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Return of the Sharif`s

31 August, 2007

Former prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced that he along with brother Shahbaz Sharif will return to Pakistan on September 10 and advised President General Pervez Musharraf to hand over power to the Senate chairman forthwith and go home.

He said his entourage would land at Islamabad and then proceed to Lahore taking the GT road.

Nawaz said his party in consultation with the All Pakistan Democratic Movement (APDM) had decided that the time had now come for the exiled PML-N leadership to return home and launch a decisive struggle against what he called the eight-year dictatorship and pave the way for genuine and lasting democracy.

He said he was not afraid of what he said the empty threats of being arrested on landing or re-packed in a plane and sent to Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, the government sources claim that Nawaz will not return despite his announcement as the Saudi leadership will not let Mr Sharif to violate the alleged deal under which he cannot return to the country for ten years.

Here are some questions
1)Will Nawaz return as per his announcement?
2)What will be the impact of his return on country’s politics?
3)Where will Benazir stand after Nawaz`s return?
4)Is there a possibility of Martial Law being imposed if things get out of Government hand after his return?

Reader Comments:



Shahzad Gul, Pakistan - 09 September, 2007

The Shameless Actions.

All these actions being taken
by this government,after the verdict by the Supreme Court to allow Sharif brothers to return home,is very pathetic.
This only shows they will rig
the elections with the Army standing behind them, and the
Western Demigogs supporting their preposterous actions to
prevent supporters of Sharif
brothers to receive them.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 09 September, 2007

Return of Nawaz Shariff

Chief Justice of Pakistan we are proud of you

This is not the first time that public is appreciating wisdom of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chauhdhry with in last few months, but each action of Chief Justice for a second time compel to praise him by heart.

Present decision of Chief Justice to ask his inability to see Prince Miqran bin Abdul Aziz and Rafiq Hariri is also a great decision. It is not a matter of respect of honorable guests, who deserve due respect by heart from all Pakistan’s public, but matter is perpetrations and silly decisions of Fascist Pakistan Government to save rule by any means and at any cost. Rule of fascist dictator is already on death bed and require a kick only. As a last resort using all unfair means, putting in danger diplomatic and brotherly relations of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon is a shameless effort which is deplorable, it reflects mean mentality of fascist dictator and neo-Gorbachove of Muslim nation. Try to drown long lasting friendship with Saudi Arabia and Lebanon for personal gains.

Saudi Government has not taken wise step to become party in the affairs of grassroots who hate Musharraf, the decision to support a fascist dictator is not up to typical friendship which nation of Pakistan care a lot.
Khadim ul Harmain, King Abdullah may not support a fascist dictator, murderer and killer of peoples of Pakistan. Specialties of Pakistan Army include state terrorism, target killings, imprisonment, extra judicial measures, abductions, use of force against un-armed civilians, attacks and demolishing of mosques, burning of Quran and books of Ahadis and Fiqah, burning alive orphan children and girls of Jamia Hafsa, 2000-3000 girls are still missing and many other cruel activities of fascist mafia are on record.
(Three to four hundred copies of Quran were burnt with excessive use of ammunition and guns at Jamia Hafsa with a complete library containing books of Ahadis and Fiqah, including Bokhari and Muslim, Shia General Hussain Mehdi, DG FC Punjab, was used in killings of live children and girls, majority of them were orphan, to divide Muslims on sectarian lines, the General is prominent for his hate against Sunnis, Shia General Arif Hussain, MD Fauji Foundation was used to burn and hide dead bodies of students, mostly girls and children)

As much support of neo-cons and neo-imperialists to Musharraf will be increased, it will carry away Mush by achieving his goal. Crazy statements of Pakistan Government officials are telling stories of their insanity. Benazir the flag bearer of corruption and vulgarity is thrown away for making short cuts on the shoulders of neo-cons by public.

Forced and puzzled efforts of Musharraf to remain in power will lead Pakistan toward anarchy and civil war; it will be second Algiers in the world. Pakistan Army has no wisdom; it is mercenary and works as a private Army for economical interests only. Musharraf has placed strong anti-Muslim lobby on all sensitive posts including Prime Minister an employee of Citi Bank. Majority of Government sponsored institutions and media is anti-Saudi, it is a bunch of hooligans of anti-Saudi mafia who left no chance to bash Saudi Government and peoples of Saudi Arabia. It is wondered that Saudi Government is supporting those elements that are in a minority but have hateful feelings against Saudi Peoples.

It was a sad day in the Islamic history when Musharraf a serial killer and murderer was allowed to enter in holy Kaaba, this the first time in centuries that an apostate touched the holy place with his dirty thoughts and criminal actions against Muslims in his fold, which gave unwanted credibility and publicity to his gang.

It is a great day in the history of Pakistan that Chief Justice handled the situation with great responsibility and defuses the conspiracy against peoples of Pakistan wisely.

This letter is being circulated to all Arab and International media, if any paper or network may require proof of conspiracies of Musharaf and Co. against Saudi Arabia and peoples of Saudi Arabia, and hate against Arabs, a list of all Musharaf sponsored peoples will be supplied on demand. There is no doubt that Musharaf sponsored groups are busy in linking Saudi peoples with terrorists, and some media groups
are working full time to publish hate material against them.

International professor

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 10 September, 2007

pakistan situation

weldone,if return of one man creating so much crisis, what else,shame, attock and jelum bridge baricaded with containers, islamabad airport is sealed and six other airport under red alert 'is Khumani returning back?'
why this drama? what will happen if some thing realy serious happens to the beloved country.
country is running and advised by bunch of drunkard fools.
God help the country and the innocent 'AWAM'

ashraf, Pakistan - 10 September, 2007

Let there be common sense

Since its inception, Pakistan has suffered in the hands of many leaders who have for their personal gains milked the country and its people dry. I was born in Pakistan and since my migration to the UK I have struggled to locate a moment in the history of the country when a leader has shone and benefitted the country and its people. Why are the people of Pakistan fooled by these people who change their tunes when in power. When will we get a human being, a muslim, an intellectual who will lead the country, the people both rich and poor. By God we need help and we are not getting it from the current set up both in power and outside of it. Why can't we learn from nations who have suffered similiar events but have come out on top. Pakistan has made huge strides but not due to the leadership but due to the struggle of it's people. The people of Pakistan continue to struggle at the hands of those who have self greed, self interest and personal gains. Why are they depriving our country from progress. When will this nation get someone to provide inspired leadership to take us into the 21st century where we need to compete, where we want to grow our economy, where we want to offer our people the opportunity to prosper and become proper muslims, leaders and care takers of the wealth and well being of Pakistan. The return of this person, called Mr. Shariff is not only stirring up emotions and bad feelings but people remember how he robbed the country for his personal gains. This is not to say that the rest are any better but why does Pakistan want such people. Here is what I think. the blood in the veins of Pakistani politicians and those who are in the wings aspiring to follow them is so polluted that all these people have to be got rid as it would be no great loss to the nation. Pakistan then needs to import 200 qualified, honest and well paid individuals from abroad, i.e bring in management to run the country as well as to train new people for the future. That way we would be doing what succesful businesses do when they have managers who can't manage. I pray for Pakistan and its people and urge them to clense themselves from those who are holding them back. May Allah give you strength in your struggle to find the right person to inspire you.

naz Khan, United Arab Emirates - 10 September, 2007

Agent Rulers..

On 31st August 2007 former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto met with British Foreign Secretary David Milliband for 45-minutes. Before this on 26th July Bhutto met Musharraf in Abu Dhabi. Shortly before this meeting Mr Milliband had visited Islamabad to meet Musharraf. Dawn Newspaper reported that Mr Milliband’s special adviser Mark Layall Grant, during his tenure as his country’s High Commissioner in Pakistan, played the role of a mediator between the president and the former prime minister, and was said to have been present during the Abu Dhabi meeting. During an interview with Channel 4 news in August 2007, when asked about the ongoing negotiations, Bhutto said, "the British Foreign Office has been very helpful" in brokering the deal. Bhutto is soon expected to visit the USA to discuss matters with Zalmay Khalilzad, current US Ambassador to the UN and formerly to Afghanistan and Iraq, and her point of contact in Washington. All this dealing and doubling-dealing betrays a desperate attempt to prop up a failing regime, hated by its people but loved by governments in the west..Musharraf’s political life is at a critical stage. His on-going support for the US led war on terror, which has meant months of bombing in Waziristan with many innocent civilians being massacred in the process, has enraged the people of Pakistan. His suspension of the Chief Justice of Pakistan led to unprecedented demonstrations by lawyers. Security forces in the subsequent protests killed protestors in Karachi. After this came the siege at the Lal Masjid, dealt with by crushing force that saw women and children slaughtered, as he ignored alternative solutions. His attempt to use this episode to portray himself as a guardian against ‘extremism’ in Pakistan, failed to harness any significant support in Pakistan. The continued insurgency in Balochistan, the presence of a hostile Indian-backed regime in Kabul, the abandonment of Kashmir and the imprisonment of Dr A.Q.Khan have all contributed to the current depression Pakistan faces under Musharraf. He has attempted to exploit the hostile rhetoric within the US, openly accusing Pakistan of being a “safe haven” for terrorists in its recent National Intelligence Estimate, saying it was all done in the ‘national interest’. His arguments do not merely fail to convince. When American politicians like Senator Barack Obama argue for unilateral US action in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the pathetic and belated squeals from his administration sound positively hollow given that the administration itself has systematically outsourced its foreign policy to Washington. All of this has led to his political life hanging by a thread.Britain and the United States realise that it would be hard to find a more compliant regime in Pakistan than that of Musharraf. It is widely recognised that it is only their external support, so as to stem the tide of Islam and its growing influence within the country, which sustains his ability to rule. One of the only solutions for Musharraf, whose Presidential term comes to an end, is to restore a semblance of a democratic process in Pakistan. In order to survive, he will have to assume a role as a civilian President, and allow elections to take place. It is for this reasons that these clandestine meetings have occurred, as well as other matters, such as the Supreme Court’s decision to allow former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to return and Musharraf’s recent statements around political reconciliation. Some may believe that only the return of democracy and the political parties can save Pakistan from its current crisis. This, however, would be a fundamental mistake.The man who sacrificed Afghanistan, Pakistan’s strategic depth, it’s nuclear command and control to America in its war on Islam in exchange for his own political survival is expected to take on the secular transformation of Pakistan. Only the most corrupt regime in Pakistan’s history that of Benazir Bhutto, could serve as a suitable ally for this dishonourable initiative. With them, Nawaz Sharif, who presided over the surrender of Kargil and who then begged for President Clinton to intervene, expects to be taken seriously again as a candidate for prime minister. The corruption and incompetence of the 1990’s combined with the betrayal of the first decade of the 21st century should teach us a salutary lesson, that those who wish to maintain the current situation for their own ends will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. It is as if they never heard the ayat of Quran:

“O you who believe! Betray not the trust of Allah and the Messenger, nor misappropriate knowingly things entrusted to you”
(Translated Meaning Surah Anfal: 27)Let us make it known at the critical juncture that it is unacceptable for western governments to continue plotting the future of the Muslim world as if it is their chessboard.O you who believe!.

Khawajaa gahreeb nawaaz.., Pakistan - 10 September, 2007

let democracy win

Please allow democracy win.

Not that it India, because of democracy everything is OK! But only in democracy people hold (some) power atleast once in 5 or 6 years.

I desire warm friedship must develope between Pakistan and India. It is good for both nations and also the world. There are other nations that do not want good relationship between us for their own benefit!

Sharrif of Benezir, only democracy can (slowly) change things for you.

Mani, Hungary - 10 September, 2007

Uncalled habit of India beating

I refer to the posting by Mr.Khawajaa gahreeb nawaaz, Pakistan, where he uses the phrase "the presence of a hostile Indian-backed regime in Kabul".

I wonder how he concluded this way. Installation of the present set up at Kabul was all the work of US which has been close with Pakistan than with India for a very long time.

I dont know the author's background, but I call upon general public on both the sides to avoid usage of such mistrust building phrases.

Here also when I talk neutrally, at times I am scolded by my own friends for taking a stand that appears to them that I support pakistan!

I wish people mature soon so that people's rule stays on both the sides for ever.

Mani, India

S S Mani, Hungary - 11 September, 2007

Its Time to go Musharaff.

Pakistan needs true democracy and independent judicary and a free press.Any election in presence of Musharaff cannot
be free and fair and the way Nawaz Sharif was deported to Saudia Arabia shows the frustration of the Military govt. of Gen.Pervaiz Musharaaf and the whole issue should be resolved by the supreme court and the people who have been arrested so far about 2000 should be freed.

Taimur, Pakistan - 12 September, 2007

"Law, People and Courts"

The Editor:

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is about Nawaz Shariff and Ms.Bhutto's claim to return to Pakistan and participate in the up coming elections.

Firstly, let’s talk about Nawaz Shariff’s situation. He claims that the Supreme Court has cleared him of any wrong doings and allowed him to return to Pakistan. As far his charges are concern, he must face them false or not – returning to the country is another jurisdiction. Under the law, he must get himself bailed out first. His lawyers should have the bail conditions set in a manner where he is allowed to campaign. He must resign from the chairmanship of the party though. Then he should wait for his day before the justices and face the charges. If he is convicted, he must serve the time or pay the fines, whatever the verdict may be. If cleared he is free to have one of his MP to vacate a seat where he can run and have himself elected and take the leadership of the party as long the acting leader call for leadership meeting and have him contest in the process. At that time, he can file charges against Musharraff for any wrong doings on the advice of his lawyers. It is the process which he must abide by to send a message to the citizens of that country that no one is above the law.

So goes for Ms. Bhutto. She must exercise the same practice in order to send a message to the average citizen of that country. This will tell the public that these, so called leaders understand the law and its application and respect the outcome of the courts. Once she is cleared of the charges, she can then have her lawyers file law suits against Nawaz Shariff and against Musharraff whatever charges they feel fit under the circumstances. But she also must resign from the Chairpersonship of the PPP. She can however have her lawyer argue before the courts to set the bail conditions where she is allowed to campaign. There should not be delay in the elections. Once cleared from all the charges, she can have one of her MP make a room for her to run and it is at that time, she can be elected leader of the party. These are the civil ways of dealing with situations like this and only civil people understand these. The others, well, good luck to the citizens of those countries.

Whatever drama that Justice Chowdary played to have himself put before all the others in the Supreme Court is unacceptable to the average person. He being a justice himself should have understood it. It was not only unacceptable but also wrong. I would say shame on all the Supreme Court Justices as well to deal with his situation immediately – he was no threat to the national security. They should have waited for couple of years by explaining to others that there are other cases before the benches and Mr. Chowdary will be dealt with in due course which was going to be couple of years. I am sure, there were tons of other cases before the courts to deal with and it was unfair to all those waiting for years to appear before the courts. I think the media should also be blamed for not properly explaining to the public that Mr. Chowdary’s case will be dealt with in due course. But then media is also against Gen. Musharraff. Subsequently, they did everything to make him look bad before the people of Pakistan.

Raymond Durrani, Canada - 12 September, 2007

What, Where, When, How & Why???

Why there was a need for a SC verdict on the matter of NS's return? When was it?, How & why?
Did the CJ wake up one morning and decided to issue a verdict?
he merely re-read what the law states with references to pertinent articles.
What makes NS so important that CJ placed everything on the backburners to attend to this matter?
Is it because CJ feels more comfortable working under the rule of NS who gets what he wants and does not bother Chaudry sahib?
Does this matter really need the CJ to waste his time and not attend his duty to the nation because all I hear is that there are stacks of cases sitting for him to review and rule, probably because they dont belong to any political leaders specially those who can be ignored at leaset for the time being.
May Allah SWT protect our homeland & flourish it, ameen.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 13 September, 2007

In Search of

The position of Mr.Musharraf is in downfall which is certain and the nation should choose now a suitable leader other than the traditional ones. The nation may not bear the burden of corruption any more. The burden of dictation or corruption.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 16 September, 2007

sharifs deportation

Musharraf Refused Entry of Democracy in Pakistan: By: Amjad Malik MA, LLM
On 10th of September exiled Premier of Pakistan returned after 7 years of exile on a symbolic PIA flight number PK 786 from Heathrow to Islamabad. However he was shocked along with his fellow travellers that the so called mightiest and the most powerful man in Pakistan refused not only his but the entry of democracy in Pakistan, and his forced deportation vanished all the hopes of reviving the democracy and possible exit of the military from current political system peacefully.
I was one of the unfortunate lawyers who inherited a circumstantial brief to assist Mian Nawaz Sharif on that plane as well as at the airport lounge in order to practically convert his aspirations to submit himself to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and to physically convey his feelings of peace, good will and national reconciliation to his Pakistani people. To me this historic flight carried its passengers by luck like a lottery ticket as no one knew which plane Mr. Sharif will catch. All our efforts were unfruitful when all proceedings which were more or less peaceful were halted by a quick army style operation which resulted in push and pulls and the deportation of Nawaz Sharif to an other exile, the term of which is unknown this time.
I would not mention the court order of Supreme Court which was violated here as General Musharraf's regime knows no concept of rule of law as his reign is full of contradictions of his sayings and operations otherwise. Alas his machinery did not learn any lesson from the reference of March the 9th then filed against Chief Justice, operation in Wana and Lal Masjid and 12 th May massacre. In fact they restaged the same scene in the capital and made it like Beirut though only missing link was dead bodies.
We were dealt with by Sameer, Imam and Tahir Ayub, all lower ranking officers who had to go again and again to seek instructions from higher officials. They were less worried about Sharif's entry but more of losing their jobs and as the time passed at the airport lounge, composed Sharif won his moral battle against regime by just sitting in economy class with common passengers, travelling in ordinary bus and sitting for over 3 hours in ordinary lounge on an orange sofa and authorities did not even bother to come and talk to him and he was treated like a common thief forgetting that the man made Pakistan the 7 th state that possesses nuclear arsenal and is one of the most popular leader in Pakistan along with Bhuttoos. Instead he was rushed out towards rear exit by a storm of intelligence officials on the false pretence that he is arrested administratively and will be produced before accountability court the very next day.
My faith in rule of law and justice in Pakistan though did not shatter but all the happenings have startled me with the realisation that matrix of military might have almost disabled the state structure and institutions are mortgaged to their strength. 160 million people could not ensure enforcement of larger bench's decision to allow Sharifs to enter and remain and continue politics as they acted like a crowd rather than a nation and preferred to watch Tele at home whilst the regime was shattering all the norms of national and international laws and shraif was returned without even entry endorsement on his passport.
The historic flight pk786 landed, Nawaz Sharif came and was returned leaving many unanswered questions but one thing which is undoubted is that unarmed Sharif rattled the confidence of dying regime minute by minute as long as he was waiting entry clearance at the lounge. Who knows next time he comes like a Khomeini of Iran.

amjad malik, Pakistan - 20 September, 2007

Exile, self-exile or a plea agreement?

Nawaz placed himself in self-exile by entering a plea deal agreement with the ruling govt in order to avoid jail time which he has well qualified himself for.
He was never exiled by the Pakistan Govt. but he chose this himself at his option and sought the help of foriegn nations to rescue him, while he and his cronies now object to the very involvement of the same entities in the chapter that Nawaz did not allow to close in a proper manner.
Nawaz first entered the plea deal with the govt. so he can leave the jail for a destination abroad, then he lied for last several years that there was no such agreement and then admitted that there was an agreement which in his flawed understanding was for a period of 5 years and not 10.
In simple terms such act is classified as purgery and Nawaz & brother purged in daylight in the media by admitting that there was such a deal and agreement.
How can one accept such a dirty politician to participate in the politics of Pakistan and what gives him and his cronies a face to argue on this matter.
He lied about his child's sickness and treatment that he sought in UK only to be able to step out of KSA because he knew that he cannot conduct his political meetings in the KSA similarly, the Pak govt. was kind to him by renewing his travel documents so that he can travel to UK where instead of the principal reason (the treatment of a child) he became heavily involved in finding ways to once again influencing & causing disturbances for the stability of Pakistan.
Its very shameful that the foreign entities became so heavily involved in attempting to prove that Nawaz who lies that he was exiled had actually entered a triangular plea deal agreement so that he can put the incarceration behind.
I personally do not appreciate the overwhelming participation of the foreign entities in this internal matter of Pakistan while the not so Sharief Nawaz got what he deserved. This also reflects a serious incompetence on part of the excited CJP & SCP how they handled the matter by reading the law and implying to the entire nation as if they have issued a verdict by ruling in the case of Nawaz's so called exile.
Politics is a dirty game which belongs to Nawaz but the institution of Judiciary should not be corrupted by the CJP in the manner he is playing with our nation.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 22 September, 2007


pakistan is already outperformed by bangladesh in literacy rate, under-5 child death rate. GDP per capita of bangladesh is getting closer to that of pakistan and will exceed that of pakistan very soon. where is the destinity of pakistan heading for. are baluchistan, frontier, sindh going to split in 10 years of time? give a thought.

education, Afghanistan - 02 December, 2007

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