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Saddam's Capture: 'We Got Him'

15 December, 2003

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US President George Bush has said former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein - now in US custody - will "face the justice he denied to millions".

"His capture was crucial to the rise of a free Iraq", Mr Bush said in a televised address to the nation.

US forces found Saddam Hussein on Saturday, hiding in a tiny cellar at a farmhouse about 15km (10 miles) from his home town Tikrit.

Meanwhile, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) group expressed concerns about the fair trial of Saddam in Iraq and stressed that Iraqi Council must not mount a political show trial.

"Saddam Hussein's capture is a welcome development and it's important that the Iraqi people feel ownership of his trial," Kenneth Roth, the executive director of the rights watchdog, said in a statement.

"But it's equally important that the trial not be perceived as vengeful justice," Roth said. "For that reason, international jurists must be involved in the process."

1. Do you believe that Saddam will receive a fair trial in Iraqi Courts under Americans Occupation?

2. Should the trial be held under live cameras for world to see what Saddam has to say about Americans support extended to him during Iraq - Iran war ?

3. Could it be possible he was already in the detention of Americans or he has surrendered himself before them instead of being found in the hole by Americans?

Reader Comments:

i don`t think

1st of all i don`t think that he is the real saddam and if he is then i think that there might be a great deal between saddam and usa as the elections in usa are coming nearer and the image of mr.bush is badly affected and now he wanted to make him success in elecxtions by capturing saddam as the people would become happy and will praise bush for that.
saddam should also be seen lively on media in courts as the people could see him and listyen his words by theirself.
thatys all.

Altaf, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

Brutality supported by Brutals

I have no doubts that Saddam was one of the biggest tyrant of his time and brutally murdered thousands and thousands of Iraqis.

But I am equally positive that through out such years of his Tyranny he had blessings of American Govt. It would be nice to hear from Saddam's own mouth, provided Americans allow him to say it openly in front of Cameras, but again you can always expect his double to say whatever Americans want him to say, and the real Saddam is probably enjoying his lifetime vacation in Hawaii. He earned the reward for his courageous job to make sure Americans do land on Iraq and occupy it.

Akbar, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

things happening coin alike manner. elections, capture, Osama still nowhere and bomb attack on our president. Pakistan is at a quite sensitive edge because of pakistan is going too far in War on Terror than any other country even from USA. and in this way there is no oil, no contracts waiting but increasing anger of extremist elements of the world. Who will pay Pakistan for his services?? None,
now the questions,

facts & Figures shows none has been gone straight through the trials with the americans as opponents.

Iran-Iraq war was a pandora for world. messing up with history again and again...????

many news services have come up with concerns over the arrest and the timing.

it is very early to conclude any opinion, but one thing is confident that american movies are the best. thanx

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

While i do not endorse American occupation of Iraq, but I am extremely unhappy about that the treatment Saddam will receive from the Americans will be much better than what he would give it to others while he was a ruler. The long list of his crimes has horrible stories in it, many of them untold. I wish him the brutest death on the face of earth.

Sunny, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

injure muslims feeling

it is great shock for all the it not a terrorisim with muslim leader mr.Sadam hussain?

qamar abbas, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

Great shock for Muslims

u.s.a president mr.Bush will have to pay a great scrifice in future against terrorisom war in iraq.
attention:mr.bush tell me the definition of terrorism.

m.manzoor, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003


I believe it is in the best interest of the U.S. to ensure that Saddam Hussein gets a fair and transparent trial within Iraq , under Iraqi judicial system. An other acceptable option could be to try him on the Hague model set up for the trial of the perpetrators of genocide in the former Yugoslavia.In the case of the former option,it will be important and desirable to appoint a panel of international jurists as observers to guarantee the fairness of the trial.

In view of the high profile nature of the trial,all interested parties will ensure transparency and fairness.

Yes,the trial should be open and televised globally. I do not believe Saddam's capture was mocked. He was captured where he was found i.e;in an underground hole

M.S. Hassan, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003


Sadam must be punished for what he did to his own people. Allah (swt) will never like such behaviour of people which Saddam Hussain had. He did not represent Islam but only his own ego. Americans are same also. They are not doing for humanity or to finish Terrorism, but to grown up their egos as well. Life is too short to hate... Think about it.

Mansoor Hassan, United Arab Emirates - 15 December, 2003

will he receive fair trail

no, he will never receive a fair trail because all this game if fraud. from invasion to arrest

farooq khan, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

Watch out Osama

Osama Bin Laden will be caught in similar way before election day in USA. Osama is a coward like Sadaam hiding in holes. Sadaam learned to shoot all his life and when Americans came he acted like a chicken and could not pull the trigger. Was he afraid to die? Saddam loves to live but took that right away from so many innocent people.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 15 December, 2003


Sadam capture was inevitable one thing i cant comprehend that if USA can give him free trial why the legitimate trial was denied to his sons who were brutally killed .im sure their lists of crimes were much shorter than Sadam .its on the world to see the transparency of the invaders who with their vested interests are persuing their agenda's.every tyrant has to face another tyrant im sure USA has found REAL WMD(SADAM),the rest was sham .

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

Unfortunate Iraqis

If Saddam was president of Ethopia or a any poor African state, no body in the world would have noticed him. Iraqis are unlucky and unfortunate that they had oil and were a potential threat to Israel. It was therefore their oil which was wanted and will continue to be wanted on one pretext or the other in future also.

Kings and Presidents and dictators of all Arab and muslim countries who may be a apparent threat to Israel should realize that their fate will be same as Saddam. Is President of Pakistan or king of Saudi Arabia ready to be pulled out of a trench like Saddam.

kiani, Pakistan - 16 December, 2003

I agree with Kiani. Sudanese islamic regime has gone unnoticed for so long for the genocide of Christians and Animists in the South.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 16 December, 2003

Saddam is captured from almost a grave. Let the people of Iraq to decide his fate. Every individual and group must be allowed to register a case against him. He must reap what he sow in his rule.
Americans have no interest in him now, neither they want to know where are the weapons of mass destruction or already investigated?

Aamir, Pakistan - 16 December, 2003

i don't believe the propaganda! it is the duty of all citizens to question what is represented, especially that which is protrayed by those in power. there is a definite connection between maintaining authority and the images disceminated to retain that power. this invasion was wrong to begin with; the reasons and justifications given were never clear; we never heard the truth. here in the u.s. we are constantly lied to, we are constatnly manipulated with constructed images and rhetoric to incite fear. all this to immobilze a collectve opposition. i can't propose what will happen next, but following this most tragic course, i can't foresee it being good by any means. the innocent, the people of iraq are still under an oppressive regime, only it's not saddam.

jen malkoun, United Kingdom - 16 December, 2003

Saddam and Beard

Saddam was brave as long as he was progressive. He became chicken by hiding in a hole after he grew beard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tarik Aziz, Pakistan - 16 December, 2003

1. The only fair trial would be held at the International Criminal court.

2. The trial should definitely be open to public via uncensored media. We would also like to know who supported Saddam Hussein, supplying his regime with weapons throughout the years.

3. Propaganda is a powerful tool to brainwash and placate a people. It is a possibility that this capture has been staged. Mr. G.W. Bush takes advantage of any photo opportunity to puff himself up.

Katherine, United Kingdom - 17 December, 2003


The Americans wanted a strong foot hold in Gulf for the oil reserves, this Saddam & Osama are all the reasons given by Bush. They have freed Afghanistan, Iraq. For the sake of oil.

RAJESH .T, Hungary - 17 December, 2003


Saddam is a scary cat. He shouldn't be running or hiding but fighting for his country!
I think US are being overprotected over Iraq!
Give them some air! and LIFE!
FREEDOM! They need it alot!
Iraqis are not babies that they need US army to stand in there way! They been surviving for alot of years!!!

Sadaf, United Kingdom - 17 December, 2003

What is the real purpose of showing Saddam?

I believe its all conspiracy by the Bush government to get some support from the people!
It was pre-planned to make Bush look good; he may look good now in the eyes of his people but for us muslims he can rot in hell!!!

kamal mustafa khan, Canada - 17 December, 2003

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