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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

This photo should be posted on every street corner in the Mideast, as well as anyplace else where extremist religious fanatics congregate. Along with this photo, place the caption "THIS IS HOW YOUR FAMILY WILL REMEMBER YOU... DON'T PLAY WITH EXPLOSIVES, DUMMY!" What did this fanatic gain from being blown out of his hide? Did he gain anything? Does anyone REALLY care that he was fool enough to blow himself up? Answer to all: NO. This was just one more failed attempt to further the cause of evil on the part of a zealot (pronounced 'idiot'), who will be remembered for nothing else but his appearance in this picture, albeit briefly remembered. In some countries, he will be known as a "warrior". In the US, he and his kind are widely known as "dumbs". The only positive consequence of his act is that the herd has been thinned, and one more idiot is no longer draining Earth's resources; someone more worthy can use his share. For this, we as the human race should thank him.

JDC, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

1) Stupity and ignorance.
2) Of course not
3) DUH

joe, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

Religion is the source of all evil.

Pete, United Arab Emirates - 06 January, 2004

Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

All these crazy bombers should be removed from this world dead or alive. I would track down one by one and elimiate them. The only cure for them is to kill them first along with those mullahs.

Khin, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

Only in the Middle East

The reason homicide bombers and murderers exist in places like Pakistan is because Pakistanis and other Muslims support them through either action or inaction. Those that don't support what they're doing don't have the character or fortitude to stand up against it -- so they rationalize it by saying it's poverty or the IMF or some other imaginary reason. I wish you grew coffee there, because then I could tell you to "Wake up and smell it!" The reason you're poor is because you don't have strong character or enough faith in your religion or your convictions to say "I won't stand for this in my country!" no matter what the cost to me. You have murdering cowards financed by rich cowards hiding among rationalizing cowards. Where is Osama Bin Laden? Hiding -- probably disguised as a woman -- making audio tapes to tell other people to blow themselves up to defeat the "Great Satan."
Does anybody imagine an organization like Al Qaeda or a person like Osama Bin Laden could ever spring out of the United States or Grat Britain? NO! Because we, the people of our countries, wouldn't stand for it.
I have great respect for the President of Pakistan, because he seems to be the only one willing to put his neck on the line to try and root out the animals we call "terrorists." The "jihad" is being fought by the President of Pakistan, and the peoples of the free world. Since you can't put your own house in order, we have to risk the lives of our finest and bravest to clean up the mess that grew right under your noses. It was caused by your own complacency and rationalization -- not by the United States, or Israel, or the IMF. Now it's time to pay the bill. Stand up in unison behind your President and stamp it out, or sit on the sidelines like cowards and watch others pay for your lack or conviction and fortitude. Osama Bin Laden's place in history is already written - right alongside Hitler's.

Joe, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

Hipocritic americans

This is a letter to all of you professed "GOOD AMERICANS". All I hear is a bunch of whining about "This is a war for oil". What a load of garbage. How many of you remember 9/11? was that a war for oil? No, good hard working americans died for no reason, other than the fact that a bunch of freaks has a stick in their rears from jealousy over the american way of life. After the attack, when all of the people on the news in Afganastan were cheering the attacks, if you were a true american, you would have been truly outraged. No freak of nature has the right to kill innocent americans and just walk away scott free, especially on our own soil. Many of my friends are retired vets, as well as my father, who was decorated several times in WW2. He fought a war, which influenced the outcome of modern day society. This influence is one of the main freedoms which "YOU" enjoy today. Hussein and Bin Laden are nothing more that cheap thugs much like Hitler. Those of you "and that includes the unpatriotic Dixie Chicks as well", who don't like it can just stuff it. America should take a back seat to no one, period. And I am proud of the work that our fighting men are doing. If the American way of life is so bad for you, then go live in the middle east, because those of us who are true patriots don't need your kind here!!!!God Bless America

gary, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

I stil think the US GOV. & the CIA made up the 911 drama...Plz think !! Around 3000 PPL killed you can get 2 country one is just for a show the other one is full of oil..On the other hand more than 50000 in Iraq & around 30000 included children,womans & man who have did nothing wrong
were killed when the US drop bombs in these countrys ..
The whole world knows Iraq have nothing to do with 911 but no one .. None , not even the UN did anything to punish the state. Now only the Suicide Warriors in Iraq who have the right to go for Suicide attacks against those who kill their love ones & those who are trying to rob their country..

Yasar, Pakistan - 06 January, 2004

Islam and radicals

If Islam has not been hijacked by radicals, why are 9 out of 10 radicals in the world Muslims?
Other religious and pseudo-religious ideologies and beliefs (like Christianity and Communism) have their own share of radicals and extremists, but nowhere it is as pronounced as in Islam.
Is the nature of Islam itself to blame?
Probably, yes, but to what degree? I cannot answer that question, and I doubt anyone can.
For the time being, we must concentrate on eliminating the fanatical religious leaders from the equation, it shall bring us closer to a lasting solution. It may also bring us peace, but if not, we can decide on the course of action then.

To all that believe that poverty and unemployment are the cause of suicide bombers - why is the majority of suicide attacks not done by attackers from Sub-Saharan Africa, where poverty is far worse than in the Middle east? Why don't we see more Indian Hindus blowing themselves up? Many of these so-called "martyrs" don't know how good they live compared to them.

Toma˛, Singapore - 07 January, 2004

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Attacks against America have made America stronger and more united. Suicide bombers have given the U.S. government a reason and a cause to fight evil around the world. With every suicide bombing is an invitation to invade, or an excuse to retaliate. The Islam extremists are causing the name of Islam to be synonymous with evil. Those that partake in such butchery make it more difficult for they people to co-exist in a world that becomes smaller everyday. Many Muslims believe that the U.S. government is behind the events from 9/11. Perhaps it is easy to believe that they've done it to themselves than it is to believe that people of your own religion could be capable of such horrific acts of murder. To believe that God is so weak that he needs peasants to kill for him is the beginning of the end of a lost religion.

Anonymous, United Kingdom - 07 January, 2004

As an American I don't believe I even have the right to comment on the psychology of a suicide bomber.

I fear America will stomp on the Muslim people until we get what we desire. Our track record proves that we do this sort of thing. We virtually destroyed the Native American culture so we could own the lands and get to the gold in the west much easier. They were a nuisance, we could not co-exist so we destroyed them. America has no humility it seems. If so I have never seen it.
What America does have is a lost of dumbest stores that sell dumb stuff that you don't really need but the TV says you need it, so you definately gotta get it.

Nate, United Kingdom - 07 January, 2004

Suicide bombers and other murders

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks?

Ignorant, stupid, peasants. Easy to manipulate and control. They do what their masters program them to do because they are not capable of thinking for themselves. Every time one dies the world becomes a more intelligent place.

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation?

Absolutely not. They are cowards.

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century?

It very much looks that way. Every religion has its share of fanatics and zealots but the fanatics and zealots of Islam are very much in the spotlight and do not seem to mind the way they are being seen by the inteligent population that accounts for 99.99999% of the world.

Jerry, United Kingdom - 08 January, 2004

its all about Israel, U.S.A & the press

Yes most terrorists are of an Islamic motivation, but lets take all the other terrorists in the world, do you know what there background or religious beliefs are? I cant say that I do… the press lead by political initiatives, which are believed to be by the force of the U.S government, which is also believed to be lead by Israeli initiatives.
Now give me a minute to explain. Old men, women & children are brutally killed on a daily basses… does the press speculate on who or why …. Not much.
An Israeli soldier attacked by the father of a raped & butchered daughter becomes a terrorist on every channel and must be condemned by the U.N
Don't believe me…observe:
then take a look at this

N/A, San Marino - 08 January, 2004

In Answer

There are several kinds of suicide bombers. Some are insane -- cases that were going to kill themselves anyway, so they may as well take others with them and reap some reputation "in memoriam" with their buddies. Some have obsessive disorders - they are so consumed with the "ideal" of the dare aspect of the suicide itself that they completely obscure the reality of the outcomes - a dissociative state that denies the victims/victim potential. Would dumping thousands of pounds of anti-psychotics into their drinking water. Might show results! It's almost impossible to not know the truth about any kind of person with so many "intelligent" people and so much knowledge available. Overpopulated rats turn to homosexuality and cannibalism. Ok, overpopulation. Causes an urge to have less people? But who? Who's gonna go? It's wrong to pick out who's "going". That's where the manipulation comes in. If everyone simply took an R&R, maybe a bit of wage freezing here and there, nobody would have to go. The biggest leverage point is the need for change itself. Every witch, con artist and hoodlum from here to eternity has grabbed onto the concept of the need for grande change across the earth and wedged his/her own agenda into the program. If a person runs into a problem in life, they should ask themselves "how does this problem relate to the overall need for change on earth (that amounts to better stead with the Creator anyways) and try and trace down the path to their own situation. They will find many of these crooks putting obstacles, however small, in their way. A man is in a bad fight with a neighbor - How does this relate to the need for the change from selfish pre-occupations and consumeristic drives to the love of beauty of nature (to which man, in his beloved state, belongs)?
The best way is to remember that the Creator Of The Earth (called Allah, and God)is totally truth-oriented, and whatever the obstacle is, it is either a lie or an ignorance, or an ignorance of a lie (and then deal with the lie). And the balance between preditor and prey, outside of mankind, is not part of the problems of mankind, except in terms of management. Of course a mouse wants to escape a cat. Of course a cat wants to catch a mouse. Many of the lies and manipulations amongst people spring from this basic principle, leveraged against non-human need for mankind to be part of the beauty of nature and love of the Creator's creation. (Love, not abeyance.) When they say "do good for an animal and it will be like good luck for you" it is because animals and birds and bugs, etc., are also created by the Great Creator, Allah, God, and aren't well represented in prayers, because they do not have the verbal acumen. Then steps in the con artist with their "my gestures are the way out for you, you can pray to Allah as your soul desires with gestures, just as He would listen to the deaf, or the infirm," and soon "they" are "saying" all kinds of things they have no intention of saying, and things go awry. It is wrong to mislead an animal also, by the same token, as they say. Does this relate to suicide bombings? What if an animal wants to (legitimately) protest skinnings, if their numbers are getting too few, and scientists know that there are possible extinctions looming? These are the kinds of understandings that can appear to be too obscure for mankind. Does Allah understand? Can the Great Creator, Allah, God...can He understand? No, it is not a question as to whether Allah understands. Of course Allah can understand absolutely everything and anything. It is a question coming from an other-than-human being. Suicide bombers definitely have something to say, but there has to be a way to say it without offending so many people. Mohammed (pbuh) knew. Jesus(pbuh) would agree. But if you're expressing for animal, you may be doing right, but you are not expressing for Allah. And if that animal is made of stone (animals are not made of stone) - you're REALLY in trouble, because you're human and have added death to "worship" and "idols" and you'd better watch out for dogs.

EW, Cambodia - 08 January, 2004


I work with people who danced a jig when those jets ploughed into those towers.
They are so 'anti-west' you wouldn't believe it.
Yet,they still work alongside me,earning Sterling, which they send 'home'abroad every week.They wear the branded sports shoes,buy the latest pop albums,drink the fizzy drinks and buy the high street burgers (Vegetarian, yeah right ! The amount of times I've been told that if their Father catches them drinking alcohol and eating meat they'd be in deep trouble....!).
You need to make up your confused little brainwashed minds people.You also need to realise that perhaps you might be taken more seriously if you weren't such pathetic hypocrites.
And as for the 'face' picture, well I always said that somewhere along the line, to bring about peace,somebody had to lose face. But I didn't mean it like that.

Kev, UK, United Arab Emirates - 09 January, 2004

The US has had suicide attackers.

To think that suicide bombers are different is to show that you one has not read the history of the US in combat. Our records are replete with suicide attacks and suicidal attacks. The difference is that our fanatics attack military targets, not civilians. I hate to tell you this, but the the Muslims are nothing different, to demonize them is to hide your eyes from the solution, which is infecting them with freedom, were may get there, but as we happily inflict greater repression here at home on ourselves, we offer less to the conquered. As an example, yesterday, a secret court was found in Miami Florida. Is the US no longer a special country, based on a special idea? Now, unfortunately, since I have spoken against our government in a mild way, I also wish to sign only as
T, an attorney in Florida.

THomas, United Kingdom - 09 January, 2004

I don't know

BUt I'll tell you about this one group: the Palestinians. They are armed with nothing better than rocks and they are getting mowed over by tanks. That kind of explains their motivation to suicide bomb, what else can they do? They may be wrong in how they express it, but they sure do belive that they are right!

war4069, United Kingdom - 10 January, 2004

The Arab people for so long have been oppressed by their own people, they've been encouraged to believe the "West is Evil." and for good keeps their wealthy dictators, "kings" and such in power. I see a religion of people who have been oppressed and isolated and of that isolation there have been born groups who are so passionate about their "beliefs" they have lost sight of the religion altogether. They are oppressed and uneducated. They totally rely on religion for the "truth" as would anyone would if they had no other direction to follow. We in the West sit here in utter amazement that all the hatred is pointed toward the US and though there is some grand conspiracy...which is totally false. There is no compassion here for Israel. Most of us don't give a hoot for them but we do see logic and there is no logic in the way the suicide bombers behave...thus we have sympathy for the victims. Most in the West see suicide bombers as misguided "freaks" who have been brainwashed. There is no compassion...we do not believe there is a reward for such people. It is an unfortunate event, it is another victim of an extreme passion that is misguided. There are many religions and beliefs in this world. We all, regardless of who or what those beliefs are, have the right as a human being to believe in our souls what we want to believe. But the world is getting smaller, and more connected, and it is important that we all follow the basic laws of respect for eachother. War is inevitable. There will never be a time in our lives that it won't happen. But to encourage and enrage others to hate and to "conquer" must be seen by the majority as wrong. So many beliefs of the Arab people are not true...most in the West just shake their heads in disbelief. We are not in some grand conspiracy with Israel nor do we wish to "conquer" the Arab world. In my 40 years I have yet to hear anyone in my life express those desires. Education. True education and the freedom to become educated. That is the key. If religious fanatics and your government is your only source of education then you need to stop and ask yourself who is the enemy. I can go to any library, any resource I want to find the answers to my questions when you can not. I don't have to rely on my government or my religion to tell me the answers. I have the freedom to learn and to educate myself. I do not have to follow my neighbors' beliefs. I do not have to follow what my television tells me. I do not have to believe what my church says. And I am not treated with any less respect by anyone because of it. That is what freedom is. So the next time someone tries to tell you or convince you that you "have" to believe or follow, remember what freedom really is. People in the West don't want to "Conquer" the Arab world. We want you to have freedom and the freedom to become truly educated. The freedom of education about ALL things...versus being "influenced by the "evil" West." Because once you have that freedom you will realize that we are the ones who are "influencing" you.

Bev, United Kingdom - 10 January, 2004

Assalam U Alaikum

I hear alot of Americans blaming Islam for terrorism but the americans themselves have a short memory. Do you not remeber when you were and probably are still the biggest terrorists around. Have you forgot Vietnam or the Native American Indians did that slip your mind were was there freedom you brain washed hypocrites.

Was that not terrorism.

As for suicide bombers i do not condone killing innocent civilians but alot of these suicide bombers such as in Palestine, do not have the neccesary arms to fight as a military, therefore they have to resort to killing themselves and a few
"innocent" civilians in Israel

I believe that is bravest form of courage shown in the world today they still fight the Israelis and there not affraid to attack their enemies with stones.

Where as the U.S. are happy to drop bombs from the air
and then send the troops to finish the job ois that terror

I think if any other nation was in same predicament as the Palestinians they would surrender like cowards

Yet when Palistinians fight for their land and FREEDOM (What the U.S. is all about) they are claased as barbarians and suicide bombers. To all those media brainwashed people of the world who live on Coca Cola and Macdonalds I believe Palistinians are the bravest nation on the world they may not have the weapons or the wealth of the Israelis but they give as good as they get.

As for 9/11 and the suicide bombers I do not condone that one bit and I was just as shocked as any american was that day these people are not a product of Islam they are a product of the U.S. policies against the Islamic nation.
Was Sadam not once a close ally of the Bush family (the hypocrites) did they not sell them chemical weapons to kill innocent marsh arabs and Iranians

Yet all you hear on TV is sadam did this or sadam did that. Yes he did but he had the support of the U.S. just like the Afghanis had during there fight war with the russians.

Alot of americans and the west forget of the evil and terrorism that they have sowed in the world. Like Malcolm X once said after JFK was assasinated "the chickens have come home to roost" yes this is the case after 9/11 only the chickens did come home to roost but they blew up the twin towers with it.

Like the old saying goes What goes around comes around and even though America time is not quite up.

Once it does they just wont know what hit them.

Imran, United Arab Emirates - 10 January, 2004

Suicide Bomber

I can see where the world is going by reading the comments on this site. It appears that the argument is basically about religion. There is violence that is happening today that comes from religion. That violence is comming from the Muslims. I say that we should have the big and final war to solve the problem. It is a long time in comming but it has to happen. This war should be so terrible that for countless generations the destruction will be seen that war will never happen again. Lets stop tip toeing around and start the big one. I long for the days of the cold war when the USA and the Russians had a different system of government but both sides had enough sense not to start a nuclear war. The crazy Muslims do not have that sense. LETS DO IT. May God have mercy on our souls. We will overcome! Die for your Lord. Kill for your Lord! You will get your reward in Heaven for your martydom! See how crazy that sounds.......

Joe, United Kingdom - 10 January, 2004

Any 'martydom action' against the enemy in the battlefield is Jihaad and the one who dies is a martyr without disagreement among the classical scholars

The evidence for this is the ayah in the Qur'an where Allah (SWT) says:

"Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their good; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause and slay and are slain..." [EMQ 9:111]

In conclusion it is allowed to do a martydom action with the intention to please Allah (SWT) by inflicting loses on the enemy remembering always that ultimately no matter what we may do Ajal is in the hands of Allah (SWT).

As for the for the discussion of innocents if they are caught up in the operations, May Allah (swt) accept them as shaheed if they are Muslims, but it should be relised why remain in places which are open to attck by the mujahideen, there is a war between Islam and Kuffr, and people will Die.

Thats all i got to say for now.

Abu Shaukat, United Arab Emirates - 12 January, 2004

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