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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

Human Nature

Religion is a sub function of culture. Culture is the necessary social imprinting that is needed to bridge the gap between man and his environment. 'Right & wrong' is learnt early in life via relevant teachings in various cultures. Essentially 'right & wrong', by itself, is an abstraction that is implemented by various cultures in different ways. As an abstraction, right & wrong cannot be implemented on its own. Therefore, the pure concept of 'right & wrong' does not truly exist, except within our teachings since birth, or re-education after initial cultural parameters have been established (e.g. Brainwashing or cultural reform).

Funny how 'life' is seemingly cognizant of the fact that human cultural diversity inherently spawns a plethora of socio-destructive influences that permeate over time and culminates in a seething 'event' reminiscent of nature's own life cycle.

As human beings, we are nature's greatest example of 'life'. I would go as far as saying that we are nature's most perfect example of life based on the principles nature itself. We can exist in any environment because of our culture, we can survive earth shattering disasters because of our intelligence, we can do 'un-natural' things because of our religion and we can survive any situation because of our diversity.

However everything has an opposite and the laws of statistics prove that given enough iterations, all possible outcomes will be achieved. Hence our culture will cause us to kill ourselves and each other to preserve it, our intelligence will cause us to do this with astonishing efficiency, our religion will make our doings 'right' and our diversity will give us the reason to do it.

As a human being, I'm proud of my world culture and history regardless of the bloodshed which is the way of life that we as humans have adopted over centuries of co-existence. I'm proud of my communal culture which has given me the freedom to explore the depths of my own existence without the influence of others who would use the tools of modern-day societies to control the minds of the masses. I'm proud of my own personal culture which has opened my eyes to the underlying truths about life and its true purpose. My own religion which I created and adopted for myself based on life itself.

My fellow human beings, I firmly believe that nature watches with scant regard from the shadows of life. Some will die and some will live and nature is very pleased, because life will go on. Thank you very much for reading and have a nice life.

Human Being, Italy - 05 January, 2004

What? prt4

Leave the condemnation up to God. The answers will not be found in the pages of those books that we hold sacred, But in our hearts. What is in your heart?

L, Canada - 05 January, 2004

"Suicide Warriors"? I dont think so! Its more like suicide cowards! Anyone weak enough to be brainwashed in to beleiving these radicals are all idiots. I do not feel sorry for anyone of them, I wish they would blow themselves up in a empty feild and do us all a favor! They want to die so badly, let them! I dont know of one religion that wants you to kill innocent people, especially children! Selfish, cowards! . Once again proving the fact that some people are just a waste of skin and air! Good riddens!!!!!

SJ, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Indoctrination and blame

In Germany 70 years ago, a generation of young men were indoctrinated to believe that none of Germany's problems were her own fault and that other people were to blame. Violence was widely trumpeted as the only redress. This fantasy ended in 1945 with Germany wrecked from one end to another, millions dead and the same people to blame as for the 1914-1918 debacle: Germans themselves.
Among blacks living in the United States, it is fashionable to blame everyone else but themselves for their difficulties, as if whites somehow cause them to drop out of high school, get their girlfriends pregnant, use narcotics and shoot each other. This in spite of a plethora of laws and taxpayer-funded programs to help them. Jews and Asians have overcome past discrimination to become quite successful here, so blacks blame them, too.
The principal advantage of blaming someone else - anyone else - for one's own difficulties is that one is excused from having to do anything constructive to solve the problems. It is easier to whine about "oppression" and throw a temper tantrum worthy of a three year-old child.
I see Muslim radicals doing the same thing, even though all their current problems would remain, even if the US, Europe, Australia, India and Israel somehow disappeared overnight.
The lack of economic and industrial modernization in most of the Muslim world is the fault of Muslim governments and business leaders. Even when money is available, as in oil-rich nations, it is not spent building modern industry. The result is unemployed or under-employed young men, and these are dangerously vulnerable to hateful ideologies. The Muslim world could learn a lot from other countries, were it inclined to pay attention. Japan's prosperity in spite of having no natural resources other than an intelligent population willing to work hard heads the list. Iceland is an even more extreme example; just below the arctic circle, no oil or valuable minerals, 100% literacy and a high living standard.
If the current crop of Middle Eastern radicals spent half as much effort working and studying as they expend hating any civilization not their own, they'd have their "golden age" again.
Young Germans seem to have gotten the right idea. The answers to their problems rest inside them, not somewhere in Poland or Russia.

M. Scott, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Lack of education is core problem in Central Asia

The unrest that continues to erupt in Pakistan and other cental Asian nations is due to a chronic lack of education. Religion and education, like two wheels on a bicycle, need to be kept in balance. Too much religion and no knowledge of international norms, science and history will lead a person to veer off course and crash. Choosing to blow oneself up is surely an example of blind faith and no logic or common sense. It is murder of the self...strictly forbidden in both the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible. Many fanatic religious clerics are a fine example of this. On the other hand, if religion is not considered the human soul can be tempted to travel down the path of crime and corruption.

The bottom line: People in this region need a major infusion of knowledge and support both from within their own nations and by friendly nations who are able to provide it (e.g. UN, EU, US).

In the mean time, when fanatics like this cross the line and choose murder, all we can do is hold the line and enforce the law. They must be tracked down like any other criminal who harms society. Their cause is futile as the human spirit commands respect and dignity that only comes from a political system that is on balance fair and just (e.g. democratic system).

Unless these changes are made, this region will continue to veer off course like a bicycle with a broken wheel.

Symptoms of undereducation:

*lack of formal education that includes science, math, history, art, philosophy
*Physical and mental abuse of women and children.
*Crime and drugs
*Superstitions (a common problem in the middle east)

God willing these changes will be made soon to prevent the unnecessary suffering that continues to plague these people. Democracy is like sunshine. It is a disinfectant to show light on these problems.

JTR, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

The Truth

Sadly, the suicide bombers are warriors who sell their souls for a false promise. There is no paradise for these poor people, no virgins to serve them and nothing waiting for them but the fires of hell and that is truly sad.

Their motivation comes from centuries of hate and jealousy. It's easier to raise a child to hate someone for having something you have always wanted than it is to look inside yourself as a person or nation of people and truly serve God. I'm not saying that everything the U.S. does is good; we have leaders who are not lead by God just as any nation does. But we became great because for centuries we held to the belief “In God We Trust” and for that God truly blessed us and made us strong.

There is no Godly justification for hate and jealousy despite what the Muslim clerics tell these people and the price for their actions will be an eternity in hell. This continued struggle-jihad-holy war has raged for over 1400 years and all it has produced is a path of death and destruction around the world and back again with a goal of dominating the world to prevent any nation from protecting Israel. It does not matter what you call the U.S., or how evil you claim we are, the fact is that if Muslims really want to know the truth about why they are waging jihad against us they will look to the Bible, because everything that is happening is described there by the true prophets of God and it is very different from what you've been taught. I hope you can get a Bible wherever you are, because I understand in most Muslim countries they are forbidden. Have you ever asked or even wondered why? Your clerics claim they are shielding you from lies and corruption, but there are no lies in the Bible and it has NOT been corrupted as you've been told. How can they say that a book is corrupt that teaches compassion, peace, hope, love, mercy and forgiveness? Even for our enemies?

That truth is that the Torah and the Bible go hand and hand; one is the fulfillment of the other.

God did say he would make a nation out of the children of Ishmael. He also said that nation would become great, and the Arab nation has become great. The prophets said that once Israel returned to Zion there would be a nation of people making constant war with her and that they would eventually be destroyed by God's own hand. These are the children of Ishmael and I worry and pray for the souls of each of them. Muslims are taught from birth that the Jewish people of Israel are evil. The Torah and the Bible both teach that the descendants of Isaac (Israel) are God's chosen and that they are who He made his covenant with. God says that all who serve Him are to protect Israel and that all people and nations who make war with Israel will face God's wrath. History has proven these prophecies to be true for thousands of years and they are still being fulfilled today. The protection of Israel that the United States has provided is the reason the descendants of Ishmael hate us. And so all over the world there are young Muslim men, women and even children being convinced that they need to commit themselves to fighting, struggling and making war with Israel and all who protect her. Common sense tells us that that if the Arab Palestinians had truly wanted peace they would have accepted that Jordan truly is Arab Palestine left tiny Israel in peace. If they had done so and given up this centuries old hate and jealousy, Israel would not feel the need to be so heavily armed and so many people would not have died in vain over the past half century. Still these people continue to be convinced to commit suicide for the cause of Islam. And what is the cause of Islam; to defy God and overtake this tiny little country that God has continually blessed and protected.

Please know that all of us are children of God, no matter what you have been taught, no matter what has passed from generation to generation. As a humble servant of God I beg each of you to seek God's Holy presence within yourself. Pray that He will allow you to find and read his word so that you too can see the light of his love and to do his will in the way of peace. Make your struggle one for God's truth, not for this. Seek Jesus because he said: “If ye abide in my word, then are ye truly my disciples; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” If you believe he will return as the Messiah then you have to know that he already is the Messiah and that he truly died for the sins of all who come to him and accept his salvation. All of this is in the Bible, it is truth and it is the word of God.

K. Adams, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Islam is Dangerous

Unfortunately, the only redeeming quality of Islam, "monotheism" is lost and made irrelavent by fanatacism. To take on the world and to wage war on the world is not what God intended. It is good in your own country, but not for the rest of the world. Let God take care of converting people to the true belief on His own. Especially by hating and targeting Jews, muslims are doing a big sin against God's command, as He says, I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you. Most arab nations live in squalor, the only time Arab nations were counted among the great societies in history was when they appointed Jews to help run their governments.

Yankee, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

what you got to do

smoke weed

Paul, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Laying down of arms

Anyone that thinks the world will be a peaceful place where everyone lays down their arms and talks things out, is only fooling him/herself. In an ideal world that would be fine, but everyone will admit that this is not an ideal world. There will always be someone that is mad at someone else. Unless all people in the world can understand and accept that everyone thinks and acts differently and then maybe the world can inch towards peace. Short of that armies are needed to protect the citizens, which is where we are today. People who think differently have to accept the fact that they can't control another person's thoughts. Some people believe in Islam, some Christianity, some Budhism, some Hinduism and many other things and sometimes nothing. That will be the case until the sun dies. If everyone believed the same thing, not only would this be a boring world but there would be some other reason to fight, clothing style or color or about 5 million other things. Relax and enjoy your life the way you know it. Do what you want as long as you don't affect others. Peace.

Keith, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

You go Ijaz!

Michele, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

May God forgive us all who act out of ignorance.

Geraldine, Slovenia - 06 January, 2004


Yes My answers to your questions are as under:

Q No.1: What Motivates these bombers?


Q. No.2: Are these suicide bombers justified

Ans: Certainly they are not, but the role of the seekers of domination over the world is also one of the reason, which is adding fuel to fire.

Q.No. 3: Is Islam being exploited by radicals

Ans: YES, It is not only the radicals in Islam but radicals all over, specially Jews and Hindus. The Jews kill Muslims for religious fanatacism and the Hindus kill every non-Hindu and destroy their places of worship, they even do not tolerate lower caste Hindus in their society and world has target Islamic countries as rougue states while terrorism is nurtured in Hindu religion.

Ali Ashraf Khan, Pakistan - 06 January, 2004

What? prt 5

I am definitely confused as to the reason's for the use of God to try and justify invasion, theft and murder. Take a lokk at the jewels in those showrooms that the Queen has on display? They came from other countries? When they landed on on these eastern shores they didn't see all of us Tribes of Canada in the bush. How bold a nation is that claims a whole country that is already inhabited by a nation! We greeted them, welcomed them, showed them this beautiful country and all we got was annihilation. These pale faces do not respect anything but money and power! What is stolen will not last...take a look at this talks of equality but always falls short of it. One man, woman and child has the right to live in their own land with their own beliefs and customs. Who is to say that is wrong? I do not hear God saying that is wrong but a whiteman! What is wrong with with the US? They claim to be a superpower but have no power to resolve anything within it's borders. The obesity, the greed which comes from her womb is testament to their inability to give what is stolen back. They say that everyone has a right to a modest living but keep on telling lies. Their is no freedom, atleast not there. Too many whiteman made laws to protect too many greedy whitemen. Too many laws that they do not have the manpower to enforce! Their law became so diverse and increased in volume, too much to handle for their people they take to guns and kill one another from atop towers to cafeterias in their schools. Now they claim they can fix another countries problem by the end of a smoking barrel,with tanks, with aircraft and bombs, battleships, The oil that you arabs sell should raise the price because you guys do not come over here with those types of weaponry! Go ahead

Paul, Canada - 06 January, 2004


Jeses was a Palestinian.

Mike, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

Being Agnostic in America (an minority) I find the fanaticism of all these religions scary and stupid. Certainly there's no excuse for somebody who wants to blow somebody else up, but Bush and his right wing radical Christian agenda are only a few notches less extreme in my book. Taliban is to Islam as KKK is to Christianity. I don't think many Americans get that. That's our greatest failing in thie conflict. Along with stopping every terrorist we should be practicing tolerance and education of Islam in our Judeo-Christian dominated Western culture, and vice versa in Islamic countries. Plurality should be allowed to thrive.

Matt W., United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

Wrong infomation

dear sir/madam,

i turn your attention to the responce by Mr Ali Ashraf Khan. It is totally false that Hindhu's in India are against all religions and are tormenting them. I have lived all my life in India with my family and we feel that it is the most safe place on earth. My best friends are hindu's and Christians and we never have felt this feeling. well there are forces in ourcountry which would like the world community to have a wrong impression about hindu's,but that's a wrong idea. i know that this letter wont be published on your website, but still i'm sending it as we are regular visitors to websites in your country.



salim jaffer, Hungary - 06 January, 2004


There's a lot of talk about God blessing things and people. Remember, Religion is the opium of the masses....

If nobody believed in any religions then nobody would care.

jackass, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

Its a shame that so many people die because of the words of fanatics. When people kill themselves or others, how can they say that their god condones it? Im not just speaking about Islam, because we had the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the first people they looked at were Arabs; When in fact, it was a homegrown terrorist. He had an influence that pushed guided him into this, along with the majority of terrorists in history. Oh yeah, and that picture is really messed up.

Rashon, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2004

easy to explain

What would YOU do if you were convinced, that after committing a suicide bombing, you will straightly go to heaven? (And, as an additional gimmick, you'll have those 72 - not 70 - virgins waiting for you?)

schroedinger, Swaziland - 06 January, 2004

I think the majority of mankind needs to grow up pretty quickly.
Especially the shallow, spiritually starved amongst us.

Kev, United Arab Emirates - 06 January, 2004

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