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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

Why do so many people die for the name of their God? If my god told me to kill my enemies whether or not the innocents nearby dies, I would say no thanks.

Lhh, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

What would jesus do or say?

Carlos, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Talk about losing face!!

Robbie Robideau, Pakistan - 05 January, 2004

One way ticket to HELL!

Whoever tells another person
that by committing suicide to
destroy your opponent,is not
only committing perjury against his true faith,but is
also defying GOD.The imbecile
is wrenching the greatest of
gifts given to us.So if any
Religious Idiot tells you to
tie a bomb and kill yourself
in the name of ALLAH.Ignore and walk away.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 05 January, 2004

false hope!

first of all, i am not at all in any way going to put up a particular religion on a pedestal for extreme persecution. however, being the person i am i think everybody, anybody and especially somebody who is going to read this should step back and think if you beliv'd in a religion and it was your particular way to worship your god, lord, savior etc. would they bring you to life and want to use your body as a weapon in what you should believe in? having a religion just to live then die due to the fact of few or many influences isnt at all right in any way possibly imagined!

But we should also know these people or particular persons all think that doing this particular deed is going to put them even closer to their lord.


live your life you are in complete control of it. who knows where you'll end up after.

MPZ luvz fryz, San Diego, Peru - 05 January, 2004

A Good Moslem

I love the face of this idiot..he and all of the homicide bombers get what they deserve. I look forward to the day when the Islamic extremists are eradicated from the planet. Freedom and democracy buried Nazism, Fascism, Communism and will prevail over these pathetic creatures. God Bless and Protect President Bush

Bill, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Hear this, O' Islam.

Your mullahs pronounce a false enemy with fatwas that are not heard by the adult members of the world community. You appear to the outside world as misguided children that have no interest in living in peace.

If you persist in following your mullahs unto death, be certain that those deaths harm no one but yourselves, for the United States will not tolerate another attack upon its shores. Should this occur, your lands will be turned into glass, your bodies into dust, and your religion will be wiped from the face of the planet.

Craig, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

Democracy is the only answer for Muslim countries. Dictatorships belittle the minds of the human race. They live in fear of raising their voices in public and bottle themselves up with anguish, jealousy and hatred instead of getting their getting out their pain in words. Unfortunately, some sects of "Islam" have bred youngsters at an early age into a mindset that speaks only through violence. When a young child is brain-washed at a young age, its no wonder it takes little for the devil take advantage of them into evil acts. This is not Islam...Islam is being hijacked by demons. If it was my religion, I would be outraged and outspoken, but I am fortunate to have freedom to voice my opinion without being killed or jailed. I am saddened that so many people of Pakistan look up to evil people like Osama Bin Laden and have no idea what the difference is between evil and good. There will be no 72 virgins for those who accept evil so readily and act upon it, but instead they will be lower than a pig in the after life.

CC, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

what if he didn't know

What if that poor sap didn't know he was gong to be blown up. What if they said something like," Hey we'll give you 5$ to hold this box and stand here" then kablooie! detonated by radio control. An unintended martyr.

Jim, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

I think North American borders should be more concentrated on instead if the Middle East issues. Those people have been fighting for centries, and from the looks of things, its not letting up.Let them blow each other to bits. The US was attack by internal cells. Mabey closing the borders to potential terrorist countries will encourage those countries to clean up thier act. People come here to live a better life. If they want to live with a yard of landmines and sleep with AK-47s, then they can stay there to do it. Some of thier customs are pretty strange in my eyes, and I dont even want to say what I think on how they treat women. These " Martyrs" are no more than misled youth whom are BOUGHT from thier families to commit these disgusting crimes.If there were Lutheran ( Me being of that faith) fanatics running around blowing up busses, planes, buildings, ect... I would not sit back and say " Nope, we are not like that" and watch it continue. Im sure Lutheran Priests would have quite a crakdown on the blasfomy of the Bible. So how come the worlds 3 Billion Muslims dont act on this horrific attak on thier religion as well as their culture. They know thier land better than we do, but they dont look for these " cells". They just allow it to go on.

Shamen, Canada - 05 January, 2004

Jihadi? No thanks!

Apparently, Islam does not support or encourage the co-existance of other religions, it is uniquely intolerant of other worldviews, including all that support the notion of universal sufferage or the separation of matters religious and political.

Those are, of course, the superficial reasons. Politics is about power; this is why
the west will deal with Pakistan and China, both thoroughly undemocratic countries; It is when said undemocratic hellholes choose to export their brand of fanaticism as a means to power,that problems are sure to occur.

Pakistan would do well to note the fate of other dictatorships which have lost the support of the United states - Iraq is one such.

yidele, Pakistan - 05 January, 2004

ZIONIST Propaganda

SO, a revolutionary wanted to get rid of a corrupt dummy president that is a slave of the west.

And squadrons of oppurtunists disguised as drummer mercinaries with press and intellectual badges made in, by, and for the west go crazy

Well, they are crazy anyway.

And presidents who sell their country cheap to maintain their chair on top a corrupt regime are not worthy of respect or peace.

And when Sharn falls, soon, zionism will collapse on the heads of Western Zionists, their materialism, pagan gods named Dollars and Euros, and on the superiority complext they have.

Even if some zionist driven donkeys think otherwise.

The imperialist dream is being shattered everyday in Iraq now, but not very far from now, their hollywood country made up from illusions and false assumptions will disintegrate, like a sand castle, in our hands.

Tammuz Of Bablyon, Indonesia - 05 January, 2004

Sucide Bombers & America

American biggest problem is the CIA is serves no other purpose than to stir up trouble in less developed parts of the world for the benefit of America's Mulinational Companies of which all american's elected representives have vested interests. Honestly what does America expect from the Muslim world, they spend in excess of 18 billion
dollars a year arming, training and supporting Israel, Who's leaders a indicted war criminal and condone through the UN, Israel's continuing genocide of Arabs within the region. Its a known fact that the majority of America's elected officals would not be able to get elected in the first place without the copious amounts of money given to them by the Jewish Lobby in American. On top of that within the UN, American has vetoed 42 rulings against Isreal's conduct
giving it a green light to continue its treatment of Muslims. Without sounding like a bleeding heart what do they expect; 9/11 was a drop in the ocean in comparsion to the deaths of Arabs and Muslims within that region. To add fuel to the fire the CIA which has played a central role in America's foreign policy, trained Osama Bin Laden and supplied the intelligence and raw material to Saddam for his WMD. I mean this is from an intelligence agency that is there to protect the American people, I mean the CIA couldn't even predict the decline and fall of the USSR, what possible
purpose do they serve. If the CIA was abolished it would reduce protection offered to US Mulinational Corporations which would hopefully translate into situation where these companies would choose preservation over profit and
actually invest in a region rather than just expolit it. A myriad of Books and Papers have been published on these
topics and their authors can argue, far better than myself the points i've suggested. But at the end of the day unless American can balance both its interests and those of its neighbours a little better, then like any other empire from the Romans to Ottoman's they will face eventually defeat and possible destruction.

John Smith, Aruba - 05 January, 2004

When are you muslims gonna get your things fixed and quit blaming the Jews and America for all your problems?

steve, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

We are just humans!

It's not our fault, it's nobody's fault. We are just humans...and all this life on earth is just an experiment that's going bad right now. If we lived liked animals, we would probably be more successfull in ensuring we complete our journey thru space and time...the human race would more likely survive. But when God gives us FREEWILL and REASON, everything is ruined. Greed and envy are at the roots of all human faults, this we can only achive from being intelligent, a dog does not seek to become powerful and greedy, nor does a lamb. LORD, please save us from ourselves.

JC, Croatia - 05 January, 2004

Having grown up with the conflict in Northern Ireland I will suggest to all the people willing to Martyrs that if they believe as strongly as they do in their cause they are more use to their people alive than dead.

Governments don't care about people, every suicide bombing in Israel is used as a reason for the government to curtail the freedoms of their own people and justify the Genocide of the Arab population, and if you want to hurt a government you must strike where the money is.

The IRA brought the British to the negotiating table by changing tactics, they brought the war to the politician and his cronies, instead of bombing a bus full of soldiers or shooting some Unionists we drove a truck bomb into the heart of the financial centre of London.

That one explosion was estimated to have cost the English economy 2 billion pounds. That is something a government understands, 2 people were killed in that explosion because they didn't heed the warning so they couldn't twist the bombing as an attack on the people, everyone knew the attack was on the economy and the government.

People might question 'why give a warning', well its simple, if the bombers give a warning they are showing the people of the country they are attacking that they do not want to hurt them they want to hurt the government forcing them to negotiate where before they would not.

After the Canary Warf bombing the British Government jumped at the chance to negotiate knowing that with the success of that bombing there would be more to follow.

I believe a bombing that costs the lives of a few people and the bomber himself is a senseless waste that will achieve nothing but some short term fear among the population. If you must fight and you have no army then you must strike the powerful and the wealthy because it is they who control the country and they who control your only chance to be free.

MT, Iran, Islamic Republic Of - 05 January, 2004

God dose not need our help to kill others. Oh and Christians don't bother killing them selves, They just kill others by blowing up Abortion clinics.

Smitty, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004


I have to say that shamen there is on to something. But the CIA definitely has no reason to be in any other country. The United States has weapons of Mass Destruction. And believes it has the right to weapons as such. Well Why wouldn't any other country have the right? The US is the only country that used the atom bomb! Twice!! The US to me seem to be always freaked out. It also seems to have an idea that someone is out to get them! Or is it they feel that no other country should be it's equal? The only superpower that rose from the depths of the sea> What did the bible say about the anti_christ doing that. And what about the blue turban that the anti-christ was supposed to be wearing. The only blue I see on peoples heads are those blue helmets the UN soldiers are weariing. I thogught that OSAMA was supposedly responsible for the sept. 11 atacks. What is the US doing in Iraq? Everyone heard them say it on television. The US said that He admitted in his own words that he was responsible. It is still about the oil isn't it. It isn't about freedom. If it was then why is the terrorist organization The KKK still operating within the states? Let he who has no sin cast the first stone!!! If one country does not have the knowledge to fix itself then what a task it would be for them to try and fix another country.

P, Canada - 05 January, 2004

What? prt 2

It has also been written that the anti-christ would glorify himself. Just look at Rambo...Didn't they loose that war? The US seems to be led by Schizos who have the dillusion that someone is out to get them. Why? I am sure that it is not because of freedom. It is most likely that it is freaked out because of what it has done to other countries. Who trained those Afghan rebels? Who left them out to hang? Who started using those german freak scientists after world war 2? Who can't even say who murdered one of their presidents? BAHHHH!!!! Powerful my booty!!!! The US can't even tell it's own public about the Roswell crash!! The US was built on blood and lies.

A, Canada - 05 January, 2004

What? prt 3

I forgot I was supposed to be talking about suicide bombers! All I can say about that is one murder will not justify another. And whom ever has the power to say that this is wrong and does something about it would be those that are going through it not a stranger with strange laws that seem to protect themselves and not those that they claim to be fighting and dying for. Freedom definitely has a price. So does having the right to bear arms. Whose Bible do we read over here? Whose God do we read about? Because in this Bible I have read that he is known by many names. Many names! Whose to say that we live and die for God. Whose to say that we live and die for our country? No one dies for their country. They die for their families. Patriots? What are Patriots? Aren't those missiles? (patriot missiles) Just how patriot are these suicide bombers? Just How patriot is P.M Sharon? If land was stolen then it should be given back. Thou shall not steal it says in this Koran that we read over here. It is all about money. not freedom. Just how free are those in the US? They are afraid to go out at night for a stroll in the park?

U, Canada - 05 January, 2004

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