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Swiss court convicts Benazir and Asif

06 August, 2003

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Ms Benazir Bhutto, her husband Asif Zardari, along with a Swiss lawyer, are charged guilty of arraying an illegal six per cent of commission or ‘bribe’ worth $12 million for awarding a pre-shipment customs inspection contract to two Swiss firms Societe Generale de Surveillance and Cotecna. Former first couple are ordered to repay GoP the full amount 11,997,423 $ along with a diamond necklace.

It would also be important to note that Benazir Bhutto and her husband were convicted in the same case by a court in Pakistan but the decision was overturned by Supreme Court and re-trial was ordered.

Former prime minister and her husband deny any conviction in these trials in the courts blaming them to be politically motivated charges by their rivals.

What is your opinion about the latest charge by Swiss court?

Is the couple’s claim, ‘Politically motivated charges by their rivals’, righteous?

Does indirect affirmation of Pakistani court’s decision dispose strong justice department in Pakistan?

What is the political future of Bhutto family?

Reader Comments:

Do you know about your father?

Such a shameful statment Syed karar haider, Pakistan. You certainly have brought the characterstics of the core of PPP supporters and members, how low can you go?
What did ZA do to punish Ghulam Mustafa Khar for kidnapping your sisters in daylight? is that how a governor is expected to be?
What happend to the democracy when Mairaj Mohammed Khan who carried ZA on his shoulders during his campaign for power, why was he jailed when he held ZA to his committment to provide roti, kapra aur makan to all Pakistanis, why when ZA was approached by Mairaj to start the so-called socialism in Pakistan from his own household and to distribute parts of his farming land through which there are 20+ railway stations are situated?
Why was Syed Saeed penalized for suggesting that according to democratic values ZA should relinquish and concede in favor of majority winner Sheikh Mujeeb of East Pakistan?
A lot more took place during the father's reign and thereafter BB the daughter's reign of terror. What goes around comes around. It is time for the Pakistani nation to bar these thugs forever from holding any elected or appointed position should they return to Pakistan.

Iqbal Zubeir, Pakistan - 28 September, 2005

Every Dog Has his Day and so did BB & AZ

Its so shameful thata while all the corruption by ZAB, BB, AZ & their cronies is as evident as daylight, however those who were blinded by the power of their sponsors in power continue to ignore the facts and fail to accept that their mentors their sponsors of all the corrupt activities could be convicted.
Its about time that these cronies give up the drum beat they have been following and be warned of the wrath of Allah SWT if you have the slightest spirits of Iman, give up your corrupt acts and stop supporting the corrupt rulers from the dark days of Pakistan.
As far as qualifications are concerned BB was recommended and sponsored by a past US President for a privileged admission to Harvard at the request of ZAB, it was not quite a matter of brilliance or merit on her part. With regards to AZ(adopted bhutto)without going into much details he is known to be very brilliant in stealing other's wealth and sticking his name as a share holder to the wealth of those who dont even know him, and by the way it is hereditary and runs in the family. All I wish to know is where did these people get the money to buy luxury estates in Europe and how have they been managing their finances with such luxurious lives, all the hoopla and travelling every now and then from UAE to UK and USA.
BB was in USA just a few weeks ago between 1st & 2nd week of March. Is there a special connection between her and the Monkey Bush so her travel and stay is paid by the White House? or she has to visit every so often to assure CIA that she is still active on their behalf in order to claim a payroll disbursement from them.
Its so downright sick to even think about all this and imagine how BB & Nawaz not-so-Sharieff were at each other's throats and now they seem to be confiding in each other to this extent !!!
Oh well! they both seem to know each other's tricks for deceiving the Nation of Pakistan that they find it necessary to form a consortium since individually they have both found out that they cannot do anything so it is better to pursue their missions in this manner however, only a thief can befriend another which brings the two new opportunities to rob the nation but it is not going to happen as the people have learned their lessons, and WE DONT WANT EITHER BB, AZ OR NAWAZ not-so Sharieff. May Allah SWT protect us from these robbers and dacoits who dont deserve to lead our nation, ameen.

Mazdoor & Kissan, Pakistan - 28 March, 2007


There is no doubt at all that Justice has been done to both, Ms. Benazir Bhutto and her husband Mr. Zardari are publicly known corrupt leaders in Pakistan. They have lot of properties in the west and so many bank accounts. They were not that rich and how come that have all those funds in their accounts. Its all swindled money and they are going to be punished by Swiss Government. God will also punish them more though they have lost almost their entire family. Lost two brothers, mother house arrest and struggling to live. BB got no shame and must remain away for life from the borders of Pakistan.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 23 June, 2007

suprise at our public

Its shocking to see our people running behind the same people over and over Banazir or Nawas what happened during there period was nothing , I am not supporting musharaf but atleast there is something happening I heard on tv people saying money that came into pak is cuz of 9/11 but if we see Emaar / Nakheel investment TV channels , Telecom , Oil and privatization, there will be coruption you cant deny but these investments are creating jobs , go to karachi there are young boys & girls working in call centres for 12000PKR which is great I personally met them but comparing price rise to economy is stupid like our opposition saying sugar price never went up ? well it has gone up internationally. it will go up . I am also suprise at our religious parties they

majid, Ukraine - 11 August, 2007


Pakistan's future should be goverened by modern,educated, forward looking professionals like Mr. Afzal Khan from Hamburg (Gemany)with giant knwoledge and being an aerospace engineer. A very diplomatic & intelligent person, the best, to govern Pakistan.

Riaz Butt, Pakistan - 14 August, 2007


Bb refused to attend a court hearing in spain for stealing 150mln dollar irqi oil oil with her buisness partner mr malik money laundered through to ofshore companies based, her excuse security reasons if pakistanis elect her then they are a disgrace. she should be locked up.

rommel, Pakistan - 16 September, 2007

I am sure that Benazir has had her own people set of the bombs so that she can now claim support and sympathy from the west as indeed from within the country.

She wants to bring democracy within the country when there is no democracy in her own party. I hope and pray that the swiss court issues summons and that she and the chameleon are arrested.

nonymous, Pakistan - 22 October, 2007

It's amazing to me how so many people can deam themselves judge over someone elses matters. I find the whole topic absent of concrete evidence, that should have been presented when litigations were first made. The fact that time has elapsed to such an extreme gives question to its validity. Then again isn't it human nature to beat a dog when he is down. I'm sure all these comments where derived by honest living individuals with reputable standing in their communities.
During these times it is hard to determine between fact or fiction with the numerous consistant conspiracies, mocked staging etc, from institutions that forget the original story only for personal (behind the scene) gain..BB and AZIF did more for the people than any one of us will ever do in our lifetime....

Kim Klardie, United Kingdom - 11 February, 2008

Mr.Ten %

If these people were convicted by a Pakistani court then we can say that the conviction was politically motivated but here they were convicted by a Swiss court and still they want us to believe that they are innocent.Courts in Europe are not like courts in Pakistan

arshad, Pakistan - 26 August, 2008

Mr. Culprit

It's a big SHAME even to think about Zardari to be president of the nation. What message these people want to give to the world? The culprit of yesterday is beoming president of today, PLEASE STOP IT!

Fraz, Kazakstan - 27 August, 2008

Shame on Pakistan

The fact that a known corrupt, vile and digusting person is even running for president is shameful. He should be in Jail or living in luxury abroad with this "haram" wealth, not ruining the lives of more innocent people. As for the people supporting him? I don't think they are people. Idiots and liars, yes, honest, caring people, NO!

ShameonUs, Pakistan - 27 August, 2008


Mr zardari is tarnishing his slain wife's family name, ppp's future is in jeopardy .

faisal nisar, Pakistan - 25 July, 2009


how ever all these sujected commites show that Mr.Zardari and his wife were guilty of offence But as the matter of fact Mr.Zardari is right that this is the Political Revenge NOthing Else. So do't talk any Rubbish thing Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto is our leader of the Nation and shall not commite any Crime as the Superme court of Pakistan Acquted from this case

Advocate Kamran, Pakistan - 25 July, 2009


Basically both asif zardari and Benazir bhutto were crimnals and traitors giving bad name to their fellow sindis who are famous for their norrow mindness it is the bad sindi blood that runs in their vains which force them to do all the crimes so to all sindis BURN IN HELL

faran, Pakistan - 21 January, 2010

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