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Role of media

22 April, 2009

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The media is an important tool of building/ generating opinion. The current era of technology is converting the world into global village. Pakistan Media has also groomed well in last few years but some how lacking behind in displaying responsibility with regards to the national integrity, security and Pakistan interests. The current letter of Col (R) Harish Puri (published in “The News” on 14 April 2009) and propagating of lashing of an innocent girl of Swat area are two news which have been negatively projected:-

  • Are you satisfied to the present role of media?
  • Should Government devise some rules to fix the limits of the media?
  • What’s the difference between, Pakistani, Indian and US/Western media?
  • What was the aim of publishing Col ® Harish Puri open letter to Gen Kayani? And who should be held responsible?
  • Reader Comments:

    Peace smiles a bit on south Asia

    Zardari and ManMohan have met in Moscow on the sideline of SCO (Shanghai co-operation Organization)meeting.

    This meeting has thawed some deep frozen relations to some degree, but it lacked the warmth that used to be when Nawaz Sharif met Vajpayee or Gurjal.The meeting in Moscow certainly was far cry from the famous and decisive side line meeting in 1956 between Pandit Nehru and Iskander Mirza.That 1956 Nehru-Iskander Mirza side line meeting in London was perhaps one of the best peace yielding meet that was really "INTEZAR DIPLOMACY", where the two leaders together watched the grandest musical "Intezar" of Noor Jehan.That Intezar diplomacy was so powerful that it solved and facilitated signing Indus water treaty in 1960 and had a near miss on solving Kashmir issue just before Nehru died.

    I remember that I was grade seven or grade eight student in school in Pakistan those days. Borders were opened for people to meet old friends of pre-partition,and film Intezar was being shown all over India.My long late father went to Amritsar and Delhi and brought the newspaper "Riasat" with him from India that had one page dominating add of Intezar being shown in film houses and said as such:

    "Woh geet jo aaj tak aap ne nahin sunay.
    Woh naghme jo Noor Jehan ne aaj tak nahin gai"

    Intezar diplomacy worked so well and strong that Indus water treaty was signed in 1960 between India and Pakistan.President Ayub celebrated it by personally travelling in a very special train from city to city in Pakistan. and on Kashmir,they had near miss as the whole resolution had advanced as far as such:

    1. Complete autonomy for Kashmir.
    2.Confedration of Kashmir with both India and Pakistan.

    Ayub and Nehru were further discussing and altercating towards resolute compromise,but Nehru died in 1964 and the whole issue went back to back burners.They never even tried Kashmir conflict resolution since then.The frustration over Kashmir non resolution of conflict led to two wars, in 1965 and 1971.

    Though Paks came out slimmer and dis-avantaged in 1971, but Indians did say in 1981 as such:

    'We thought we finished off Pak in 1971, but it came out slimmer yet stronger than it was before 1971."

    All think and know that the key to Pak come back was due to Dr A.Q.Khan's and Ali Bhutto's concerted efforts to strongly move Pak nuclear program that not only caught up with India's from coming from behind, but it even got some edge.The Afghan-Russo war got Pak off America's hook of containing Pak nuclear program.Pakistan got in parity with seven times more populated and seven times bigger economy of India.Pakistan's population grew 5 times and India's by 3.5 times since partition and took away Pak lead of 25 percent in per capita GNP.One must not forget that south Korea has 40 times bigger economy than North Korea(1000 billion USD against only 26 billion USD of North Korea), but it is the North Korea nukes that makes the poor North Korea shielded from pre-emptive assault.

    Things and circumstances favoured India somewhat and there was all out attempt to isolate Paksand to destabilize and disintegrate Pak at Balochistan seams etc. But, as long as Pak military is very strong and supported by Pak people and has complete authority and control over its nukes, Pakistan will Inshallah survive and without disintegrating.

    Peace is definitely the best medicine for both India and Pakistan as the world is really preparing for WW3 and oil and gas will be the key catalyst issue.Paks may get bruised little or bad due to war on terror, but certainly they are not part of WW3 equation.India is clearly seen slipping into the wrath of coming Armageddon as active participant to the events leading to there and peace with Paks may be the only extricating for India to remain in less danger zone like Paks are in.You talk of 30-50 deaths a week caused by terror, ask the Germans and Russians during ww2, when they saw 5000 dead Germans coming from war front daily for 4-5 years and RTussians saw 13000 daily dead.

    I honestly wish that Allah save both India and Pakistan from even entering the humanity extinctive ww3.


    It is good to be on safer side and mitigate only terror and not allow any foreign troops inside Pakistan. Let Pak military alone mitigate it without foreign complicacies and involvement.Paks can take care of internal terror together with competent Pak military.

    India too will be better off to be on less dangerous equation.America, Nato and SCO are full tilt, full throttle preparing for WW3.

    but, paks are better off embracing immunity from mega war.



    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 18 June, 2009

    Missing Pak friend China

    Pak rulers have surrendered Pak security to the untrustworthy, while the Pak nation misses all weather and most loved China friend.These so called friends are hell bent to destabilize Pakistan and our deep contacts with China seem to be the missed past.

    I am quoting a great 55 years old American song by America's all time best voice of Nat King Cole and goes as such:

    I am still in love with you(China)

    "The crowd sees me out dancing
    Care free and romancing
    Happy with my some one new

    I am laughing on the out side,
    crying on the inside
    Cause, I am still in love with you

    They see me night and day time
    Having such a gay time
    They dont know, what I go through

    I am laughing on the out side,
    crying on the inside
    Cause, I am still in love with you"

    Read my poem as such:

    On side line of SCO meet
    Zardari gave the peace treat
    But opposite, Singh did go
    Thought peace was weak's bow

    Thinking Paks won't survive
    Peace talk Singh won't revive
    Singh said that he'll review
    Paks now say,they'll overview

    Did'nt say terror India sends
    Quiet R Singh's yank friends
    Did'nt talk India terror acts
    Even well are known the facts

    Foes can only do pretend
    Say America is your friend
    With zion Holbrook choice
    India, America can rejoice

    India America conspirations
    They won't have celebrations
    China is now rising fast
    Soon be mighty and to last

    O my Paks my people dear
    Trust China, lessen fear
    China is the rising star
    Loves peace, hates war

    Get United, love Pak force
    Mutual love U must endorse
    Watch yanks N Hindu foes
    India line, Holbrook toes

    Yank wolves, Indian hounds
    Hunting Paks,hear the sounds
    They give Paks bait to eat
    For to catch Paks,for defeat

    Paks be vigilant N be brave
    Allah loves you for to save
    Yanks, Indians, very true
    Want to break Pak,so em do

    Paks be wise and understand
    Shake that China's safe hand
    Yanks, India and the zion
    Leave aside,kiss China lion

    India, yanks do Pak harms
    Give terrorists best of arms
    Conspiracy there,is for sure
    Grand are Paks who do endure

    Indian PM, he was crude
    To Zardari, he was rude
    Told Zardari,”will review”
    Paks say they will overview

    India,Yanks are not to chase
    Instead give China embrace
    India, Yanks give rebukes
    Keep em off from Pak nukes

    Keep em away,far you can
    And love China, be its fan
    Paks live for peace,not war
    See how sweet our Paks are

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 19 June, 2009

    Iran Crisis Media vs Ayetollah Khameini

    Islam Theology expert Ayatollah Khameini assessment is based upon universe Law. Universe comprises planets earth and its content .Palestinian and Iranian and civilian are its important content governing Universal Law. !

    B_Lal, Hungary - 20 June, 2009

    Media & Djaal

    No doubt media is awarness, motivation for people. But how we can compare Pakistani Media with Westren Media. Mostly the Western Media is used for CIA Policies (see the Iraq & Afghan War role of Western Media). But on other hand Pakistani media is just a hired media whose policies are destructive and most people concerned with it have their faith on "MONEY". When I recite the Ahadith of Muhammad (S.A.W.W) I have no dobut in my mind that this media will be a supporter of DJAAL for our next generations. It will be one of the worst weapon of DJAAL which will desprate muslims and misguide them. The Secularism will evolve as Anti-Islam theology which will later trun faith of human towards DAJJAL as GOD (Mr. Right).

    Muhammad Kamran, Pakistan - 12 June, 2010

    media is violating the rit of government.

    sajawal, Pakistan - 23 November, 2010

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