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Suicide bombers - Their mission and Islam ?

01 January, 2004

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The Daily Nation, released an image of one of the two suicide bombers who tried to assassinate President Musharraf. The force of the blast detached his face from his head and it flew up and fell of the roof of the nearby police station. He was identified as a bomber from the amount of explosive material on the face.

The image has sent a wave of shock among Pakistanis, who by-and-large, have condemned this attack.

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Reader Comments:

Islam is against Suicide

As far as I know, Islam absolutely condemns such attacks in which civilians always become a victim and die. Moreover, even as muslims when we make an intention to go on a Jihad, the objective and intention is always to fight and come back as a successor rather than a pre-planned death. Muslims don't fight in Jihad to die but to have faith in Allah for a success, and in doing so if we die, we consider ourselve martyre. But we never plan our death well in advance by taking a decision to attach bombs with our waist.

No human being has the authority to determine how he/she should die, and especially for us muslims it's clearly mentioned in Quran to have strong faith in Allah (SWT) for the betterment of our lives in this world and hereafter. Killing of one human being is like killing the whole humanity, this is what Quran says ..

I strongly condemn these suicide bombers and request them to please have faith in humanity & peace. Do not let these religious bigots to brain wash you.

We all love Pakistan and the attack on the President of Pakistan is for sure an attack on Pakistan, and no one else can think of other than those, who are our enemies.

Ijaz, Pakistan - 01 January, 2004

the suiside attacks are against islam and islam forbids such attacks in all its manifestations. People involved in such practices are againt islam and its principles. We must think about the root cause of such incidents as these are usually occured in Palestine and Iraq where the Americans and Israelis are perpiterating cruealties on innocent people.

, Pakistan - 01 January, 2004


Apprantely, the face tells me that Pakistan based Jehadi Lashkars are behind the attack. Same lashkars kills shias and no one raise a voice. Pakistan army nurtured these Jehadies for long time under their inherent narrow approach towards national interest. Jehadies just have turned back towards their masters when they have betrayed them twice.

Sunny, Pakistan - 01 January, 2004

Suicide Warriors

God Bless All Suicide Warriors

Dildar, Pakistan - 01 January, 2004

It's the RAW indians!

The attack on our President was carried out by the ruthless intelligene agency of India called RAW.
The indians spies carried this stunt in an effort to undermine the talks between pakistan and india, Something the US or Israel does not like to see happening.
And if you look at the suicide bombers torn face he looks like a Hindu, with disheveled hair and that goatie like beard which fanatic Hindus tend to groom as.
Islam has no place for terrorists and suicide bombers and I really do hope that Pakistan and India can come to peace very quickly.

By Ghazni, Peace to Pakistan and India.

Shah Bahadur Ghazni, United Kingdom - 01 January, 2004


the situation in pakistan.corruption is everywhere.everyone is being exploited by govts,politicans,journalists,law authourities and religious parties in pakistan partcularly and in all muslim world.all muslim rulers are joviols,tyyrant and looters so these causes made young people slave of they are trying to pay randsom for these rulers and religious leaders and corrupt armies.

mansoor hassan, United Arab Emirates - 01 January, 2004


From the pieces of body collected and shown how are you making out that the attackers are muslim fundamentalist. There are more than 90% chances that the attacker shown is a fundamental christian or a radical hindu. Beard can not be taken as the only sign of a muslim. Dont just think what the Satin wants you to think. The owner of PakTribune are I hope the believers of Islam. Islam teaches us not to point out on assumptions and specially when it is your own religion. Man was sent to Earth for only one reason and that is to make a choise by his acts to find a place in the here after which is an eternal life. Each act that we perform has an impact on the life that will start after the Day of Judgement, so please dont follow the path of Devil as he is there only to mislead us. Allah Almighty is the absolute power and he knows the best.

Masood Janjua, Pakistan - 02 January, 2004

Suicide Bombers & Islam

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

RJ-1. Sheer ignorance and exploitation by mullah.

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

RJ-2. No. Islam does not teach or condone killing of innocent and unwary Muslim bystanders in any way.

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

RJ-3. Of course. Not only in 21st century but it has been expolited from the early days of Hassan bin Sabah who got many Saljukies assasinated by his Hassasins (assasins) by promising them Jannat.

Col. Jafri (Retd), Pakistan - 02 January, 2004


1. Misguided maulvees with limited knowledge of Islam, creating their own
conclusions based on misinformation provided by the misguided. It's a
classic "catch 22".

2. Suicide in Islam is absolutely prohibited under any conditions.Therefore, suicide bombing is a desperation manifestation, not an Islamic direction.

3. Yes, Islam is being exploited. The question is who is really exploiting
Islam? Is it the Eastern uneducated maulvee, or western powers who have
figured out that the eastern uneducated maulvee is the best weapon to keep
the muslims in poverty and state of confusion.

This gives western powers a
reason to first create a "terrible" or "terror" related situation, then jump
in as protectors, while testing their latest technologies in weaponry on the poor Muslims. So what if a few hundered westerners, especially blacks die?

The whites want less blacks anyway, and the Jews want less Muslims. Jews
are using Christians for their benefit and Christians are using the stupid

What a wonderful scenario the Muslims have created for the Jews and their "chamchas", the Christ followers!

Islam is being exploited, and
Muslims are the dumb ones allowing it. Is it "I-slam" or "I-shame"?

Education of Muslims is the only solution and that is several generations
away, if the process starts today.

Im, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2004

ref:comments by Shah Bahadur Ghazni

Dear Sir, I would like to comment on your reference to the image of the suicide bomber who tried to kill President Musharraf. You say he looks like a Hindu because of his "dishevelled hair . . and goatie like beard". I have a goatie like beard and I am not a Hindu, nor am i a suicide bomber. I have also had the dis-pleasure of seeing people of all religions after they have been killed or severely injured by explosions, and they all tend to have "dishevelled" hair, if any hair is left at all. Are you trying to say that all people who are killed by bomb blast and have their hair messed up become Hindus at that moment, purely because their hair-style changes?

Even though I am not a Hindu, and do not know much about the religion, I think you will find it has little or nothing to do with hair styles or facial hair fashion statements.

By Andy . . peace to all of the world and to all those who temporarily are blessed with the chance to live within its beauty.

Andy, United Arab Emirates - 02 January, 2004

PEACE TO ALL the only solution

This attack on PREZ PARWEZ is condemnable from all quarters... and that ceratinly include all the indians.. though the blame put up MR SHAH BAHUDAR GHAZNI on india and its intelligence looks more of a biased and immature statement... why the hell in this world would india like to kill or harm the prez... surely india will not like to talk to some one new on the PAK top it is quite sometime since india has started learning the way PREZ musharraf deals with different issues and is pretty comfortable with him... A new Head is more of an headache to india. This might well be the one of the reasons why he is targetted by Anti-Peace elements or in other world so called Jehadis Who can't differentiate The term Jehadi itself from The 'KORAN'and do whatever their AKAS ("MASTERS") tell them. Its high time that the Imams and Other Learned Religious Person Define this terms "JEHAD" in simple terms which simply Means KILLING and FIGHTING Evils who Try to harm HUMAN BEING. These are the kind of Evils who Even Targetted Even PAGAMBAR Mohammed (pbuh) And did not Give any weight to Any Human Values.In this Fight to Uproot 'The Evils' who are against the Human Life Every Indian is with All the Other Citizens of this beautiful world and which certainly includes our Pakistani Brothers and sisters. We had born as one son of soil and for God's grace and Pagamber's will we will surely be united some day...AMEEN

Anurag, United Arab Emirates - 02 January, 2004

Total Delusion By Hindus!!

No doubt this suicide in the name of Islam is not justified, since Islam does not allow this 'ACT OF BARBARISM'. On the other hand this person would not be sent to Hell(God Forbid) since he is one of many innocent & uneducated Muslims who are being mentally hypnotised by persuading them to die in the way of Islam by radical Islamic other such Parties. we should be aware that the Indian Government is training Muslims inside Afghanistan(Afghans) for carrying out such attacks on our Pakistani Government since it is becoming a great pain for India, thanks to our great leader President General Musharraf(God Bless And Protect Him).

The Indian Government is training the Afghans inside Afghanistan by posing as Muslim Jehadis(Holy Warriors) to the Afghans and the Afghans who happen to be uneducated are guided towards the wrong path by Indian agents. We should not forget that one of the suicide bombers was an Afghan (probably this one), which proves that Hindus of the Indian Government are planning such attrocities and act of Terrorism against the Muslims & the Pakistani Government.

India is not the Worlds Biggest Democracy, instead it is even below communism and is literally one of the filthiest nations on Earth. Muslims are not the only ones who have been tortured, raped and killed in Kashmir and within India, but no doubt a majority of them are but other than Muslims it is also the Sikhs and the Christians too.

Imran Ali Agha
Karachi, Pakistan

Imran Ali Agha, Pakistan - 02 January, 2004

create scenriotic enemy and neo-colonoise

Westrern powers are spending billions on strategic planning, and one project is to prop up one segment of ill-informed people in the third world ,support them to commit unspeakable crimes against thier own nationls . Once they are done enough, find another strategic friend from among the disgrantled segment and go physically occupy their territories.This is a very old way but thanks to the intellectual impoverishment of the target countries that it can work even at this age of ours.

Ashgar, Pakistan - 02 January, 2004


All religion is fundamentally corrupt, islam no more than christianity. Until the arab world realizes this, and moves to secularize their educational system and governments, you will have people perverting their religions to monstrous ends.

Religion cannot be proven, it cannot be held accountable, and any individuals interpretation of their religion cannot be held in check. For this reason, religious peoples have, for all time, performed horrific acts and justified it by their beliefs.

You can stop now.

Steve, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2004


Why dont the radicals join to win on a more sure ground.Death lessens their voice by one or more with each bomb.Not a shot needs to fired to make a point.Not a voice should be wasted.Death is final.After death there is no voice to hear.And I want to know the reasons a man would waste his life for a promise or otherwise.

Paul M. Iverson, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2004

1. What motivates these bombers to accept such mission of suicide attacks ?

Pure desperation. Undistilled fear. The falling, sinking sensation that nothing you can do, save that single, terrible act of destruction, will make a difference in the way things are.

2. Are these suicide bombers justified in any form or manifestation ?

Justified? No.
It's definitely worth considering that these acts are acts of desperation, and incomprehensible pain - it begs the question of "What drives these men and women to such a turning point?".

3. Is Islam being exploited by radicals at the cost of innocent believers in the 21st century ?

Hey, it worked for the Christians & Catholics - why not try Islam? I trust that the majority of the followers of Islam were just as hurt seeing the towers come down as the average catholic or jew.

I'm an american, which is a title i have to wear with a certain sense of humility, given the way that my country is being represented by the puppet currently in office. I was a servicemember at one point, and I have to say that I support my troops, to a man, but not the orders that they are being given.

I would rather the attacks on New York hadn't happened, but wishes aren't worth a whole lot nowadays. What the majority of the american public seems to have missed is that terrorism isn't a novel thing. For years, I have seen ( though sporadically ) news stories on explosions in a dozen different countries, so why is this suddenly such a dramatic event? Because the public felt invincible. This country hasn't had an act of war committed on its own soil for longer than most can remember, and we got cocky.

I would that nobody had to die in this conflict, unreasonable though that wish might be. Frankly, though, we got our nose bloodied like the playground bully who threw his weight around once too often. Then, our 'leader' begins to bang the war drums and whips the populace into a patriotic fervor.

Sometimes I have to ask myself the question "What if I could end the war today? If I found myself someplace where I could change the whole world with a single action, could I do it?" What if YOU could stop *all* war, around the world with a single action? Could YOU do it? I pray that this world will come together as one and face down those that would silence the singing voice, who would shutter the light we see by.

Aleph, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2004

I agree with Steve's comment

Religious fundamentalism runs rampant in every organized religion. In my mind, the media using a person who would commit such an atrocity to portray the whole of Islam would be the same as using Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell to portray all of Christianity.

My heart goes to the Pakistanis who suffer frequently from attacks such as these, to people who celebrate Islam for having their religion falsely portrayed in the media, and to the peace of India and Pakistan.

Mike, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2004

A person defending his country is not a terrorist. palestiniens and iraqis are accused of terrorism. remind me exactly why was the "war on terrorism" raised? to protect america wasn't it? so isn't that terrorism enough for them? anyway god bless the "martyr attackers"

MFB, Ecuador - 03 January, 2004

All religions

We should all embrace the golden rule that transcends all religions. If we could all do that then we would all be brothers and the world would be better off. It would remove the need for all the pain caused by such zealotry.
In christianity we say do unto others as you would have done unto you. I believe islam says not one of you is a true believer unless you wish the same for your brother that you also wish for yourself.
Please, let's all try to live up to that as our New Year's resolution.

Andrew K. Forsee (Andy), United Kingdom - 03 January, 2004


It saddens me how being a Muslim these days seems to classify tou as a potential terrorist, I have known and worked with a large number of Muslims and have found them to be amongst the most honourable people I have met. There are always exceptions, but I much prefer a devout Muslim to an Evangelical Christian. Hopefully Europe will soon get over this ridiculous prejudice.

JonKamme, United Arab Emirates - 03 January, 2004

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