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Resignation of Mr. Jamali

26 June, 2004

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Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali resigned from his post of premiership.

He tendered his resignation before the President Gen Pervez Musharraf after holding a three-hour long meeting with the President at the President House. The meeting was held on the request of Premier Jamali.

1. Please let us know with your views ?

2. Whom would you like to see as next Prime Minister of Pakistan ?

Reader Comments:

Sad but good

I think it's sad that he has to go this way, but in a way it's Good omen for the country.

We need more dynamic people to run the affairs of the state and Mr. Jamali was too humble of this post.

AK, Pakistan - 26 June, 2004

Not Good

its another political Politics, which is our routine excercise...!!! we should think about the upcoming of growing Pakistanis....!!!!!!!

Ayyaz Hameed, Pakistan - 26 June, 2004

A pawn in Musharaf's chess game

He seems to have not fallen into line with the foreign installed native junta. so with all his proclamations of musharaf being his boss,did not help him in the least.This game has been played all over many times in pakistan since the murder of first prime minister Kiaqat Ali Khan who fell pray to the the forign sponsored uniformed agencies.Every general aspires to be next ruler of this country but the one with forign blessings takes over.past experience shows that they can't fight wars but become legitimate rulers of this poor nation. They can't see the miseries of the poor people who carry on commiting suicide due to poverty and no hope.This ruling class does not belong to Pakistan but are forced upon her by foreign usurpers.The poor soul of her creator must be in turbulence and turmoil to see how his difficult hard work is taking shape.Sincerity was needed but it can't be an option when Rulers are appointed by foreign predators.

m.sandhu, Pakistan - 26 June, 2004

Puppetry at its Worst

Puppetry is an art form where the basic purpose of exercise is to fool the audience into believing that the puppets are alive, and actually move and talk of their own accord. At its best, this art form should be able to fool the whole audience, at its worst the only fool is the puppeteer himself.

What the establishment is doing is puppetry at its ultimate “worst”. In fact, the current situation reminds me of a common act usually performed by a Clown in a circus. Where the clown manages to loose his pants but does not realize it, thus providing comic relief to the audience, as everybody else can see that the he has no pants except the clown himself.


M. Halepota

Maqbool Halepota, United Kingdom - 26 June, 2004

Brain vs. Back

Brain vs. Back
Pakistan PM Jamali's resignation is the harbinger of new era in Pakistan; Jamali's is going to be replaced by Shaukat Aziz, the most suitable among the rest lot. It's not the big back, which determines the competence - rather it's always the big brain that determines the competence and the destiny.

Aftab Alam Khan Advocate Swat, Pakistan - 27 June, 2004

Once again it shows the incredulous nature with which Pakistan's so-called leaders treat the position of Prime Minister. Which other country treats its Prime Minister (however incompentent) like Pakistan does? They have made the once repected state institutions a laughing stock and a joke for the rest of the world to poke fun at. What Musharraf needs to understand is that he himself is a puppet and when the American hand is played he will be on his bike just like his lackeys. His days are numbered and he knows it.

There are no political leaders in Pakistan, they are just sychophants and lackeys of one kind or another.

Pakistan deserve much better than this. It is high time that the Pakistanis, who have been let down time and again, rose up against this facade and arrests power from these incompetent people. They owe it to the vision set out by the founders of this once great nation.

M Tariq, Pakistan - 27 June, 2004

This thing is for sure that Mr. Jamali has been asked to resign cos he sticked to his stance over President's unoform issue (i.e. President Musharraf should hang over his uniform by october this year) and as far as his resignation is concerned the change of face doesnt make any difference, whoever replaces Mr. Jamali has to obey President Musharraf, who is the key player of the US foreign policy and key controller of Pakistan's internal and external policies. so whether Mr. Shujjar or Mr. Aziz replace Mr. Jamali none would effect the current political situation in the country but yes if President Musharraf is replaced then the people should start consuming their (mind) energy.

Amna Yousaf, Pakistan - 27 June, 2004

Pakistan is ruled by military establishment.

The resignation of Mir Zaffurullah Khan Jamali is nothing serious ,as every one knows in Pakistan and the rest of the world that Pakistani Parliment is nothing but just a show case to show the world that we are democratic.The President have all the power ,through NSC ,General Musharraf can send back home any one he wants so Mr Jamali is just another face. The new face will be the same one taking dictation from General saib. Although it has been reported that Jamali was not happy about the civilians killing in Wana and he did not like the idea of refusing the Supreme Court order about Shawbaz Sharief. The Parliment of Pakistan is not fuctioning nor the government has been doing much except geting praise and some times condemnation from USA for not capturing Osama Bin Laden. We have last the crediablity as a Nuclear power and we have last a game on Kashmir.It does not matter who comes next,it is clear that most of the government ministers have misapproprieated funds and they need the President to bail them out, so the situation will go on the same way,killing innocent civilians,targeting opposing political leaders and protection of Gangesters in Karachi backed by India. I have no hope with this Government.

RaJa Muhammad Habib Jalib

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib, Canada - 27 June, 2004

Good Bye Mr PM

I think Mr Jmali needs some extra time to do exercise to get rid of the much extra weight he has gained during premiership. And this was because he had nothing to do except riding Merc 600 SEL, living luxuriously in the PM house, boarding special flights and nodding his head. One thing he had been doing last days was insisting that he was not leaving the PMship. I wonder if anyone should be bothered over firing such a PM. What we should watch is that the next one should be a little more active yet very much pro Pakistanis means should be one who knows Pakistan, its people, their real problems and should have interests in the country. No imported man should be installed, as it will definitely add to our miseries.

Imran, Pakistan - 27 June, 2004

a pawn in musharaf's chess game

a poor country lost its real rulers and now in the grip of foreign native viceroy's

masandhu, Pakistan - 27 June, 2004

Good for Pakistan in the long run.

Mr.Jamali has set a good example and created history by resigning before his party, what ever the reasons in the backgtound were.
1. The appointees who so ever they may be must be accountanle to the parties.
2. This has created room for a stronger team for economic growth which is the need of the day.
Mr. Shaukat Aziz is one person who has delivered to the people of Pakistan over the last years.
He is not a politician and we do not need one. We need a person of sound experteese and one who should work on merit.
My oppertunist and politicians may not be happy with this situation, and conspircies will be hatched to alter this decision. But we ask the President and the Muslim League to get it implemented for a stronger Pakistan.

Bishop Ejaz Inayat, Pakistan - 28 June, 2004

If we don,t obey our constitution then we can't have a democratic Government.

The trouble and terriorism in Muslim World is mush talk of the day in all over the world but none of them are ready to look real problem behind all these problems. The biggest problem today in Islamic World is a no rule of law. The rulers are above the law, although if you look at Islamic law and costitution then you will know that Islam was the only religion which clearly gave a idea of rule of law and gave the society the claer justice. If you see the message of our great Caliphs, they gave the same message of rule of law.nobody should be above the law. The presidents and Prime Minister are not above the law nor any general or any commander of military or para military forces. What we are seeing today is total run down of our judicial system, the governments of Muslim countries are above the law. They can put any body behind bars,they can deport any one they want, they can give away any citizen of Pakistan they want and it is same story of all the Muslims world except few but they are not independent either. The Pakistan government is a prime example of State terriorism,when they bomb their own citizens in Wana. they give away hundred of their citizens to other countries without investigations. They whole regime is corrupt,the Shajaiat Hussain group,Sheerpao , ander dozens of others have stole money, but they are ok because they are favouring General saib.The constitutional law is changed according to their wishes not the wishes of people. We are putting the top political leader behind bar because he was against the government. If we want aproper Pakistan as a great Nation then we must bring true democracy to Pakistan, respect the human rights,the rule of law,independent judicial system and strong rule of Parilement. This is called democracy ,not one man deciding ,who reaches parliment and not one man who takes the order from Washington ,not fronm the people of Pakistan. Pakistan is a gift from heaven,we must give this country a chance to flourish by give the people their right and deal every body equally before the law as our religion tells us. We should not use Islam to control public,like our governments are doing now. It is time that Pakistan change its its direction towards true democracy. we can change a Prime Minister every day but this will not bring any peace untill the public is not saisfied.The terrioism comes because they don't get the justice from their governments. when the rulers disobey the law then they should not expect the people to obey the law. Long live Pakistan.
Raja Habib Jalib

Raja Muhammad habib Jalib, Canada - 28 June, 2004

All Lunatics are Alike

All Lunatics are Alike
Pakistan's BJP (viz JI) is as opposing Mr. Shaukat Aziz a sane person, as next PM - as Bharat's JI (viz BJP) was opposing Mrs. Sonia, a sane person - for nearly similar reasons. Shaukat Aziz is said have a US passport, while Sonia was said had a western background. It was again proved that all lunatics of the world have got the same chemistry of their mind, made up of granite.

Aftab Alam Khan Advocate Swat, Pakistan - 28 June, 2004

Jimali's resignation

Jamali's departure is a very good news, he was not a person with strong leadership skills. Although he was and is an honest politician but Pakistani nation can not afford him as a Prime Minister. It was not a good idea to rely on Jamali, however, whatever he has done so far as a PM is appriciateable.
Now the question is can we really allow Mr, Shujaat Hussain to stay as a caretaker PM of Pakistan?
Yes, maximum for one week or so but difinetly not for months. It will be a huge mistake if he remains PM for long period. Pakistani people have to wake up and must realize that we can not trust or rely on same old but failure politicians. They have done enough damage to Pakistan's credibility. Therefore, we should welcome Mr, Shoukat Aziz as a PM. A person who has the skills and potential to bring economic stability and infact, he has done a great job as a finance minister.
I believe that Mr, Aziz will do a superb job in a low politics but I am not sure how he will handle the high politics. But again compare to the rest of the MNAs or parlimentarians I would diffinitely approve him for the premiership.
Zulfikar A Tanoli
United States of America

Zulfikar A Tanoli USA, Pakistan - 28 June, 2004

Adieu : Never despair, Jabal!

Jabal achieved what he wanted
his name written in the book of those who served 'Others'
appointed by YOU know whom.I
hope he returns to the people
and joins in their sanity.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 02 July, 2004

i tribute to Mir Zaffarullah Khan Jamali

I am from district Jaffarabad i also give my vote to Mr Jamali. and i am agree with his policies. the men Mr Jamali for like my Father belive not me all of Pakistatni they love Nation i Know to mr Jamali very well i often meet them like his son its amezing thank to God who give us men like MR Mir Zaffarullah Khan Jamali.
I am Shahid Saddar Rind From Dera Allah Yar Jaffarabad

shahid saddar, Pakistan - 01 November, 2006

from where pakistan import Oil & at what price?

How may Oil refinery in Pakistan?

How can we imporve in this sector?

How can the price can decreased?

atif, Pakistan - 03 April, 2008

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