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Shaukat Aziz for premiership

27 July, 2004

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Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz filed his nomination papers in Tharparkur and Attock to contest National Assembly by-polls from NA-229 and NA-59, to be held on August 18.The Election Commission allotted the symbol of bicycle to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League.

MMA has withdrawn its candidates in favour of ARD candidates for the by polls in both the constituencies. As many as 15 candidates had filed their nomination papers against Shaukat Aziz and 8 candidates have withdrawn their papers.

Shaukat Aziz has said that he will only rest after making Pakistan Asian Tiger and equated strengthening of Muslim world with a strong Pakistan.

The domestic and foreign assets of Prime Minister-in-waiting Shaukat Aziz amount to Rs. 3.7 billion, the figure almost 40 times to the assets owned by Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.

Prime Mnister Shujaat Hussein said that President Gen Musharraf recommended the name of Shaukat Aziz for premiership. He being part of the parliament can do so and the objection whatsoever in this regard is absolutely uncalled for".

1. Would u like to see Shaukat Aziz as a next Prime Minister of Pakistan ?

2. What do u think about the upcomming By-polls ?

3. Why President Musharraf wants Shaukat Aziz to become the PM of Pakistan ?

Reader Comments:

Shahid of USA

Dear Shahid of USA.Why don't you come to Pakistan right now and then give your stupid comments. People like you leave the country and think the conditions are the same as over there. The muslims in America are more Islamic then the people over here where traditions and customs overrule Islam. Dumb Dumb!!

Nabi, Pakistan - 06 August, 2004

Shahid of USA. Pak Tribune didn't post my reply to you yesterday probably because it would have caused a stir to people like you and Omer. People like have left the country for greener pastor in non muslim countries. Why? One reason for this could be the attitude of Arab and other rich muslim countries towards Pakistanis. Getting back to the point. Islam has taught us to have balance between Deen and Duniya but failures like you drag religion into everything. Why? It's your way of getting back at people who have succeeded in life. First analyze yourself before you start judging others. I only fear Allah not self righteous people like you and all of the political maulvis in Pakistan. You talk like Bush when you say dumb things like "you are either Pro-Islam or Pro Musharaf. The Pakistani you talk about who have come back to Pakistan will soon be heading back to USA or Canada. You're not the only one with friends and relatives in USA. In fact people like you and your friends have given our religion a very negative image and that's something you should think about. May Allah have mercy on your soul.

Nabi, Pakistan - 07 August, 2004

Dear Nabi,Balance in Deen and Duniya is the right way to spend your life, but in Duniyavi matters there should not be any thing which is against the religion. Unfortunately what we see today that many things which are being forbidden by Quran and Sunnah are practiced by all Muslims countries,e.g. Interest based banking, encouraging western culture, and indian music and dances through media and then we name that we are doing this to keep a balance?? Regarding your comments about "do not drag every thing into religion" innocent friend, Islam is a way of spending your life, its not just a religion, its a deen, and I hope you do undestand the difference between the Religion and Deen. We cannot be successful in our lives untill we atleast try to adopt the way of our Beloved Prophet in each and every aspect of our life. A Muslim must practice and think according to Quran and Sunnah in each and every aspect of his life.We are here to exchange our views with open heart and eyes and not to fight. If you only read or listen Dr. Israr's explanation of Surah Baqara and Surah Al-Imran, I hope you will understand what I am saying, and for your kind information,Dr Israr is the most learned scholor today and you can't stereo type him as a "typical molvi". I pray that Allah show you the right way and have mercy on you.
Jazak Allah Khair

Shahid, United Kingdom - 08 August, 2004

Unthankful Shahid!

AOL: Shahid reminds me of those angry and young American and Arab Muslims I meet in our Mosque. These young men have no experience of Pakistani society and their inexperience makes them idealist. They have been brain washed by imported Pakistan/Arab Mullahs who paint a rosy picture of Utopian social Islam, which never existed. Most of the Caliphs were war lords or dictators or at least fornictors. Islamic society as presented never existed. It died with the demise of the Prphet (PBUH).
There is not a single society in the world which could call itself Islamic. If Musharraf talks about enlightened Islam he is right. We in the USA practice real Islam beacause we are allowed and encouraged. We have learned tolerance by living in a society which is a cosmos of the world. I am 50 years of age and have lived half of my life in America. I have witnessed Pakistan's currupt society as a young man and I can compare. People like Shoukat Aziz left because back then (perhaps now as well), there were not any opportunities for talented, honest people.

Mr.Aziz prospered due to his own hard work and talent. What is wrong with that? In America, it is not a shame to have wealth if you have accumulated it thru " Halal" means. There are millions of Pakistanis living abroad who want to come back and change the status quo, but MUllahs and Jagirdars don't want us. They rather welcome people like Shahid perhaps. People like Shahid are cancer to any society. I have to agree, that they are just like fundamentalist Neoconservatives who beleive in only one point of view..thiers..Pakistan is finally coming out of the grips of the old rulers. Economy is getting better and American people have great respect for Pakistan. People like Shahid ruin for all of us. They are one recruited by Al quiada. I hope he is not a member.

Ali Raza, United Kingdom - 08 August, 2004

Shaukat is Razzaaq

I have two points to make:
1. with all the propaganda being done through government quarters, he is the Razzaaq for many Pakistanis and not Allah SWT (naudhbillah)
2. how much is he donating for the poor communities of Pakistan out of his 3 billion assets (in Pakistan and abroad)???

Tanveer, Pakistan - 09 August, 2004

Try Try Again

As I remember the history, 1st we had a general (Ayub), a dictator who ruled the country in his military way, then came another military druk dectator, same style, then came Bhutto (a politician who thought himself of world leader) and met his fate, then came Gen. Zia (again military style administration), then came Bibi and his Messrs percant in laws (got more wealth to enjoy their lives abroad but that did not work), then came Mr. Industry and businessman Nawaz Sharif who concerntrated on personal business deals of exporting onion to India and importing some items from there), he too met his fate, then came Musharraf (another dictator ruling the country in military style), followd by poor, honest Jamali who could not withstand the pressure, and made way to a Mr. Financial minister (shaukat) to be the PM - economy being the specialization and focus of the would be PM, we will see (I can bet with you) poor getting poorer and rich getting richest..., after that I think we should give a chance to a Political Maulvi at least (because they also deserve a coupe of years of PM'ship after all their struggle, compromised with dictators, deals, and betrayal with their voters).... and then a lawyer should be tried, and then Mr. Edhi would not be a bad choice, if everything fails then we can try Musarrat Shaheen as PM.

Come on, did you see any marked improvement in the lives of an ordinary Pakistani ever since Pakistan came into being?

K.T. Ahmed, San Marino - 09 August, 2004

Mr. Shaukat Aziz as PM

Assalam o Alaikum,
We should be optimistic but must also keep in mind that Mr. Shoukat Aziz is not going to be the 1st prime ministr/head of the state, having know-how of economics / finance. Rather, we can site few other examples like Mr.Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and Mr. Ghulam Muhammed etc.
So this is not just know-how of Finance/Ecomincs which works and can assure economic growth of Pakistan. What can contribute a lot is e.g:

- Political stabilty,
- Law & order,
- Real accountability of politicians, judges, miltary/civil burocracy, landlords, industrialists, police, intelligence agencies etc.

- Transparent audit and cutting non-productive budget of government/military/burocracy etc. and using it against poverty, unemployment, diseases.

- Sensible & rapid development of engineering, IT, nano & other emerging technologies, human resources; growing exports on long term basis etc.

- Tolerance & unity among folks at all levels

Will Mr. Shaukat Aziz & his team (and infact his Boss!)be able to do all this, is a big question mark ???

They will be required to actively combat issues/problems and exhibit 'Right decision at the right time' with great sincerity and commitment for a consistent progress;

a policy of 'All OK' / 'Time Pass' / fake staistics is not going to work anymore!!!

Kind regards,

Ali Nasir
Hersfeld, Germany

Ali Nasir Joya, Georgia - 10 August, 2004

To Shahid the fundamentalist

Shahid all people like you have is talk....None is stopping you from practicising Islam so you have no basis to complain. We all have a right to live our lives as we wish and you have no right to force your views down out throats. Maybe its you who is on the wrong path since it is all the fundamentalists like you who incite hatred and send suicide bombers into masjids. Musharraf is not polluted by anger and emotion like you, he can still distinguish between right and wrong. I suggest you also calm yourself down and reconsider both Shaukat Aziz and Pervez Musharraf, they are the best contenders for higher office in Pakistan.

Ali Usterzai, Pakistan - 11 August, 2004

Professional debate

I would like to see professional debate on issues. We should critique the issues and not the the individuals.

Dr. Adam Khan, United Kingdom - 11 August, 2004

True Head of Government

More than 80% of pouplation of Pakistan belongs to Middle or Lower Middle class. Unless a person will not come from this class of people, we will face the similar problems in Pakistan. Forces, Politicians, Beurocracy are all connected in a net, they are protecting each other in enjoying the facilities while exploiting the due rights of massess.

Khurram Qayam, Georgia - 13 August, 2004

1. Yes. I believe Shaukat Aziz will be a good Prime Minster as he is not a career politician.

2. By-polls are nothing but formality we all know that. Shaukat Aziz wil win the seat with huge margin.

3. Shaukat Aziz is a very attractive choice for this position as compared to Mullahs. Musharraf has done some good for Pakistan. I hate Musharraf policies of following Bush the moron blindly.

K, Pakistan - 18 August, 2004


Not too many people know this but Mr. Shaukat Aziz is married to an American Zionist Jew named Gloria Cohen Aziz. The role of Mr. Aziz from the looks of this is very negative. The people of Pakistan are supporting a person who is a foriegner and has ties to zionists in the US. The whole purpose of Mr. Aziz's appointment for PM is to demilitarize and denuclearize Pakistan. Before talking all this jibberish one should do some research on the backgrounds of these people. Oh did I mention that Mr. Aziz has been known to have bought the beloved pakistani dictator Mr. Musharaaf land in the US. This land that was boughht is under the names of Musharaaf's wife and son. What a smart man!!!

Osman Afzal, United Kingdom - 19 August, 2004

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Inshallah we hope that Pakistan can improve on the economic front with the appointment of Aziz, i think it is neccessary now for Pakistan to get along with it's neighbours, we all know that india has tried to get pakistan isolated, i am happy that Pakistan is now trying to play a postive role in Afganistan, this has already helped us economically trade has grown from USD 2 million 3 years ago to nearly USD 1 billion, Pakistan should also improve relations with the Central asian muslim countries, through trade and investment, push this and do more also, it is important to get along with Iran and push trade with the far east, this way whatever happens with India, atleast we cannot be alone, also to get along with the commonwealth is very important, as for the religious side, yes we are a islamic country, but some of the maulvi's are fanatics and i would not be surprised if they were paid by india to ferment trouble, we need an open society, with religious and ethnic tolerence, this is what islam teaches, if the economy improves and with added emphasis on IT, now doubt our situtaion will improve, rather than arguing with one another, why dont all the brothers and sisters from pakistan send money home build school's and colleges and get the young educated, surely we can sponser one or two children for islam and education, that way we will have an educated and more knowlegable generation in 20 years, i am not from pakistan myself, but i am concerned, a strong vibrant and healthy pakistn is important for the muslim world, hence why the Kufr are trying to make us weak all the time, its not time to blame one another, i hope pakistan can pursue a course of action which will help it, help afganistan and central asia, after all we are surronded by India/Russia/China, neither of whom are to favourable to muslims at the moment, it is important to counter this we need clever people not maulana's who often are to simple to understand the real threat be it a military one or economic one.

Mohamed, London, Uk

Mohamed, Pakistan - 19 August, 2004

Shaukat Aziz and his marrage

Probably it will not affect Shaukat Aziz's performance based on who his wife is. However, I read somewhere that his wife is from Pakistan and she is not a jew as someone wrote in his comments. Shaukat has also performed 2 umras and is sunny and not Qadiani. Also we should not be biased against religious leaders. They are honest, patriots and good people. They have the right to disagree and express their views. I think we should question what some one does rather than who they are. Let us discuss issues and discuss what is good or bad for Pakistan. Strong and patriotic opposition is good for the country. However, I would like to see the opposition parties question the government in a civilized manner. Both the ruling parties and opposition parties should debate national issues in a civilized and professional manner.

Dr. Adam Khan, United Kingdom - 22 August, 2004

Mr>shaukat Aziz will be very successful if he avoide PPP patriot ministers like Fasil Saleh Hayat etc etc

Asif Bin Khalid, Pakistan - 22 August, 2004

Shaukat Aziz

I whole heartedly agree with Junaid Bhutto's comments about Mr. Aziz and his selection. He also highlighted the plight of corruption in Pakistan. The problem with Pakisani politics is that they don't like to learn and become real politicians they are always extorting funds and seats on family basis. Mr. Aziz is not an outsider in a sense, he is born and graduated in Karachi University and worked in US and held good position. With his knowledge and experience he can run economy better than lot of them who have been just stealing funds from the treasury. Anyone who is capable and living abroad from Pakistan when return to share the responsiblity for the country the people of Pakistan together with so called politicians must come forward and assist him/her for the sake of Pakistan and its people. Our economy needs boosting and as a country must progress the same way as Malaysia and Singapore did under very wise leaderships. Who can deny that we do need as person of his calibre? I think only a few twisted minded people oppose his position. I am always in favour of those steps which are beneficial for the country and people who suffered a lot under wrong politicians. We don't need politicians. We need people who work for the country and keep their promises made to the nation. Gen. Musharaf and his new team will certainly bring better results for the country. New brains with clean records will help a lot. That is what we are praying for being away from our beloved country. Good luck all.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 23 August, 2004

who is Miss Shoukat Aziz

I want to bring in peoples notice that Miss aziz is from karachi is from urdu speaking family. Miss and Mr Aziz were married in 1981 in Karachi.

Saad, United Arab Emirates - 24 August, 2004

Shaukat Aziz

Certainly the best man for the job. Throughout the ninties we had 'politicians' running the country and what good did they do? Mr Nawaz 'not so Shareef' and Ms Benazir Bhutto (wife of an absolute animal and feudal) played musical chairs with the office of PM and brought the country almost to its knees. Sitting here in the UK we would hear almost daily stories of Pakistan's almost inevitable collapse as a state and throughout the 90's i never felt any optimism for Pakistan. My family have always been supporters of the PML but i have to say that when Musharaff took over we rejoiced;we jumped for joy as the army scaled the walls of the TV station in Lahore.Damn these politicians of Pakistan! They are corrupt, liars, self-interested and almost treacherous. Thank God for Musharaff and Mr Aziz who in the last 4 years have provided a sense of hope and future for the country.

Good Luck Mr Aziz, those who love Pakistan (and not its politians) wish you the best of luck!

imraan, Pakistan - 25 August, 2004

Shaukat Aziz for premiership

Congratulations Mr. Aziz on your appointment as Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Your selection is backed by all the Pakistanis in and outside Pakistan excepting a few who don't like to see Pakisan becoming a great country.
Leaving everything to Allah will not help. We all know Allah will not come on earth to help us. We should get out of that thinking and work honestly and with pride for Pakistan in all the capacities, whatever your positions, all must contribute to bring success.
Present Leadership needs only 10 more years and Pakisan will be able to give loans to other countries provided there is no twist, which sometime happens when outside intervention derails the plans. I hope not this time. Wish you all to give your fair share for making Pakistan a strong country.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 25 August, 2004

congratualation now our country will be better as we are seeing keep it up

syed noman hasan, United Kingdom - 23 February, 2005

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