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Spate of suicide bombings

19 July, 2007

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Pakistan has been under the grip of suicide bombings ever since the Lal Masjid saga ended . Since the July 10 operation against the Lal Masjid in which more then 80 people lost their lives, Nearly 200 people mostly Security Personnel have been killed while 263 wounded in 21 incidents of suicide bombings, rocket attacks, abduction, terrorism and bloodshed in NWFP and tribal areas which seems as the reaction to the operation silence that began in Islamabad on July 03.

It has been widely speculated by the general public that the recent spate of suicide attacks are a back lash of the Lal Majid operation as mostly security forces and policemen are targeted.

The Government however is refusing that it is a reaction to the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa operation but it cannot be ruled out.

President General Pervez Musharraf while addressing the nation recently had said that the terrorists, who were present in the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa during the operation, belonged to tribal areas and NWFP.

Following the President statement, security forces were targeted in NWFP including tribal areas and Northern Areas in which nearly 200 people lost their lives and over 300 other received injuries.

Most ironic is that people of Islamabad, who had always felt safe from the violent incidents, as the capital city is virtually a fort with all the security , saw the unfortunate incident of possible suicide bombing at Islamabad district courts on July 17 in which 18 people were killed.

Here are some questions
1)Is the spate of suicide bombings a reaction to the Lal Masjid operation? If it is, is it justified?
2)Are we as citizens of Pakistan paying a price for its governments decision to side with the US?
3)Should the government impose an emergency in the country to control the law and order situation?
4)Should President Musharraf step down with some dignity to defuse the situation?
5)Can Pakistan become another Iraq?

Reader Comments:

suicide bombings

first of all these so called religeous parties should be banned because not one of them have condemned the attacks when asked they give wishy washy remarks and the funny thing is that Qazi Hussain and Maulana Fazlur rehmans sons's have studied in the lands of whome they call kaffirs how ironic is that!

Amir, Pakistan - 19 July, 2007

The suicide attacks are retaliation of Lal Masjid mishandled Operation Silence and the Islamic Militants are delivering what they promised. The Tribal Elders are also not happy with Pakistan Security forces incursion into their area which they see a threat to their independence and way of life. Tribal Elders has terminated the peace treaty and the suicide attacks are the result of these two situations.

Pervez Musharraf must pay serious attention to the continuous propaganda campaign which could be used for US troops entering into NWFP.

This is the new media and Bush regime favorite sound bite from quite sometime on CNN which is kind of very scary to me as this looks like building up the case for US military to go into North West Frontier Province to deal with growing threat of Al Qaida. Bush regime was helped by the media spreading lies brain washing American to justify invasion of Iraq with their 24/7 coverage of propaganda against Saddam Hussein and WMD. This is happening again with Wolf Blitzer is so much wants the US troops to go in after Al Qaida save haven in Pakistan. Bush regime if decided to cross Pakistan border that will be another blunder by mentally unstable President which will strengthen Al Qaida and there will be tens of thousands Pakistani jihadist who will volunteer, there is no shortage of people in Pakistan with 160 million population. The Pervez Musharraf government will be toppled down by some strong General taking over the charge and US will have to fight directly with Pakistan Military.

Bush really don’t know the history culture and way of Tribal life in Pakistan and Afghanistan. NWFP never was under the control of any Federal government since the creation of Pakistan. They live by their own tribal rules with their assembly called Jirga. Bush pushed Pervez Musharraf too hard to do more for his “war on terror” and the dumb bastard responded by bombing civilian compounds with sending the security forces into NWFP with analyzing the consequences. The NWFP tribes see Pakistan security forces as incursion for their independent way of life. They are fiercely resisting Pakistan security forces on daily basis.

Pervez Musharraf government strongly deny US claim Al Qaida presence in Pakistan. The the top Pervez Musharraf Ministers and Ambassador called this the most ridiculous. Pakistan government believe Al Qaida is in Afghanistan with its top leaders Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al Zahawari and Mulla Omar.

Bush may not cross Pakistan border or he may be hesitating to do so and that is because he has very admirable quality i.e. Loyalty for Friends. The chances are Democrats might use this propaganda and the sound bite “Al Qaida Safe Haven in Pakistan” for NWFP invasion. Disaster that what it will be for US troops, whether done by Bush or new elected Democrat President.

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs, Richard Boucher, said yesterday that ’some military action is necessary, and will probably have to be taken.’

US Assistant Secretary of State statement is ambiguous whether he is suggesting US to take some military action or wants Pakistan to take military action. The way I understand Richard Boucher statement he is suggesting US military action. The US military if take any action in NWFP region than Pervez Musharraf will respond immediate military action and US troops and if did hesitate or delay immediate action than he will immediately will be removed from power sent to jail for not protecting the sovereignty of the country and might face treason charges. The US DIA know that Pakistan military capabilities and strengths. The Tribal Militants who are fighting Pakistan security forces will immediately extend their co-operation to fight the foreign forces. The US military have to fight Tribal Militants and Pakistan Military also there will be tens of thousands of volunteer joining the jihad.

Bush regime and the stupid analysts must understand Pervez Musharraf limitations. He is already in deep trouble for fighting Bush “war on terror”. Wolf Blitzer wants US military to take action in Pakistan territory is complete brain dead idiot proposing this from long time without knowing the consequences.

Pervez Musharraf has made plenty of mistakes just like all the other Muslim countries Head of State with blindly fighting Bush stupid "war on terror" without looking at the best interest for the people of Pakistan and this give rise to Islamic radicalism. Abdul Rashid Ghazi and the religious parties leadership wants to implement Sharia Laws which are very much corrupted with traditions. These religious leaders want to implement the punishment laws which are Judaism punishment laws with completely ignoring the social economic and political system given in Qur'an which is better than all the Western Democracies. Sharia laws Mullahs want to implement is not acceptable to me personally.

QB, Pakistan - 19 July, 2007

Zero vision leaders

Mushraff lacks the requisete vision and the far-sightedness neccessary to lead a Muslim nation. It is either to be with him and be hell-bound or to be with your Faith and be Heaven-bound. He mercillessly unleashes his " Hijron ki Fauj" on devoted and defenceless children and elderly women and has the audacity to call it as the finest military and if there is an iota of truth in what he claim , why not use his finest military to attack India and liberate Kashmir or where was his finest military when afraid of being bombed back to stone-age , he lost his manhood and caved-in like a rat to America's irrational whims and fancies !!! With him and his king-size ego around , this attacks and revenge-attacks will never ever cease. We need nationalist leaders like Nawaz Sherif or the likes of Nawaz Sherif to stop this literal destruction of Pakistan. Banning religious parties or banning Madrassas or banning Quran is not the solution but banning leaders whose heart and soul lies elsewhere is the solution.

Waqar Hasan, Pakistan - 19 July, 2007

Right-Wingers without Faith

The suicide blasts, triggered right with the start of Operation Silence against the Red Mosque administration on Wednesday killed 17 soldiers and wounded 13 in an ambush in Miran Shah.

On Tuesday the bombers struck at Islamabad leaving 16 dead while injuring more than 40 people. On Sunday, in a devastating series of suicide attacks in different cities of northwest Pakistan at least 52 people died and more than 100 were injured. Clearly, Operation Silence has backfired, since the extremists have not been silenced.

The majority of the dead were lower-ranking soldiers and police constables or young police candidates who came to try their luck at recruitment centers, hailing from the low-income rural areas where families usually have only one breadwinner.

So, besides killing the soldiers the bombers also tolled the death knell of many families' finances. In these areas of Pakistan , the meager salary of $99 per month is considered more than sufficient to feed a family of four to six members. For this, people strive hard to get a family member a job in the security forces. If some lucky chap succeeds in getting such employment, it is regarded as a windfall that can boost family finances. That's why young men from the poorest families throng police and army recruitment centers whenever they get a chance.

At just such a recruitment center in Dera Ismail Khan, a backwater of Pakistan, 30 policemen and hopefuls were killed and more than 56 received shrapnel wounds or lost limbs instead of getting jobs. There were 200 candidates at the center at the time of the deadly attack. After the explosion, body parts were scattered all over the place.

Since the Pakistani government stormed the Red Mosque in Islamabad using excessive military force against the poorly armed militants holed up in the Lal Masjid, the toll in multiple suicide bombings has jumped to over one hundred and forty.

Furthermore, in an ominous development, the relatives of those killed in the bloody confrontation between Red Mosque militants and security forces have called for a jihad against the government.
According to independent sources, over 400 people were killed -- although the government still insists on 103 dead -- in the bloody confrontation that ended the Red Mosque standoff, many of them women and preteen children from the poorest rural areas who came to the mosque to learn how to read and write because their parents could not afford regular schooling for them. A huge number of relatives are still searching for loved ones who disappeared during Operation Silence.

During the proxy war between the United States and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the early 1980s, the U.S. used Pakistan to supply its allies, and the CIA invested billions of dollars in religious seminaries in Pakistan to train faith-oriented fighters to wage war against the 'godless' empire.

The 'evil empire' was defeated through the help of a CIA-funded 'holy war', but this process also irrevocably altered the complexion of Pakistani society, radicalizing a once moderate nation. It created a culture of militancy, Kalashnikovs, drug trafficking, and smuggling. In addition, the flush of money made the mullahs and generals millionaires overnight.

According to noted defense analyst Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa's recent book Military Inc: Inside Pakistan's Military Economy, most Pakistani Army generals have a net worth of between 2.5 and 6.6 million dollars.

Paradoxically, rich clergymen send their children to study abroad at the world's most prestigious academic institutions but deliver sermons encouraging the underprivileged to enroll in seminaries that do not have computers and do not provide the type of education required in the Information Age.

As a matter of fact, many of these seminaries' preachers indoctrinate young male and female students, telling them that they are the custodians of Islam who must implement their own version of sharia upon the people by force.

For example, on Sunday BBC telecast film clips of a 14-year-old Pakistani boy who had traveled to Afghanistan from a religious seminary in the northwest of Pakistan to assassinate the governor of Khost Province. The youth, who was shown standing next to Afghan President Hamid Karzai after being pardoned, had been caught wearing a suicide vest on a motorbike in Khost. The boy's father said that he had sent his son to the seminary to learn how to read and write and was appalled that his son's radical teachers trained him to be a suicide bomber.

Unfortunately, in the surge of violence instigated by both sides, the sons and daughters of the poorest of the poor have had to pay with their lives.

Pakistan's long-deprived multitudes are bearing the brunt of the so-called war on terrorism. But on Sunday, George W. Bush's national security advisor, Stephen Hadley, told Pervez Musharraf to crush the militants and offered logistical and moral support.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 19 July, 2007

Jihad or Fasad

By no stretch of imagination the ruthless killing of the innocent Pakistani security personnels & civilians can be termed as Jihad. It is fasad of very high grade and its committer must be called as fasadi and they must not be called jihadi. Even during the real Jihad killing of aged persons, women and children is strictly prohibited, let alone the killing of their own kith & kin. In fact Allah Almighty has provided the most horrible punishment in the Holy Qur’an for commission of ‘fasad fee al ard’. Allah Almighty says: “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom” (Surah Al-Maidah: 5-33). The silent (senseless more appropriately) majority must now break their criminal silence and come forward for coping with the hired terrorists if not; they will be itemized in the list of stubborn negligent or hypocrites. The extremist lot is comprised of handful mentally retarded people but they have equipped with loudspeaker size mouths and are outfitted with the power of ruckus & noise. They are constantly hunting and infecting with the disease the minds of youth folk. We must differentiate between Jihad & Fasad. The ‘vicious-mullahs’ (‘ullama-e-soo’ viz vicious-savants) must not overlook that they are wreaking havoc upon fellow Muslims more brutally than the Zionist Jews and Brahman Hindus.

Aftab Alam Advocate, (High Court) Pakistan, Pakistan - 20 July, 2007

I am surprised and shocked at these stupid acts. It is a shame on Islam and it is disgrace to Pakistan. We are facing many cowards. These cowards don't have any values for lives. They are cheap and bastards. They are killing innocent people. This is the last thing I wanted to see in Pakistan. This not the time to think or analyze who was wrong or right about the Lal Misjad show. This is the time to kill these terrorists where ever they are. How can Pakistani people live in this situation? At least they should help government to identify these thugs and cowards. I urge Musharraf to use full force, a force that can finish these terrorists in seconds. I dont believe they are muslims, I dont think they have any respect for human lives. They want to die, so goverment must show strength and send them to hel.
This is the time for our nation to stay strong and show courage to face and to deminish these low class cheap people. It is the duty of each muslim and Pakistani to help the government and fight these culprits.
We must confront them. Let army take full action. i know civillan and innocent people will die too but they must sacrifice for better Pakistan. A Pakistan that has true Islam. A Pakistan that has leadership to lead the muslim world.

Zulfiqar Tanoli, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2007


It will be highly unintelligent of NATO or USA to invade Pakistani soil. The result will be even more counter productive for the West than it has been in Iraq.

Imran Ahmed, Pakistan - 20 July, 2007

You have China's gratitude

thank you pakistan for the brave pakistanis who risked and even gave their lives to protect chinese engineers working in pakistan. the chinese government or the relevant chinese company employing the engineers should provide meaningful financial support to those affected pakistani families. families with children should be able to send these children to study in china, should they wish to, on chinese government grants. to this end, as a gesture of our gratitude, my friends and i are lobbying the chinese government and relevant chinese companies. at this moment, our thoughts are with those pakistani families.

C Wei, China - 21 July, 2007

Tanoli, Please.

Your vision is as good as Musharraf's vision. Blinkered, clouded and extremely short-sighted . Just want to awe and shock without bracing to get counter-awed and counter-shocked . A good patriotic and nationalist leader anticipating ongoing suicide counter-attacks in the vast interest of the Pakistani people , swallowing his pride and ego would have ended Lal Masjid saga in a diplomatic way and not in the way you and your likes are propogating ! It is too bad in the long run ! With trigger-happy and hysterical people like you and your likes as Pakistanis we dont need external enemies to harm us ? Lal Masjid martyrs and those army-recruits and personnel who are getting killed in the spate of suicide bombings are our children , our brothers , our sisters and our Mothers. We mourn them. We pray for them . We do not vulgarise them .
O Allah , Bestow upon us the wisdom to surmount the apparent man-made calamities facing our country. O Allah , We totally surrender ourself to thee and fervently pray to invoke your miraculous and fabled " BE " to remove these dark clouds and conclude matters in the best interest of your Dearest Muhammad's Ummah . Aamin !

Azhar Khan, Pakistan - 21 July, 2007

1500 m none functional Muslim amid attacks

This news say about Suicidal attack - Lal Masjid saga Since the July 10 almost 80 civilian lost their lives while 200 Pakistan Army Security (PAS)staff have been killed in 21 incident.

With it also coming news about abuse of Muslim women in many countries in Africa from ivory cost and elsewhere .UN presence is a must for Muslim Abuse (it seem).Ethnic Muslim TV programme showing Tamil or NWF person as Iranian red Indian as Pakistan Amid Mullahs as worst cult and entire UMMA as bearded madrassa civilian. Turkey being depicted as religious as well as secular with bikini leaning towards allied soldiers or EU .Muslim ultra modern places historical places have been filled with fume emitting rundown cars and mini autos. In short 1500 million Umma with advance army like Pakistan or any of 55 oic countries as none functional.

Muslim do not control media security Oil banking IMF or anything. Bush Blair Harper army being depicted as sickos armed looters while mafia’s streets in the G8 have been abandoned. Mafias Afghan looking suicide bombers seem making fun of US allied incompetent personnel with 100% make believe vanished UMMA or their
Leaders .They are being depicted as on Vacation.Their helper Chinese workers or any one helping OIC seem getting killed (as a warning).

Have positive thinking. Install security personnel. Design own media and internet. Call for OIC meeting. Take in charge.

Z.B, Pakistan - 21 July, 2007

BUSH 's pet MUSH

many reasons,including lal masjid saga,are behind the siucidal attacks.people are not ready to accept Musharaff as their president.operation in waziristan, and steps according to the american masters across the country make people is true that people have to pay for the policies set by upper in the street are being killed,bureaucrates are safe in either situtation. not a single word in orders of dictator(musharaff) is according to people's wish.we r not in favor of emergency,we simply demand clear and clean election under SC supervision to get rid of BUSH 's pet dictator MUSH.there is no other option to save Quaid's GIFT.
otherwise,under musharaff' govt.,(allah save us) pakistan is likely to be broken as american think tanks palanned.

muhammad ali ahmed aamir, Pakistan - 23 July, 2007

The Problem is attacker have no problem finding targets :) They walk in to crowd with their waste bombs and explode. So easy for them but hard for security forces to do the same agains them because attackers are hidden behind Islam. Just like Imran said: first of all these so called religeous parties should be banned because not one of them have condemned the attacks when asked they give wishy washy remarks and the funny thing is that Qazi Hussain and Maulana Fazlur rehmans sons's have studied in the lands of whome they call kaffirs how ironic is that!
Security forces must realize that Attackers are better than them in case of performing their duties!

Saleem, Pakistan - 25 July, 2007

Agent Rulers.

Our Master bush.says.They hope to establish a violent political utopia across the Middle East, which they call a "Caliphate" -- where all would be ruled according to their hateful ideology.”

“I'm not going to allow this to happen -- and no future American President can allow it either.”The fundamental reason the Muslim world today remains de-industrialised is due to the lack of a political vision. The Muslim rulers have resigned themselves to becoming markets for western multinationals. The concepts of free trade and free markets have always been a ploy by the developed world to stall industrialisation in other countries and turning them into a factory for western consumption. When the political will has been present development has occurred in the Muslim world; Egypt developed a nuclear program in the 1950’s however it gave up its programme after the 1967 defeat to Israel. Pakistan pursued and developed a successful nuclear programme.For a newly emergent Khilafah a key policy would be to unite its people upon its political vision. Once this is achieved people will inevitably work to achieve the aims of the plan, this will then be presented to the remaining Muslim lands and once they can perceive its direction they will move to enact it. One of the biggest problems in the Muslim lands is the lack of any policies, which will raise the standard of their nation. The Khilafah will need to find its most skilled people and get them to enact this vision, which will give confidence to the masses.

This requires developing the military capability to defend itself and repel any invaders and potential attackers. This thinking will inevitably lead to the development of technology that does not exist in the Muslim world, in order to bring the military on a par with the modern global standard. To do this one must industrialize. To industrialize you need to have the technical expertise and raw materials, which is where a strategy needs to be developed.
The Muslim lands are full of resources and expertise and people who would work for the aims of Islam. The current rulers for as long as they remain will ensure there nations never industrialise to reach their true potential and have resigned themselves as remaining as agents for the worlds powers. Germany challenged the British Empire in the early 20th century by industrialising which eventually led to WW1. It again was on the verge of shifting the global balance of power in its favour after industrialising again within a space of 6 years and it took the world powers to come together to halt its progress. The Soviet Union within a space of 20 years rapidly industrialised and for nearly 50 years competed with the US for the role of global superpower. These examples show if the will is present any nation can industrialise and defend itself, whilst without industrialisation it would always fall under the influence of foreign powers. However, a key difference must be noted. Many of the examples of nations that industrialised did so with the aim to conquer or colonise other lands or attain the status of world power.

The Islamic Ummah’s drive for industrialisation and technological advancement must be built upon the Islamic Aqeedah as the driving force and motivation. Guided at all times by the belief in Allah (swt) and his noble Messenger (SAW).

O you who believe! Answer (the call of) Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life; and know that Allah intervenes between man and his heart, and that to Him you shall be gathered.

saladeen rumi, Pakistan - 25 July, 2007


I think this is a -hindu plot to force implosion of land of the pure. I clapped hands when attack of dilhi parliment building but now same jihadis are bombing our brave soldiers instead of killing apostates. THese serpents jihadis are biting hand that feeding it, are they have no shame. I think we should give independance to BLA and change Durrand line and build wall to keep serpents out of Pakistan.

Samiula, Ukraine - 25 July, 2007

Led them lead by EXAMPLE?

Led our"Spiritual Leaders" do
the honor of strapping the belt around their Children's bodies and lead them on this
Heavenly mission to meet the
creator.How audacious to send
someone else's child to be
slaughtered for their polity.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 26 July, 2007

Is the US Preparing To Attack Pakistan?

The Bush Administration may be preparing to lash out at old ally Pakistan, which Washington now blames for its humiliating failures to crush al-Qaida, capture its elusive leaders, or defeat Taliban resistance forces in Afghanistan.

One is immediately reminded of the Vietnam War when the Pentagon, unable to defeat North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong forces, urged invasion of Cambodia.Sources in Washington say the Pentagon is drawing up plans to attack Pakistan’s "autonomous" tribal region bordering Afghanistan. Limited "hot pursuit" ground incursions by US forces based in Afghanistan, intensive air attacks, and special forces raids into Pakistan’s autonomous tribal region are being evaluated.But under intense US pressure, President Pervez Musharraf violated Pakistan’s constitution by sending 80,000 federal troops to fight the region’s tribes, killing 3,000 of them. In best British imperial tradition, Washington pays Musharraf $100 million monthly to rent his sepoys (native soldiers) to fight Pashtun tribesmen. As a result, Pakistan is fast edging towards civil war, as the bloody siege of Islamabad’s Red Mosque and a current wave of bombings across the nation show..Any US attack on Pakistan would be a catastrophic mistake. First, air and ground assaults will succeed only in widening the anti-US war and merging it with Afghanistan’s resistance to western occupation. US forces are already too over-stretched to get involved in yet another little war.

Second, Pakistan’s army officers who refuse to be bought may resist a US attack on their homeland, and overthrow the man who allowed it, Gen. Musharraf. A US attack would sharply raise the threat of anti-US extremists seizing control of strategic Pakistan and marginalize those seeking return to democratic government. The US military has grown used to attacking small, weak nations like Grenada, Panama, and Iraq. Pakistan, with 163 million people, and a poorly equipped but very tough 550,000-man army, will offer no easy victories. Those Bush Administration officials who foolishly advocate attacking Pakistan are playing with fire.

RUMI KHAN, Pakistan - 26 July, 2007

Musharraf Forced to Compromise


A suicide bombing occurred at a market in the Pakistani capital July 27, while former Red Mosque students reoccupied the nearby Red Mosque. The domestic security situation continues to deteriorate and is exacerbating political instability in the country, which would explain reports that say President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who is on a trip to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, will meet with top Pakistani opposition leaders in those countries. Musharraf has been weakened to the point that he is forced to seek a compromise with his opponents in an effort to salvage his regime.


Another suicide bombing occurred July 27 in the Pakistani capital, this one targeting security forces at a restaurant in a marketplace. About a dozen people were killed and nearly 50 injured. Meanwhile, Islamabad's Red Mosque was the scene of unrest again as radical seminary students briefly occupied the mosque on the occasion of its reopening. Elsewhere, a spokesman for the provincial government in Balochistan was gunned down. All this escalating violence and unrest would explain why President Gen. Pervez Musharraf planned to meet July 27 with Pakistan People's Party leader Benazir Bhutto in Abu Dhabi and is expected to meet in Saudi Arabia with Shahbaz Sharif, brother of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who Musharraf ousted from power in October 1999.

Musharrfian state is in the process of unraveling. Musharraf now must seek the help of mainstream political forces to deal with the growing crisis of governance and the desire of Pakistanis to live under Islam. Moreover, the recent tensions with Washington over the U.S. threats to engage in unilateral military action against jihadists in the country's northwest -- which quickly followed the restoration of the Supreme Court's chief justice -- seem to have been the last straw.

There also were reports July 27 that Musharraf's corps commanders and agency heads have asked him to step down, another development we had anticipated. Stepping down does not necessarily mean that Musharraf would leave the political scene altogether. Rather he likely will be forced to relinquish the post of army chief and try to stay on as a civilian president while sharing powers with a coalition government led by Bhutto following parliamentary elections.

People of Pakistan are very well aware about the false promises of Musharraf that he will never let the two opposition leaders i.e. Nawaz and Bibi back in to Pakistan and work with them. At the same time Bibi and Nawaz vowed never to work with Musharraf. This all is changing now. Devoid of any ideological grounds, the corrupt Pakistani civilian parties areng to come back with old faces, new slogans and historic corruption. Nothing is going to change in Pakistan except the same old cycle to be repeated.

For a change to be permanent and to result in true revival, Pakistan must go back to its roots and the purpose it was created for i.e. an Ideological Islamic State. The state for which Muslims of Pakistan gave their lives in millions. Only under Khilafah system Pakistanis will be able to truly unite them selves and be able to reach a status of a leading nation.

At this stage it is unclear whether Musharraf will be successful in his efforts to reach a compromise -- as these efforts could be too little and too late.

Tauseef Zahid, Pakistan - 28 July, 2007

Mullahs out of control

The Mullahs should be blamed for all these suicide bombings. They've lost their minds. They think that it's Jihad, Jihad isnt when you kill innocent people who dont pose a threat to you. All the fanatic Mullahs should be put behind bars. Watching the news on tv brings me to tears at how this country is just going downhill. We all have to fight against extremism!

Imaan Hazir, Pakistan - 29 July, 2007

Govt. can only eliminate extremism through talks.

It is observe that govt. use force to eliminate extremism and we see that to use force in this situation to create more intolerance in people and them willing to go for extremism. So it is necessary to go to route cause. If our president himself can go to Dubai for talk to former PM (whose partner was famous for Mr. 10 percent) to save their govt. Why not they talk to Wifaq ul Madaris ulma-e-kiram to solve the current uncomfortable situation in Pakistan.

Abdulbari, Pakistan - 30 July, 2007

Suicide Bombers or World Champion 2nd to none

Iraq is Football Champion of Asia by beating Saudi Arabia by 1.0 amid daily suicide bombings in Iraq Pakistan.Iraq has oil reserve second to Saudi Arabia who dispatched
90% WTC bombers to pave the way for Bush Blair and allied soldiers invade Iraq
oil using WMD gimmick.The oil pumping soldiers in Iraq and have surrounded Iran
while destablizing Islamabad –Kabul.

There are 1500million Muslim who have had made great progress using simple principle
Of Success Story of the Holy Prophet.Depicting Umma as terrorist in locations of 1500 million is absurd.That leaves the asset looters and BBC TV comment of intellectual last
Night in World Series heard in N America too.

Mullah Bakri Mohammed :“Muslims are not terrorist .they are fastest growing and I(mullah Bakri) condemn acts of violence to dissuade”.
Council of ex-Muslims of UK Maryam Namazi “ Iran and some promote violence by religion and Iran encourages stoning to sinner”.

Benazir Bhutto:“ Some Muslims simply openly dictates to kill innocent civilian
Some are terrorist some have to be suppressed by force”.

Islam: “ No Muslim kill another Muslim no Muslim squanders Muslim asset being in state of believer as Muslim”.

Normal looking Iraqis footballers yesterday and Iraq public in street reflect that Muslim should quit watching foreign TV foreign MOVIE makers from oil using countries and oil
Pumping oil tanker countries.Depicting successful rich Muslim UMMA with rich asset using Make believe TV image or dispatching all subversive elements from oil pumping region of Saudi Arabia Kuwait with BBC CNN and Aljazeera and some Media project
News which got to be artificial and apparent .Iraq as a football champion reflect while
Big oil user car mfrs Japan South Korean fought out for 3rd place.SKorea got 3rd place.
Have positive thinking to develop Islamic success story avoid foreign TV -Movies –media who make believe give wrong image of Umma as death causing destructive while umma grew 1500 million in 1400 years.Why Saudi Arabia or oil pumping region causing
Wrong image in recent decades?

B Z, United Arab Emirates - 30 July, 2007

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