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Swat Incident: Flogging of a Girl

08 April, 2009

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By Zaheerul Hassan
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On April 3, 2009 an inhuman incident happened in the Swat valley of Pakistan. A 17 year old girl Chand Bibi was whipped in public with 34 lashes for the crime yet to be confirmed. Interior Minster Rehman Malik condemned the incident and Pakistan Chief Justice asked for the complete inquiry report. According to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Muslim Khan, the act is in accordance to Shariah, but he refused that the flogging happened in Swat. Few days have gone by and no report has come forward from any Government official. Chand Bibi has also denied that any such incident happened to her.

  • Is this incident a conspiracy against Islam or destroys peace process in Swat?
  • Do you think that real Taliban are behind the incident?
  • Do you think that punishment was administered strictly in accordance with the tenants of Islam?
  • Do you think timing of the release of this video is to thwart the signing of the Sharih bill by President Asif Ali Zardari?
  • Do you think Pakistan Supreme Court would take the Suo Moto action against this incident?
  • Do you think the video is fake as some authorities have raised objectionable questions?
  • Reader Comments:

    .....we are modern taliban when it comes to rights of women.

    In our well cultured and modern society there are more henious crimes committed against women and even small girls,Talibans are living in stone age but atleast we people are not .
    This is a collective shame on us ,and i include both india and pakistan.
    Stupid people have been fighting both sides now for 6 decades for issues which will never get solved...who bears the brunt poor people especially women and children.
    One can build up a 60 bed hospital with the cost of 1 tank ,200 schools can be made with the cost of one F-16.
    .....but we are stupid people,americans beating you inside out still pakistan is licking their feet,so are indians with this nuclear deal....who suffers ?The poor,our women sold for money for prostitution in arab countries...
    people don't care for political issues they want peace,water,education...and a repectful life....but we are stupid people of sub continent ...
    This is a never ending story!

    Sumant, Hungary - 08 April, 2009

    Probably fake, Not worth destabilizing Pakistan

    Fake N offshoot

    There will be all types of vicious and malicios propaganda to malign Pakistan in order to destabilize it.The girl herself and some others have denied the thing to burry possible hatch of creating trouble in Pakistan.

    Even if you ignore Sharia, this act though sad if true(most probably wrong as the girl herself says with denial),such acts are not made national issues even in normal times in other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia,Iran or even Turkey and Jordan.

    In Swat case,it looks like one of those maligning acts that are very activated these days to dismember Pakistan.In Swat case,it is doubt, probability or ambiguity to destabilize Pakistan on not that great of issue which may be fabricated or fake drama, but even in very modernized Iran of Shah days, these acts happened in villages or remote areas.And even in very modern Turkey, such acts happen once in a while in eastern Turkey around Siva or Van areas.Isolated or remote areas in every Islamic country do have tendencies to punish it Shariah ways.

    Pakistan,I have to honestly admit after loving in Canada for 42 years, is more westernized and America and Britain following with laws.Paks, particularly women and girls simply do not feel giving darn to Islamic laws or traditions.This is very evident even in Canada.To day, I visited the Arab Islamic center in my city Calgary and saw several thousands Islamic children and people giving more priority and practicing to Islamic madressa or teaching.It was just gleeful to see almost thirty to forty school busses parked in the huge Islamic center that Lebaese, Syrians, Saudis , Jodanians, Iraqi, Libyans and other Arabs have built and these busses are used few times a day to ferry Islamic children who do Learn Islamic studies or Islamic ways.Sadly enough we saw hardly any children of Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi muslims in this Islamic center of very huge size.I believe that Pak women and people are too busy in wesrernizing themselves and America and Europe is much more important to them than the Islamic world or Islamic ways.Pakistanis really boot Shariah and kiss the western laws like slaves.Like in London or New York, you can have a Pakistani call girl in Lahore and Karachi or Islamabad and she will dance naked and nude and pleasure you all night for 10,000 rupees or less.Even in Canada, I have seen Pak unwed girls come home unwed pregnant and I know couple men even died of shock or heart attack as the pregnant daugters threatened to call police if their dad interfered in their free love and pleasure.

    I would'nt name some one here as they are from very big anf respected family in Pakistan. Their daughter's boy friend had taken their girl to Europe from Canada for holidays and the dad was phoning me daily in the late hours of the night worried about what his daughter will be doing away from home at mid night.I told the girl's dad to try to sleep and let me sleep too.I told him that she could be doing it all-kissing, hugging, getting molested, dry and wet physicail intimacies, wild play on her body and every where and then big banging into her box all wetted and flooded with cum got come.

    So even the probable fake and denied by the girl video is too much of Sharia( though false and fake) to tolerate into the liberalized society of Pakistan.

    Please do not make it an excuse for a national quarrel as Pak enemies are hell bent to tear apart Pakistan and they are talking of raping each Pak girl besides butchering 100000 Paks a day after they succeed in destabilizing and dismembering Pakistan. You can read that in open letters as RAW and its writer agents have sent threats on forums.

    First of all it appears fake flogging and read Farzana Shah's article about what maligning is going against Paks. Paks have enemies outside and collaborating enemies from within at all levels. So,do not quarrel too much amongst self to give excuse for the mass slaughter of collapsed Pakistan from too much internal strifes and fighting.Even if you are incited by Pak enemies to quarrel between self,just quarrel a little over this non and fake issue on the first place.But do not bleed the nation to death.

    Isolated off shoot cases happen in gypsies and native Indians of America and Europe as well.They treat it as off stream(not main stream) issues and tolerate even incest and all crazy things amongst those off stream minorities of Canada, America or Europe.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 09 April, 2009

    Answering questions

    Let us play around with questions as such:

    Is this incident a conspiracy against Islam or destroys peace process in Swat?

    Answer:Of course,this is conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan.I have seen so many fabricated lies against Pakistan in international forums that they will even threaten any Pak sympathizing writer.

    The Pak enemy agencies are gone berserk and are hell bent to see Pakistan collapse for them to do the final slaughter.

    Do you think that real Taliban are behind the incident?

    Ans:The case is burried when the girl has herself denied along with similar denials by others.

    Now a days they can do it all technical manipulation of videos to make them more gorey and crude and simulated to make it look as they wish.But,the case dies from further exploitation by Pak enemies when the girl has self denied.

    Do you think that punishment was administered strictly in accordance with the tenants of Islam?

    Answer:I am not an expert on my religion Islam and as a martter of fact,I know very little.

    Saudis and Iranians do as Sharia says,but again forgiveness is the sweet thing that Islam has.Even Saudis and Iranians go soft or forgive punishment on such acts. Here,it was not such act and is probable made up story as showed her from only going out with her very close relative.

    Even Iran has become now much lenient since the early days of revolution of 1979.If you happened to read a book ,'STONING OF SORAYYA"in early days of revolution,this girl had actually committed sex act sans marriage.Sorrya was stoned to death by a big gathering till she bled to death.According to this book,her dead body was fed to dogs and her left over bones were burried by her aunt.The people who threw stones to kill her did a big feast and celebration of getting rid of the evil in society.They do not do such things any more in Iran as Islamic forgiveness has taken over now.In Swat case there was no sex involved and the girl herself has denied this happening.

    But unwed sex is really still punished with death on witness of three in villages of islamic world.These illiterate people do it unforgiven Sharia ways regardless of their country laws.

    Even in Pakistan in my school days,I saw unforgiven Sharia ways happen before my very eyes and in all these three self witnessed cases fifty years ago or so when I lived in Pakistan,the girls were exceptionally pretty with un-forgivable beauties to be spared by aggressive men who were hell bent to break their virginity.In one case in village where my father used to take me to every weekend for hunting, we saw a crowd of people around the dead body of a very pretty teen age girl. Besides,the brother of the girl was sitting hand cuffed by police.This brother appeared to be in his twenties and he had plunged the knife deep into the chest of the girl,who was damned and condemned to die and all praised the killer brother for doing the right act.The sheet atop this girl was all bloodied red with knife plunged deep into her heart and chest.She lay dead as a whore and characterless woman as every body gathered cursed her.

    Second was the case when an other pretty teen age girl had thown herself to the train and was cut in pieces with her cut up pregnant belly for all to see.The beauty too was cursed by all on lookers.

    Third was the case of an other pretty girl,who was counting her days as she too was un-wed pregnant.She was never seen after couple months as some of her relatives must have done away with her un-wed pregnant life.

    But Swat case appears to be fake and fabricated with Pak internal and external enemies exploiting it.This appears to be a well planned intrigue to make Paks quarrel and fight and bleed self on a non issue of ambiguity and ifs and buts It is denied by the girl and many others.So burry it and it was only her walking with a senior respected relative.

    Do you think timing of the release of this video is to thwart the signing of the Sharih bill by President Asif Ali Zardari?

    Answer: Even the fools will agree with you on this question.Pak enemies are hell bent to thwart any unified peace act of the nation.

    Do you think Pakistan Supreme Court would take the Suo Moto action against this incident?

    Answer:Pakistan supreme court follows western laws mostly and they could do what ever. I am neither expert in Islamic laws nor the well followed western laws by main stream Pakistan.But,if you have agreed on Sharia laws in some off shoot off distance and away remote Pakistan, then try it forgiving ways on both sides.

    Even America, Canada and Europe tolerates out of law acts of incest et al amongst the off stream gypsies and native red indians.

    This is case of denial by the girl. Even in possible yes situation,forgiveness must over rule trouble to keep Pakistan peaceful and not quarreling or bleeding for a non or forgivable issue.

    Do you think the video is fake as some authorities have raised objectionable questions?


    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 09 April, 2009

    State of Denial

    Today I congratulate everyone because Gen Zia'a dream has been fulfilled as a teenaged girl was flogged in Swat. Also let me congratulate, Imran Khan, the Jama'at-e-Islami leadership, Lt-Gen Hameed Gul, the ANP government in the NWFP, the majority of Urdu-language columnists, some English ones too as they support making deals with Taliban. 

    Video of a young girl being flogged as 'punishment' by the Taliban in Swat has shocked everyone in the civilized World. It is shameful that religious parties appeared reluctant to openly condemn the case of lashing of a 17-year-old girl in Swat while not giving any clear statement regarding the unfortunate incident. What a shameful act these so-called Taliban did. I am also proud of those men who were watching this innocent helpless victim of atrocity, watching the spectacle mutely either in approval or dumbfounded and afraid of uttering a word against it lest it be termed as anti-Islam and they themselves were meted out the same treatment. Hearing that poor girl's cries grown up men stood and watched her being beaten just makes me sick to the stomach. What a message we are sending to the civilized World. 

    Jamaat-e-Islami says this is a "minor matter" and people should focus on drone attacks by the US (thus demonstrating their hypocrisy and savagery). This was one of the barbaric acts of Taliban, so far we knew that they hang dead bodies to tress but now we have learned that in the past women were punished like this inside rooms. The videotape shown on television and displayed on websites wasn't the only time that a woman was publicly canned by the Taliban. However, no videotape of the other incident, which took place on Oct 20, 2008, is available in which a woman and her father-in-law were flogged in Ser-Taligram village near Manglawar in Charbagh tehsil. 

    It is also sad to read some people's comments who are living in denial. Those who have a serious doubt as immediately after the whipping the "victim" got up and walked away without a limp." Any sane person would laugh at this nonsense if the situation weren't so dire. If the video was fake, then why did the Taliban accept responsibility and claim they had done the right thing? Everything is a conspiracy to those who are in state of denial. They have lost ability to think, reason and to be logical. Speaking from psychological point of view that innocent girl must be so embarrassed that she did not want to be there, that's why she got up fast. Those who are living in denial expect from this girl to say thanks to those Taliban and had offered them flowers, that's what anyone who is denying this incident expects from that girl. That poor girl must have been in agony and I wonder what happened to her once they took her away. 

    Those who are living in denial, those who think this incident was fake, remember Taliban would publicly whip your sisters, mothers, daughters and wives and when you will get out of your state of denial, it will be too late. It is also unfortunate that ANP leadership has abandoned its own people to the Taliban by making deals with them. No one can give justification for such an act. 

    These handful of people have taken the population hostage, and the government is trying to patronize them. If the state surrenders, what will happen next? Those who are thinking that this video is fake should read writing on the wall. It was indeed like a lash on the faces of the chief minister of NWFP, the prime minister, the president, the legislators and most importantly, on the faces of every civilized Pakistani and Pukhtun. Its also true that the monster of terrorism is indeed on the prowl, unhindered and unchecked, targeting at will whatever and whoever it wants. It is obvious that the state has been unable and unwilling to address the threat posed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban. For the most part, the religious lot of the country has quietly and not so quietly supported the terrorists. The people of Pukhtunkhwa have been held hostage by Taliban, Pukhtuns' land is burning. What Taliban are doing is plain barbarism. When a religion is taken over by militants and zealots this is what you get.

    Mwaqar, United Kingdom - 09 April, 2009


    Picture is worth thousand words. This young girl was brutally attacked. What do you expect her to say now, especially if she has to live among Talibans. Even rambling Anwar Mahmoods will say the same in similar situation!

    h. harris, Pakistan - 09 April, 2009

    Flogging of Girl in Swat-1

    Do you think Pakistan Supreme Court would take the Suo Moto action against this incident?

    Incident displayed on TV needs authentication with real identities of all people involved, including the person who recorded and released it to the media. This also reminds of another incident, when a 17-year-old girl Taslim Solangi of Khairpur was thrown to dogs before being killed in the name of “honour killing” and several other similar incidents regularly reported in our media on which Sou Moto action should have been initiated by the SC, which are all yet to be seen.
    Every year hundreds of women, of all ages and in all parts of the country, are reported killed in the name of honour. Many more cases go unreported and unpunished. The lives of millions of women in Pakistan are being made miserable in routine by traditions, forcing them to live in horrible subjugation and submission to men, many of whom virtually enslave them resorting to all sorts of tactics including violence. For the most part, women bear and sustain the traditional male control over every aspect of their life, bodies, mind and take their stolid behaviour against them as part of their destiny. But, fruits of the media explosion of this age have started reaching the suppressed women of the unreachable distant regions with greater mobility now available and various women's rights groups have started reaching and exposing the horrible plights being faced by the women in our highly isolated areas of the northern highlands. Awareness is the natural result capable of initiating much alluded change for the emancipation of women and their rights as humans. This naturally is a highly volatile and explosive position for those using women for their own sinister designs and reasons.

    Do you think the video is fake as some authorities have raised objectionable questions?

    Fake or not can be established by replying to some of the basic questions arising out of a careful analysis of, this video. Following are some of such questions:

    - Video was made on a cell-phone and the service providers can easily find the number, time, date and location of the recording from their digital record, using tell-tale trail of identification using IMEI code identification.
    - Since the face of the girl being flogged was not visible, a boy or a bearded man could have equally played the part.
    - There is no proof of the real identity of the girl shown being punished other than what we are made to believe.
    - Handling the girl during punishment by non-Mahrams equally make them punishable for breaching the sanctity of the girl's body by physical grabbing and holding.
    - Voice purported to be of girl in reaction to flogging was clearly not matching the event. Even body reaction of the girl was not matching the punishment. Only on one occasion she made some movement after receiving flog, while on all other strikes, she remained calm and motionless.
    - While shrieks of the girl were recorded, there was no corresponding sound of flogging. Even there were sounds in the recording from group of witnessing mob.

    It can be seen that, anybody with a basic knowledge of recording can fabricate, script-write, direct and record such a story without caring for going into matching details. Urgency shown by the media in airing the recording without caring to cross-check its authenticity, is enough evidence of the maturity and responsibility straits of our media living only on sensationalizing for its survival, irrespective of grave consequences of their irresponsible reporting.

    This incident is highly damaging. Our Government should assign its investigating agencies to find facts and bring to justice in an organised exemplary manner, all real culprits behind the ugly incident.

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 10 April, 2009

    Flogging of Girl in Swat-2

    Q: Is this incident a conspiracy against Islam or destroys peace process in Swat?

    We need to ponder with a cool-mind if this is not another incident of a specially engineered conspiracy to malign and harm Islam and Sharia?
    This incident also carries strong possibilities of taking ugly turns like those of Danish Cartoon row and Guantanamo Bay desecration of Holy Qura'an which caused world-wide uproar from the Muslim world but in result, only harmed and ridiculed Islam and its “Way of Life”. Incidentally, according to news published recently in papers, the nefarious activities of that Danish newspaper have resurfaced in Denmark where desecrating Cartoons have appeared in open markets for sale, obviously with the same evil intentions, only this time with a change of gear for causing additional harm. The timing of this Danish renewal can only be, for adding vengeance to the already existing high tide of war against Islam and Muslim world.

    Do you think that real Taliban are behind the incident?

    On the contrary, it could be a calculated move to paint still another gorier picture of Pakistani Sharia minded Muslims named Taliban for evil intents. It needs to be understood that, real Taliban are the delinquent youth born bred and spoiled due to apathetic indifference and neglect meted out to them in the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan. The Swat based group fighting for Sharia law enforcement in that district is entirely a different entity (wrongly equated and called Pakistani Taliban) with different aims and objectives.

    Do you think that punishment was administered strictly in accordance with the tenants of Islam?

    If Sharia Law is to be enforced in real letter and spirit as provided in the Qura'an and explained in Sunnah, it would be worthwhile to study its repercussions and delicate consequences, as experienced in other parts of the world. Nigeria is one of the countries where Sharia has been implemented in 13 of its 36 States. An adultery case of Amina Lawal, a 30-year-old divorced Muslim woman who had a child out of wedlock is a peculiar example. Evidence of adultery was considered strong enough that she faced charges in a Sharia court. She was convicted in March 2002, and a Sharia court sentenced her to death by stoning. She appealed the sentence, which was a complex process involving up to three courts, including Nigeria's Supreme Court. She was acquitted in 2004, by the court of appeal and resulting confusion invited several international media giants to extract details of the case and reflect their own inferences and conclusion. In one of such reports, interview of a Governor of one of the Nigerian Sharia States was given wide publicity in which the final part was conclusive. It related to a specific question that, did the Governor see any possibility in his lifetime to observe a really genuine punishment given and implemented on a case of adultery to offenders, after satisfying all mandatory provisions of 4 witnesses as provided in Sharia? The hesitant Governor had nothing but to reply in negative. For further research on such matters, following web-sites could be consulted:

    Do you think timing of the release of this video is to thwart the signing of the Sharia bill by President Asif Ali Zardari?

    As explained above, timing of this video fits the jig-saw-puzzle perfect because, it is one of the calculated measures to malign the image of Islam and harm its Way of Life, by bringing out such events having no relevance to the real Islamic Laws and any basis for their authentication. President Zardari has no sufficient facilities at his disposal either to come into it, or to play any significant part in resolving the crisis developing out of the incident.

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 10 April, 2009

    # Is this incident a conspiracy against Islam or destroys peace process in Swat?
    Answer: It's a conspiracy hatched by RAW against Islam and Pakistan.

    # Do you think that real Taliban are behind the incident?
    Answer: No, only Indians and particularly RAW is behind the incident.

    # Do you think that punishment was administered strictly in accordance with the tenants of Islam?
    Answer: No. RAW doesn't understand sharia yet. Instead of 100 lashes they administered only 34 lashes.

    # Do you think timing of the release of this video is to thwart the signing of the Sharih bill by President Asif Ali Zardari?
    Answer: RAW will do anything to embarrass Pakistan.

    # Do you think Pakistan Supreme Court would take the Suo Moto action against this incident?
    Answer: Supreme court should take action against RAW. Ban them from Pakistan.

    # Do you think the video is fake as some authorities have raised objectionable questions?
    Answer: Yes, Fake. But wait, it was RAW behind it? Wasn't it? Then it's not fake. It was a conspiracy by RAW against Pakistan.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 10 April, 2009

    Girl's flogging not Islamic

    THE horrific sight purportedly of the Taliban's public flogging of a girl and the sound of her heartrending screams have outraged many Pakistanis who have condemned this act of cruelty in the strongest terms.

    It has also been condemned by some religious leaders. There is no question that the sight of the merciless flogging by a man of a powerless girl lying on the ground, being held down by other two men while others watched, evokes feelings that are too deep for tears.

    This has been demonstrated by the outpouring of protests in many places in Pakistan. As a theologian who has worked for more than three decades on the rights of women in Islam, I am gravely concerned about the girl who has suffered such dreadful humiliation and pain.

    The faceless, nameless and hapless girl seen in the soul-searing video clips must not be regarded simply as a statistic – as one of hundreds of girls and women who are routinely subjected to domestic and societal violence in a country that was created to provide safety and protection to all its citizens. It is a source of satisfaction to know that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken suo motu notice of the case, and has asked for the victim to appear in court. By doing this the court has recognised the girl's fundamental right to be treated as a human being.

    It is a moral and legal imperative now that all the particulars of the girl in question be known and scrutinised rigorously. At this time the story is shrouded in mystery. We do not know with certainty as to the offence, alleged or actual, for which the girl was flogged. Different statements have been made in this regard in the media. For instance, it has been insinuated that she had been living and thus having illicit relations with her father-in-law, and that was why she was flogged. I have also heard a rights activist say that she had been flogged because she had refused to marry one of the Taliban, whose proposal had been sent to her family.

    Such statements have little logical or legal weight. Living in the same house with one's father-in-law does not constitute any wrongdoing in terms of Islamic law. Incidentally, it should also be noted that a father-in-law is, in fact, a mehram and not a non-mehram, as clarified by verse 24: 31. Islam has made voluntary consent a precondition for marriage; therefore, non-acceptance of a proposal for any reason whatsoever does not constitute a wrongdoing for which one can be punished.

    With regard to the insinuation that the girl had illicit relations with her father-in-law, and was, therefore, guilty of a hadd crime, the question arises: was she proved guilty beyond any doubt according to the conditions specified for an indictment of fornication under the Sharia? If so, where are the four witnesses who are known to be truthful, just, of upright, good moral character and unimpeachable integrity, who saw the commission of the act with their own eyes?

    Also, if she was proved guilty in accordance with Islamic law, why was no punishment given to her father-in-law who would also be deemed equally guilty according to the following lines in verse 24:2? 'As for the adulteress and the adulterer – flog each of them a 100 stripes, and let not compassion with them keep you from (carrying out) this law of God, if you (truly) believe in God and the Last Day; and let a group of believers witness their chastisement.'

    Apparently, the girl was flogged 34 times. The hadd punishment for zina is 100 lashes. Why did the 100 lashes get reduced to 34 lashes if the girl was actually found guilty? Under the Sharia, every person is regarded as innocent until proved guilty. Since no evidence has been produced so far – in any court or even in the media – to demonstrate beyond any doubt that the girl who was flogged was guilty of any wrongdoing, she must be deemed innocent, and the cruel punishment meted out to her must be deemed to be totally unjust and in blatant violation of Quranic teachings and Islamic law.

    The writer is a scholar of Islam and Iqbal, and teaches at the University of Louisville, US.

    Mwaqar, United Kingdom - 11 April, 2009

    Ironically i was about to write the same thing Mr. Waqar has written but i guess whats my business in other people's lives and the way they think. People like him can bring in the change needed in my neighbouring country but unfortunately they are in US. Living in denial is not living at all. Majority of us guys are living in US or Canada. Cant we use our logical brain to distinguish between real and fake. No logical Indian including me would deny varun gandhi's hate speech so likewise anyone else should not deny ground reality man. Grow us guys. Your country needs you, if you cant do anything for your country while sitting in foreign, atleast dont live in denial and post what you really think.

    dre, Hungary - 11 April, 2009


    Wether this video is a conspiracy against Islam or not, the facts remains, talibans themselves are the biggest shame to the Islam!

    Waqas, Pakistan - 11 April, 2009

    It is a truth beyond doubt

    The article by Anwar Mahmood, Canada proves beyond doubt that it is a true story. What Anwar saw when he was a kid, is still happening, we have not changed and if we have, then for worst only.
    Our enemy is within us.

    The article by Sumant, India is very intelligent and shows how we are looking at wrong enemy for six decades but it will take us at least six more decades to understand the truth that hate is blinding us
    The hate is also blinding India but not as much as Pakistan in my opinion and that is why India will and should prosper.

    Nagina Bullah, Pakistan - 12 April, 2009

    Sadik Khan, Pakistan = Anwar Mahmood, Canada. lol

    haqu, Hungary - 14 April, 2009

    Just a fake video show

    Look at some rabble rousers and trouble makers enemies of Pak trying to make a nation divide out of a fake video.

    Bollywood films have done even more sadist acts filmed and the videos in America, Europe, Japan and elsewhere are showing sharp long knives thrust deep into the hearts of some of the prettiest girls to make some special characters happy.No one anywhere is using them videos as special targets to the extent of destabilizing countries like they are trying here to work it to truncate pak map as some evil people are voraciously and desperately trying and dying to make it happen.They will fail to malign Paks and their evil, vicious and malicious designs have already been burried by 16/3 and by very grand Pak military's pacified and carefully balanced operations.

    Yes, why don't these instigators malign India and America and other countries as pretty, mainly female stars are made the subject for sadist stoning to death, gruesome murders and even canibalizing in extreme cases.

    It is very easy to simulate whatever in films or videos through camera tricks even if the actors are not even present there. Even the imaginary or real crowds can be brought in without their any existence on the spot.

    This is exactly a well calculated and mischief ridden attempt to malign Pakistan and to derail the peace process in Swat as the enemies of Pakistan are hell bent to destabilize and dis-member Pakistan.

    You must have remembered such camera tricks in films like Qaidi, where actor Sultan Rahi of Pakistan is flying back and forth to see film star Anjuman from ground to various roof tops of a Mughal era fort.Within seconds, Anjuman vanishes and starts dancing on play grounds far distance from the fort.

    In Bollywood films and other videos,pretty girls are stoned to death or even stabbed through their hearts,guts and liver.Go and punish them eviL doers on video screen or films.

    In Japan,they show live stage acts,where they plunge sword deep into the naked breasts of the pretty girls that sends fake profused blood splashing on the on lookers faces and clothes.This is camera cum other tricks as they attach blood colour dyes in bags just underneath the naked boobs of the pretty Japanese girl.The knife only cuts through the bag showing the beauty bleeding profusely all over from her tits and then she is shown dropping dead.Go and create trouble in Japan you rabble rousers enemies of Paks.

    Pashtoons are to sweet to do crazy things like that in real.It is just a fake video.Only Indians and few of their set in place Trojan horses within Pak have created the fake video phenomenon and are now trying to exploit it in worse possible enimity ways.

    I am a Punjabi,but I have very great love and respect for Pashtoon men and women as I have socialized with Pashtoons and Arabs(lebanese, Syrians) and Turks more than I have done with any other people.

    Pashtoons and Lebanese and Syrian girls are very dearly loved and no body even gets rough on them.I have visited Swat many many times and those hoories and fairies pretty things of Swat are loved by all and no one gets toug, rough or slough on them.Pashtoon and Arab women and girls are divine things who accomodate people including men of any age in their kind sphere of love, kindness and affection.Nothing pleases me more than my welcome visit to Pashtoon or Lebanese or Syrian or Turkish company.I used to work as engineer in Shell turbo oil refinery in Canada from 1986-1993 and the house of my Pashtoon friend family lay in between the refinery and my home.I was daily guest to the very hospitable Pashtoon.Even if I failed to stop over for a day at my friends,the pashtoon house lady would call at my house asking why I missed a must visit there.i really had to appologize to the very sweet Pashtoon and drive my car back to my very loved Pashtoon family.

    You want to promote fake videos and fake simulated stuff to me.No, but no thanks.

    You try to convince people on fake and false and simulations.I would'nt buy such simulations even if they were product of some real hard work.By 1998 and ten years before my retirement in Canada,I had advanced very well into my gas engineering profession and people here in north America know how I had proved some of north America's leading simulations as wrong and full of faults.This kind of my work was so much accepted that they published forty or fifty pages of my thousands pages work in the annual international conferences of America's and the world's leading places of gas engineering.Though I had other publications too,but you find my name on the internet and every where in the world's annual international conferences of 2004 in places like Gas Processors oF America,the world's most respected gas engineering place like LRGCC,the world's most respected place for oil and gas and pipe line equipment integrity NACE,Kyoto,US military publications.

    I would'nt buy the fakes, either videos or films or simulations.Them are false,fake.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 14 April, 2009

    The fake video flogging

    Truth beyond doubt,his doubt
    Hear disguised Indian shout
    Liar, rabble rouser doubts
    This is Nagina Bullah abouts

    On his ID, he looks cheat
    He aint Pak,got lying treat
    He does fabricate each story
    Worthless wants flying glory

    Flogging girl's story is fake
    Like the Bullah's made N make
    Shame on evil's false a blame
    Wants to malign Anwar's name

    Bullah Nagina is all pretend
    He aint Pak, sure my friend
    They wanna malign noble Paks
    And Spying is all his talks

    Indian wolves, Indian hounds
    They are hogs of the grounds
    Ground hogs,yes spell trouble
    Bullah got his face as double

    Sadik Khan, Pakistan - 14 April, 2009

    We should care about girl not egos

    A lot of people have given their opinions based on their egos. We are more worried about what people are going to think of Pakistan, instead we should be thinking of what that girl and her family has been through. A country is for people and not other way around.
    Sorry to read, when people living in western countries like Canada write like spoiled children, as if they have learned nothing over there. At least they should not give bad names to women's sacred body parts. I am sure they wouldn't see their sisters or daughters that way.
    I am ashamed just to have read that.

    Sher Singh, Hungary - 16 April, 2009

    Who's fake

    A constant rambler on this forum declares that the video is fake. But educated scientific person should know that in reality the god & all religions are fake. There is nothing divine in this Universe including the Universe. There are no godsent prophets or privileged humans who had chance to talk to god. Only thing is certain are the laws of physics, chemistry, math & science. He also brags about his socialization with Muslims like Arabs, Pashtuns,Turks and Syrians. What about other Muslims like Somalis, Sudanese, Nigerians or Bengalis? Now you know who is fake.

    h harris, Pakistan - 17 April, 2009

    it was real video

    Who could say that it was fake video when maulana muslim khan defended it and said that the decision was according to sharia. Acctual it is a jungle law but the people donot know what way they have to adopt as sharia is attached with the religion.

    j.k.paul, Pakistan - 18 April, 2009

    Hangu incident

    If you think swat incident was bad, what about Hangu killings where a woman & man were shot dead in front of a large crowd, including children for alleged adultery. We should speak out against that too. Don't tell me these dead bodies are fake. These killings are shame on the entire humanity. I would like to see comments from Pakistani women on this forum regarding these subjects and not just men.

    a s ahmed, Pakistan - 18 April, 2009

    Fakes and foxies

    Listen to girl, she denies
    Fakes N foxies got the cries
    Don't force lies you possess
    Sweet sventeem,never said yes

    Sweet seventeen make em weep
    They got truth,N lost sleep
    True sweet seventeen is love
    She is right, say stars above

    Young as spring,April shower
    Sweety girl is spring flower
    Rabble rousers and the liars
    Feathers clipped,aint flyers

    Sweet seventeen,in the crowd
    Yes she stepped out of cloud
    Denies,says is a wrong blame
    She puts evil to the shame

    Never flogged,says from heart
    True she is right from start
    Sweet seventeen,sweet you are
    Truely you are truthful star

    Truth of you, so it limgers
    Angels got you in eir fingers
    Anwar allways said you right
    Sweet seventeen,stay in sight

    Swat on earth is paradise
    Girl,U R divine aint surprise
    Yes,the truth you did keep
    Sorrow is for liars to reap

    Heaven smiles, girl is true
    Liars,fakers sing their blue
    Sweet seventeen U sweet thing
    You are winter, summer spring

    Sweet seventeen,she is praise
    Faker and liars live in haze
    Video fake was liars make
    Sweet sventeen proves it fake

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 19 April, 2009

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