysis by credible and neutral journalists who have come to the conclusion after putting all available statistics side by side that at least 902 and at the most 1956 people have been killed.
Among the victims were orphans, people from as far as Azad Kashmir and other remote areas. These include families with little of no resources to afford to come to Islamabad, get together in one place and campaign for their dead ones in these circumstances..Relative of the victims, who were already in Islamabad are running from pillar to post to no avail. Camps have already been established for the victims from Kashmir to assess the actual number of missing people. Amid the reports of mass burials, people have already lost hope to find their loved ones.

Not allowing the media at the time of operation makes some sense. However, not allowing them to enter the mosque immediately after the operation and a ban on media personnel to visit hospital and cold storage for dead bodies simply shows that there was too much for the regime to hide and plant.

It would be ridiculous on the part of relatives of the victims to insist looking in the mass graves for their loved ones, which the regime should have handed over to the relative in the first place.An announcement to come and recognize your loved ones in the dead bodies at cold storage would have brought many to the front to show the estimate of missing people. Maybe that’s why the government was in a hurry and started digging and burying during the night. The laborers working on the graves told BBC two and more bodies in one coffin. And logically, more than 100 mass graves for 102 victims (as per the military regimes claim) just do not make any sense.There is so much behind the façade of fighting extremism. To save the nation, to save the armed forces and Pakistan, we need to be persistent and press for answers to all the questions which are still left unanswered. At the same time, based on the available, undeniable facts and witnesses, we need to make the regime accountable and make the culprits pay the price because not only the blood of innocent civilians lie on their hands but it has give a perfect justification to the Islamophobes to prepare a case for an all out war on Pakistan. a delegation of members of Parliament belonging to the government's coalition partners, the Muttahida Quami Movement. They are believed to have met with a US official at his official residence, after which the situation changed within an hour.”

There is no reason for us to believe the one-sided, pro-government, biasedre ports.

Khawajaa gahreeb nawaaz.., Pakistan - 29 August, 2007

Negotiation with Taliban is completely funny and unacceptable, because if the government of Afghanistan set on the table of negotiation with Taliban then it is possible to be set on the table of Negotiation with Beny and Al- Zawy too.
Both extremists groups were called guilty of 9/11 by US and Western.
In fact Fazil Rahman is supporter of Taliban he is guilty of 9/11 too. Even prince of Saudi Arabia is guilty of 9/11 because he said he will support Taliban in Afghanistan if US with draw from Iraq. Really this mean they don’t want the region be in peace and have stable security. If US bombing Taliban still, because Beny and Al-Zawry was sheltered in Afghanistan in late 90’s how come we are not bombing Fazil Rahman although he supports Mullah Omer and Pakistani Taliban including Beny and Al-Zawry right now.

Azer Khan Ahmadzai

Aner Khan Ahmadzai, Pakistan - 30 August, 2007

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