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Swat Incident: Flogging of a Girl

08 April, 2009

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By Zaheerul Hassan
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On April 3, 2009 an inhuman incident happened in the Swat valley of Pakistan. A 17 year old girl Chand Bibi was whipped in public with 34 lashes for the crime yet to be confirmed. Interior Minster Rehman Malik condemned the incident and Pakistan Chief Justice asked for the complete inquiry report. According to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Muslim Khan, the act is in accordance to Shariah, but he refused that the flogging happened in Swat. Few days have gone by and no report has come forward from any Government official. Chand Bibi has also denied that any such incident happened to her.

  • Is this incident a conspiracy against Islam or destroys peace process in Swat?
  • Do you think that real Taliban are behind the incident?
  • Do you think that punishment was administered strictly in accordance with the tenants of Islam?
  • Do you think timing of the release of this video is to thwart the signing of the Sharih bill by President Asif Ali Zardari?
  • Do you think Pakistan Supreme Court would take the Suo Moto action against this incident?
  • Do you think the video is fake as some authorities have raised objectionable questions?
  • Reader Comments:

    Muslims of south asia

    It is true that pakistani young women are turning their lives into a free way.Not just pakistanis but also bangladeshis who are far worse. Strangely muslim women from india are more conscious of family values and are always looking to seriously settle down within some responsible person of thier choice or even with the choice of their own parents. In the UK there thankfully an increasing number of yong men and women taking up to religion.Wearing hijab is common feature .Attending mosques and praying five times is done like a competition and with a joy. Mashallah. The distinction between pakistan,bangldesh,indian etc is fast disappearing.Young people tend to regard themselves as only 'muslim' and nothing more. Looks like the dream and command of the holy prophet is being fulfilled.aameen. More and more arranged marriages are happening and family life is given importance. In the uk the advantage is that muslims have been helped and encouraged by the local govt authorties to practise their religion without being interfered with the result that these south asian communities practise their ways and customs more robustly than they do in countries of north america and europe.Mosques packed on fridays and eid celebrations in the mosque are a pleasure. to watch .
    One can notice a big difference between those who practise and those who do not.Those who practise are so well behaved cultured and serious. This is what the right practise of islam does to people. There is no frivolity in their lives and they appear to appear to look for partners who can give them that encouragement. The result in the uk is that many young british born people are looking more and more for arranged marriages with only practising muslims.Those women in canada europe or elsewhere who think that to be westernised is 'advanced' or 'modern' eventually pay the price. They end up being lonely and neglected oreven non-persons.Neither the western society want them nor their own.
    Strangely pakistanis or all south asians who come here are not practising Islam. They get really astounded when they see that islam is kept so alive by these young british born men and women.mashallah. Pakistanis pursue interest in politics rather than in islam.It leads them to nowhere.It leads young males often to prison and females to a life of disrespect and meaninglessness.
    Islam is the only answer to the confused so called muslims of bangldesh and pakistan who seem to follow only the culture rather than the religion itself.
    Religion is truly followed here in the UK by the british born muslims who pursue with firmness and enthusiasm all five pillars of islam with honesty and devotion.These are basically a very honest pure people who are referred in the holy quran as the 'strangers'.It is mentioned in the quran that a time will come when the muslims will lose faith in their own religion there will be born a new generation of muslims who will take away islam from them to show how it should be truly practised. Looks like this is actually happening in the UK.
    More and of these young muslims should actively start their own dawa camapaigns and bring their lost brothers and sisters to the only true path. Inshallah.

    Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 20 April, 2009

    Fake video conspiracy

    Let us play around with the answers in context to the now victory of the truth and burrial defeat of the fake video shot that has auspiciously happened since we answered the questions last time.

    Latest and fresh answers.

    Is this incident a conspiracy against Islam or destroys peace process in Swat?

    This fake video conspiracy was meant to be both. The fake video shot was instigated design as conspiracy against islam and was timed to destroy peace process with Pakistan made as specific target for embroiling the Islamic nation into ethnic in-bleeding of evil reasons to explode military against civilians and vice versa.

    The evil intent has failed completely and the video shot has died of its own evil creation.First, sweet seventeen Chand Bibi has slapped the rabble rousers with strong denial that the fake shot never even happened. The video fake suffered a crushing set back and defeat as the peace process of NAR was signed and the instigators and liars failed miserably in reaping reward for their evil and lying fake video shot.

    And Pakistan specific dirty evil intent to create in-bleeding between Pak military and ethnic Pashtoons were burried along along with this ugly fake video.


    Do you think that real Taliban are behind the incident?

    What incident you are talking about.You want to tell me about fake identities of the enemy pretending to be Paks in this news paper.Don't talk imaginary Talibans here or ambiguity things that never even happened.The row of truthful and positive things that happened in Swat to boot out the instigating and fake makings and intent of the video by RAW and its agents were defeated the day president Zardari signed NAR deal for Swat.The evil along with this fake video got shot the same day.


    Do you think that punishment was administered strictly in accordance with the tenants of Islam?

    Do not bring noble Islam into the faker foxy liars

    Do you think timing of the release of this video is to thwart the signing of the Sharih bill by President Asif Ali Zardari?

    The fake video was timed to do its evil doings.But evil reaped its well fitted evil reward of total failure and defeat.The fake shot is all failed history now. It is burried in the mud as it deserved it so
    Do you think Pakistan Supreme Court would take the Suo Moto action against this incident?

    Pak supreme court is responsible body and never went near or touched fake criminal stuff.The fake criminal work died on its own without supreme court even coming its way.

    Do you think the video is fake as some authorities have raised objectionable questions?

    The video was fake and is fake. It was the instigated fake work of the enemy and died on its own. The fake thing got burried along with its lies.



    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 21 April, 2009

    It has been predicted in the quran that the muslims will be tempted by the shaytan.Shaytan does not mean a two horned creature with fire comingout of its mouth. Shaytan today is the materialism that is tempting all muslims in pakistan.This is why the country is in chaos. The purpose of partition has been defeated.The country has been further partitioned between the 'sophisticated' urban dwellers who ape western culture stupidly and pursue materialistic wealth most greedily and selfishly.Their tendency to look down upon their own citizens with disdain and contempt is most appalling. This only shows they have not even bothered to learn about Islam nor practise it.In the holy quran it is clearly mentioned that it is the duty of every successful muslim to help his unfortunate brother attain a respectable position in life.Instead of this muslims who are landowners and industrialists or businessmen tend to live in a life of their own dreaming of a life of hassanah only on this planet while neglecting their duty towards Islam.
    Western govts have taken advantage of this and are dividing the country even further.They have tempted the leaders with so much wealth that they are even being allowed to bomb their own people.Can one stoop still lower?
    So how can one blame the taliban for clamouring for sharia to be imposed in pakistan? Sharia is law in islam and this seems to be the only answer to pakistan's ills.A dialogue should be entered with the leaders of the taliban instead of asking the americans to bomb them. Every pakistan citizen should be compulsorily made to practise at least the basic tenets of islam so that he does not stray away from its true path.
    Enough damage has been done by adopting hindu customs and beliefs . Shrine worship,astrology,palm reading appear to be more common than attending mosques.This is not Islam. Islam offers the human every answer to life. It offers a system that is impenetrable and unchangeable. Those misguided young men and women of pakistan should change now before it is too late.Do not watch Indian TV. This is only a distraction that can take you away from the purpose of life. Indians are doing their best to distract pakistnis this way. They have almost made afghanistan their protectorate.Thier influience in this country is getting stronger and stronger and today they are drawing the americans closer than ever to threaten pakistan. Pakistanis should get equal justice and rights according to the laws of islam. Confusion has arisen because leaderrs of pakistan bolth past and present with the exception of one or two hav been tempted to adopt the ways of westernism without even understanding Islam nor westernism!
    In the UK today it is a pride and a joy to see Muslims of all shades and all nations enjoin together in regular prayers.Mosques are all busy and overcrowded on fridays.Mashallah.In spite of attacks on Islam by some perfidious hateful ignorant non-muslims more and more mosques are springing up in the capital city of london.In north england in the cities of birmingham, leicester etc more and more young people are being tutored by learned scholars and sheikhs as they aspire to become 'alims'.More and more more young women prefer to dress in Islamic attire and live a complete way of Islam and prefer to marry bearded practising young men. When this is happening in a westrn nation why cant it happen in pakistan?
    Why have these young people living in western nations chosen to turn seriusly towards Islam. Because they have seen the hollowness and unspiritualness of a materalistic life. A life which pakistanis and other unfortunate muslims are trying to pursue with enthusiasm. This is why there is confusion in the Islamic world today.Western nations have resorted to blackmail extortion and even bombing because of our disunity. To them we appear like dwindling hesitating weaklings who are easily swayed by materialism.
    Politics apart pakistanis leaders should be more and more honest and strict about their relations to their people and firm with their convictions. Peace,Justice,equality to all should be the cry . This is was said by the holy prophet (may peace be upon him) 1400 years ago.
    asalumu alaikum.

    Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 21 April, 2009

    Fanatacism at it's Finest

    Gotta love the display of fanatacism where people in power or seeking power will do unspeakable things and then use religion as their scapegoat. Believe what you want, where you want, but what you believe stops at my doorstep. I don't care who you are, I have a given right to live my life by moy own choosing. If I fail to follow your ways, then I will suffer for it later, but that suffering is mine to choose, not yours to deny.

    Heywood Jablowme, United Kingdom - 22 April, 2009

    Canning our sisters by thughs

    I am very upset to see that it is common practice in Islamic country to look down at women and not treating them as mother of our future Islamic world. The cowards take pleasure in caning the backsides of our gentle sisters. Why dont the pufters get their own backsides and see the pain they inflict on our sisters. I like to take on this heros of women beating. I doubt that the Koran gives such judgeing powers to inflict torture on our sisters. Shame on our Islamic brothers who injure our defenless sisters. I hope these cowards come out and show their faces. As a follower if Islamic faith I hope our bearded teachers and scholors of Islam find a solution to this skicness in our manhood. I hope the law will catch up with these thugs and hipocrate.

    Daud Bin Abdullah, Pakistan - 22 April, 2009


    Helen wrote: "although it might not always be clear who strtead what in video either."Yeah, I can't figure my way around that. It would tell you who was the most aggressive though. And when violence is necessary, I think the person who gets violence expects to face some trouble for it, even if it was completely justified.Interest tradeoffs in a difficult situation. I like student controlled video better than teacher controlled video though.Trey

    Ishmael, Rwanda - 07 August, 2012


    That's the tihnknig of a creative mind

    Happy, Portugal - 07 August, 2012


    I find it difficult to jutfsiy DOE having a SWAT team in the first place. In fact, I find it difficult to locate Constitutional authority for the department of Education at all. By extension that would make their SWAT team an illegal group, or at the very least, a group without Constitutional authority. Too bad a few didn't catch a round or two on their way through the door. Perhaps next time.

    UnPericol, Egypt - 07 August, 2012

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