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Saddam`s Fate

30 December, 2006

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Saddam Hussein is going to be no more. He bade two half brothers farewell on Thursday last in a rare prison meeting as he awaits execution, but USA and Iraqi officials are giving conflicting accounts of whether he would hang within days. A senior Bush administration official said the ousted president could go to the gallows as soon as Saturday. But Iraqi officials backed away from suggestions they would definitely hang him within a month and a cabinet minister told newsmen a weeklong religious holiday would stall any execution.

The novelty of the U.S.-sponsored process by which Saddam and his third half-brother Barzan, along with another senior member of the Baath party, were convicted on November 5, 2006 has left considerable room for wrangling over the timing of any execution among rival factions and between Washington and Baghdad.

Battling to stave off all-out sectarian civil war, Shia Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had said he wanted Saddam hanged this year for the killings, torture and other crimes against the Shia population of the town of Dujail.

But some of Saddam`s fellow Sunnis have warned this could reinforce their community`s alienation and many ethnic Kurds want Saddam first convicted of genocide against them.

Asked whether the execution could spark violence by lingering Saddam loyalists, a White House official replied that "they start violence for any reason they can come up with."

Here are some question
1) Does Saddam deserve such treatment?
2) Was his trial fair and transparent or influenced by the USA?
3) Will his hanging aggravate violence in Iraq?
4) Will his hanging of Saddam affect the freedom movement in Iraq
5) Saddam Hussein is being hanged for issuing orders to kill 150 prisoners. What about George Bush?

Reader Comments:

Aa a sunni not born in Iraq. I nelieve this is all Shiite work. No muslim will kill mulim during a bless day of Aidu Adha. This tell me Shiite do not believe in Muhammad. How can they be muslim. No wonder the Sunni treat them as non muslim.

mohammed, Seychelles - 30 December, 2006

At Dawn, it was a Sunset for Muslim Unity

I think its a shame that Saddam Hussain was executed. It is a shame for all the Muslim World. I do not know whether he was a murderer or no BUT he was a Leader of a Muslim state and he did not deserve such a treatment, for it is very degrading for Muslims all around the World. It should be highly condemened.

Murad, Pakistan - 30 December, 2006

The hanging of Saddam Hussein

Hanging was not the answer. Society once elected him so he should have been dealt with in a humane way not the barbaric way that Hussein himself would have enforced. Many people will agree with the outcome of this sentence but surely this sends yet another violent message to the world that will spark further controversy.

Mr E Hateley, United Arab Emirates - 30 December, 2006

i'm quite saddened at saddam's death. he will remain a hero to the generations ahead and inspiraton to the suppressed in the hands of americans.

harsha, Seychelles - 30 December, 2006


it is very good for iraqi government because he gave so many problemsto iraq's

umair, Pakistan - 30 December, 2006

Hussein's death

If any man was a mass murderer and deserves the death sentence, then Hussein was that man. At least a million young men were killed in the Iraq-Iran war for no purpose. The ruthless measures used to control the people of Iraq showed no consideration for the victims or their families. He made no acceptable basis for his living during his trial. That trial served to show some of the atrocities comitted by Hussein. Most of the killing that is now going on shows merciless impersonal rage against innocent people. This killing was not done by the US or the US president but by people of Iraq who are not ready to chose this life over death. Those who are alive now need to decide if they want to make a better life for themselves or just destroy the lives of the country. The biggest problem is employment. A huge city with 60% unemployment is doomed. Why cannot the people organize a restoration of the city and nation by an Iraqi work force of citizens? The past is gone, let all Iraqi move forward to rebuilding their nation? The US citizens expect Iraqi people to take charge of their lives and rebuild their country. Stop whining about the death of a bad leader.

Stephen Reynolds MD, United Kingdom - 30 December, 2006


You ask if George Bush is guilty? You should be revoked of any and all writing privileges in public. You should be put in jail.

Saddam's hanging was merely the beginning for him. He had to face a higher court very early this morning when he caught the red-eye to Hell.

148 Kurds is only the tip of the iceberg. George Bush has never ordered the killing of a single American you idiot.

Some have died and that is most unfortunate. I know you would like to sit back and speak with people who care not to read or hear from idiots like you, they want to kill you. Defending idiots like you comes with a price. A huge price. But, you a big idiot and even still, must be protected. Our President is doing what he feels best and he is one heck of a lot smarter than you are....he is President and you make $35K writing in some obscure e-newspaper.

Russ, United Kingdom - 30 December, 2006

Sad State of Affairs

It is not the belief of all US citizens that Saddam was the only criminal. Geo. Bush has caused the slaughter of far more Iraqis than Saddam ever did. We seem to have little power to stop him and his murderous intentions.

Rhonda, United Kingdom - 30 December, 2006


Saddam meet his just reward: being hung as a common criminal. He directly ordered the killing of thousands of Iraqis.

This is the first time in history in Middle East History a dictator was executed for his crimes. We should all remember, he was given a chance by President Bush to leave Iraq
and live out his days in exile. He chose to stay, setting into play a chain of events leading to his hanging. Also, the Americans, allowed him to die with dignity -- neatly shaven, after saying his good goodbyes, completing his will, and protected his body from desecration.

Bill, Pakistan - 30 December, 2006

He lived by the sword

My (Jewish) Bible says that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 31 December, 2006

A clear writing on the wall for US sponsored military dictators & agents around the globe

Ans-1, Being a ruthless dictator and ruler of Iraq His unnatural end was clearly written on the wall since 1979.

Ans-2, His trial was niether fair nor transparent and thoroughly been influnced & controlled by the USA and its President Bush, the great evil push!

Ans-3, His hanging will aggravate political & miltary situation in Iraq up to point of no return.

Ans-4, Freedom movement in Iraq will gain more momentum and new dimensions for freedom from occupied US & Foreign forces.

US President Bush is leading USA for its another historical shameful political & military defeat around 2007 & 2008 in Iraq & Afghanistan and any where in the world after Vietnan & Lebanon. As US & Israel have militarily beeb defeated by the Hizbullah in Lebanon during 2006.

Therefore, US voters will settle his account very soon.

Arshad Hussain, Pakistan - 31 December, 2006

Fate of US trained dictator.

Saddam's fate should be seen in accordance of all other dictators.Yes. Dictator ship training is being done by US for a purpose and when that purpose is achieved or dictator starts to deviate from the course set for him he is punished.e.g.Noriega of Panama,Aristide of Haiti,many names in SOuth America,and Africa.
WHen these dictators become unpopular while doing Americas work,then US is the first one to look on the other side.Recall Shah of Iran or Marocs of Phillipines.
US says it is for democracy but in actuality it supports dictators,kings,monarchs because it is easy to deal with them,easy to twist their arms,the bribe money spent on them is less,they can be scared easily.
US made Saddam,let him fight with Iran,gave him chemical weapons to use and when He started to think as an Iraqi,invaded his country and killed him.To satisfy the ego of crusades hanged him on Hajj.In it is a lesson of all the military dictators but if they learned lesson why would they be called dictators.US is a killing machine.,plain and simple ,it has been doing this for past 300 years and will keep on doing this for another few hundred years.

aurangzaib, United Kingdom - 31 December, 2006

masonic protocoled tyrant executed

Saddam Hussein as a reformer and absolute leader;
Saddam saw himself as a social revolutionary and a modernizer, following the Nasser model. To the consternation of Islamic conservatives, his government gave women added freedoms and offered them high-level government and industry jobs. Saddam also created a Western-style legal system, making Iraq the only country in the Persian Gulf region not ruled according to traditional Islamic law, or Sharia. Saddam abolished the Sharia law courts, except for personal injury claims.

Domestic conflict impeded Saddam's modernizing projects. Iraqi society is divided along lines of language, religion and ethnicity; Saddam's government rested on the support of the 20% minority of largely working class, peasant, and lower middle class Sunnis, continuing a pattern that dates back at least to the British mandate authority's reliance on them as administrators.

The Shi'a majority were long a source of opposition to the government's secular policies, and the Ba'ath Party was increasingly concerned about potential Sh'ia Islamist influence following the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The Kurds of northern Iraq (who are Sunni Muslims but not Arabs) were also permanently hostile to the Ba'athist party's pan-Arabism.
Whatever the policies made by baath party for nothin but making the islamic states unite in middle east, despite of damn fundamentalist pimps who try make the NWO for makin divide and conquer uplift there for making their protocols achieved.
whatever they try to make great israel implementations on middle east and bizarre dreaming of shit map and makin another holocaust; they never acieved whether they explode thousands WTCs.
MAY ALLAH GIVES UNITY AND FAITH TO MUSLIMS TO STAND LIKE A GREAT WALL (blessings for hizbullah and other miltias who work against dirty dreams of stinkin fundamentalist pimps).

unidentified undividual, Pakistan - 31 December, 2006


The bible says those that kill with the Axe will die with the Axe.Suddam did not do the killing action in reality but he issued an Instruction to do the killing based on his anderstanding.Who can tell me the truth if they saw Suddam doing the ACTION.His officers did the killing physically not Suddam.It is very much wrong to hang him as if he is the one who did the killings.He deserved another punishment not the Hanging one.Even Bush himself had one time or the other issued such instructions.He knows this to himself.Whether he refuses or not I know one day he used his powers to instruct some people to do the killing.Even this Suddam saga Bush had an influence to ask the Irag govt to proceed with the Hanging punishment.Bush You are part and parcel of this,but remember the world will turn against you one day.Don't thin you the an touchable.Your Time will come one.That American seat you are holding will one day VOMITE all your crimes.

Thank you

kenji, Yugoslavia - 31 December, 2006

I don't know

It is like how Butto was hanged when he was against USA. History repeat itself again and Sadam is dead. What needed to be done now, no muslims are safe in this world, from the higher level to the lower. Isreal, India, Russia, USA, UK and all the western world have their own strategy. Israel keeping all the arm and war heads of USA which can be used anywhere and anytime against muslim in Asia and Gulf. We need to sit down behind close door and make our own strategy. It is just a matter of time that Iran will also be taken down by USA. We all going to watch and do nothing. Saddam was hanged because he murder so many shais, which is true and he is dead now. Sunnis and shias and other minorities of muslims, will they all acheive there true status living as a muslims, they all perform haj and pay zakats, keep rozas, pray Namaz. Don't you feel like that we are not safe even living among ourselves. Can we define a boundry in Islam that all minorities are the same muslims as Sunnis. I must invite all muslim to go to the chat of Islam see how much abuse we all take when the people ask us a simple question and we have no answers. We muslims seems to have great beleives but very less knowledge of Islam. When in "Quran" it has written about every religions before Islam, why we muslims have not studied the earlier religions of Allah and continue that study to explore Islam. Did we missed something really big that kept us so far behind in religion and also very far in worldly educations. Long ago our thoughts completely ingore the British education systems and mojority of muslim population turn out to be non educated people and now we send our kids to UK and USA for higher education, spending so much money. Musharaff is trying to bring in the same standard of UK and USA level, so in Pakistan we can obtain the same level cheaply, and not lot of people really appreciate effort of this Government. We need to compete in this world too. How can we acheive our goals. We have misrepresent the teaching of Islam by not knowing the depth of that education. How can we achive that, we have no true Islamic education system. So we can answer all the questions of Islam in the western world who are seeking for the explanations. See how much we are divided in our thoughts in pakistan. Mulas talk about muslims values but complelty ignore the present status of Islam which really terifies western world and pointing finger at Pakistan. We have a problem with India for so long, now we have problem with Afghanistan. Do you know only china is our true friend in this region. If we try to resolve kashmir issue by different approach, why not support the government. If we resolve our problem with India we have acheived 80% of our problems. People of pakistan specially the middle aged, a special education and trainning must be introduce to help understand the importance of Islamic teaching and education and political system of the world.

Aslam Sheikh, Pakistan - 01 January, 2007

What about George Bush??

1) Does Saddam deserve such treatment? Yes, This was the first real trial Iraq has ever had in its last 30 years, at least.
2) Was his trial fair and transparent or influenced by the USA? It was on television every day in front of the public. Did we miss anything here? Or are we blind and deaf?
3) Will his hanging aggravate violence in Iraq? Spitting on the side walk in the wrong part of town aggravates Iraqi violence. So what else is new?
4) Will his hanging of Saddam affect the freedom movement in Iraq: This depends on whose freedom you are talking about. Freedom from fear or freedom to use fear.
5) Saddam Hussein is being hanged for issuing orders to kill 150 prisoners. What about George Bush?
Yes.....So, What about George Bush?? Unless you have been living in a conspiracy theory room in hell, George Bush didn't issue orders to Saddam to kill 150 innocent citizens and fellow Iraqi countrymen. Saddam and his misdeeds represented himself, his mafia family, his tribe of chicken thieves, and a Sunni segment of society in the minority. His every action was meant to further his dictatoral minority control over a wider and more diverse population for his own ends. He was NOT an elected President as George Bush was. Saddam killed his way to the top and did NOT represent his whole country. Hitler would have received the same legal treatment at Nuremburg and sentence for crimes against humanity, as did his gang of Nazi murderers, if he had not killed himself in a dark Berlin hole.

Ale Marah, Pakistan - 01 January, 2007


The timing of Eid and the day of Friday even for a justified or not justified act is slap on the face of muslims. I think I have the answers to your questions.

1. Any person reaps what he sows. Robbing or looting nation’s wealth is bad enough. But, murder of fellow muslims or humans rightfully or wrongfully can haunt a person’s fate. In our own country, internal bleeding is at limited scale compared to Iraq. But, it can spin off if it is not checked or watched. That is why I was very much disturbed on Bajaor tragedy in Pakistan and wrote up a poem, “ From Bajaor to paradise” and it has gone to several internet sites world wide”.

It is best not to have any blood on your hands. Killing humans even on rightful cause can haunt a person for the rest of his life. Invasion of Iraq was wrong, but invasion of Iran was a definite crime. More than a million fellow muslims were killed. Million Iranian widows and orphans had their lives uprooted. Money can never replace your beloved and bread winners. The whole generations of women had to resort to begging and prostitution Iran and was mitigated only by generous subsidies and help by Iranian government. Is it the kind of things we are expected to do to our fellow muslims or even to humans. Iran did not have even the slightest intention of fighting iraq. The misery was forced on Iran. Shame on those who murder fellow muslims. I have admired general Zia for not lending military to fight the already victim Iran at that time even when Saudi Arabia tried its best to use Pakistani troops against Iran. I admire general Zia that he booted even money and upheld principles there.

Even if Saddam deserved whatever, it must be from his own people especially those who lost their dear ones. Only Fellow muslims, who had dear ones killed have right to rejoice any thing concerning Saddam. I can only feel sorry over the bleeding of muslims by fellow muslims. We must avoid internal bleeding of fellow muslims in Pakistan as well.

2. Treating your fellow muslim right will give no chance to outsiders for exploitation. The Americans must have influenced the timing of Eid and the day of Friday. But what else can you expect from the ones who hate muslims.

But, the trial was done by the Iraqis and there were witnesses to confirm murder of countless Iraqis. You have to avoid killing your fellow muslims and Saddam for sure had blood of fellow Iraqis, Iranians and Kuwaitis on his hands.

I am not enthusiast enough to state the fairness or unfairness of the trial. I do commiserate with the victims who lost their dear ones in brutal murders. The man was ruthless killer of his own people and he did not think rhat his invasion of Iran will result in loss of millions of life. What will be your feelings if your brother was killed ruthlessly.

The others can have their own thinking. But, i cannot stand any one who kills fellow muslims.The muslim murders should not happen any where even on small scale. Even in case of Pakistan, i was admiring Pakistani rulers through my several dozens writing in papers. This year, all that respect is gone after the twin tragedies of Bajaor-Dargai.Death in Iraq was several thousand times up scaled by Iraqi leader compared to Bajaor.

3. Iraq's voilence is a different equation all together now even though the Sunis are targeted the most by 150000 American troops and 100000 merceneries who have been recruited by America as informers,harrassing and actual killing of Iraqis. Saddam was permanently out more than three years ago and every body knew his fate after he was captured. It is those 100000 merceneries recruited by America besides the troops who will be the key player in Iraqi voilence.Man, it is quite ugly outthere. Things have gone way beyond war on terror.

4. Jehadis are the only people who are doing covert fighting against 150000American and British troops and 100000 highly paid western merceneries doing every thing possible to finish off jihadis. America has its backers as new recruits to serve its agendas. But there are many new complexities as the world has started to move away from uni-polar world.I think the world events and the growing rise of Shanghai accord will influence freedom movements in Iraq.Islamic leadership is all intoxicated by now to eliminate all the concepts of jihad. Jihad will be allowed to exist only if it is for benefits of non muslims like it was in Afghanistan.Man, you can be jailed or made to disappear even if you demonstrate against those who have clearly started crusade against Islamic world.

5. We live in a world where might is right and not the other ways around. Even Saddam was unpunishable when he was useful to the mighty masters.

The mightiest suffer only when their nations fall.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 01 January, 2007

Sadam's trial was a mockery of justice

Sadam got the justice he deserved but not in the right way. His trial was a mockery of justice carried out by an American supported kangaroo court. With defence lawyers assasinated and judges replaced the verdict of death was guaranteed. In all fairness he should have been sent to the international court in the Hague but the relevations would have been to damning for the Americans and the CIA. They killed the chance of the real truth behind who supported and supplied him with money and weapons to bring him to power and surpress. If this the justice what head of states get what chance do the masses have? Regime change is the name of the game these days the question is which way is the american bulldozer going to go next and how many millions more are going to die.

javed, United Arab Emirates - 01 January, 2007

Saddam hussain the Victimised Hero

My answers.
1. saddam has become an icon for development.he brought-up his countrymen to live with their heads-up and self sufficient. Gave equality and education to women and had to be strict as a ruler to keep the standards-up. He kept away religious fundamentalism to keep his people to grow in all aspects. having led the country forward and ruling the country for more than 25 years who was liked by his people inspite of all the bad and autoctatic actions;if any, he never deserved such treatment by the cheating american President-george Bush and his cunning and greedy officials.

2- His trial was the most unfair and a joke by the biggest and foolish Joker- the Butcher-Bush.

3-Yes , Iraq is going to burn. this incident has created deep wounds in the hearts of not only iraqis, but peace loving and humanitarian people around the world. George Bush a, heartless, can never feel the pain.

4- Of cource !. The current government is a Puppetry in the hands of george Bush. This situation has created a big gap between peace and development, . Iraq can not become peaceful unless and Untill all the Americans and the British are chased away from that country, who are there to loot directly and indirectly. the current administration can never realise that they are beig trapped by the bush-gangs to loot the country.

5. George Bush has not only Massacred the Innocent woman, children and their Men in Iraq, but also the Poor american and other external soldiers. He has directly and indirectly massacred Million of People in Iraq by the war and as the after effects of hanging Saddam Hussain, the Hero.
For this, Not Only George Bush, But also his entire family and 10 generations if they survived , should be hanged or executed in the best manner that can give instant Nirvana -
Who gave the authority to george bush to act as the super police on the world.
I feel that the UN has to be abolished and thrown away as they do not have any voice to speak about the American and western atrocities on the Other nations. Very bad.

Thomas alva edison, Hungary - 02 January, 2007





A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2007

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