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Smashmouth JF-17 Thunder air craft

04 September, 2003

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September 4th, first prototype of JF-17 thunder combat plane took its maiden flight at Wenjing Airport, China . This light weight combat airplane is manufactured by Pakistan in collaboration with China.

It is affirmed by technical experts JF-17 plane will replace aging fleets of mirage, A5, and F6 with challenging performance to Fighting Falcon F16.

JF-17 Thunder plane is also considered to be having an edge over Indian LCA(Light Combat Aircraft) with futuristic avionics and cost effectiveness.

What do you think about this combat air craft by Pakistan?

Do you think Pakistan is at threshold of modern air technology?

Do you think Pakistan will retain its Air-superiority against India under this plane?

Reader Comments:



We should be grateful to our Chinese friends for this effort. Let us be humble and now aim for building something on our own. Let us get more PhDs and researchers. Let us not brag on other people's accomplishments.

Nasir Bhutta, Pakistan - 09 September, 2003


Congratulations to Pakistan and China on this development. May the defenders of our motherland live long and prosper!!!

Shamayel Ahmad, Fiji - 09 September, 2003


Well done ...... but long way to go to match us .....

Kannan, Hungary - 09 September, 2003


Good news. i hope we will at least use one pak-made - green paint- to make JF17 eligible of being called pak-built. I also hope the tyres used in JF17 are not branded Apollo, smuggled from India via Dubai!

razaa, United Arab Emirates - 09 September, 2003

pak zinda

why the hell does this site let hindus write baseless statements. If they think they are so superior why dont they attack us.

wasim, Canada - 10 September, 2003

Why the hell are your retarded trouble causing religiously fueled countries fighting anyway?. You should all grow up and live in peace, or drop dead and leave the world in peace, there is no need for all this garbage. Directed towards the idiot rligious nuts from India and Pakistan.

Mick, United Arab Emirates - 10 September, 2003

Can you name atleast one engineer or scientist who contributed on structural design of JF-17 aircraft. I heard on grape vine that neither chinese nor pakis understood F16 so they asked Israelis to help them out thats why mush-baby wants relations with Israel and JF17 engines are russian so that was the reason of his visit to Putin, who assured him will not bloke engine sales

Salim Wani, Hungary - 10 September, 2003

love pakistan

To all Pakistanis happy 6th sept defence day and love to Pakistan Army

Pakistan Zindabad

Zaheer Abbas, Pakistan - 10 September, 2003


It is already late .This should have been done 20 years ago.Our Enimies are already upon us .Wake up

Nawazish Ali, Pakistan - 11 September, 2003

It's Chinese plane

Why are we celebrating and feeling proud of Chinese plane. Whom are we fooling by calling it Pakistani aircraft? World and our enemy knows it is Chinese, infact as pointed out by Sunny, we paid 400 million $s and 4-5 engineers for the work, and we will have to pay to get the plane too ! and the trial run is done in China ! Look at our enemy, they are building planes on their own and talking about supersonic speeds etc. etc. We should look inside ourself and learn from our enemy!

Saleem, Pakistan - 11 September, 2003

We live in a Global Village.

For all my Pakistani friends who like things to happen right away. They remind of my 2 year old nephew.

Nation building is a long painful struggle, which may or may not bear fruit in our lifetime.

Self reliance:
Even Pentagon has its, 'top secret' ICs manufactured in Taiwan and China. There is no such thing as self-reliance. Have strong - respectful allies!

Work hard - be honest - be sincere. May Allah guide us.

Moeed Israr, Canada - 11 September, 2003

congratulations pakistan

this credit goes to our heros, sepcially Air chief late mushaf ali mir. He was the main guy behind this project, with out his expertise, we wouldnt be at this point. May Allah give us more heros like him. i just can't wait for the day when we get the first shippemnt of FC-1 from china, and they're ready to like a falcon... Good work pakistan!!

Hassan, Canada - 11 September, 2003

there is no need to match the iaf.Hindu land has always been jelous of any accomplishment mad by pak.Another point is despite the sanctions placed on pak by u.s and other european countries for 20 years we have still maintained our paf to counter any agression. 1965 and 1971 are proof. no one can deny it. and everyone knows including ret'd bharat iaf officers.
The paf knows what to do. Now there is only room for advanced jet fighters like the jf 17

wasim, Canada - 11 September, 2003

Alham Dullilah

Great News for Pakistan. I think Pakistan should spend more money and mortgage more of her resources to acquire more and more weapons so that the Okra farms can continue to be under military owneship and Fauji Industries can continue to prosper to enrich the few who have their tentacles over it. Great news indeed. We need to put more money to built factories in China to manufacture hundreds of these planes. This way we can help increase employment in China. If possible, we need to borrow from the outside lenders to be sent to China to build more R&D labs. This way we can continue our all-weather one sided friendship with China and show them our gratitude by helping to create jobs over there. Ameen

Aseef Fuklah, Pakistan - 11 September, 2003

wow!! now you make make we stopped using in 80`s

A country with most of the population under poverty line and rest bussy in spreading terrorism wont it make sence to use this money develop yor country or may be educate yourself for a change

Kendall Anderson, United Kingdom - 11 September, 2003

Made In China !

Well ! we all know well the quality of China made products......

Muhamad Al Chakim, Iraq - 12 September, 2003

Economy and War industry

Kendall Anderson, I gather you are from USA, and if I am not wrong your war industry have an active role in your economy and it had been through out like this in your history, when most of you were just impressed by your wild wild west culture.

You never know who would be buying these fighter planes from us to make our economy better ?

Ali, Pakistan - 12 September, 2003

Great Work

I am a Sirilankan Muslim living in the US. This is a first step but a big first step for Pakistan. In my opinion, the progress of a country is not measured in how many weapons you have. Its how well your people live. The best security Pakistan and even India and even Srilanka can have is to make peace with your neighbours. Those on this page who are calling for war with India or whoever else is nothing but lunatics. War will only bring disaster to south asia and its people. Think about the over 70% of the population living below the poverty line. And then think of how much progress india has made (Bangalor, Hydrabath etc). All those lunatics, who call for war etc etc.. you have been trying this for the past 50 years and where has it taken you. I wish pakistan the very best.

Adhul Alavi, Somalia - 12 September, 2003

Dear country What we need is to be unite

Very Good for Pakistan for such progress for having jets like JF-17 But what we need more right now to be unite as a nation to be good muslims then we will see how good pakistanies we will going to be, Best Wishes for All muslim's lands and our Pak Watan. Watan ki mitti Azeem hay to Azeem ter hum benaa rehay hain inshAllah

Zahid, Pakistan - 12 September, 2003

Once again

Once again we are shouting before complete our project.Look at others they shout after they are alraedy completed their work.However source they used no one knows but they only show to public when they got it in their own hands that this is belongs to us,we made it,we creat it....
Pls. my Pakistani brothers try to do right thing at the right time.
Allah Hafiz

S.M.Minhas, Holy See - 12 September, 2003

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