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Shaukat Aziz for premiership

27 July, 2004

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Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz filed his nomination papers in Tharparkur and Attock to contest National Assembly by-polls from NA-229 and NA-59, to be held on August 18.The Election Commission allotted the symbol of bicycle to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League.

MMA has withdrawn its candidates in favour of ARD candidates for the by polls in both the constituencies. As many as 15 candidates had filed their nomination papers against Shaukat Aziz and 8 candidates have withdrawn their papers.

Shaukat Aziz has said that he will only rest after making Pakistan Asian Tiger and equated strengthening of Muslim world with a strong Pakistan.

The domestic and foreign assets of Prime Minister-in-waiting Shaukat Aziz amount to Rs. 3.7 billion, the figure almost 40 times to the assets owned by Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.

Prime Mnister Shujaat Hussein said that President Gen Musharraf recommended the name of Shaukat Aziz for premiership. He being part of the parliament can do so and the objection whatsoever in this regard is absolutely uncalled for".

1. Would u like to see Shaukat Aziz as a next Prime Minister of Pakistan ?

2. What do u think about the upcomming By-polls ?

3. Why President Musharraf wants Shaukat Aziz to become the PM of Pakistan ?

Reader Comments:

shoukat aziz for premiership

It is a fantastic move by the Mushrraf amdnistration to elect Finance Minister Shoukat Aziz as a Prime Minister of Pakistan. Actually, this should have done long time ago however, it is not too late because Finance Minister has gain some goverance experience during his most important ministery. His performance has been an extra ordnary and put Pakistan on a economically stable directions. The economic growth has been double ever since he took the finance office. In fact, this is the first qualified and an honest finance minister ever we had.
Although, Aziz is not going to be an ideal prime minister in high politics ( peace and war) but definitely he will play very significant, strong, fruitful and effective role in low politics (economic and welfare) which what Pakistan needs the most right now because Musharraf is still there to handle the high politics and security affairs. I do support his nomination and urge him to do more in order to make Pakistan prosperous and self-sufficient.
Zulfikar Tanoli USA

zulfikar A Tanoli USA, Pakistan - 27 July, 2004

make pakistan tiger

i am indian living in riyadh-saudi arabia. i love my country n to be proud to be a muslim n indian.i was hurt when mr. jamali was ousted because he was a nice man. for the first time in pakistan a gvernment has come in which leaders r young, enthusiastic ,charming ,educated n aboveall free from jealousy n corruption. the team of ur President n former P.M(jamali) was absolutely fantastic. whatever the reason for the removal of Mr. P.M i donot know. but one thing this government has shown the signs of improving economy in ur country n good governance. people like Shaukat Aziz, Saleh Faisal Hyat, Rashid Sheikh, Humayun akhtar, Former P.M Mr. jamali, Eijazul Haq(son of late president-Mr Zia-i had great honor for late Mr. Zia), Ishratul Ebad and many so...are the mix bunch of young generation n old n have the guts to put pakistan on right trak(in all means).the man named Mr. Pervez Musharraff(i respect him a lot)is the symbol of power n has the guts to kneel down anybody n he must remain the president n must not shed his military shirt(if he sheds his shirts, it will be ruinious day for pakistan)n must rule the country in consent with the P.M n his cabinet with utmost care. these people have to show courage, boldness, truthness, free from corruption charges,and to show the mass of pakistan that what they say, they do.mean a good matching of words n deed. if this team (the present govt)alongwith its Captain n vice captain go smoothly without any hassle, insha-allah our neighbouring country(pakistan) will one day emerge as tiger of Asia. We indians want this.
Mr Jamali was nice man n i hope he will work very closely with the party n the party will also involved him in any major decision taking. The president, the prime minister n his cabinet must know that nation is above them,not vice versa
The president also must not act single handedly.if the unity with the players of this present team continues n didnot divide themselves in different camps,I hope that something miracle will happen
I hope n pray that Mr. Shaukat Aziz must win his election n wish him all the success hoping that he will take Pakistan to new heights.
this team must avoid all those (corruption,muscles n money power,internal fighting etc..)evil things which can ruin pakistan very very badly
riyadh-saudi arabia

arifhussain, San Marino - 28 July, 2004

Shaukat Aziz for premiership

There is no point in being sentimental on the issue of who goes as a Premier and who comes next. We should look at the performances of Mr. Aziz who is really a technocrat and with his knowledge in micro finances and money matters he is an indispensable person. He will bring country out to be a country for which we all will be proud of. We need strong economy and do require a Prime Minister, not a politician but a man of his calibre. Good luck my friend. All my best wishes with you. Do everything for Pakistan, though its a bit late but we are catching up.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 29 July, 2004

shoukat Aziz

He has been finnce minister for several years.One can see the financial situation of Pakistan.We are getting a bunch of Funds from other countries as dontion/loan and bounty money.This person is Armed forces you can decide that he is not a man of his own mind.he is a Tecnocrate.A manager,who will perform his job.But the real person will be ruling country will be the general.The instigator of Kargil war.You all need to look at India and then in mirror.These Pakistani corrupt rulers,armed forces personal has decided to make the remaining Pakistan a state of India soonar or later as long as they are in Power.

Saeed Malik, Pakistan - 30 July, 2004

Many journalists verify this fact. It is also said that his wife tried to stop him from running for Prime Minister but the Zionists forced him to accept this offer. His elction camapign is the worst form of state corruption. If Shaukat had any sense of morality and ethics he should have first resigned from the post of Finance Minister. Paksitan can not have two fugitives hiding like rat and running like mouse.

Anwar Ul Haque, Pakistan - 31 July, 2004

Agent of Worldbank and Dummy PM

he's nothing but a better dummy PM for america & for musharraf he'll work day and night to work on introducing new *MODERNIZED* Islam yeah as musharraf said a moderated islam probably he's working hard to change difinition of islam or will teaching of islam change after 1400 years? he's nothing but robot and will be PM Soon because of his close relations with USA. Nothing but another person being used to finish the business which Jamali was not capable to finish

Syed Usman Shah, Pakistan - 31 July, 2004

Is it democracy ?

Are the PM's in Pakistan selected or elected?It is irony of our nation that the Will of Dictators are endorsed and followed.What ever the credentials of Shaukat Aziz,the motive behind selecting him is to strenghten Musharaf's and Army's rule and that is not fair.The elections in Pakistan are always rigged,Shaukat Aziz will win by manipulating the results,Musharaf will have a stooge to play with with enormous under the table mutual shared benefits and in convinance with strings pulled from star and stripes (Even they have proved,that election results can be manipulated : Bush Vs Gore 2000).

Sohail, United Kingdom - 31 July, 2004

I would love to see Shaukat Aziz as the 22nd PM of pakistan as (based on my experience) i hv met him twice or thrice and had a chance to talk to him on sevral political and economical compare to other pakistani politicians he is thora sa hut ka !!!No doubt he has been strngly backed by the US and EU as well and is considered as the replacement of Preisdent Musharraf. so i think so he is going to be an ideal pakistani PM, the one who would def. play an imperative n productive role in the current poor political situation of Pakistan.
Moreover, in regard to the comments of mr. Arif hussian on Mr. Jamali, i would only say arif sahib door kay dhool sohaney

Amna, Pakistan - 01 August, 2004

Yes, I would like very much to seeShaukat aziz as prime minister. He is a very capable person.

ejaz chowdhry, Pakistan - 02 August, 2004

Excellent decision

Shaukat Aziz is an honest and capable man and those qualities alone distinguish him from the rats currently sitting in the National Assembly. He has done an excellent job as Finance Minister and he should be promoted to Prime Minister so that he can set a precedent of honest and capable rule as PM, just like Musharraf has done as President.

Aamir, Pakistan - 02 August, 2004

Shaukat Aziz Zindabad

Pakistanis are a lazy people who expect the govt to solve all their problems and are unappreciative of the problems that actually do get solved. Shaukat Aziz has done a good job as Finance Minister and he is an excellent choice for Prime Minister. He will server Pakistan better than thieves like Bhutto and Nawaz.

Abbas ALi, Pakistan - 02 August, 2004

Shaukat Aziz and Democrarcy

After 5o years , Englishmen are still ruling Pakistan in the form in a Victorian Khaki Uniform . Pakistan has always been 'played' with by General Saabs and Chaudries ( Maliks, Waderas and Sardars) I so wish if there would have been land reforms in 5o's Democracy could have flowerished in Pakistan but now its seems like everyone are corrupt so what are our options ? ( practically ) certainly no Army rule but a controlled democrracy moving towards a civilized system in next 2o years . To me my leader is someone who 'give something to Pakistan ' I don't care either he's Mulvi, Laad Saab or General Saab. Shaukat Aziz is a good choice I hope with Mush's guidance Pakistan will progress .

Ali Chishti, Pakistan - 02 August, 2004

Its about time...

Shaukat Aziz looked like a well groomed individual. The fact that I dont know much about him, except for the fact that he is partially responsible for uplift of Pakistan's economy, is a good thing! The more i hear about our politicians, the more I realize how corrupt they are. SHaukat Aziz has a clean slate. Morover, he has already proved himself of great capability. The fact that he is a political outsider, once again, is a good thing. The only protests about his selection/election are coming from the quarters that are stained with political corruption. In all my years in Pakistan, I realized it doesnt matter who the candidate is as long as the right 'intakhabi nishan' is voted for. So why the big fuss about Mr Aziz? He is his party's representative. Mr Jamali was a good Premier for his time, when a dormant style of premiership was required. Its time to put upa proactive display with a man who already is known in international circuits as a financial guru. What we as Pakistanis have to realize is that the times of 'One Man Show' are rare and fleeting usually. We need a group of good people to run this country. If Gen. Musharraf thinks Mr Aziz can deliver the goods, while the General keep the foriegn policy alive and kicking, it is not a bad idea. We must accept the new realities of our politics and work to change them towards a new democratic system, rather than continue with pipedreams of 'Agar aisa hota to kaisa hota'.

Junaid Bhutto, United Kingdom - 03 August, 2004

Every thing is for Sale

I agree with Ali,Musharaff is not there with his own will, how come!! he wants Aziz to be PM, its not him its the BIG GORA SAAB want him to be there, We all should call Pakistani as "PK" the American state, our Education Policies, foreign Policies are made in USA, and now even the Prime Minister. Our Army killing our own people at Foreign signals, what a shame. Looks like every thing is for sale in Pakistan and actually it is. Only a miracle can save Pakistan InshaAllah.

Shahid, Pakistan - 03 August, 2004

Just a Puppet

NO matter what, every thing is planned like a stage play, Shaukat has been imported to serve a purpose,why US is backing him so much? what right Musharaff has to be a President of the country, under what law and constitution he is still there, who gives him authority to appoint and nominate a person who is not even elected member of NA? Its all "one man show" Just to make his rule strong. I wonder on those people's brain who even think that Musharaff or Shaukat are sincere with Pakistan. Musharaff himself has no legitimacy. He is a true puppet in hands. Whatever America wants would happen in Pakistan, if not then we saw what happened with General Zia and Air Chief Mushaf.

Omer, Pakistan - 03 August, 2004


Unfortunately most of our people have a negative and suspicious mind. They can't see what is good for them. If the American Embassy in Pakistan starts handing out visas today. All of the people who are anti American would be the first to go for it. A bunch of hypocrites. Shaukat Aziz performance speaks for itself. If we allowed two goofs (benazir & nawaz sharif) two terms each to destory this country, it doesn't mean we will always support these type of goofs again. Long Live President Musharraf and his government.

Nabi, Pakistan - 04 August, 2004

Regardless of pros and cons being voiced by various quarters on Shaukat Aziz's likely elevation as the Prime Minister of the country, I beleive beggars can not be choosers. And in Shaukat Aziz's case, we are supposed to continue previous exercise of acting according to what our real masters have commanded. We have no choice but to elect Shaukat Aziz as new head of the government. However, Gen Pervez Musharraf sahib,
"Shuhrat (read iqtedar) ki bulandi bhi pal bhar ka tamasha hay,
Jis daal pay baithay ho, woh toot bhi sakti hay"
Pakistan Pa Indabad
Usman Naeem

, Pakistan - 04 August, 2004

What worries me is the deep ties that Aziz has with the U.S.A. He was lucky enough to see the KRL labs whilst no prime minister has been able to arrange a visit. I wonder whose interests he has at heart? Uncle Sam's no doubt!

Farooq MALIK, Antarctica - 05 August, 2004

is this good or not.

I don't want to say much about this, one thing which I like to say is that who ever come he will take his share from our pockets. But over all is look like going to be good change.
No one Mr. perfect in this world, today people which are saying that he is not good ask them who is good for our PAKISTAN.
Past more then 50 years who was good ?? just ask you're heard .. and think what is going on right now if is good then before or not.

Asif, Pakistan - 05 August, 2004

Pakistan Bechara Pakistan

Dear Nabi, its not about being Hypocrite innocent friend, its being like opening up your eyes to the reality, Omer is very right whatever he says and I totally agree with him. You all like Musharaf because he is promoting a shameless culture in the country and this is all what America wants that Muslims just forget their values, listen to him he is creating a new Islam which he calls a “modern Islam” I never heard of it before?? Islam is Islam and it has the capacity to answering our questions till the dooms day. You guys support a person who has no moral values, who calls himself that he is not religious at all, who is promoting all western and non-Islamic traditions in the country. Shame on you all. You have forgotten that Pakistan was found in the Name of Allah (to practice our religion away from non-Muslims) and not in the Name of American Bahadur. Regarding your stupid comments on your visa thing, I live in States and I know many Pakistani friends who have already left usa and many who hate to live here and would be leaving soon. Guided and religious people do not give a shit about American Visas. MashaAllah I have seen a change in Pakistani youth and they are returning to Islam very dearly with complete submission. Musharaf did one favor at least, because of his stupid American policies two groups are developing in the country, either you are Pro Islamic or you are Pro Musharaf. Islam the best way to live your life, Man made rules have always flaws and that is the reason of the humiliation of all the Muslims Nations that they have left Islam, how can they expect to be rewarded from Allah when do not follow his guidelines. We do not afraid of Allah today, we afraid of America.May Allah save Pakistan from the conspiracies of Yahood and Christians(Amin).

Shahid, United Kingdom - 05 August, 2004

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