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Smashmouth JF-17 Thunder air craft

04 September, 2003

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September 4th, first prototype of JF-17 thunder combat plane took its maiden flight at Wenjing Airport, China . This light weight combat airplane is manufactured by Pakistan in collaboration with China.

It is affirmed by technical experts JF-17 plane will replace aging fleets of mirage, A5, and F6 with challenging performance to Fighting Falcon F16.

JF-17 Thunder plane is also considered to be having an edge over Indian LCA(Light Combat Aircraft) with futuristic avionics and cost effectiveness.

What do you think about this combat air craft by Pakistan?

Do you think Pakistan is at threshold of modern air technology?

Do you think Pakistan will retain its Air-superiority against India under this plane?

Reader Comments:

True Friendship.

This joint venture between two nations had no strings.As
with this success there will be more,let magnanimity move the two nations forward.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 02 June, 2006

to my Indian friends

Please remember the only reason worlds coming to India to invest is because of its huge population. India itself is 4-5 time bigger than Pakistan. I dont know why you lot brag about this stuff so much. Because of poverty in India educated people work for so less thats why all American and British compnies coming to India to get thier work done. If you lot could compare the Indian call centers with British call centers you probably go mad. Conditions in India call centers is that bad. So Indian employees get 1/10th of the pay what Britsh employees get so ofcourse foreign countries will invest in India to keep you happy. Thats the reason there is no need to brag.

I dont understand why us Pakistanis have to compare every thing with India. Have some self confidence Pakistani brother. Think Pakistan is better than India because over the years our economy has been doing better than India.

But to be fair India had better leaders over the years. If Pakistan had better leaders we would have been much much better. Other draw back Pakistan has is being a Muslim country. Therefore, Pakistan is more likely to get sanctions then India.

that nuclear deal between India and US is a big example.

But thats amazing that Pakistans have built fighter plans INSHALLAH very soon we will build every thing on our own.

Ali, Pakistan - 02 June, 2006

Pakistan had to beg for 5billion$ for an wasn't the first time...and to add to the shame...they haven't learnt from it. At the time of quake there was just "1" siesmology phD in pakistan...Still u dont have any institute doing any sort of research on this...Your 70% of population lives in misery...and here we have the cacophony...and for what...of all "chinese planes"....

I have a doubt.......Will they fly??

someOne, Norway - 02 June, 2006

The funds should have spent for uplifts of poors and education. South Asia requires attention to other problems like unemployment, poverty etc

, Pakistan - 02 June, 2006

Congratulation PAF!!

I congratulate Pakistani Airforce. Pakistan Zindabad!!!

Yo Indians; please go feed your 50% malnourished children before talking so big...

Owais khan, Pakistan - 02 June, 2006

To someOne in Norway who is high on pot

Dear SomeOne in Norway, I would urge you to kindly regain your sobriety and throw that crack you've been smoking for the past 4 years.

The JF-17 FLEW back in 2003... and you're asking "I wonder if they'll fly"?

As for the peaceloving countries (lol) [we seem to be surrounded by saints...hehe], I surmise that they would get the previllige to find it first hand the hunted or the hunter.

I think most of the people who are questioning the technical merits of the JF-17 are lay.

I would not claim the JF-17 is the next revolution in aviation. Nonetheless, it is a respectable fighter and in large numbers will bolster our airdefences. There's no doubt about it.

Any comparisons with the LCA are sorely out of place. Because all things considered equal, the Chineese avaiation industrial base is far, far ahead of India at many levels. The assumption is ofcourse that the LCA is a PURELY indian machine, as so many of our guests so proudly believe.

Hamood Khan, Pakistan - 12 June, 2006

Peace nicks?!

You canīt afford a war with "good" results anyway, period!
Itīll would only be a punch of air, with more porverty/death/destruction/haterad to follow. In the meantime countries like US and china gets even more powerful, just because y by there arms, with your pennys and loaned money.
Even the US has some problems finance itsīwars (and problems with "good" outcome).
So why even dream about it?
Nice with some technical advances though, with the JF-17. But not shore about any spinoff effects or selling it without problems. Problems like foreign parts, and production.
Also, if you think you have a 4th generation fighter, and use 3th generation weaponry/radar or bad AWACS support with it, the effectiveness degrades exponentialy FAST.
Take care of our own needing people, instead of feed your hatered and dream of military dominance. The later would be extremly irresponibel and childish in your countries economical position.

Magnus, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 13 June, 2006


Nice advice, but sorry to point out the minor detail that you've seemed to gloss over: SWEDEN is supplying us with the spanking new $1 billion AWACS system: the Erieye.

So how do you feel as you help us "feed our hatred"?

Please do let us all know.

Magnus beta. Please, I would urge you to keep track of Swedish affairs instead of becoming a regular visitor to Paktribune to check the latest on JF-17.

Or at least, dont post the regular crap, so typical of your ilk, like AWACS capability etc.

And now let me educate you a little...

Try to save your LCA project from complete doom. Its running on life support.

I can provide you with a dozen reports authored by Indians about this DRDO disaster.

I'm sure as hell happy that the LCA is PURELY "Indian" (your claim, not mine)...

Cuz like everything Indian

Hamood Khan, Pakistan - 25 June, 2006

Erieye not a weapon

The erieye is mostly optimized for defence (like most of the Swedish equipment, since 200 years without offensive wars) and is not a weapon. Erieye will give u very good track of your possible enemies. Good surveillance/intelligence(BOTH PARTS!), has always been like ice on fire. Erieye will keep india away, which is good.
No one can make a move without the other knowing. Erieye can therefore be a way of keeping the peace also. Remember, we didnīt sell you any Jas 39 Gripens, which you wanted to have...
And of course iīm not a regular reader in this forum, but a always keep track of aviation affiars. Thats why i stumbled across this forum, and of course, a have to say mine.
I know my swedish affairs, donīt you worry.

Magnus, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 03 July, 2006

Your country is partly responsible

Dear Kendall Anderson, it is true many of us are living under poverty line... why we are spending money on JF-17 ... it is because of your country.When it is in the interest of Israel or in its own self, it makes the best use of UNSC resolutions, but on the Kashmir resolution which demands the right of self determination of Kashmiris, your country is totaly silent and that is why we are spending such a huge amount of money to defend our country against a country to whom your country provided sophisticated AWACS to have a superiority over Pakistan by India... Why dont you give advice to your country to resolve our disputes to relieve the people living in this region?

Shakeel Ahmad, Pakistan - 22 July, 2006

Right path

In afew years they coulld be capable of taking on india with ease if this technology is still there and being modrenised however Pakistani government should try to help the people as well by improving the rate of education aswell and encourage them to study hard, this way it would benefit Pakistan even more

Bilal, United Arab Emirates - 22 October, 2006


Just live in peace and work to make this world peaceful and enjoyable not hell!!! Good for pakistan and india and all the pot smokers in sweden and norway where hand full of people have control and run the country . people please live and enjoy life not fight look what is going on with U.S. love you all peace!!India and pakistan spent the moneies for you people then on war games thank you!!

SAJJAD RANA, United Kingdom - 23 March, 2007


We are missing a very unique aspect i.e. every development engineer in PAC is a soldier, who normally is inducted at the age below 20 and complete his engineering degree at PAC.
In rest of the world incl. India any design development work is done by private companies (with the partial state funds) who are free to hire research development scientists from all over the world on competitive salaries.
If I would own a research company, Pakistan would have been my first choice to hire engineers and scientists (of course the civilian ones).
I say if India completes his 30 year old project in next 2 years than no wonder if TEJA (developer of LAC) has covertly hired some Pakistani’s scientists also.

Siddique.K, Swaziland - 27 March, 2007

LCA Made in India

I'm from India my country and all its people stinks.
Now our government has openly invited the world to assist in the development of LCA. I think we should stop investing more in this white elephant, I heard that TEJA's has hired many Pakistani scientists in Dubai, after the success of JF17.

Ram Krishna Murti, Pakistan - 27 March, 2007

Resp. To Eyewash of Sunny, Pakistan

Make some sense. China produces thousands of PhDs every year-- now more than US. But again, Pakistan gets a reliable help anyways.

Tim, United Kingdom - 29 March, 2007

Pak Squadron Training in China

Sqdr leader Mushtaq and gang were in China training for JF 17. The Chinese Force and leader showed them how to fly the aircraft. Sqdr Leader Mushtaq asked so many questions about flying and also about turning left and right. He was happy till he asked the Chinese the last question. " How do you land this JF17"?? The Chinese said... "Dont worry about landing the plane by yourself. Just leave that to the Indians, They will bring (Shoot) you down with their SU30 MKI's". So Sqdrn Leader Mushtaq, is somewhere in the North West Frontier now cooking Murgh Peshawari for Osama and gang.

Black, Hungary - 05 April, 2007

Fools Paradise

All you Pakis are living in a fools paradise. You are so blind you cannot see reality. So you only have Chinese as your 'friends' and you 'develop' an aircraft and all of a sudden Pakis are superior. Look at your neighbor with open eyes. See how they are progressing, see how they are doing abroad too. You try to manipulate Indian Muslims but they are proud to be Indians. How many have you Pakis got famous muslims like ours? Look at our President, our actors and actresses, musicians sports men and women and business magnates who are muslims and doing well as Indian muslims. Look at Indians wether Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian abroad. They are all doing well. Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams are two NASA astronauts, Deepak Chopra, Dr Gupta of CNN, Noori who is Pesi's head, Zubin Mehta etc the list goes on and on. What have you Pakis got to show? You have a narrow mind and can only think of things in a MUSLIM or PAKI text. You try to justify your existence and 'importance' by playing the muslim card always. India may not be perfect, sure there are problems but let me tell you wether they be Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian they are proud to be Inidians and rightly so.

MRALIWALI, Turkmenistan - 06 April, 2007

Its so cheap!

I can hardly belive how cheap this fighter is considerting the roles it can play. The only reason I can guess is that the Chinese used their experience and techniques developed for their J10 fighter to help the Pakistan. But for poor countries like India and Pak, you should stop spending any money on arm race. This is especially true since you both have nuclear weapon now. Peace is the only choice for both of you.

FireFox, United Kingdom - 29 April, 2007


I congrat u people...for what u have achieved....but guys...dont u think it wud b good... if u spend all this money in raising the standard of living of people...coz u gather it or not....u are no match for us....

considering the fact that u built JF-17 in an alliance with china.....should i open this area considering that India is building LCA on its own....and moreover talking about alliance....we have build SU 30 MKI with russia....and even contributed to its manufacturing with sophisticated softwares and hardwares....what hv u done with JF-17....



Shaurya, Hungary - 17 May, 2007

JF 17

why not Pakistan built his own aircraft engin
or copy any best perfomance engin
if Pakistan agree to any muslim person machnical engineer from eastern countries same as we built his own radar system and wepon system

liaqat zaman, Pakistan - 07 October, 2007

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