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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

A while ago I was in contactwith a doctor from Swat valley, Pakistan. Loads of young people from this area went to Afghanistan for so called Jihad, and eventually, very few made their way back home...
This man actually explained me that if so many young men left for war it is because they don't have anything for a living at home. no work,no family to raise, nothing. In the West, people blow or hand themselves, or take loads of pills to flee away their unhappy life. Islam is strongly against suicide, so how can they suicide ? Going to jihad or terrorist operation. Best way to end with life and everything going along with it.
Loads of people who are fighting the west are despaired ones who have lost faith in their religion, society, culture, in everything. They are, I think,also victims of these mullah who spread lies and brainwashing.

People should stop to listen the mullahs, because they are ennemies of Islam. Most of them, claiming that they know about Qur'an, spread hate and lies.

There's no perfect society, no perfect human, we all feel about love and hate sometimes in our life. And it is up to OURSELF to choose between love or hate. we are all free to choose.
They are horrible things happening in muslim countries (things against ISlam) and they are horible things hapening as wel in Christian countries (things against christianism), so let's stop spitting at the neighbour's house, because there is no clean house anywhere.
To my opinion, most of the suicide bombers are brainwashed people, victims as well. It is no use to fight with weapons, because it does noting to sow seeds of hate, and make more people easier to brainwash (in christian and muslims societies as well). We should all stop to listen all those who spread message of hate (believing biaised TV news, is listening and accepting hate propaganda ). Let's all turn inside ourselves and fight ourselves. fight against hate and all bad feelings that dwel inside ourselves. This makes us able to understand, to love and to forgive.
To all those who have posted message of hate and disdain, I feel pity for you, for sure you must be far from hapiness...

OH, by the way, I am former Christian, converted to Islam, Mashallah ! :)

Abdullah, Finland - 27 August, 2005

How to Beat Suicide Bombers

What is the simplest way to solve the Jewish conundrum? And who do you suppose would fix this intractable problem? Forget the Israelis, if you think they can do it. The ball is in the court of America and President Bush is crusading in the Muslim world for recognition and also a helping hand to Israel. Trouble is "Bush" is so poor in his geography that it borders on stupidity. Look at what he asked of the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah when the latter met him in April 2002. Abdullah wanted Bush to rein in Ariel Sharon in what Sharon was up to in Palestine. Bush said to him," Why don't you give that swath of land (the West Bank) to Sharon; there is no oil there." If his geography is so poor, how much stupid is he in geopolitics?

Jews will get the West Bank, for sure. But not through the good auspices of Uncle Sam. In fact, Uncle Sam might be caught in a tailspin when the transfer of West Bank gets underway in Palestine. Surprised to hear that? Wait for more surprises and upsets as events go on developing in the Middle East. An eminent Jewish writer, Chaim Bermant, has predicted in his bestseller Book: "The Jews" that the American Jewry is at the ready for an "exodus" from the U.S. Where do you suppose it would end up? In the West Bank, right? And what would happen in America with the sudden departure of the Jews from there? These are matters for Bush to mull over. He has opened a Pandora's box in Iraq and gave two hoots to the United Nations. Wait some more while. There is a lot more of stupidity to come from him.

The solution -- a fair and a win-win proposition -- lies in the hands of Palestinians themselves. This should cause yet another surprise for the audience. Here is how the Ottomans had accorded a welcome to the Jews on their expulsion from Spain and Portugal: "A great influx of Jews into Turkey occurred during the reign of Mohammed's successor, Bayazid II. (1481-1512), after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal. That ruler recognized the advantage to his country of this accession of wealth and industry, and made the Spanish fugitives welcome, issuing orders to his provincial governors to receive them hospitably. The sultan is said to have exclaimed thus at the Spanish monarch's stupidity: "Ye call Ferdinand a wise king—he who makes his land poor and ours rich!" The Jews supplied a want in the Turkish Empire. The Turks were good soldiers, but were unsuccessful as business men; and accordingly they left commercial occupations to other nationalities."

It is all a matter of savvy diplomacy and statesmanship.I am seeking the "eyes and the ears" in the Jewish media for a serious discussion with "Abu Mazen" Mahmoud Abbas for a peace truce with Israel. If there were a wily person, it would not be least difficult for him to dupe the Israelis and their mentor, Uncle Sam. All he had to do was to hand over all of Palestine with Jerusalem to be the heartbeat capital of Judaism once again. And what would the Palestinians gain from this batgain? A similar accession of wealth and the genius of the Jews as did the Ottomans get, back in the fifteenth century.

But would the Jewish conundrum still get any nearer to a solution of their liking and full satisfaction? Forget it. It might spark a civil war in the new 'Judea and Samaria".

Look, the Jews are still in a state of "exile", which they accepted from their God "Yahweh" with the promise of a Messiah who would redeem them at some future time and date. So, the "True Torah" Jews, who are the best shield of Judaism protecting the Jews from periodical heavenly punishments would prevail in the new Jewish "kingdom" and wouldn't allow any desecration of the sacred religious monuments of both Christianity and Islam. An unending hostility is waiting to happen in Judaism just when the Jews are left to themselves. Mind you, Jews are not known to get along and this is what Chaim Bermant predicts about them: "Judaism is essentially wholesome and benign, as long as it is distant from power. If there should ever be peace between Jew and Arab, there will be one almighty settling of accounts between Jew and Jew."

There is a whole lot more to tell you about the Jews, but let me close this input on a super optimist note. The Jews have passed the better part of their "exile" under the Arabs and the Ottoman regimes. Their future is intertwined with the Arabs. The solution is win-win proposition; in fact, more in favour of the Palestinians and the immediate Arab states in that the centre of gravity of the world is likely to shift to the Middle East... Shouldn't it be left to the readers' imagination and insight to go on putting the pieces of the story together?

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 27 August, 2005

Long live free love!

I fail to understand what all the fuss is about. "Make love, not war" is what I say. If we were to spend more time screwing and less time blowing people up, this world would be a better place. Why wait for the seven virgins in Paradise when you can have them right here?

Raheen Zainab Mani, Pakistan - 23 September, 2005

I am a muslim and am sad about the earthquake which has happened in Pakistan,Kashmir and in India. I am very thankful to other countrys who have sent rescue teams ,food supplies and given money in Pakistan. I am thanful to U.S.A, U,K and to other parts of the world which the people have helped Pakistan,Kashmir and India. I am proud to be a muslim and am really sad about the earthquake. It is wrong to blame all of the mulims about the plan crash in America. I am sad about it becuase many innocents people died. And being a muslim i am saying that in Islam it does not say killing innocent people is the Islam mission. And who are suicide bombers who die and kill innocent people will go only in hell. What ever ,who ever, muslim, hindu christian, black or white they will only go to hell. So please stop this killing innocents for your ownself for your belief.
(Pakistani)Imran Mohammed.

Imran Mohammed, Pakistan - 15 November, 2005

I am a muslim and belive for a muslim to go on Jihad. But like Agha said from Pakistan( I agree that when a muslim goes out for Jihad, his/her intention is to only fight and if death occurs during fight, then it's Martyrdom. But apparently, these fanatics suicidals arleady pre-plan their death by blowing themselves up.) Killing others innocents and killing your ownself like this is not Jihad it is a suicide. And every muslim knows that a suicide is forbidden meaning is a big sin and you will not be forgiven for it. What happened in America was absoulutly a disaster for which some muslims were responsible. In Islam it does not mean killing innocents people, small children who were also killed in the plane crash in twin towers in America it is our Islamic mission . It is not our Islamic mission .Who ever were responsible and who ever are stil are planing and doing these kinds of things are just doing for there ownself not for Islam. Even the people in Al-Qaeda Sama bil -a-din is wrong he has no right to be called a muslim ,he is not a muslim and even the people who are terrorist and say that this is Al-Qaeda or other THAT THIS is Islamic mission becuase it is not. And all of them will only go to hell not in heaven. People like them only brain wash other people and make them as they are only terrorist and a non-muslim. I feel pity for these kind of people who cant understand what they are doing and what will be the end of this . They will only and only go to hell who ever and whatever they are black white a muslim ,hindu a christian or other. SO PLEASE STOP IT BECUASE ONE DAY WE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE AND WILL HAVE TO GO TO HEAVEN IF WE HAVE LIVED A GOOD LIFE AND GO TO HELL IF LIVED A BAD LIFE JUST LIKE BEING TERRORIST. JUST REMEBER WHAT I SAY ; LOVE THE ONE WHO HURTS YOU, NEVER HURT WHO LOVES YOU; FOR THE WORLD YOU ARE SOMEONE, FOR SOMEONE YOU ARE THE WORLD.

IMRAN MOHAMMED, Pakistan - 17 November, 2005

Love thy neighbor

Religion is not the cause of suicide bombings but the classical case of good being killed by indiscriminate evil that has no boundaries. There is evil in every religion. Its who harbors that evil and wants to destroy by counterfeiting good. So all hail to good hearts and pray for the conversion to good of bad hearts. Suicide is despair which leads to destruction of self

Joseph, Pakistan - 09 December, 2005

False Pride

Most of the suicide bombers are brainwashed people, victims as well…
Still, to give you an example: you just imagine a 30 years old man who has robbed a bank or has committed another heavy crime is trying as a convict at the court to justify his act by saying: “I have had a bad childhood…”. “Experts” like psychiatrists will help him with his way of justification. Do you really think that the guy as a offender in a age of 30 years did not know he committed a crime?? Killing people is a crime! That's it! It is the “do good approach” of the psychiatrists and politicians which not only helps them to enrich themselves on the costs of fading values in Christian and Islamic societies, their “expertises” are contributing the main contributors. The role of Medias in their greedy hunt for sensations is working in the same way: brainwashing not solving or explaining the root of the loss of our values. And so the breeding ground for some obscure folks is growing and growing while civil rights are shrinking every day. In my opinion every suicide bomber knows he commits a crime when killing people but this “experts” (Medias and Clerics) are giving him to justify his killing. The Jews by the way left Egypt for this and as a matter of fact: “Pride can be false as well and then you become a die-hard”.

Agilis, Georgia - 17 January, 2006

Devil's Advocate !!

Most commentaries are all garden variety, the western secularists denouncing ALL religions, Muslims upholding Sufi forms of Islam, moderates believing in Jihad with spefic nuances in battle only etc. First, it is foolish to think that these suicide bombers are fanatic and irrational or clinically mentally sick. What they do requires a long rational deliberate action that involves planning etc. So how to internalize this behaviour ? Well, its perceptions, meaning in the eyes of these individuals the point has come to where armed struggle should be taken even to the length of self-destruction. How do the bombers rationalize this ? Well, we agree that loss of innocent lives is bad ....right ....why do some people only bemoan the loss of lives done by suicide bombers? Where is the massive wailing to the horrors of Zionism , the state of Israel, Sabra, Shatilla, Hama, chechniya ??? DO we hear such strong condemnations from the alleged secular camp, or the western camp ??? NO ! that doesn't happen now does it ? Must be understood that I am NOT condoning Suicide bombings , however, the reality on the ground is not as simple as " oh these are bad people who hijacked Islam". Justice delayed is justice denied. The suicide bombings are "effect" of socio-economic political and judicial "causes". Establish the cause and effect. We could talk about how the Neo-Cons have hijacked the US Constitution, or how the Zionists have hijacked Judaism , shall we ???

Ron, United Kingdom - 21 February, 2006

No finger pointing

If we start scratching the wound more blood will flow. The best way to stop the wound is not the scratch it and over the period of time the wound will vanish.
Please don't pass on your hatred on to your children.
Let us give them a better world.

Pritesh, Hungary - 23 July, 2006

please explain

only god can judge the heart of a person; therefore, how can islam justify the right to kill

cassondra foster, United Kingdom - 16 August, 2006

Answers to your questions and more from the UK

I will keep my answers simple and humble.....

The answer to the first question is :- Evil men that are using Islam to promote their own local importance amongst a people who are looking for answers about life and religion are motivating those amongst us who are too easily influenced or dissaffected.

They are teaching their own perverse interpretation of a much loved and respected religion that promotes peace and understanding. (Islam) They are calling themselves important names like Sheik or Prophet and misguiding a youth that should be taught the beauty of a religion not evil. These evil doers live amongst us and promote war and hatred on our behalf.

The answer to the second question is :- No one is justified in taking any other persons life in any religion whether Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Budhism, Judaism or other great teachings. They all teach, love, peace and understanding of faith and hope in eternal life, respect for earthly life.

The answer to the third question is :- Look around the world where atrocities occur and the banners of Islam are flown in triumph by evil doers. Unmask these people for what they are!


Good luck and God Bless where or whom ever you are of any religion.

Jack, United Arab Emirates - 18 September, 2006

ppl should be clear about jihad

as for as suiside bombing is concerned pple should be clear about the holy concept of jihad and the motivation behind this.

sani, Pakistan - 08 March, 2007

Rightful Resistance

It has now become evident that Iranian revolution was engineered in the cold war Western Europe to impede the revival of Islam as a political force.
With shias in Iran, the west wanted to stop the influence of Islam by entangling the muslims in a home-grown problem of sectarianism.
As, the Muslims have all the resources and their lands are located contagiously alongside Europe, so it was feared that the post-colonial Muslim world can become a super power, driven by potential resources and a philosophy of Islam.
This fear led the western leaders and some of their capatalist lobbyers infuse evil values of the west into the Muslim Social Fabrique.
The So-called left wingers in the Muslim societies, who are mostly dominated by the Shias preach apostacy to the young muslim minds.
The current problems in the muslim world are a result of the political divisions of the muslims.
The Muslim Leaders should realize this fact and they should stop playing in the lap of the west and should work for a greater political, social and economic unity of the Muslims.
We should not forget this fact that the future of all the muslims is common.

Mr. Balouch, Pakistan - 12 May, 2007

The misled minority.

The suicidal group is a very
misled youth of Muslims.They
are being used as scapegoats for political purposes.Islam
clearly states to launch a Jihad to free Oneself from an
evil that is within yourself
first.Then through reasoning
make the other party realize
their folly.Help them to make
amends,if they refuse and try
to harm you bodily then you
have the right to defend.But
unfortunately those misled are only told Lies coated with such venomous honey.Why
have their parents failed to
prevent them or have they too
been intoxicated to meet the
Creator by this way?

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 10 February, 2008

Moderates need to retake Pakistan

I think Pakistan has been hijacked by Mullahs and the religious right. Moderates all over the World need to support the Moderate Pakistanis reclaim their country. That is the only way towards peace in the subcontinent

sudhir, Hungary - 14 August, 2008

Legal Leadership

It is really on the air that if Taliban like force did find some ground in the government of Pakistan with its devoted manner will win over the masses. For the time Taliban have some drawbacks in their behaviour and rigid manners like banning women to get education and further sticking themselves only upto the madrassas. Moreover, they are also harsh to own people in the lands under their control.
Other Islamic parties in Pakistan like the Jamiat and Jamat are just like banners that flaps in the direction of the wind. Think over the quotation of Qazi who so harshly had rejected the elections exclaiming the position of Musharraf being as an illegal head of the government which was justified. The same Qazi now is ready to welcome Asif Ali Zardari as a legal President.
As far as suicide attacks are concerned that are the outcome of the presence of western forces in Afghanistan and Iraq under the command of United States as their ultimate master. As Pakistan is also the ally of United States in the false compaign of so called war against terrorism so such activities are also carried out as that against the foreign occupation forces.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 03 September, 2008

Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

No muslim kills another muslim. The taliban are the US & India agents who disguise as muslims and killing our people. I got proof for the above and reveal it at an appropriate time.

basheer rehman, Pakistan - 04 July, 2009

Welcome to Hell.

a sucide bomber after dying in the name of Allah in on the way(or so he thinks) to heaven, after a long tough journey he finds himself at the gates of hell. Surprised he tries to explain that there has been a mistake. He died for the sake of Islam and he is supposed to go the heaven. The God will tell him "we had sent you to haven. Its a place full of life, life of all kinds, beautiful palnts, animals birds, oceans, rivers. Though lots of live only a certain form of life gets a special bonus where they can actually appriciate the true beauty of heaven. The place is often referred to as earth and the special form of life as human. u commited a sin by blowing that place up, and denying innocent people their stay in heaven. U blew up urself and others. Once u get out of heaven this is the only other available. WELCOME TO HELL. Hope u enjoy ur stay here :)"

Prashanth Nayak, Pakistan - 18 July, 2009

Murder of innocent + suicide

Two of the big sins in Islam:
1. Murder of innocent lives
2. Suicide

ALLAH help us all. aameen

Asim, Pakistan - 17 October, 2009

Your above Qs.

I tell you one very important secret. I am the best Muslim on this earth. I am the best Hindu on this earth. I am the best Christian on this earth. I am the best of all religions.
If someone wants to see, come and see me. Because I am a good "Human Being" first. That is the real test of a religion.
God bless
Dr. O. P. Sudrania

Dr. O. P. Sudrania, Hungary - 02 September, 2010

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