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Smashmouth JF-17 Thunder air craft

04 September, 2003

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September 4th, first prototype of JF-17 thunder combat plane took its maiden flight at Wenjing Airport, China . This light weight combat airplane is manufactured by Pakistan in collaboration with China.

It is affirmed by technical experts JF-17 plane will replace aging fleets of mirage, A5, and F6 with challenging performance to Fighting Falcon F16.

JF-17 Thunder plane is also considered to be having an edge over Indian LCA(Light Combat Aircraft) with futuristic avionics and cost effectiveness.

What do you think about this combat air craft by Pakistan?

Do you think Pakistan is at threshold of modern air technology?

Do you think Pakistan will retain its Air-superiority against India under this plane?

Reader Comments:

As far as living below poverty lin eis concerned. All my dear other commentators, it would be interesting to note that Weaponry is not only manufactured for the puspose of self defence but also to promote mechanical industry, and now as weaponry is changing its direction to electronics, add electronics, avionics tec

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 13 September, 2003

And as it is a collaberative effort Paksiatn will have its complete manufacturing technology which will give reactivation to local industry after Mishaq trainer plane.

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 13 September, 2003

So west world should be glad that pakistan is on the track of self reliance for poverty eradication rather on lame IMF and WB's PAPs.mind it

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 13 September, 2003


Perhaps most of the readers are unfamiliar with the facts that Pakistan is already earning millions of dollars by exporting indigenously manufactured fighter training planes, Mushaq is just one such aircraft to name. We are also exporting Tanks and other Army Vehicles and conventional weaponary. For more details please visit to find out how good we are in exporting these goods after manufacturing them locally here in Pakistan. It's only helping our own economy, so all those who are against defence industry should read what benefits it's giving to our economy.

Agha, Pakistan - 13 September, 2003

Well Done! Pakistan needed the JF-17 jets one way or the other, the ageing fleet of A-5, Mirage, F-6 and F-7 needed to be replaced a long time ago. It doesn't matter where the aircraft came from but it's a necessity for the PAF.
Most of the Nato/European nations get their aircrafts and other heavy military war machine from the US despite they have well established defence industries.
As long producing JF-17 helps the Pakistani economy it is all good.
Don't forget, Pakistan did produce K-8s and has exported them to Saudi Arabia for $40 million. Altogether last year, the defence industry made exports woth $100 million.

God Bless Pakistan & All Pakistanis.

Dildar, United Arab Emirates - 13 September, 2003

With Sukhoi SU-30's and the new Israeli deep penerating Phalon AWAACS radar defending my skies...... lets just say that the JF-17 would have a hard time getting off the taxi-way.

Ankur, Hungary - 13 September, 2003

JF-17 Great Job

JF-17 is a great achievement for both China and Pakistan. Though Pakistan is developing on other fronts of IT projects, it is equally important to develop our country's defense at the same time, to leave with pride and respect in this imperialized world. To realize the safety of such important projects in war times it is a good decision to have it in China, a place untouchable for India and other hypocrites of world. Chinese support is also important for exporting these planes to other countries for commercial purposes.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Hadi, Pakistan - 14 September, 2003

Now Really

When will you stop attemting to comare yourselves with a nation that has a population 7 times your size, an economy 8 times yours with a foreighn exchange reserve growing by the entirety of yours every four months and more to the point a MUSLIM population greater than yours. Thatis why we can buy Quatari Mirages before you can, cash, and you can't, that is why we can manufacture Mig 21's, 27's and Sukoi 30MKI and negotiate for 140 Mirage 2000-5 and you never will !

A Shah, United Arab Emirates - 14 September, 2003

hi i'm a sri lankan studying in the US. I'd jus like to say congradulations on the Pakistani Air Force. Do not under estimate the quality of the chinese, even though they make cheap pencils and easily breakable household products, when it comes military dont mess with china. India learnt its lesson fighting the chinese, and i think manufacturing own planes puts the pakistani airforce at an advantage. Oh yeah....let there be peace in south asia n the rest of the world.

saif, Somalia - 14 September, 2003

JF-17 and pakistan

everybody knows whose techonology is there in building this aircraft . u r competing india which is far ahead than pakistan weather it is democracy, unity, economy , foreign reserve , space , military, army , navy etc etc . indian trade is growing by 4percent and population by only 2 percent whereas pakistans trade is growing by lee than .5 percent and very high population growth... where is pakistan going .. plz stop leaving in a fools paradise and try to make good relations with india.

gaurav, Hungary - 14 September, 2003

While the JF-17 may not be state-of-the-art, it will definitely fill the yawning gap for a respectable fighter in our airforce---one of the best the world has ever seen. As for technological know how, I personally know that a lot of input was taken from us on the design of the airframe alone. A modern fighter aircraft is such a complex machine that no country can build it entirely on its own. Case in point: The india's LCA (heavy input from US and Israel for design and avionics), and even the JF-17 itself (the Chineese are using an essentially Russian powerplant cuz they dont know how to make one that meets the specs.)

Hamood Khan, United Kingdom - 14 September, 2003


A comment: Pakistan IS exporting ammunition not weapons. Mushaq has never been exported. If the talks that are underway with Saudi Arabia, do go through it will be the first such order. Pakistan has not yet exported tanks. Malaysia did show some interest but stopped short of placing an order. It has a lot to do with the capabilities of the manufacturing line (in terms of mass production, not quality). So while the ammunition export is indeed helping the economy (Ans is good) lets keep the record straight. Pakistan has NOT yet exported any aircrafts or tanks.

Alam, United Kingdom - 14 September, 2003

well done .....!!! PAF

well have achive a
mile stone of pakistan aviation history... wish you all the best. and thanks for closer assistance with sri lanka air for force.I hope SLAF will fly JF-17 very soon.

Amila , sri lanka, Pakistan - 17 September, 2003


the people who build arms are not the real heros but the people who strive to achieve piece are. it is laughable when people write things encouraging pakistan to build arms in the name of allah.the development of a country cannot be guaged by the military. india and pak both are militarily powerful natons, but if the the rulers of these two great nations can afford to spend a little time thinking of the poor people of their respective nations.... they will be the best countries in the world

cv, Somalia - 17 September, 2003


You got routed the last time you went to war with India's Gnats and Canberras. There is no chance.Better solution is a permanent peace and solving the extremes of poverty that South Asians suffer from. Dont think of going to war and winning against India. Aint gonna happen even if Pakistan is Sri Lanka's only true supporter against terrorists.

Mano, Somalia - 17 September, 2003

a bird inhand

even a catapult made in pakistan would be a better asset ,than relying on the u.s ,u.k etc aid.we need to rely on ourselves

qaisar, United Arab Emirates - 18 September, 2003

waste of resources

How much longer are you going to waste your precious resources on a futile arms race with your vastly larger neighbor? Another war between Pakistan and India would be a disaster for both countries. $400 million would have done much to lift the average Pakistani out of poverty- instead they are asked to live in the dirt, poor and uneducated, so that the country's leaders can bang their chests in a futile gesture to grab Indian and world attention.

GPA, United Kingdom - 18 September, 2003

Congratulations to Pak scientists

As an Indian i am really scared of this new achievement of pakistan.It's scientist have shown the world that they have now got the ability to tighten the screws and nut bolts of an aircraft.It's a big achievement considering that earlier they were good enough of only painting the white crescent on the pakistan air force planes.As far as the chinese are concerned their brain is as much the width of their eyes.They couldn't have got a more obsolete plane than the MIG-33 which even the russians discarded.keep it up..Pakinstan bahindabad!!!!

Girish Kumar, Hungary - 20 September, 2003

We know that india is much more superior then we are, but they dont have enough guts to fight us. you have seen this in the last few years.

zulfiqar, Netherlands - 20 September, 2003

Nobody is banging his chest. There is a logical requirement for this aircraft and is being met. For those who think that Pakistan has scarce resources, think again. $400m were spent in a time span of about a decade. I feel pitty for the poor of India, where the government is spending billions on whimsical defence deals. Why all the expenditure? I don't see any reason other than a juvenile craving for attention.

Hamood Khan, United Kingdom - 20 September, 2003

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