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Saddam's Capture: 'We Got Him'

15 December, 2003

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US President George Bush has said former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein - now in US custody - will "face the justice he denied to millions".

"His capture was crucial to the rise of a free Iraq", Mr Bush said in a televised address to the nation.

US forces found Saddam Hussein on Saturday, hiding in a tiny cellar at a farmhouse about 15km (10 miles) from his home town Tikrit.

Meanwhile, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) group expressed concerns about the fair trial of Saddam in Iraq and stressed that Iraqi Council must not mount a political show trial.

"Saddam Hussein's capture is a welcome development and it's important that the Iraqi people feel ownership of his trial," Kenneth Roth, the executive director of the rights watchdog, said in a statement.

"But it's equally important that the trial not be perceived as vengeful justice," Roth said. "For that reason, international jurists must be involved in the process."

1. Do you believe that Saddam will receive a fair trial in Iraqi Courts under Americans Occupation?

2. Should the trial be held under live cameras for world to see what Saddam has to say about Americans support extended to him during Iraq - Iran war ?

3. Could it be possible he was already in the detention of Americans or he has surrendered himself before them instead of being found in the hole by Americans?

Reader Comments:

What is the real purpose of showing Saddam?

I believe its all conspiracy by the Bush government to get some support from the people!
It was pre-planned to make Bush look good; he may look good now in the eyes of his people but for us muslims he can rot in hell!!!

kamal mustafa khan, Canada - 17 December, 2003

Example of Guantanamo Bay

If Guantanamo Bay is any example there aren't going to be any free trials coming out of USA - specially externally i.e. those to do with Muslims.

Internally too ... O J Simpson and the young Kenedy put up a fine example of how money can circumvent justice in the US. US is a HOAX .... just see Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld talk and you'll know a crook from a witch! Saddam's trial in
camera ... if at all will be a well orchestrated deal just like the drama that started with the Iran-Iraq war and has yet to see it's end. I guess we muslims deserve all this humiliation.

The Hosni Mubaraks, Saddams, Hussein and all the rest of them have brought us to a point where we can't even decide whether to mourn or curse the capture of a dictator as brutal as Saddam ....

What's more he's followed by the likes of Chalabi ... the curse will continue till such time the Iraqi's and the rest of us muslims do not build up the capacity to eradicate the evil planted within us!!

Zulqarnain Qazi, Pakistan - 18 December, 2003

why Sammy Jabareen?

WHy you always come with somethin Islam and Christanity? I think You should not talk about religions like that.Its Fine about ur political talk but plz dont put religions in everything .Specially when u dont know about them much. Thak You

Shah, Pakistan - 18 December, 2003

WHy you always come with somethin Islam and Christanity? I think You should not talk about religions like that.Its Fine about ur political talk but plz dont put religions in everything .Specially when u dont know about them much. This is for you Sammy Jabareen.Thak You

, Pakistan - 19 December, 2003

Saddam Hussein - (A Murderous)

Saddam Hussein is reponsible for more than 80,000 Shia and Kurd killings in and around Iraq. Don't go on that beard and innocent eyes. This man has killed thousands of innocent civilians, mothers like our mothers, fathers like our fathers, brothers and sisters like our brothers and sisters. The people who fell victim to his vicious regime should be given justice. Saddam Hussein should be 'SLAUGHTERED'. By saying this does not mean that I have my support for America and other nations. I do not have my support neither do I have my sumpathy for those bloody killers who can kill and beg in order to keep their nation running, which obviously won't last long.

Imran Ali Agha, Pakistan - 20 December, 2003

Who gave the WMD to saddam, Who was behind him in Iraq Iran war,who gave him the chemical weapons?
Answer- America
Saddam will never recieve the fair trial because he has a list of those Americans in his mind who helped him During Iraq-Iran war.At the top of the list - Bush senior.
Capture of saddam was pre planned and a part of Bush's election campaign.

Hamayun, Pakistan - 22 December, 2003

saddam is not amuslim

saddam is not a muslim or not a brave if he fight aganst un force and died then we can say good word for him.

m. khalil, Pakistan - 25 December, 2003

Another Yazid bin Maawiah/ Pharoan in trouble

He should be drowned/ pushed with his followers in the Dajlah, Arrafat river along with all of his followers and those who were remote controlling him .

A Report From Democracy Now, The Journalist Who Broke The Iraqgate Scandal That Involved President George Bush, James Baker And Donald Rumsfeld"

How Bush and Baker committed Billions of dollars to assist Saddam Hussein

Press Play To Listen.
Video Clip: "Shaking Hands with the enemy," Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983.


SYED SAQLAIN MEHDI, Pakistan - 25 December, 2003

Saddam's capture & trial

I would like to hope and believe that Saddam will receive a fair and fitting trial in Iran under American occupation. I also think that he should be tried with the same full intentions that he gave when giving his soldiers orders to kill so many countrymen. Civil rights or not, he should be tried for his sins against his people as well as others around the world.

No, I don't believe that he was captured before the U.S. soldiers told of his being found in a hole. Seems rather fitting, as a rat found in a hole!

Joan, United Kingdom - 26 December, 2003

why do so many people hate americans? what would change this?

Ron Longtin, United Kingdom - 27 December, 2003

Saddam Capture

I can't believe that there are dictators all over the Arab countries. Saddam would have been gone after the 1990 Gulf war if the surrounding countries would have acted. But for some reason it seems that Muslims stand behind Muslims right or wrong. If that were the case in World War II Hitler would never have been defeated because he was a christan. So stop complaining about the USA and start cleaning up your neighborhood. Just like Hitler had to blame the Jews for all of Germany's problems, radical Muslims have to blame the USA for their problems. Don't even say the USA supported Saddam because he enjoyed years of barbaric rule with the blessing of his Arab neighbors.

Joe Pritz, United Kingdom - 27 December, 2003

Saddam's capture and elections

Saddam's capture is too far away from the US elections to be of benefit to President Bush. It is a well know fact that the American public has a short memory. Recall that President Bushes' father lost an election in the Fall when in the Spring he enjoyed great public ratings. So please do not buy into this silly theory that the capture was stagged to help get President Bush re-elected.

Jim Good, United Kingdom - 29 December, 2003

President Bush and His Country

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Let me enlighten you on the country I live in. First we have over 9 Million UNEMPLOYED in this Country, Millions are Hungry and cannot care for themselves because the economy is so bad. My president would rather send BILLIONS of Dollars to re-build and aid Countries I will never see in my life. My husband is injured and cannot work our town is a ghost town of only 300 people and No Growth here in 20 Years, My Childrens Education is a mockery of the name education, Religion is put down and not cherished, this USA is so messed up it is not funny. And what countries have offered to help our starving and cold and sick People? No One. Who is creating jobs in this country to make life better here? No One. I am so sick of this My country is ALWAYS helping others and not helping it's own people..

Kimberly Full, United Kingdom - 29 December, 2003

Saddam Hussein is in Yemen

In early 2000 Reuters reported that Saddam Hussein was invited to visit Yemen that May to attend a gathering. It did not mention if he accepted the invitation or not. Late that May, former U.S.Marine General Zinni visits Yemen. No mention as to his reason and early in June someone from Germany visits. Saddam had at least two men who looked just like him, doubles. The man on trial is far to young to be the real Saddam. Read more on

Willard Payne, United Kingdom - 04 November, 2005

Saddam supported by US only?

Or by Russia, China, France as well? Why single out US when France also gave Saddam loans and at the peak 40% of all French arms exports went to Saddam?

David Koch, Canada - 06 February, 2007

Saqlain is another Sadam. He work in Iraq and killed muslims with US army

syed ghulam sibtain naqvi, Pakistan - 18 July, 2008

Only Saddam opposed US henious crime

In the stream of worshiping Bush only Saddam did not surrender. He is Spartacus of the on going and future fight against fascism headed by USA and her running dogs. People love Saddam because USA hate Saddam.

FAZLUL HAQUE, Bahrain - 07 October, 2008

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