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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

As long as idiots like the above-referenced Dildar (an appropriate name) continue to praise homocide bombers, and as long as your brain-dead mullahs continue to call for more martyrs, Islam will continue to be a religion perceived as barbaric and third-world. Everyday on TV, we see Muslims blow up themselves and innocent children to pieces. For what? And why don't we ever see Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Jewish homocide bombers? It's because these religions have evolved, and their leaders respect life. If Islam is a such a peaceful religion, then where are the LOUD cries of condemnation for homocide bombers? I don't hear them. Islam is doomed to stay as the religion of the donkey and cart crowd until its leaders and followers stop crying about America and clean their own house.

Haywood Jablome, Pakistan - 03 January, 2004


Every religion has or has had its own terrorist in the name of their God. It's all how it's interpreted and preached. Yes, you have some crazy people out there. All Muslims should be suspected terrorists? That's probably the funniest most IGNORANT thing I've ever read, however it isn't surprising. I bet you believe the KKK was the best group ever established in the US as well? The US media is Jewish owned and operated. We only see what "they" want us to see. Naturally, we as Americans are geared to believe trash about Arabs as well as other nationalities. Why does the US support Israel so? Why does the US stick its nose into every other countries business? What about the problems with this country? I am glad to be an American and the rights that have been afforded to me; however I am embarrassed and ashamed of the ignorance, intolerance and racism found here. Oh and by the way, I married an Arab (Palestinian in fact). Personally, they make better mates than ANY American I EVER went out with. :)

Tom Gordon, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2004

Suicide Bombing

I dont see any mission on the part of the suicide bombers themselves.The fact of the matter is that they are brainwashed in such a way that they dont see any reason in life and they do whatever they are told by the so called radacallest or extremists.They dont have even the courage and vision to see for themselves to ask those people who are pushing them to such dastardlay acts to go into such missions themselves or send their own sons for such risky tasks.These people are totally blind and wool has been pulled on their eyes and they cant see what they are doing.
These people are totally unjustifies in such acts because islam does not teach us to kill another human being and stresses upon the fact that the murder of one human being is considered the murder of the whole humanity.On the other hand killing oneself is the henous crime and islam does not allow it under any circumstances.
Yes Islam is being exploited and the name of islam is being tarnished through out the world by these people and people around the world have starting equating islam with extremist which is not the case because islam stands for peace and harmony.

IFTIKHAR ALAM, Pakistan - 04 January, 2004

o well

its the end of the world as we know it

, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

Religion of Peace?

Let's face it, 99% of suicide and homicide bombers are radical Muslims. If this is the religion of peace, the peaceful ones sure are quiet and complacent. Shaking your head, condemning the attack, and doing nothing to stop it is not peaceful, it is tacit approval. If peaceful Muslims are so horrified by 9/11 and the now daily bomb attacks, they would work to stop such things.
I believe they have one face in public, but privately they are rooting for the bombers. Muslims, clean your own house! You will be condemned to the dustbin of history if you keep allowing these radical murderers to taint your religion.
Evangelical Christians may be annoying, but they haven't blown themselves up in any cafes recently.

Mr. Obvious, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

During my travels around the world, both as a military dependent and an active military member, I have met many folks of many of the world's religions and nationalities. However, of the many Muslims I have met, only one has condemned the actions of the "Muslim" suicide bombers. All the others have said the one being attacked may be the blame to all out support with an "anything goes" attitude. As far as I know, in these "modern" times, those of the Islamic religion are the only ones to go to this extreme in the name of their religion. Throughout history wars have been fought in the name of religion, however, I do not know of any religion that has supported its followers to commit suicide, not even the Islamic religion, until recent history.

Muslims seem to be fighting a "religious" or "holy war" against Israel in the name of "Allah," yet I'm not sure the Israeli government has fought or defended it's self in the name of any god or religion.

What does the Muslim have to gain in a suicide mission, seventy virgins? What about the female Muslim suicide bomber?

To me the whole thought of murder-suicide, is senseless, and quite frankly, really, really stupid. Does "Allah" commission such people to do his work in this manner? What is the gain? There are so many questions that need to be answered, yet most walk on egg shells as to not offend the Muslim community. Such hypocrisy! Theses same people ridicule those of Judaism and Christianity and not think twice about offending them.

To strike fear in a people to control them is a commission from “Allah?” Is that what really "Allah" wants ? It seems the perverts have “hijacked” the Islamic religion and is in the process of hijacking as many Muslims as possible. Will the majority see the light one day? I think not. A course has been set and the road there is beginning to fill with those who have no value for life, their own, and much less the lives of others. Or, is it possible, that this is what the Islamic religion is truly all about?

Prodigal_Once, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

My personal Opinion would be that Religion is a Cancer to the human race.. It's been the #1 killer of man since the dawn of time. Ex.( the crusades, holocaust, Islamic Jihad, Spanish Inquisition, and many more) If we were to abolish extreme religious teachings then all of these radical religous killers would not be causing the mayham that's going on today

D.M. Lopez, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

The 21st century, like any other before it, is a century of war. But now the war is a war of Information.

The suicide bomber, in his own mind, was doing the most honorable thing. He was giving his life to protect his country and people from being run by a dictator who is at odds with the intentions of his own people (risking a little collateral damage is okay as long as your intended target is good, is what the USA has taught everyone).

That's what he believed. And like it or not, it's not hard to understand his reasoning when I state it like that. Wonder why the USA supports Musharraf? Because the pakistanis, the people, hate the US! they would have supported the taliban, they would never have joined the USA's war on terrorism. Democracy in Pakistan conflicts with Democracy in USA. And for that matter, who wanted Bush in office? Less than half the people. Who wanted wars with Afghanistan and Iraq? again, less than half the people. Once more, the reality is only perception. Democracy achieved in the USA is really Democracy percieved.

Western-style democracy is not the end-all be-all to government and civilization, it can quite easily be corrupted and undermined, as we see right here in the USA. Although some of Europe's parliamentarian systems do better, it's not by much. But just enough that for the first time in THOUSANDS OF YEARS, the intentions of Europe's governments, matches the intentions of their people. If it were up to those in charge, THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE AND LOTS TO GAIN by joining the USA in pre-emptively attacking countries based on sketchy evidence. But that has not yet happened aside from 1 or 2 nations.

Back to the suicide bomber. The world is no longer what it really is, but what every individual percieves it to be, since there's a zillion incoming avenues of information, appealing to different parts of us.

Islam really, has no fault or blame in this. It's all about the Muslims, not Islam. Islam hasn't changed that much in a millenia and a half. In fact, look at the age of all religions, 1500 years into Christianity, the pope was calling for crusades against the infidel scum who held the holy land and caused HUNDREDS OF YEARS of bloodshed that had no other effect BUT IN THE END EXPOSE WESTERN CIVILIZATION TO ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION.

Now too, you have men like Osama Bin Laden calling on crusades against the tyrannical American infidels based on threats percieved (if all the people in the middle east were united, calm, and able to express themselves, guess what? there would be no problem with the USA. the Americans would either leave the region, or try to conquer everything. simple solutions on either side, peace or war. none of this gray crap), about 1500 years into Islam's history. A major effect is Muslims the world over stepping back and reanalyzing themselves and reanalyzing their relationship with the West (since muslims were pretty well starting to integrate with the West before 9/11).

In the end, I do believe in God, and that things will happen for the best. I believe that eventually, Muslims will re-gain an identity, by returning to the roots of their religion. I can't think of anybody who's read and known history who wouldn't want a billion people on this world sculpting their lives after the prophet Muhammad of Arabia from the 6th Century A.D. That is really the key to get out of it. There is no solution, aside from people to think with their minds properly, know what they themselves want, and when they do that, the only political/religious solution to get rid of the cancer of IGNORANCE AND EXTREMISM is the original religion of Islam, which history has shown worked to great success with their cultures for hundreds of years. And unlike the USA, other parts of the West seem to already understand that denying and repressing culture is not the solution. Diversity, not Conformity.

Aamir, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

do ya see my heart bleed for the states?

I love American policies. "hey, why don't we go and make all of them mad who would not be afraid to kill us. That way, our crusade for oil can look like we are the ones being picked on. Oh and by the way, lets let the IRA continue to rip Ireland apart. They may be some of the most advanced terrorists in the world. America cant see the woods for the trees. Global dynamics will change and some day America will realise that these sick useless murderers will some day be its downfall too. Here's to china becoming the next superpower.

chris rogers, United Arab Emirates - 04 January, 2004

Poor people use these tactics.
If they had F-18s with million dollar bomb racks....they'd used them BEFORE strapping up.
Therefore ALL killer are no better than the next.
America bombs are terror weapons too!

Charles, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004


Would the U.S. consider themselves good world neighbors by accepting the daily deaths of 1500 American children at the hands of a sadistic foreign power. The people in the United States will never escape the hole their leaders have led them into. George Bush and Tony Blair have stolen your childrens future. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do....see you in hell.

Joe, Canada - 04 January, 2004

lil quip

All answers to these debates will be answered when we die, I believe an ethic code exists in all of us, passed on by our maker giving us a sense of what is right and what is wrong, those who chose to ignore, defile, misguide, and manipulate it will all meet their maker and no matter what that believed in life and what things they have done in life will always come back to them, and all killers or suicide bombers will have a really big surprise when they stand before god boasting useless pride and devotion, and the voice of the almighty will tremble the hearts of the cowards who killed in his name while refusing to take responsibility for what it is that THEY THEMSELVES were actually doing. Religion is a guide to faith in the almighty and in how we live our lives in terms of social and ethic divinity, only when we learn how to effect the world in a positive way will we be truly capable of saying we accomplished something with our lives and took it upon ourselves to become respectable beings in gods eyes.

Bob, Pakistan - 04 January, 2004

Another fine example of evolution in action, ladies and gentlemen. No tears shed for this loser. I hope his co-religionists get the message to stop whining about The Great Satan and clean up their own mess.

Monique, Canada - 04 January, 2004

Suicide Bombers

Enough people have committed murder/suicide in Israel to turn my stomach. Why don't these people realize that inflicting mass murder upon civilians of any faith, and especially children, is wrong, and a crime against humanity? The people who order such mass murders should be accountable to an International Court of Justice such as the Hague, crimes. By the way, I am Jewish...

Ya`akov, Canada - 04 January, 2004

Ignorance Is Bliss

I'm amazed reading some of the comments here. Conspiracy theories abound - on both sides of the religious divide, and in all nations.

Blaming America for all of the rest of the world's ills has been an effective opiate for generations now, keeping attention away from the corrupt tyrannies that rule almost all Muslim nations. Same goes for blaming Israel. The (so-called) Americans you see in this forum who are complaining of actions by the US are hiding their agenda - they never complained when Clinton bombed Sudan, or when he did anything. They are stridently anti-Bush, living in some sort of alternate reality. Their spelling and grammar should be instant indicators of which end of the IQ scale they occupy.

Islam is indeed seen as a religion of violence by much of the world. The radical imams, whose followers also tend to be from the bottom end of the IQ scale, have ruined the reputation of Islam all over the world. No one trusts Muslims any longer, to include fellow Muslims. To those who are calling for jihad, how do you like it now that you are being hunted down and killed by the hundreds (or thousands)? Is a clash of civilizations really what you want?

America wasn't around for the Crusades. So why is it that the US is blamed for "oppressing the Arab world"? I guess we have done that by developing your oil fields for you, and then paying you for the oil we extracted. By making your governments extremely rich? It isn't our fault that your rulers keep the money for themselves, and don't look out for their own people. Your rage should be directed where it belongs - towards the tyrannies who feed you all of their propaganda. There isn't another nation on Earth that has done so much for the rest of the world besides the US. And the thanks we get for this is 911.

If the situation were reversed, and Islam were the world's superpower - capable of erasing all life on Earth - what would the results be? You should all be very glad that it is the US with this power, and not anyone else. But the time is coming when our patience will run out - and that compassion that is mistaken for weakness will turn to something else. Once our hearts harden from these attacks, I pity those who will get the attention they have been begging for.

If there is such a thing as a "moderate Muslim", which is supposedly most of the followers of Islam, it is getting to be very late in the game for you to become more active in stopping the radicals among you from sentencing all of you to death. In order to save your religion from extermination, I would suggest that some sort of demonstration should take place worldwide - a demonstration of the fact that you understand the difference between right and wrong. The Golden Rule knows no religious boundaries. Without this demonstration, the Judgement Day is fast approaching, and it will arrive from the heavens in the blink of an eye, from Indonesia and Maylasia all the way to Syria and north into Chechnya. Radical and moderate, it won't matter. We will exterminate you all.

All you have to do to stop this from happening is so small - just show us that you want to live among us in peace. Otherwise, we have no other choice. We honestly believe that you do want peace, but so far have not witnessed any expression of that belief. Please don't continue to mistake our measured response so far as being the limits of our retaliatory powers. Japan made a similar miscalculation nearly 60 years ago.

We don't want to rule anyone. We don't want to occupy any nations. We just want to live in peace. You can thank Osama for bringing us to Afghanistan and Iraq. The bulk of the people there realize that their lives are better now that they have a real future of their own choosing, since we have removed the dictators who once owned them. They have been freed from endless torture and murder. We had to do this for them. Now it is time that the rest of you do it for yourselves.

Bill, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

complete perverse insanity

To the really want to waste your life on this earth for religion? For God? You think anybody has pity for you? You think your praising anything?

Fools. Utter and complete fools.

Yeah...holy war...whatever....

Nobody cares if you die we just clean the streets and move on. Get over it. You're not winning anything you freakin' idiots. Live your life that was given to you and stop hating America or anything else for that matter.

Just chill ya whacked out crybabies. DEAL WITH IT.

Jason B, Pakistan - 04 January, 2004

MFB, Egypt

Please explain to me how attacking and killing thousands of non-combatants, women and children, innocent people, please explain how an act such as this could ever be seen as "Defending ones country". For you to believe these acts as a form of defence, you must be blind. I cannot understand how anyone can justify random attacks on innocent people.

I would like to say that there is a fundamental lack of understanding on the part of non-suicide bombers in regards to reasoning and motive behind such attacks. We do not know why you choose to attack us. We cannot comprehend this. I believe it is something that to you might seem so unbelievably obvious while to us it remains shrouded in mystery. We do not see and cannot imagine why somebody would strap bombs to himself in an attempt to kill as many people as possible. If somebody could please explain why the Taliban and Muslim Extremists are so adamantly hateful towards everyone else I would be greatful. Cause I'm clueless.

Fernando Lopez, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

I live in the United States.
My country big. My country crush. My country destroy!!!

And it'll all fall one day...

I wouldn't be suprised if it was in my lifetime...

Buddha, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2004

shame on them to call themself freedom fighter.

From the day I was born I have never seen anyone in the government of Pakistan who have done anything for the country except for themself..
Our ppls are like cows in most parts of Pakistan ...Most of the imam's in Pakistan knew nothing they just keep on reciting the Holy Quran in Arabic but never look into the translations...Our Holy book is perfect but these imam keep on saying things which are not written in our Holy book & the ppls follow coz they think the imam know more & they respect him.. But they never use there brain..Musharraf is the only man I saw who is trying to help this country & everyone saw it's changes yet they are acting like cows..
Ofcause the guys wanna kill him coz he's stoping them getting money from the poor ppls..If we lost Musharraf our Pakistan will be same as or even worst than before..
With him Insah Alla one day we will see out country as same as Malaysia...

The truth is whenever there is any trouble any problem regarding any country any were in history when you look in to the bottom of the problem you'll see the United States of America's flag.. suicide attacks are wrong, but one must question what are the rules & who have the right to go for jihad... For the PPLS of the U.S. they must take away the cloth that is covering their eyes to see what is right & what is wrong...

Yasar, Holy See - 04 January, 2004


This was the most awful picture I have ever seen. This is sad, what is going on in that country and surrounding countries is sad. I am an African American and we have faced some real hardships over the years in the United States and we still are, but i must say that there isn't any other country were I would rather be! I feel so bad for the people who live in that country nobody deserves to be treated like less than a human being because of their race, creed, color, religion or gender. I just don't understand what would make a person kill themself and innocent people, and then believe that they will be rewarded in heaven for it. I am a Christian, but i do not knock anyone for their religious beliefs. I have learned alot about different religions especially Islam. This religion is similar to Christianity in a lot of ways, but most importantly this religion looks down on cruelty, hate, and suicide, so why then do their followers do such things? It is clearly not pleasing to Allah as stated in the Islamic Bible. Killing ones self and others doesnot gain you any favor in the eyes of God/Allah, it will only earn you a first class ticket to hell. People who do those type of things only hurt their loved ones whom they leave behind to be saddened by their deaths, they will only be remembered by their loved ones and quickly forgotten by everyone else. Osama Bin Laden will not cry for you, Sadam Hussein will not cry for you. They will only laugh and scoff at your stupidity for doing such a thing. Because you do it they won't have to. They will not die for you, so why die for them? I care because you are a human being and I only wish that people who decide to take such measures in whose ever or whatevrs name would think of their families, and others families. I ALSO BELIEVE THAT THE ONLY INTEREST GEORGE BUSH HAS IN IRAQ IS OIL. HE IS ONLY THERE TO KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY, AND HE DESERVES TO BE IN PRISON ALONG SIDE SADAM HUSSEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misti, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2004

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