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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

stupid abu shaukat

It's really a pitty to see such fanatics like Abu Shaukat who support these fanatic suicidals.
The Quranic verse he quoted only talks about Fight in the name of Allah, then to pre-plan our death in the name of Allah. I agree that when a muslim goes out for Jihad, his/her intention is to only fight and if death occurs during fight, then it's Martyrdom. But apparently, these fanatics suicidals arleady pre-plan their death by blowing themselves up.

I am a muslim and I am absolutely against it, and let me tell you all that majority of Pakistanis who are muslims are also against these teachings of Wahabi fanatics funded by Saudi Arabia and who are in minority in Pakistan. They are trying to hijack the overwhelming peace loving majority of Pakistanis with their fanaticism. None other than these minute fanatics believe in the cause of suicidals, and it's totally against Islam.

Agha, Pakistan - 12 January, 2004

Dear American's it is you who first encouraged your so called Islamic terrorism to harass the Soviets and the Paks used it on the Indians,now it is your turn to face it.
we Indians faught it for more than 50 years and are ready to fight it not by invading any country like you butfight it in our own land and never cross the border into Pak.This does not mean we are not capable of doing so.
when we faught terrorism you did not even care for us and now you want the entire world to march to death with are foolishly killing your soldiers and innocent people.dont be tooo arrogant that you are the worlds superpower,what happened to your technology and mlitary power when the planes were hijacked and WTC was bombed.i do not justify killing others in the name of religion.your so called Islamic Terrorism was nurtured by you so it repaid your help and taught you not to encourage such acts,but you will not listen,so kill your people and even eliminate the world.

vasista, Hungary - 12 January, 2004

Pray all you like

For all the islamic doesn't how much you will pray to Allah...there is nothing you can do when the big USA machine runs all over you...praying is for fools...and all these suicide attacks only show how much of a cowards you really think the muslims in Canada that cheer for the attacks...makes me sick...all muslims are cowards.

Mr. Pain, Canada - 12 January, 2004

I am a muslim however, I do not condone terrorism or suicide actions. Any action that kills innocent lives and any action that is as coward as this, is not islam. And the rules on that are clear. But when you are brainwashed by various imams, ulema, leader proclaiming they sure as hell know what islam is and promise you seven virgins in heaven if you will blow yourself up, will never know the truth. Because you seek it with those of impure hearts and those who have this black and white world.

Let us see, US and Israel and gosh lets take the entire west while we are at it, are the evils of this world. Islam is suppressed by these evils and thus must fight. And any stupid can proclaim jihad and act in hate and discrimination and without zero regards for human life.

However I actually pity these souls for their misguided life of hate and blind faith in men not Allah, and on the other hand it makes me fume when I have to hear how somebody blew themselves up and their victims.

Do us all a favour. Buy an island, Name it islamic kahlifah state and shift all of your brainwashed compadres and leader there and then sink whatever boats or means of transport. Then have a huge war and let the rest of us live in peace. Enough with the violence.

Layla, Pakistan - 12 January, 2004

It is not the U.S. opressing muslim women through lack of education, aren't these your own beliefs ?Nor is it any other "western" country. When will you learn that you cannot exclude 50% of any population and expect to succeed on either economic or social issuses. Educate your woman! Yes the U.S. is far from perfect in this, but at least we attempt and try. So quit blaming the entire world for your problems and start looking at your ingnorant leaders.

wz, United Kingdom - 13 January, 2004

It never ceases to amaze me that Westerners in general and Americans are targeted as the cause of all of the woes of the Muslim world, and are then made targets for murder by cowards who make war on women and children. Yet, when justifiable retaliation is dispensed in Sam's Club sized containers, you radicals cry about America being a bully. Here'a a hint, clowns - Spend less time hating, more time developing your third world backwards countries, and quit killing innocents. Every time you clowns blow up a cafe, you reinforce the image that Islam is a religion for the intolerent. And,one more fact to consider; when you tweak the eagle's feathers, beware of his talons. For those of you that don't grasp this concept, when you mess with us, be prepared for vengence and then don't cry like little children .

Trace, United Kingdom - 13 January, 2004

Allah willing....

Have you noticed when we hear a prepared statement by the likes of Osama or any other from his ilk, virtually every statement includes the phrase: 'Allah willing'. This statement usually follows some sort of promised act of terror, wherefrom, it is hoped by the speaker, that the maximum number of those they have deemed 'infidel' (Allah willing) will die. IF you believe that there are 7 virgins waiting for you in paradise for dying in the process of killing those YOU have branded 'infidels' because some imam says so, you are surely mistaken. You will find much to your dismay, that your 'paradise' is quite warm! Though your fellow haters will view you as a martyr, you will come to find YOU have been wholly consumed by the Great Satan; the burning flame of HATE within your heart stoked by your 'imam' for those who don't believe the way YOU do.


Sadly, the imam have differently interpreted the Qu'ran just like the Catholic Church has done in Christianity; though not quite in the same way- as the Church does not preach hate. They: take passages out of context; exclude aspects that don't conform to their hateful desires; Give new meaning to passages with no regard to facts or history. This is the essence of the exploitation of ignorance and stupidity of followers by the imams. They [followers] don't know any better. They've never been allowed to even contemplate anything other than what they are told. They are taught to hate as they are taught to speak.

They complain about the Crusades. Yet make no mention of their own type of 'Crusades' as they marched across much of what is today's Europe before being beaten back; then chased back into the hole from whence they came by the 'Crusades'.

These are the sore losers of history who are still losers because they chose to not move forward. It's as though their failure back then has destined them to eternal failure.

Unfortunately for them, their banishment to loserdom is self-inflicted. This type of archaic mentality pervades all of Islam. However, thankfully, the vast majority of those that follow Islam are peace and freedom loving people just like US. I call on all followers of Islam to stand up and join in their own 'jihad' to take back their religion from the 'infidels' who worship at Satan's altar of HATE in the name of Allah.

Captain Bad 247, United Kingdom - 13 January, 2004

Captain Bad's Passage

Captain Bad 247, United States of America states that the catholic "Church does not preach hate." and also suggests that the imam "take passages out of context". Has it occured to him that for decades the catholic church has been taking young boy's back passages out of context?

Amanda Hugginkiss, Afghanistan - 14 January, 2004

Violence doesn't come from a vacuum

It's often easy to point fingers at the Muslims for the violence they commit with suicide bombers. However, one shouldn't believe that the hatred those bombers feel come from nothing.

The US has supported fascist regimes (including the taliban) whenever it served their corporate interests. It will continue to do so as long as we allow the US to use it's military and not it's political muscle to resolve conflicts in the world.

Do innocent people in Afghanistan or Iraq deserve to die because of the action of a handful of extremists?

Do people in Africa and China deserve to suffer under the AIDS epidemic because the US backs it's own pharmaceutical patents and thereby preventing affordable medicine from reaching these areas?

Do the US's own children deserve to be hungry simply because they were born into the wrong family?

The US needs to stop supporting totalitarian regimes. The US shouldn't send money and weapons to Turkey, which they use against the Kurds in Southern Turkey and Northern Iraq.

Until the US acknowledges it's own responsibility in prepetuating terror to the world in the name of "globalization" or "US security" then who can judge those who implement just as violent policy against us?

Tony, United Kingdom - 14 January, 2004

Christians are not suicide bombers

US has supported Indonesian Government and we did not see any East Timorese suicide bomber. Canada and other European countries have good relationship with Sudan and we dont see Sudanese Christians blowing themselves up and killing innocent people. We dont see any Pakistani Christian suicide bombers. Why? because Christians dont have to kill non believers to enter Heaven.

Sammy Jabareen, Pakistan - 15 January, 2004

Blaming America

Sooooo America is at fault because someone decided to try to blow up something or someone....damn!!! I stubbed my toe today and it hurts, somehow it has to be America's fault..why not, everything else is!!

Lynne, United Kingdom - 15 January, 2004

Well it is a good day, the evil dictator has finally been captured. However we are still trapped in an open-ended campaign to wipe out terrorists were ever they may be regardless the cost, this attempt is in it's self a fools errand being inflicted by a foolish, belligerent opportunist who should join Saddam in prison.
So it is said that these suicide bombers are terrorists and that they are animals that must be trapped or smote down with help from GOD almighty now correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that if you don't possess smart bombs and laser guided missiles, attack helicopters, fighter jets and armored vehicles, just what resource could be at your disposal, what could be your finial option? I suppose the sacrifice of human life becomes the finial option, isn't that what the answer always seems to be? Whether it is with a worthy adversary, or a hoplessly out classed and ill-equipped opponent. We have been willing to sacrifice life, those of our children and those of other people's children, in the belief that what we are doing is right. And very much so it seems the same, of those who would strap a bomb to their chests to strike a final blow at their enemy. What courage and commitment these poor souls must possess in contrast to our cavalier use of high- Tec remote control, anonymous slaughter.. And sadly enough it seems that even with our mastery of the art of hi-tec warfare the death of innocents as often as not is the cost of our errors.
The murder of the nine Afghani civilians, a group of eight small children, little boys playing marbles and little girls playing in the water and a young man who had recently returned home to his family. All victims of faulty intelligence of an over aggressive occupying force. Without verifying their information an A-10 strike was deployed with lightning speed and laser precision without warning and nine more innocent lives had been claimed as collateral damage by George Bush's war machine. While the Mullah they was-a gunnin fer had been out of town for a couple of weeks, oop's I guess military intelligence is truly a contradiction in terms. So it's no small wonder a growing number of people in our occupied holdings are beginning to view us with fear, hate and anger.

So while we are busily trying to remake the middle east in our own image and are encountering resistance at every turn, crime is running rampant in the streets, corruption is the order of the day as are random acts of street violence with no end in sight. We might do well to look at that image we are so proud of and not the one through the rose colored glasses that the Bush administration has been selling. A quick look at our own nation's capital tells the story quite nicely, vice, corruption, random street violence; failing schools and unemployment all abound as well as homelessness and hopelessness. If these matters can't be dealt with right here at home in the cradle of democracy how can we hope to succeed with our grand vision of imposing our will on countries that would rather we weren't there at all. It's time we did the right thing and bring our children home.
The rule of law is what we seem to find lacking in these unenlightened corners of the world and by god we should be the ones to bring it to them. And to our credit we appear to have the most efficient and by all accounts one of the most lucrative corrective institutions in the world. Hell we just lock them up no charges no rights no problem oh yea and no end in sight.

keith hupp, United Kingdom - 16 January, 2004

It's clear that the suicide bombers are driven to this

, United Kingdom - 16 January, 2004


Religion is the biggest WMD ever invented. When your life is miserable and you live so close to dirt and death you are easy prey for the power hungry. What better power to wield than the promise of eternal salvation/reward/virgin(s)/insert the most tantalizing offer here? When you can convince those who live so low that this life is but a brief breath before the promise of eternal reward they will happily discard it in any fashion you choose! Christians have done it, Jews have done it, Muslims have done it. I think even Buddhists and Hindi have done it too? Does the phrase “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” come to mind? When people like Bin Laden (or the Pope, or insert religious “leader” here) invoke holy wars they separate their followers from their “enemies.” Followers are lifted up as “Gods chosen” and their enemies declassified, devalued, not really human.

“Thou shalt not kill…another human being…one who accepts Me as their God. This edict doesn't apply to bugs, animals, invertebrate, plants and other things that don't accept me as their God. Those things you may do with as you wish, especially those things that worship false Gods. In fact, it is your duty to Me to act as my agents to eradicate those vermin as quickly as possible!”

Mankind is flawed. Everything mankind does has that built-in flaw. To deny the presence of this flaw is anthropocentric and, therefore, flawed. All religious texts were written by man (or woman, same thing here) and, therefore, flawed. Those who attempt to gain and wield power for their own purpose(s) are quick to state that these texts were written by those possessed by the “Holy Spirit” or some such. Ever hear of the term “Lost in the translation.”?

Karl, United Kingdom - 16 January, 2004

The true Islam of peace

The true Islam, the religion of peace is not the Islam practiced by these fanatics. Saudi Arabia, the instigator of this fanatic doctrine is the sole source for this extremist ideology; so I beg you not to associate traditional Muslims (i.e. Pakistanis, Indians, South East Asians, Turks, Africans, ect) with Saudis or Egyptians. The peace-loving Islam of our for-fathers (originally from Saudi Arabia 570 A.D.) has all together left the region of it's inception and moved elsewhere. Fortunately, one place that did become a strong hold of this traditional Islam was Pakistan. Until recently, extremism was completely foreign to Pakistan/ India.
This Islam of our great sufi saints such as Imam Chisti, Imam Ghazali, Jalaluddin Rumi, Bulleh Shah, etc., all practiced Islam in it's authentic form. The sad thing is this is the true Islam that you do not see today on NBC or ABC. This is the Islam that lives in the hearts of most Muslim men today throughout the world. This Islam / Love is what converted millions upon millions of people around the world; and not this obtuse perversion of Islam that confronts the entire world as a most dangerous menace.

Rizwan C, United Kingdom - 16 January, 2004

Heres a conspiracy theory and a half... these suicide bombing wahabi's are actually a western plot to do exactly that which they have been doing so well in the past. DIVIDE AND CONQUER, except this time it isnt just a country they are dividing they are trying to divide MUSLIMS. So now we have a situation where Muslims are Killing Muslims and subhanALLAH they are calling themselves Martyrs.

Astugfirullah. May ALLAH guide us all to the straight path.

Imran, United Arab Emirates - 17 January, 2004

When I see the kinds of things that Muslims do to themselves and others - suicide bombings, stonings, amputations, beheadings and so on - I find it almost impossible to believe. It's like watching some cheesy horror movie about psychopaths. Muslims seem to revel in blood and opt for the easy path of destruction and blame rather than the much tougher path of constructiveness and reform.

Mark, United Arab Emirates - 17 January, 2004

Suicide Bombers

After seeing what is happening with Muslims and the violent stance that they are taking in the name of God, I am beginning to believe that the fundamental Christan right movement in the USA is correct. While being Catholic myself I have always viewed the Christan right as a radical and crazy religon that would have no problem killing in the name of God anyone that does not accept Christ. However I now believe that they are correct in their assumption that Islam is a religon of Satan and its goal is to wipe out Christanity around the globe. I believe George Bush acted for God when the USA invaded Iraq. He is the defender of Christianity in the world and he is spreading the word of God in a Holy War on the people of Satan. Even if it takes 100 years God will prevail against the forces of Satan and his people. We are only starting with Iraq. The rest of the Arab world is next. Now of course I do not really believe what I just wrote. I am just using the same words that the Muslim leaders use. See how silly that sounds when the shoe is on the other foot? It is 2004 not 300 AD. Hey I know, lets ask the Sun God for a good harvest this year. If we are moving backwards in society lets start off on the right foot. Maybe I will have some good peppers in the garden this year.

Joe, United Kingdom - 18 January, 2004

The hatred directed toward the U.S., Israel, and western society is based on jealousy and the deep down knowledge that in the modern world,
The Israelis have taken their little piece of desert and turned it into a lush green oasis with jobs and money.

The palestinians and other terrorists only know how to wallow in hatred and jealousy.

Until the Muslims learn to love their kids more than they hate 'infidels', there will be no peace.

james, United Kingdom - 27 May, 2005

I give up.

What a can of worms you have opened.I ave read most of these letters and am now mostly pessimistic and despondent.
From Christian to Muslim an undertone of fear and hatred, two of the emotions so cleverly exploited by religious and political leaders.
Until we rid the world of this unfounded, unprovable, belief in the existence of an extra terrestial mythical being (GODS) I can have no hope for mankind. Hi Joe, you've stopped calling Pakistanis Arabs I notice. Tom Edgar. Australia

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 06 June, 2005

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