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Saddam's Trial

06 July, 2004

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Iraq's interim government has taken the legal custody of Saddam and 11 top members of his ousted regime from the US-led military.

Iraqi Justice Minister said "If the evidence proves the serious crimes that he (Saddam) is accused of, then the special court set up during the occupation could sentence him to death."

"For crimes against humanity, genocide, use of chemical weapons, we can use capital punishment," he stressed.

On the other hand saddam has refused to sign legal papers recognising the process.

"I am the president of Iraq and I am an Iraqi," George W. "Bush is a villain, all of this is theatre. It is for his re-election,"Saddam said.

1- Should Saddam's trial be held in International court of justice?

2- Would you suggest a Death Penalty for him ?

Reader Comments:

I think he should be allowed to say whatever he wants, to defend himself.He should be allowed to tell the world which countires gave him the weapons of mass destruction in the first place.And the citizens of those developed countries should be made part of this trial, and indited for crimes against humaity along with Saddam hussein.

Aqdas, Pakistan - 06 July, 2004

Iraq has no infrastructure for Justice.

I was surprised to see that US government have given jurisdiction of Saddam to Iraqui Courts. I do under stand that Saddam was not a nice man" he has done every thing what a ditator does to avoid any opposition and may have killed many civilians but if you ask me as a lawyer ,I can tell you that Iraq is a no place where Justice can be done independently without retribtion or fear. There are 140,thousand American soldiers and they are still controlling the Iraq. The Prime Minister Alavi is a Shia backed by UK, he lived in UK and supported by UK,the administration of Judiciary is supervised by the nephew of Shalabi the CIA paid leader of Iraq. There are 60 legal experts of justice department of USA ,gathering evidence against a man ,who hates US so how can we expect that he will get a justice from the Iraque Courts.
anyways there are fallowing aspects of US Justice.
If they don,t like any leader,that leader becomes the terriorest and savage ,otherwise ,he is their friend.Fallowing are some information that could intrest you guys.
(1) Indian occupied army has killed over 80,thousand innocent civilans in Kashmir but no one took any action.
(2) they Killed thousands of Sikhs in day light but no body took any notice, they killed Muslims in Gujrat State but every thing went without even any protest by these Nations.
(3) Prime Minister Of Israel Arial Sharon Killed thousands in Sabra and Shatila camps but no one bothers him.
(4)Rawanada killings were never stopped by any one.
(5) Hafiz Al Assad killed 40,thousand Sunnies but no one botherd him
(6)US army killed thousands in Afghanistan and Iraq but no one takes notice.
It is a simple and clear the weaker gets puinished while strong and powerful gets away with every thing,The might is right so don,t expect any free judicial system are justice from Iraqui Government if Supreme Court of Pakitan can not enforce its decision abot Shahbaz Sharief then a Court under the protection of US army can not decide any thing without US approval. It will be just a stage show and death for these guys.
Raja Habib Jalib

Raja Muhammad habib jalib, Canada - 06 July, 2004

Death Penalty

I think he should die for what he has done now if somebody that lives in the U.S did that they would get the Death Penalty now if Iraqies want there country to be more like ours he should pay for what he has done and die!! we should not be playing games kill him and get it over with because if not and he gets out he will do it all over again.

Tabitha, United Kingdom - 07 July, 2004

Sadam's presence is a risk

i would feel sadam's presence in Iraq a big risk for the peace proces of Iraq so much lives has gone through this process, so please as soon as possible trile him and close the book of sadam and to look on the new iraq.


Enayet, Afghanistan - 10 July, 2004

i support saddam. he rocks no matter how many muslim countries hate him but after a few hundered years he will be included in heroes of islam like imam shamiyl mohd bin qasim mahmud ghaznvi and muslims tell stories to their childrens when the entire muslim world wasunder prostitution of jews he stood against them and fought. And once again they will yell our blood and soule for ISLAM. sorry about my english if i said any thing that might hurt you please forgive me.

Saifullah, Pakistan - 12 July, 2004

Saddam's trial

Though the world has been given the impression that Saddam is a criminal, he is a clean man. thus he deserves to be set free because the actual reason, that, weapon of mass destruction, sang by USA and UK that Saddan had, has not been found.

Secondly, it was the West that made Saddam the person he is. USA, UK, France amongst other Western Countries had built Saddam military capability and its the same west tried to destroy it. If I can remember one of the Iranian commmented that Saddam should not be killed. But he should tell the world who was/were supporting him during their 8 years war against Iran. I do remember some Sudanese were taken to fight for Iraq.

Therefore, its a common fashion amongst the West that they befriend any political leaders and once the leader is no longer useful to further their interest, he/she is disposed like Saddam. As the rule of politics says : No permanent friend and no permanent enamy. I wont be a suprised when the current government set in Iraq by Bush and Blair is destroyed by one of the future Western Presidents, especially USA. So the interim and upcoming President in Iraq should be ready to face the evil hands of USA and UK when the honey moon is over!


Oloya N. Mark, Kazakstan - 15 July, 2004


what does the law say? let sadam be tried according to the law in a fair trial. let him defend himself under it. where there is no law, there is no crime. if he is innocent, set him free. if found guilty, apply the just penalty. trial must be free from the vagaries of politics. but justice must be firm and swift.

oscar s. gonzales, Peru - 16 July, 2004

Why only Saddam?

Saddam should die for what he committed. George W. Bush, Blair and Clinton should also stand trial for war crimes in Iraq.

Shawn, United Kingdom - 17 July, 2004

Saddam trial

Saddam came to power at the behest of foriegn powers. He did what his masters wanted to do. He has been faithful servant of CIA. This organization always backbites its foriegn agents, and they have done this time too. Late president of Pakistan Ayub Khan wrote very clearly about this. The agents of kuffar where ever they are in power should be exposed and tried. H eis just one of them all 56 culprits.
All he has done is killed some few hundered thousand Muslims, so has been done by Osama bin Laden another confidant of CIA. Osama has been an agent to distort Islam, so do the other saudies.

Azaz, Pakistan - 18 July, 2004

CIA & Saddam

Even if the CIA backed Saddam. He still made his own decissions and choices. I doubt an American intelligence agency would walk into Saddam's office and say "you need to kill off some Kurd's with gas attacks and then kill several hundred thousand of your own citizens and Muslim brothers" and I'm sure Saddam just said, "yes, that is good idea, I'll get right on that!". Saddam did what Saddam wanted to do. He is a psychotic murderer and a paranoid nut, nothing more.
And yes, the US Armed Forces has killed in Afganistan. This isn't news. They killed thousands that followed pro-taliban forces. Warlord fighting for power of various regions. Also the stinking Iranians that come across the border with their blood money to start more problems. The Iranians just need to stay home and worry about there own county.
In the end, Saddam will die, he'll go out like the coward he is and after the current generation passes new generations will emerge that will only read about the dictator/murderer as piece of Iraqi history. Then they will become the educated and pro-democratic muslims that will appreciate their own freedoms granted by God. Saddam will be forgotten.

Aziz, DP, Pakistan - 26 July, 2004

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