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Swiss court convicts Benazir and Asif

06 August, 2003

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Ms Benazir Bhutto, her husband Asif Zardari, along with a Swiss lawyer, are charged guilty of arraying an illegal six per cent of commission or ‘bribe’ worth $12 million for awarding a pre-shipment customs inspection contract to two Swiss firms Societe Generale de Surveillance and Cotecna. Former first couple are ordered to repay GoP the full amount 11,997,423 $ along with a diamond necklace.

It would also be important to note that Benazir Bhutto and her husband were convicted in the same case by a court in Pakistan but the decision was overturned by Supreme Court and re-trial was ordered.

Former prime minister and her husband deny any conviction in these trials in the courts blaming them to be politically motivated charges by their rivals.

What is your opinion about the latest charge by Swiss court?

Is the couple’s claim, ‘Politically motivated charges by their rivals’, righteous?

Does indirect affirmation of Pakistani court’s decision dispose strong justice department in Pakistan?

What is the political future of Bhutto family?

Reader Comments:

Profiting by Experience!

Exalted Truth imposes upon us
Heat and Cold,Grief and Pain.
Terror and Weakness of wealth
and Body.
Together,so that the coin of
our innermost being.
Becomes evident.-----RUMI.
This was a battle between the
Arrogance of a family and the
Ignorance of supporters.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 06 August, 2003

Justice Done!

I personally believe for sure that Justice has been done. Both, Ms. Benazir Bhutto and her husband Mr. Zardari are publicly known corrupt leaders in Pakistan.

If someone ask them what have they done for the poor masses, the answer would be "NOTHING".

Pakistani courts have convicted her already and she's already a wanted criminal in Pakistan as she failed to even appear in court so many times. She's always blamed the justice system of Pakistan and now as expected, she would blame the Swiss courts.

But the bottom line is that there's no future of these Bhutto's, Zardaris and Sharifs in Pakistan.

Today people of Pakistan have won their importance case against corruption. Thanks to Swiss Goverment!.

Ali, Pakistan - 06 August, 2003

Bhutto's End

This is got to be the end of Bhuttos in Pakistan. It's sad that we have come to the point that we do not trust the judgement of our own courts, but we prefer to accept what others say.

In our hearts, we knew she and her husband, both were corrupt.

Shah, Pakistan - 08 August, 2003

Next Sharifs

Nawaz sharif seems to be smart when he made a deal with the Govt and ran away.

Nawaz sharif has already invested his money by building Jeddah's biggest shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. He's a smart guy, Govt should also bring him into the brackets of accountability and get the maximum money back to Pakistan from his pockets.

Proud Pakistani, Pakistan - 08 August, 2003

s wiss connection

When pak supreme ct.overturned the same case against bb & Az.How can anyone give their own judgement.Since dictator zia's time enemies of the people of pak have tried to defame benazir and they have time and again failed,inshaallah like zia dictator musharaf will also fail.

shafik, United Kingdom - 09 August, 2003

The Supreme Court had already turned down the same charges against BB & AZ,even in the elections(oct 2002)BB,s party got the highest no.of votes and that was the real judgement coz that was given by the people of Pak.The present regime is also a bunch of NABist politicians including PM Jamali &Ch.Shujaat,simply this is the discrimination between pro & anti establishment forces.In the eyes of ARMY(real ruler)everyone is corrupt except them &thier cronies.

saeed, Pakistan - 09 August, 2003

BB's conviction

We all know that only criminals belong to PPP.
Now look at these criminals trying to defend their mentor.
BB and Zardari are cheap thieves like her father Zulfiqar. She is the grand daughter of a Hindu dancing girl, daughter of a convicted killer, wife of a corrupt crook and sister of a terrorist.
How can she be defended with those credentials ?

ARKhan, United Kingdom - 09 August, 2003



Nabi, Pakistan - 10 August, 2003

The plunderer must pay the price

I hope the unbiased ruling by the court of a neutral country will convince those skeptics who found it hard to accept the reality that Ms. Bhutto and her partner plundered the meager resources of this poor nation. Lets hope that the search for justice will not end with just the conviction. For the sake of the nation's future, the authorities must pursue these criminals and others like them until they pay the full price for robbing and deceiving the Pakistani Nation. However, the focus must be on the interests of the nation and not gaining a political leverage.

M. J. Khan, Aruba - 10 August, 2003

Swiss court convicts Benazir and Asif

Mr Shafik I do not see any correlation between the military dictators and the conviction of a former Prime Minster and her spouse who have been convicted in a court of plundering millions of dollars from a poor country.

It is shameful that a person who held the highest office of a nation would be so low to be caught thieving. Indeed a great disappointment for the whole nation.

These criminals should now be tried in our own country and if convicted should be punished with the maximum sentencing. This will than ensure that no one dare indulge in such activity ever again.

Saleem Chaudhry

Saleem Chaudhry, United Arab Emirates - 10 August, 2003

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto has kept her in self-implied assylum, but it is also a fact that benazir bhutto is a continuum of Zulfiqar Bhutto and this family is not like Nawaz Sharif. it has some traditions of education and national eliteness. yes asif zardari can be blamed for his bad character in former political govts but O Contractors of Ethics and Islam, appear with, on what has been done with zardari in last eight years.

Ata Muhammad Bux, Pakistan - 11 August, 2003

Benazir Bhutto

put it on desk if he has been subjected to be a convicted?? almost in every case he is on bail. What is the reason to keep him behind bars??? Islam, even, dont give right to keep one inside custody when he is not convicted to be a guilty. All ethics of Pakisatnis remains in back in this matter. our judiciary is LAME which is not able to decide whether a person is innocent or guilty in ten years. Shame. Just accountability should be carried on , and Just Judiciary should be made in Pakistan which should be ABOVE ALL not froufrou.

Ata Muhammad Bux, Pakistan - 11 August, 2003

I am totaly differ with ARKhan and i wanted to tell him he should not use these words for Benazir Bhutto.Really she is a great leader & great woman of Pakistan. Before using these words i ask one quetion from ARKhan whether he is sure about his father. NO body knows only the mother can give gurantee of your reality.Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was also very wise & brave leader. Any how what ever they are they are pakistani atleast we should not give them bad names. I am really very sorry from ARKhan if i say something--- but i request him not to use these words for our great Benazir atleast. thanks
Haider from KSA

syed karar haider, Pakistan - 11 August, 2003

Necklace or noose?

Necklace or noose?
Diamond cuts diamond was proved correct once again, for a dacoit knows the ways & means of another dacoit - and ergo due to her now brother, Nawas Sharif's Ehthisab prosecutor Saifur Rehman initiation of proceeding, the BB now became the Bandit Queen - and thus if her necklace turned into noose for her on one hand - then her conviction by Swiss Court has acquitted all the coups on the other. Pakistan has been an orphan of course; still it never spares her transgressor.

aftab alam khankhel advocate, Pakistan - 13 August, 2003

Nothing will happen

Everyone knows that they are corrupt and have looted the nation, but what can be happened. BB is having a luxury life in UAE and Mr. 5% is enjoying his life in an airconditioned jail. Someone mentioned that Mr. 5% is behind bar againsta Islam. Well in Islam he should not be behind the bar but should be out will his amputated hands. In few years BB will be elected and again a misery on us. Nothing can't happen till we have a deep thinking in our souls as a nation and thin what Almighty had ordered us. These leaders are just reflections of ourselves as our Prophet (PBUH) said.

Amir Raza, United Kingdom - 17 August, 2003

Yes, my opnion is based on humanity of which eveyone is a preacher. according to judiciary view point i am in favor of decisions on cases against asif, or benazir or nawaz sharif. it is easy to be a chairman of some Islamic organization or some Think Tank, following doctrines of humanity is a bitter aspect of truth.

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 29 August, 2003

Swiss court convicts Benazir and Asif

Benazir and Zardari are both criminals and there is no way they will be freed from the Swiss courts where they still going to appear to clear their names. Its a shame that some people in Pakistan still support them and want them back to do more corruption and deprive the common from the basic needs they have still be not provided. Swiss government is great where they will be given justice as they always say innocent and done nothing. They can blame Pakistani Justice System but here they can't blame them because they got enough evidence to convict them and punishment is going to come one day. They must be fairly treated, this is my wish.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 15 April, 2005


I sincerely trust that the progressive and well informed Pakistani's will never make a blunder to vote in these power crazy and covicted Mafias back to power. Pakistan's future should be goverened by modern,educated, forward looking professionals and not by prejudised Moulvis & Mullas. Pakistan need to build bridge amongst all minorities and creat a civil society respecting the rights and beliefs of all beings>>>>
allahs creation.

Adam, Canada - 21 April, 2005

Bhutto,s should be tried for atrocities

The exiled Bhutto should be brought before the World Tribunal and be punished for the corruption and locked up forever. These thieves & crookes lives should not be spared at any cost!!!!!!!!!

Adam, Canada - 21 April, 2005

Do you know about your father?

Such a shameful statment Syed karar haider, Pakistan. You certainly have brought the characterstics of the core of PPP supporters and members, how low can you go?
What did ZA do to punish Ghulam Mustafa Khar for kidnapping your sisters in daylight? is that how a governor is expected to be?
What happend to the democracy when Mairaj Mohammed Khan who carried ZA on his shoulders during his campaign for power, why was he jailed when he held ZA to his committment to provide roti, kapra aur makan to all Pakistanis, why when ZA was approached by Mairaj to start the so-called socialism in Pakistan from his own household and to distribute parts of his farming land through which there are 20+ railway stations are situated?
Why was Syed Saeed penalized for suggesting that according to democratic values ZA should relinquish and concede in favor of majority winner Sheikh Mujeeb of East Pakistan?
A lot more took place during the father's reign and thereafter BB the daughter's reign of terror. What goes around comes around. It is time for the Pakistani nation to bar these thugs forever from holding any elected or appointed position should they return to Pakistan.

Iqbal Zubeir, Pakistan - 28 September, 2005

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