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Red Mosque Opration

11 July, 2007

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The eight-day long “operation silence” has ended with the death of Maulana Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, and his 70 aides in addition to 8 security troops, including a lt. colonel and a captain.

Contrary to his “hardline” brother, Maulana Abdul Aziz, who was arrested while trying to flee in Burqa on the second day of operation, Maulana Ghazi refused to surrender and fought till last bullet.

The 80-year old mother of Maulana Ghazi was also killed in the operation, however security forces claimed that she died due to suffocation.

Though, the operation is over, mystery still shrouds the breakdown of talks between an Ulema delegation, and Maulana Ghazi that led to bloodshed.

Qari Hanif Jalahindari, one of the members of four-member Ulema delegation which was supposed to meet Mr. Ghazi on Tuesday morning to negotiate says that the two sides were almost reached at an agreement.

“ We had suggested that Maulana Ghazi will surrender and he will be shifted to his hometown with his family. Later, A judicial inquiry would be initiated against him, and if he was found guilty, he would have been arrested”, Qari Hanif told newsmen.

Mr. Ghazi had also agreed to hand over 15 wanted militants to the government, he said.

“ Our suggestion was welcomed by the two sides. But when the draft of the proposed agreement was sent to President House, it amended that, which was not acceptable to Maulana Ghazi”, he said.

He said that President House amended the draft asking Maulana Ghazi to surrender and hand over 50 wanted people to the government instead of 15. The amendment was turned down by Mr. Ghazi, he said.

“ General Musharraf has been under immense pressure from his close aides after death of Lt Colonel Haroon (killed during Sunday’s operation)”, a government official said wishing not to be named. He was also under immense pressure from the United States to prove that he does not in any way giving Leverage to Islamic Fundamentalists.

Here are some questions
1) Who is responsible for the Red Mosque carnage?
2) Could the issue have been resolved through talks?
3) Ulema blame Musharraf for failure of talks. What do you think?
4) Will Red Mosque bloodshed fan the religious extremism in the country and are Govt claims regarding casualty`s true as Journalists are not allowed in or near the Hospitals?
5) Has the Red Mosque operation turned Ghazi into a hero instead of a villain?

Reader Comments:

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

Muhammed Ali Jinnah's Pakistan was called just Pakistan and Ayub Khan thought that it would make the mullahs happy by calling it Islamic Republic Of Pakistan just like General Zia passed the hadood ordinance in order to make the mullahs happy.
If Jinnah and Iqbal knew this is what would become of our people they would have never dreamt and fought for independence.Pakistan was not created for certain kinds of Muslims.Pakistan was not created for these so called Jihadis that kill their own people.
we should go back into history and read about the background of the people that helped create Pakistan.

Amir, Pakistan - 19 July, 2007


Who is responsible for the Red Mosque carnage?-





A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2007

Lal Masjid Lal Bagh Lal Blood

Technology transfer, wealth transfer, Hot air transfer, Energy transfer when it takes place some one receive it some one gives it. There is no Such a thing as Blame the wealthiest or joint investors or joint receipient partners of crime now dead .Iqra is Lal.Significance is there. If Osama is considered as mujaheddin or alqaeda the current clean air builder with modern building above Iqra ground is visible.They have partners of beneficieries.The joint killers are also joint recipient.Frankly world has not been designed in current set up but High rise towers and few luxury for few simply cannot get away- be it Blair bush tom dick or Harry mullah or celebrities.Quran is right some come some go some put on hold some vanish some redesigned. Hinduism reincarnation or trinity or other phenomenon comes with it. Where to start? Catch the recent rich recent their leader running around as recent big shot in dismantling killing looting spree causing havoc while waiting to die for being human like gazi lake fanatic or like respected staesman or
Authorized nobel prize holder (or certified good persons).

ZB, Hungary - 22 July, 2007


Short answers
1) Maulana Ghazi is responsible for the carnage by hiding behind his impressionable and some under age students
2) It could not have been resolved by talks, the Ghazi was living in another world.
3) The breakdown in talks was inevitable given the illogical mindset of the mullah, however, a professional bona fide negotiator may have minimised the loss of innocent lives.
Ghazi is a hero only to minds not used to rational thought and to recognising the truth even if it his them between the eyes.
Musharraf should go, his presence is destabilising the country. He and his government are unpopular.
An elected government should take power. The Islamic system of government IS secular, not Taliban. We true followers of the Prophet (PBUH) do not beleive in a theocracy or any kind of mullah hood. We follow the way of our prophet, we have no formal clergy so we cannot have a form of government which is not secular.

Imran Ahmed, Pakistan - 22 July, 2007


The Muslim lands are full of resources and expertise and people who would work for the aims of Islam. The current rulers for as long as they remain will ensure there nations never industrialise to reach their true potential and have resigned themselves as remaining as agents for the worlds powers. Germany challenged the British Empire in the early 20th century by industrialising which eventually led to WW1. It again was on the verge of shifting the global balance of power in its favour after industrialising again within a space of 6 years and it took the world powers to come together to halt its progress. The Soviet Union within a space of 20 years rapidly industrialised and for nearly 50 years competed with the US for the role of global superpower. These examples show if the will is present any nation can industrialise and defend itself, whilst without industrialisation it would always fall under the influence of foreign powers. However, a key difference must be noted. Many of the examples of nations that industrialised did so with the aim to conquer or colonise other lands or attain the status of world power.
The Islamic Ummah’s drive for industrialisation and technological advancement must be built upon the Islamic Aqeedah as the driving force and motivation. Guided at all times by the belief in Allah (swt) and his noble Messenger (SAW).

O you who believe! Answer (the call of) Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life; and know that Allah intervenes between man and his heart, and that to Him you shall be gathered.The fundamental reason the Muslim world today remains de-industrialised is due to the lack of a political vision. The Muslim rulers have resigned themselves to becoming markets for western multinationals. The concepts of free trade and free markets have always been a ploy by the developed world to stall industrialisation in other countries and turning them into a factory for western consumption. When the political will has been present development has occurred in the Muslim world; Egypt developed a nuclear program in the 1950’s however it gave up its programme after the 1967 defeat to Israel. Pakistan pursued and developed a successful nuclear programme.

For a newly emergent Khilafah a key policy would be to unite its people upon its political vision. Once this is achieved people will inevitably work to achieve the aims of the plan, this will then be presented to the remaining Muslim lands and once they can perceive its direction they will move to enact it. One of the biggest problems in the Muslim lands is the lack of any policies, which will raise the standard of their nation. The Khilafah will need to find its most skilled people and get them to enact this vision, which will give confidence to the masses.

saladeen rumi, Pakistan - 23 July, 2007


It is tempting to respond to Nikuuss in the same tone. But it will only dignify the torrential abuse and diatribe ridden explosive remarks that obviously hides a deeply frustrated and on the edge mind. Invective filled responses hurt the source more than the intended target.

It is the lowest of the low people of one religion that have are legions ahead of the pure minded souls that Nikuuss claims to represent in every field. May I recommend psychological assistance and lessons in English grammar?

Still there is hope for people like Nikuuss. After all impossible have been achieved. In a previous posting Nikuuss claimed that Pakistan has less problems than India (Pakistanis cannot help but compare themselves to India and believe that Pakistan is a better country – Never mind even other Islamic countries don’t think so.) and surely in the same tone Nikuus can bounce back to normalcy. Your language and tirades hardly bring credit to the nobility you ascribe to every member of your faith.

It is not too late Nikuss – even the most hardened change.

A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 23 July, 2007

Musharaf is a good person

I don't understand why you hate Musharaf .Didn't he brought wealth to Pakistan .America gave him miljoens of dollars to spend on his people and he did.He freed you women from slavery .He ended the bloody conflict between shia and sunnis .He made Pakistan respected between nations .He is a friend of Israel and the civilized world .What did he do wrong .Why do you hate him .

Levy, Iraq - 28 July, 2007

Musharaf is agent of Israeel(The Jews)

There is an quran verse that Yahood(Jews)and nasaaraa(cristisans) can never be ur true friends Specially The Jewsssssss.....Musaharaf kill my Brothers sisters Fathers Mothers of Red Mosque and Jamai Hafsaa,IF any one think that people of Jamai Hafsaa were wrong then u should meet students of RedMosque and Jamai Hafsaa who surendered, and listen what they say even after Musharaf's terror attack on Red Mosque, They still have a respect for thier teachers, students and all the Madrusaas of Sunni's of Pakistan.Look at their eyes , u will definetly see innocence and tears in thier eyes. If world think that People in RedMosque were terrorists,Then i as a muslim Proud on Brothers and sisters of Jamai Hafsaa and Red Mosque, Go at thier Grave yard and listen what type voice are comming from thier grave yard, U will definetly listen beutiful voices of Azaan(call for prayers) and voices of reading Holy quran,U will definetly smell beautiful fragrances from thier grave yaards, If u still think that they are fighting for a wrong cause,they goo in bazaar get thier CD's, then u will surely get the idea for what true cause they were doing jehaad, We muslim are not against all cristians and jews, but minor people are killing innocent muslim,our ulmaaa'ssss.............
If west think that we are still Fundamentalistssss and terrorists,,,Then we are proud to be Fundamentalist and terroristsss.GOD Help will surely will come to us,Req mosque operation was a complete drama from musharaf to prove we are fighting for u,for getting aid from americaaa,,,, He is the killer , if he come in front of me, i will kill musharaf,as he kill my 1200-1400 brothers and sister of Jamai Hafsaa and Red Mosque,He given lots of Muslim preachers too America after 9/11, he helped America in war against terror, killed our innocent muslims in afganistan.....
I Salutee Students of Jamai Hifza and Red Mosque......

Burhan, Zimbabwe - 21 September, 2007

Allah give hidayat to all people of the world.b/c these all are holy prophet (pbuh),s ummati.

mohammad altaf, Pakistan - 29 October, 2007

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