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Return of the Sharif`s

31 August, 2007

Former prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced that he along with brother Shahbaz Sharif will return to Pakistan on September 10 and advised President General Pervez Musharraf to hand over power to the Senate chairman forthwith and go home.

He said his entourage would land at Islamabad and then proceed to Lahore taking the GT road.

Nawaz said his party in consultation with the All Pakistan Democratic Movement (APDM) had decided that the time had now come for the exiled PML-N leadership to return home and launch a decisive struggle against what he called the eight-year dictatorship and pave the way for genuine and lasting democracy.

He said he was not afraid of what he said the empty threats of being arrested on landing or re-packed in a plane and sent to Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, the government sources claim that Nawaz will not return despite his announcement as the Saudi leadership will not let Mr Sharif to violate the alleged deal under which he cannot return to the country for ten years.

Here are some questions
1)Will Nawaz return as per his announcement?
2)What will be the impact of his return on country’s politics?
3)Where will Benazir stand after Nawaz`s return?
4)Is there a possibility of Martial Law being imposed if things get out of Government hand after his return?

Reader Comments:

No 2

He will suffer by this and that reason.not good for his future.The country will go through strikes,agitation etc etc and so the economy and the stability will be effected.It was good for him if he becames patient and pass the rest period of his exile.Then lawfully he could come back more honorably and safely

ameer muhammad zaman, Pakistan - 01 September, 2007

Rod-map to a True Democracy

Even fair is not acceptable in democracy. We need absolutely foolproof elections for its products to survive and perform to convert promises into reality. We are far too fed up, expecting empty seats in our legislative assemblies to pave our destiny.
Out of 26 Prime Ministers lasting 27 years in our existence, non could complete tenure and 4 Martial Laws intervened with 33 years of misrule in the name of restoring democracy. So, what hope is there to expect miracles from the current one?
Possible way out of our perpetually sustaining bog is in passionate revision and flawless application of a new criteria for selecting our political aspirants on prescribed yardsticks, purely on merits. Time without numbers we have given hunting grounds to our fortune hunting politicians having the exclusive ride in our political arena. Can they them self transform their nature overnight and become born-again angels? Unless the whole set-up is changed with a sincere resolve to bring sanity in democracy, all efforts will continue to produce the same disappointments.

How to bring-in sanity in our politics? Musharraf tried to remove sham from our democracy but, he is no magicians. He only had a team of top breed Zombie Politicians to rely upon and deliver. The politicians who fail and regenerate in all mutations of vices, brain-squeezed, and anti-human in character. They are good, for nothing-good and can only breed and spread disasters. BB, NS and SS inclusive.

Immediately after the March reference against the Chief Justice and resulting judicial crisis, I was reminded of an instance from the US during Carter's time, when a top judge (a lady) voluntarily resigned from office on discovering that, she had kept a house maid during initial years of her career, over 30 years back, who the media complained and produced confirming documents, was an illegal Mexican immigrant. Can we expect such sou-motto action by any judge against self?

We shall have to take painful decisions against our Zombie Politicians.The process undoubtedly, will be painstakingly tortuous but, the only course out of the quagmire we are embroiled in. In search of short-cuts to prosperity, we have failed for 60 years and will continue in drift till we act to correct our course.

Perhaps, we need spoon feeding to grow. Therefore, I suggest a simple but fool-proof procedure for correcting our faults in struggle to grow and mature as a self respecting and honourable nation. Outlines of the proposed procedure are, as follows:-

1-Establish and employ think-tank of track record proven successful selfless senior people still available and assign the task of developing new Rules of Political Business.
2-Find fresh blood politicians on nation-wide talent hunt, through well articulated "On-line Talent Hunt Tests" for political aspirants, giving high weight-age to such qualities as, intelligence quotient (IQ), honesty, sincerity, incorruptibility, willingness to give sacrifices for the nation, knowledge about the history of nation, areas of our weaknesses and possible ways of improvement etc. There should also be high weight-age given to the knowledge about the prescribed rules of business, aptitude and keenness for allegiance and sincerity to the job description.
4-Ensure practical separation of Religion from Politics and Judiciary from the Executive.
5- Establish Sensor Code and frequent screening through it, of all political office holders including the PM, for violations of prescribed rules of business as well as as their own manifestos and promises to their electorate and appropriate penalties, including sensor on their misrules and unbecoming social behaviour.
6-Enforce stringent measures to stop ambush-journalism.
7-Create and enforce procedures for performance based bureaucracy.
8-Reform and sanitize the Police Force.
9-Reform roles of the Armed Forces.
10-Create necessary contributory factors to glorify the dignity of labour.
11- Enforce Desk Survey for performance evaluation.

All very nice words on paper. But who cares? These things are only meant for some foolhardy zealots always dreaming of good things waiting to happen and create value for virtuous deeds. We are definitely not yet a nation, where eagles (Shaheens) dare.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 01 September, 2007

Return of Sharif

A democracy in Pakistan some minds would like to have there is still long way to go yet. First comes first. Educate your entire population and keep law and order situation under well control. No body should be allowed to play with the law of the land and NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. There are many paper tigers in the country. They like to make rules but never abide by them. All those who swindled the money of the nation and left the country struggling when Gen Musharraf took over should never be allowed to come back and if they must be tried in courts of law and punished accordingly. They must bring all the funds back to Pakistan because its not there money, its people's money. A system of democracy in Pakistan is progressing but Graduates who are in the assembly especially in the OPP keep on walking out from the Parliament but they are good enough to draw huge salaries and infringe benefits from the treasury. Country is not rich yet but better off what it was 8 years ago. Economy is on the right track when GDP is over 7% and that is a remarkable achievement of the government of Gen. Musharraf and his PM who is a genius in economics. A tested man all over the world in Citibank and had a high post which he sacrificed for the of love of Pakistan. He should remain the PM of Pakistan as long as he lives. He deserves it for bringing economy to $16B That is the Foreign Exchange Reserves which is an outstanding performance. General public of Pakistan being not aware of the politics and most of the system of politics is based on families and one man one vote system is not like what its in the western countries where individuals do think with their own minds who to give their vote. They also went through many problems. There were killings in the parliament in US, fighting in the Parliament of UK like throwing of tables etc. Humans are humans and they do lose their tempers no matter where they are but Pakistan a society where basics are not met and responsible people who should be working for the nation are only a few though Gen. Musharraf and Mr. Aziz are real fighters and they have proved of their existence. Checks and balances everywhere in all Departments of Pakistan is absolutely essential. In education Punjab Government has taken the help of retired military personnel and they are doing the school to school checking of teachers if they come to schools. What I saw lately on TV many school building are there in Sindh but no students and no teachers but their salaries are drawn. They do have registers with the names of students but no classes. These are all malpractices and those who are responsible they lack their responsibility towards the country. They need to be tracked down and severely punished. You can't put blame on Gen. Musharraf alone. There are many of them who failed in their duties and they must be checked and sorted out. Pakistan is fast developing and great country with a human capital of over 175M out of which 100M are young people under the age of 18. What a great future of that country. They need to be groomed and given all the necessary schooling, training so that they become the backbone and pillars of Pakistan. They are the one who will take the country forward into 21st, 22nd century and beyond. Look at neighbouring country Iran. They have 98% education and 68% Graduates. They have a great sense of discipline and law is working there why not in Pakistan. All should give hand to the government and make it successful country for which coming generations will remember the good work done for them. Return of Sharif is not on the cards and he will land in jail if he tries to come back.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 01 September, 2007

Supreme Court

Supreme Court decision: May be good for person not for Pakistan
By Wasi Siddiqui
(Member of the Canadian Authors Association)

The recent Supreme Court decision allowing the Ex-PM Nawaz Shariff to return to Pakistan may have brought happiness to his supporters and sweets being distributed in all over the country, but this decision has shocked many intellectuals as how he is allowed to return when he is facing corruption charges and agreement done already that he will not return to the country. Mr. Shariff who rule the country in two short terms as PM , which finally ended when General Pervez Musharraf overthrow his government on October ,1999 on charges of corruption , and with evidence that Mr. Nawaz Shariff also involved in preventing his plane from landing with 250 passenger on board. Mr. Shariff was eventually arrested and tried in the court of terrorism and was sentence to death by hanging, but Saudi Government intervene in the case and asked to commute his sentence to life imprisonment, and finally with the agreement that he will not take part in politics and will stay out of the country for 10 years, he was sent into exile.

Pakistan, a country where the literacy is only 2 %, which is struggling with huge debt, sluggish economy, unemployment, lack of electricity, water and other basic necessities of life , a question is raised whether these kind of leaders will be able to provide leadership to Pakistan?

During the first term as Prime Minister Mr.Nawaz Shariff introduce yellow cab scheme in order to reduce or eliminate unemployment from the country, a decision which was regarded as a good one, but soon it was backfire for lack of audit and proper management of the scheme. Then Mr. Nawaz Shariff introduced “Kharza-e-Hasna” a debt relief scheme, which was intended to get rid of the country’s debt, the scheme attracted many people from all walk of life who gave away whatever they had, even some poor people gave away their bangles and savings in order to help country get rid of it’s debt, but disloyalty in this scheme resulted in a millions of dollars of corruption and people regarded this as ripping off scheme in the name of debt relief.

There is question to be asked from those people who are rejoicing for such a decision by Supreme Court whether they have not suffered enough in the hands of this corrupt leaders how quickly they forgot their so-called leaders deeds, they have to understand what they have done while they were in the office. It is time to educate the people of Pakistan and tell illiterate people to stop dancing with the pictures of corrupt leaders.

Benazir Bhutto on the other hand looted the country in the name of lottery scheme, where poor people used to come on the TV and happily accepted a “cycle” or “motorcycle” and saying that they were without a cycle for so long but now because of lottery scheme of the government, now he has a cycle. The Ex- PM also has been accused of ordering many extra-judicial killings in the country especially in city of Karachi.

The Swiss Court also ordered for the arrest of Benazir Bhutto and her husband and ordered to return millions worth of diamonds but she has dismissed the case as made by her arch-rival Nawaz Shariff.

In fact, both leaders have looted the country, causing billions of dollars of loss and shattering the economy in general. The people of Pakistan must realize that where Pakistan is heading and what these kinds of leaders can bring to Pakistan. It is not a matter of a person, it is matter of a country, a country name Pakistan.

May Allah keep Pakistan safe and sound!!!

wasi siddiqui, Canada - 01 September, 2007

Nice Views

In the end i thing president took all these steps and hhis policies have favoured many middle class families as well weather its jobs, education and other aspects on thing he could not control was the relegious extreamism.

and after all said and done one thing is clear never would Bureaucracy check any judge for misusing powers and being corrupt in the end what do they get people sympathy goes with the CJ so whats the use for them serving the nation honestly when the nation is not honest itself in eradicating corruption and the same is the case with Foundry brothers spending heaps of pounds in london and enjoying a happy life and talk about the poor nation of pakistan

one thing is for sure the president outperforms all these people of london in every aspect weather its knowledge, public speaking, intlect, vision, decision making.

i dont know why does not our nation stand behind their heroes who got them out a such a big mess though some observers put it pakistan will not be in the world map by early 2000.
and had that sham democracy of our corrupt politicans continued pakistan would have met the same fate.
by then we had a leader like the president who came out and stood out to be the utmost and foremost for the sake of pakistan and not for dirty politics and money in his own pocket.

I wish our nation respected heroes instead of switching sides as always and supporting corrupt, illitrate and seat hungry theirves that talk about the poor people of pakistan and yet live a life of luxury in london. even now like 60 years ago our nation's future is again hanging in the hotels of london.
and the one who stayed in pakistan and got it out of the earthquake and the 9 11 episodes survived 3 suicide attmepts and 7 attempts on his life yet braved pakistan out of its nutt shell made the economy of pakistan a power house and educated the youths of pakistan through systematic induction of world renowned pakistanis has been ditched by the people by the likes of two brothers and a near sister to them who again claim of their innocense and talk about the poor masses of the country.
what can one do for a nation such as this only hope that they again ditch a hero and make him in to a zero
congrats pakistanis on ur brilliant achievement

Omer, Pakistan - 02 September, 2007

non one can stop him now

Sharifs were given a relief to enter and remain and continue political activity as guaranteed in the 1973 Constitution as a basic right of every Pakistani citizen on 23 August 2007. 7 member bench of Supreme Court in Constitutional petition no 48 & 49 of 2007 of Sharifs said in their short order , “1) For reasons to be recorded separately, both the captioned petitions, being maintainable, are accepted. 2) It is declared that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, under Article 15 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 have an inalienable right to enter and remain in country, as citizens of Pakistan. Their return/entry into country shall not be resisted, hampered or obstructed by the Federal or Provincial Government agencies, in any manner.”

Sharifs have indicated their plans to return on 10 September 2007 and along with it General Musharraf has shown intentions of subverting those plans despite the order of the court. For readers I would mention that article 190 of the Constitution binds all authorities judicial as well as executive to ensure implementation of the orders of highest court as it says, “All executive and judicial authorities through out Pakistan shall act in aid of the Supreme Court”.

Now looking at the tendencies General Musharraf has developed in the state by bulldozing the constitution to secure one man’s job at top slot and sacking elected Premiers twice, Chief Justice of Pakistan twice, President once as well as overhauling the Constitution to that extent that its neither Parliamentary nor Presidential. He has the credit of deporting Shehbaz Sharif in May 2004 despite clear observations too.

Supreme Court, media as well as Civil Society fully charged along with 90,000 lawyers force will not allow the outgoing president to have first aid in the shape and form of any constitutional package to secure one man’s future role before and or without ballot. This new power in the state of Pakistan will not allow the business of wheeling and dealing as the true dealers must rightly be ‘160 million people’ and they must be given a right to choose their representatives through a ballot which is free, fair and transparent and it is not going to happen if General Mushrraf does not declare that he has withdrawn from his vested interest in continuing his armed forces employment as well as civil aspirations.

General Musharraf came to power to bring about true democracy and rule of law. His 7 points agenda is all but a shameful slogan seeing results of his 8 years reign when we see land mafia and absconder and wanted criminals in the list sitting besides him as national heroes and good governance idea is sacrificed on the alter of scandalous government which has land mafia, sugar and cement crisis, oil price hike, steel mill reference, stock exchange crash, Nabbed’ ministers and incidents of Bajaur and damadola shining like a medal on their collar. A common man fears for the worst if not stopped here and if permitted these rulers will not hesitate to sell any thing they grab as they are on ‘hit and run’ policy because their political days are numbered and only true Parliamentary democracy is the future of Pakistan.

If general Mushrraf tried to stop Nawaz Sharif and did not allow the nation to make a choice at free polls, then he must be ready for their wrath too as post 20 July its a new Pakistan and its a new political climate and people if risen will become unstoppable and 400,000 army men will feel helpless to impose martial law even if the General desires as the charged civilians who have still to digest the humiliation with the Chief Justice and incident of 12th May in Karachi are waiting for punishment to those responsible for the onslaught.

Pakistan does not need a martial law any more, it only requires a free and fair elections under a lawful authority and smooth running of the institutions as desired by the Constitution. People will not allow these hybrids any more and Mushrraf sahib must be weary of that. People are not willing to give in their rights so easily anymore. Nation is watching you.

Amjad Malik is a Chair of Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK).

30 August 2007

amjad malik, Pakistan - 03 September, 2007

Implications? Return of Sharifs

My replies to the four questions are, as follows:-

1)Will Nawaz return as per his announcement?
Leaving rhetoric's aside, he will have to remove the conditions responsible for his exit in the first place. He knows better those conditions and cannot be enough gullible to fall into the same trap he meticulously escaped from. Besides, as a Muslim, he is not expected to be stung twice from the same source.

2)What will be the impact of his return on country’s politics?
Nature gave him two opportunities to rule with heaviest ever mandate. He spoiled the chances. He cannot boast of any self achieved milestones (Atomic blast was only a trigger-pulled, while Qadeer Khan was ZA Bhutto's discovery). His dirty game politics with Benazir is enough proof of his inner real self. People have not yet forgotten the tree in Quetta park, where he swore during his last election campaign to "hang Benazir",if elected. His last meeting with Clinton and unceremonious departure after that meeting, is enough proof of his pygmy diplomatic stature.His lack of concern for terror tactics and being convicted as a terrorist from the judicial set-up still holding the fort, are simple suicide bombs waiting to greet him, notwithstanding our general public having the shortest memory record ever anywhere, which can greet anybody with open arms after a short while.

3)Where will Benazir stand after Nawaz`s return?
It is a hypothetical question. After betraying Nawaz Sharif at London meeting, dumping her Charter of Democracy, she has adopted a road map diametrically opposed to anything involving coordinated and joint efforts to restore defiant democracy. She is simply working to satisfy demands of those who ousted Nawaz and brought-in Musharraf. Can Nawaz burn his fingers again by flirting with fire again and again?

4) Is there a possibility of Martial Law being imposed if things get out of Government hand after his return?
Is our present Government not a covert Martial Law? Imagine it having an enormous army of active and retired officers of the armed forces holding all important and sensitive civilian, administrative, financial and law enforcement positions, along with un-accountable Accountability Bureau, dreaded and infamous Intelligence outfits, public cannibalizing bureaucracy, and on top of all, self serving self perpetuating feudal "Zombie Politicians", who come with a solemn pledge of doing nothing for public welfare and earn their heaviest in the world perks and privileges, by remaining away from the Houses of Assemblies. Resulting atmosphere is a Sham Democracy of the highest order, which can only propel the return of "A decade of spoiling Military Misrule" after every short interval of civil rule of horrified politicians always having sleepless nights, fearing the return of the Uniformed Bogeymen and doing silly lapses to give grounds for their ousters.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 03 September, 2007

Supreme Court and Lawyers Slogan for Nawaz !

Nawaz Sharif is a good leader (good person) .Supreme Court and Judges I support. Political Parties can bring case in court.Judges and
Lawyers can form opinion or issue judgement.Before Election Pakistan is without civilian death related to election in peaceful democracy or without war on want.
Keep it this way without making state within state.

Z.Billo, United Arab Emirates - 03 September, 2007

Return of the Sharif`s

Mr.wasi siddiqui of Canada you are one of them Pakistanis who are always praying for the better future of Pakistan and surely God is listening.
I do like the comments and honest information about two civilian dictators who looted the country and now in exile.
Corrupt leaders of the past are gone for good. They have no place in Pakistani politics and will remain out as long as they live. They have stolen enough funds to live for good and leave sufficient for their grandchildren as well. I am confident nothing will happen to Pakistan its in very strong hands and people on the top i.e. Mr. Aziz and Gen Musharraf are both very dedicated leaders and will make sure that economy keeps on growing and there is no ONE INSIDE or OUTSIDE allowed to poke their nose in internal affairs of Pakistan. Conflicting reports do come along but there is no truth that BB and Nawaz Sharif will ever be allowed to enter Pakistan. No one likes them and no one wants them. They are totally lost and excluded if we look at the opinion polls conducted in PakTribuen where Gen Musharraf has very high ratings and people of Pakistan would love to see him in Uniform and also the President for next term. I have a suggestion when Gen Musharraf is re-elected a Bill is submitted to Parliament that President can hold office for seven years as its in France and Egypt. Its better for the contintuity and stability of a country like Pakistan where always something happens. What is needed most is the education for all. Educate more people and see they take over many jobs and what lately has been transpired that young generation of Pakistan is very intelligent and honest. Future holds great prospects for Pakistan with its human Capital of 175m out of which there are 100m young boys/girls under the age of 18. There is no other country in the world with this much Unique Human Capital. Why not make the best use of it by giving them top class education and training to make them the pillars and backbone of Pakistan. I think present government can do it. My best wishes to all.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 04 September, 2007

Return of Shariff brothers Vs. Mush and Benazir deal

Future politics of Pakistan is seems to be dependent on two factors, return of Shariff brothers and Mush, Benazir deal.

By not talking to fascist dictator, Mian Nawaz Shariff will lose only future PM ship, Muslim League has so many candidates of PM Ship, if he will sacrifice for the time being then his party has surely long lasting chances of survival, his return created a panic among fascist regime. However election results will tell where his ML is standing. But his bold step of announcement of return has created hustle and bustle on political scene. On part of PML N position is now crystal clear, it depends on Shariff brothers how they will manage entire coalition, only overconfidence of Nawaz Shariff is a question Mark.
Main problem is with PPP, where slaves have no choice; no worker knows what will happen next. On other side arrogant Benazir is claiming she is following Nelson Mandela. In fact she owned no ideology except to quote some other examples, previously she was Kori Akino, then Hasina Wajid, by passing time declared as Aung San Suu kyi, latest development is Mandela. She is spitting on moon, Mandela was not corrupt and he never begs for corruption cases, passed long life in Jails, he never worked as an agent of imperialists. Making deal with Fascist dictator is a slap on the face of democracy, human rights and civilization.

There are two faces of present on going deal between Mush and Benazir:

Credibility of deal could be measured by character of participants and venue, residence of ex DG FIA Rehman Malik, a million dollar house, ex grade 20 officer who high jacked the entire PPP, no top leader of PPP has power to get in the way links between Benazir and him. All PPP Central Executive committee members are enjoying hospitality of a corrupt person in shameless manner.
Second party is representing fascist dictator, consists of Lt Gen Ashfaq Kiani DG ISI, Musharraf’s chief of staff, Lt Gen Hamid Javed and bureaucrat Tariq Aziz. Centre forwards of the both teams are DG ISI and DG FIA.

Every body knows DG FIA, on other hand DG ISI Kiyani has personal goal of his next promotion as COAS, this the reason he is lick spitting to bypass other contestants, like Lt Gen Qidwai already on extension and leader of MQM, Lt Gen Tariq Majeed, commander 10 Corps, butcher who massacred hundred of students at Jamia Hafsa, FIR against his brutalities will be lodged soon, as case is with Supreme Courts, and Lt Gen Salahuddin Satti, CGS. Kiyani has gained notoriety in missing person’s case and brutalities conducted by agencies during his tenure as DG ISI.
Earlier Benazir bargain well on behalf of her personal corruption cases and agreed to help Mush in re-election; both agreed on $1500 million waiver vs. re-election of President. Benazir termed it as 80% success of the deal. It was kept hidden from the PPP leadership and Mush party.
But when criticism happening from the each corner of country, she started to fool public and issued statements in favor of war on terror, and theory of fundamentalists vs. moderate forces etc. Pressure built after SC decision in favor of Nawaz Sharif and Mush & Co started issuing fearful statements, panic of loosing popularity among traditional PPP vote bank, made Benazir mocking and more demanding, to brush off earlier 80% success notoriety and to seek popularity and backing from neo-imperialist lobbies. Benazir is still hiding facts from top leadership of PPP and her most recent demands reflects deal is finalized, but she is trying to save her vote bank and future hurdles in the path of her basic instincts of corruption. PPP support of Presidential election is leaving impression of ransom against abduction of democracy.

Benefits settled in “Abu Dhabi deal”: withdrawal of corruption and murder cases including magnitude and money since 1988, removal of convictions, unfreezing bank accounts, and opening lockers etc.

New demands are a technique to release pressure in reaction to anger and frustration, raised from PPP circles and general public as under:
Removal of uniform (not fascist dictator Mush)
Removal of article 58 (2B) from the Constitution
Restoration of democracy (only as a label), such deal will strengthen overseas dictations, so meaning of democracy is nothing except to obey orders of foreign Lords and practically implement those policies.

Proposed constitutional amendments: Third term Prime Minister Vs.
Support to Mush in re-election.

During elections: Shaban Mirani is nominated as interim PM, a close relative of Benazir.
Dissolution local Bodies
33% seats in interim government (which means PPP (Benazir group), MQM, PMLQ and Army political party along with PPP (Sherpao) want to steal elections.(See Part2)

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 04 September, 2007

Return of Shariff brothers Vs. Mush and Benazir deal

According to NAB sources, hundreds of millions of rupees have been spent from the taxpayers’ money to put on trial both, within and outside the country, the allegedly corrupt public office holders of the past. Interestingly, most of the money spent on the prosecution in one particular case is also that of Ms Bhutto and Asif Zardari, who also face trials in Swiss, British and Spanish courts.

Gladness of PPP leaders: following remarks reflects slavish Jiala mentality.
Except for this judicial crisis, we were going in a very good way
Our leader is so clever that she got her money back without giving anything in return.

Mush always labeled Benazir before deal as: Corrupt and Plunderers.

Fascist columnist Farrukh Saleem declares this deal as:
Democracy vs. dictatorship, and fight between Moderation vs. extremism.
Farrukh Saleem also wrote in his column that "Political theory centered on the belief that the only way for the world to function successfully is for the current order to be 'rejected' and overthrown in an international revolution".
Note: This is neo-con ideology and new theory to protect interests of neo-imperialists and fascists of this age. Such western funded groups are active in dividing societies around the globe. Mugabe, Chavez, Evo Morales, and Castro are not Muslims but funded groups are applying same theories to destabilize their countries as well. Pakistan has sufficient number of this mentality journalists and columnists, hidden meanings of current order is based on making Muslim states powerless and keeping them under pressure by force, by means of NATO or own fascist, authoritarian rulers.
Parvez HoodBhai (Yahoodbhai) and some others are included in this race.

Support of Benazir to above fascist theories:
Benazir has no ideology to attract peoples, legacy of Papa Bhutto has thrown in gutter, Roti, Kapra and Makkan has proved to be false impression, Musawat e Muhammedi is very difficult to quote in front of western media, socialists manifesto has been replaced with new world order, personal weaknesses made her suspicious around the world, to regain her popularity among her lords. Due to three reasons weak target of Lal Masjid is carefully chosen, first parents of students killed are very poor and have no resources to fight their cases and have no financial and political backing which could challenge Government or Benazir, second to seek support of butchers who killed them, and third to strengthen her claim of modernity in front of western media. Massacred orphans will never come again to answer her questions; this has proved her feudal and fascist mentality.
However her personal character is not hidden, stories of Harvard and Oxford are known very well and on record. She accompanied with dog “Maximillan” in front of media in New York, just to pose her modernity. She sleeps with that dog in New York apartment, her filthy language and propaganda against innocent students, mostly women and children reflects her mean mentality.

Following report reflects mental disorder of Benazir:

LONDON: Benazir in her press conference here on Saturday surprisingly avoided criticizing Gen Musharraf for the failure of the talks, but in the same breath, accused the supporters of Lal Masjid and the Taliban within the PML-Q of deliberately “stalling” the deal which, at one stage, was almost sealed.
Ms Bhutto, who would announce the date of her return to Pakistan on September 14, said her party would discuss and decide about the issue of resigning from the Parliament if Musharraf tried to get himself re-elected from the current assemblies.
She said it was quite ironic that the Taliban were free to promote militancy in Pakistan but the moderate forces like her were not allowed to return and play their due role in strengthening democracy.
Ms Bhutto said that Sharif had embarked on a “personal vendetta” against Musharraf, adding that her party’s politics were not based on personality.

Noe-cons and neo-imperialists are behind this deal:

US, UK brokering deal?
Benazir’s Friday meeting with British Foreign Secretary Miliband in the middle of the decisive secret talks between her and Musharraf’s aides was meant to encourage Britain to intensify the use of its good offices for the conclusion of a deal.

Bhutto is adopting the “traditional” route – the road to Islamabad lies via Washington and London – adopted by different Pakistani politicians in the past. She will continue to exert pressure through her foreign friends (read the United States and Britain) on Musharraf till the achievement of her objectives. Whether or not she will be able to get all she wants the president to concede is a different story. (See Part 3)

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 04 September, 2007

Return of Shariff brothers Vs. Mush and Benazir deal

A deal between Musharraf and Bhutto is being covertly brokered by Britain and the United States since June 2004 when she had a clandestine conversation with former British foreign secretary Jack Straw. During his posting in Pakistan, the former British high commissioner Mark Lyall Grant, too, had been quite active on this count.
Apart from the British factor, the Americans’ eagerness for an early understanding between Musharraf and Bhutto for speedy realization of their agenda has been repeatedly emphasized in different sessions of senior American officials with Pakistani leaders, including the president and the prime minister.
They have seen Nawaz’s return as a development upsetting the game plan
The presidential aides and Bhutto would ultimately work out an understanding because it is their compulsion given the forceful prodding by Washington and London to join hands.

Calculated $1500 million and uncalculated millions which corrupt Benazir and Zardari have in their accounts, other assets are not included in above amounts.

Money speaks for Benazir Bhutto
ISLAMABAD: It is 'cash for honour' policy and not the liberal views that has won Benazir Bhutto the tremendous goodwill in influential American circles that now see her as the panacea for all existing ills afflicting Pakistan.

Ms. Bhutto has allocated a major sum of her 'hard earned' money to court the US decision makers, their 'independent' media not being an exception.

Her spokesperson, Farhatullah Babar, confirmed that lobbying firms have been hired in the US. However he would not know whether Ms. Bhutto makes payment from her pocket or from party fund.

The PPP chairperson has learnt how to please Uncle Sam and his media canons that have mastery on portraying the worst as the best and vice versa. Least bothered about public opinion in Pakistan, her only worry is how to woo the Americans. And it clearly manifests from her ambitious plan to win the US influential circles, that she believes her real constituency.

Once billed as the most corrupt politician in this part of the world by the U.S. Administration, Congress and media, they are now all praise for her, courtesy the most expensive lobbying firm that she has hired in the United States. She has courted lawmakers, elite media and think tanks by putting to use a 'small' portion (over US $ 300,000) of her 'hard earned' money in just half a year. A single six-month contract fetches the firm a cool US $ 250,000.
BKSH and Associates, a company headed by Charlie Black, a top Republican strategist and former advisor to Presidents Reagan and Bush I and II. The campaign has Democratic connections as well: Mark Penn, a top advisor to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is president of Penn Schoen and CEO of Burson-Marsteller.
According to a filing with the Justice Department of USA, the said lobbying firm was given the task to promote her party's views to members of Bush administration; the US Congress, think tanks such as Brooking Institution and the American Enterprise Institute; business elites and members of the media in Washington, New York, the UK, and Brussels; and Pakistani expatriates living in the US.

According to The Hill, a US journal that monitors political and lobbying activities in Congress, BKSH and its affiliates first plan to survey elite opinion of Pakistan in the West. "Campaign material will be developed and op-eds and white papers circulated," The Hill wrote soon after the contract was signed. The firm also plans as to how to initiate a broad public affairs campaign, contact administration officials and members of Congress and arrange Ms. Bhutto's dinners for select individuals.
The campaign, by scheduling editorial board meetings with The New York Times and The Washington Post and 'targeting top journalists' like Newsweek's Fareed Zakria and NYT's Tom Friedman.

She is client of the US most expensive firm, BKHS and associates, party is considered to be an exceptional client of BKSH and Associates as it seldom has opposition parties on its client list which mainly comprises the governments and big multinational companies. The lobbying firm's other clients range from the governments of Taiwan and Haiti to companies such as GEc.
There is another PR firm, T. Dean Reed, having Ms. Bhutto as its client. "Reed has taken in roughly $ 70,000 since October 2004 to represent the Pakistan Peoples' Party," a US magazine that monitors the lobbying activities in Washington, said.

All above articles and recent statements of corrupt Benazir and fascist Mush reflects that such deal is not for the sake of Pakistan, it is entirely based on personal benefits and keeping grip of power in hand by hook by crook.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 04 September, 2007

Return of Sharif Brothers

If Pakistans supreme court has allowed these corrupt politicians to come back to their country then let it be that.When the elections come it becomes the responsibility of every voter in Pakistan to vote and dwfeat all the corrupt leaders who have taken Pakistan into downward directions. There needs to be a revolution in the mind of the young and well educated people, they need to change the direction and thinking of the general public. Pakistan needs to come out of the hands of the old thinking mullahs and into fresh generation who can handle the religion and prosperity together.I urge the young and well educated to get out and make a cause for your nation, your generation and generartions to come. Time has come to make Pakistan other than a terrorist state. Mr. Musharf is trying to win the battle but real bettle will be won by public votes. Vote for the candidate not the party or affliation. Women of Pakistan need to stand up and ask for their rights and fight the election. Only God knows after this election(if it happens) when will be the next time Pakistan will have elections.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 05 September, 2007

Out of Place

I really feel myself out of place on this site since this doesn't represent opinion of 99.9 % of the Pakistani population. the all powerful should stop imposing their opinions for the self-claimed 'good' of the country on a 160 million population. let the people decide whatever they feel good for themselves through elections and their right to protest.

Muhammad TAYYAB, Pakistan - 05 September, 2007

Pakistan has not Changed

I just wonder what is the role of Pakistan as a nation to decide whose gona be the our leader in future? Deals being done, people coming and going, intelligence agencies more interested in politics rather than security all messsed up.Do we as Pakistanis have any right to tell who we want?Deals are being done like its game of few powerful people as has always been. Pakistan has not changed.

Waqas, United Arab Emirates - 06 September, 2007


we are corrupt nation,people like beanazir ans nawaz are thievs and never be allowed in pakistan,we have to improve our infra structure and can never expect milk from he cow.(bull)

israr, Pakistan - 06 September, 2007

What are the two clown bros going to do any different?

Let it be known,Shariff bros are the same old fools and clowns and the nation knows well of their acts and i don't think they have anything new up their sleeves. Again Zero x Zero = 0
Clowns have nothing different to offer other than their hair duo.
Saleem Shah

Saleem Shah, Pakistan - 07 September, 2007

People of Pakistan have the right to decide not one man

The Pakistan constitution gives the right to every individual citizen to live in his homeland as upheld and ruled by the Supreme Court thus the former PM has the right to return to Pakistan weather someone likes him or not. The law & constitution of the land needs to upheld by every citizen of Pakistan and not just the few.The people of Pakistan have the only right to choose who governs them thru the ballot paper in the the forthcoming general election which i hope is free & fair and than the party-elect needs to be given the chance to govern the country without the interference of anyone internal or external and let the parliament run its term and hope for the best in the future.

Jamil Akram, United Arab Emirates - 07 September, 2007

New Leaders

I think we are awaiting for the Ittifaq Fondery of Nawaz Sharif to be more stable and earn much more or the horse stable and pologround of Asif Zardari to be more furnished. Both are of the same nature, so do not be more anxious about any one. They will give us death, poverty, confusion and factions as has been going on.

Mohammad Shamaun Pasha, Pakistan - 08 September, 2007

Pak needs stability

More than the so-called democracy, Pak needs higher literacy, economic stability & prosperity, and gradual buildup of social and political instituitions more than the feeding troughs for the corrupt and incompetent politicians in the garb of democracy. More schools, more factories, more jobs, greater civic sense, greater public responsibility. Look what's happening in China.

Awais Hashmi, Pakistan - 09 September, 2007

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