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Red Mosque Opration

11 July, 2007

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The eight-day long “operation silence” has ended with the death of Maulana Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, and his 70 aides in addition to 8 security troops, including a lt. colonel and a captain.

Contrary to his “hardline” brother, Maulana Abdul Aziz, who was arrested while trying to flee in Burqa on the second day of operation, Maulana Ghazi refused to surrender and fought till last bullet.

The 80-year old mother of Maulana Ghazi was also killed in the operation, however security forces claimed that she died due to suffocation.

Though, the operation is over, mystery still shrouds the breakdown of talks between an Ulema delegation, and Maulana Ghazi that led to bloodshed.

Qari Hanif Jalahindari, one of the members of four-member Ulema delegation which was supposed to meet Mr. Ghazi on Tuesday morning to negotiate says that the two sides were almost reached at an agreement.

“ We had suggested that Maulana Ghazi will surrender and he will be shifted to his hometown with his family. Later, A judicial inquiry would be initiated against him, and if he was found guilty, he would have been arrested”, Qari Hanif told newsmen.

Mr. Ghazi had also agreed to hand over 15 wanted militants to the government, he said.

“ Our suggestion was welcomed by the two sides. But when the draft of the proposed agreement was sent to President House, it amended that, which was not acceptable to Maulana Ghazi”, he said.

He said that President House amended the draft asking Maulana Ghazi to surrender and hand over 50 wanted people to the government instead of 15. The amendment was turned down by Mr. Ghazi, he said.

“ General Musharraf has been under immense pressure from his close aides after death of Lt Colonel Haroon (killed during Sunday’s operation)”, a government official said wishing not to be named. He was also under immense pressure from the United States to prove that he does not in any way giving Leverage to Islamic Fundamentalists.

Here are some questions
1) Who is responsible for the Red Mosque carnage?
2) Could the issue have been resolved through talks?
3) Ulema blame Musharraf for failure of talks. What do you think?
4) Will Red Mosque bloodshed fan the religious extremism in the country and are Govt claims regarding casualty`s true as Journalists are not allowed in or near the Hospitals?
5) Has the Red Mosque operation turned Ghazi into a hero instead of a villain?

Reader Comments:

Massacre of Lal Masjid and Jamis Hafsa

Massacre of Lal Masjid and Jamis Hafsa
It is strange that some peoples are talking about Pakistani and anti-Pakistani in the light of massacre of innocent students of children, including girls. Matter is whether victims were anti-Pakistan? Or does aggressors are pro-Pakistan? In case of victims it is proved that they were not only patriot Pakistani but also true Muslims. Ikram Sehgal a Defense analyst who termed “Zarar” commandos of Pakistan Army as brave and victorious, subsequently SSG commandos showed victory signs after massacre. According to constitution of Pakistan whether such type of massacre is justified? Did Pakistan penal code have any clause of massacre or genocide? When Supreme Courts took notice and deployed two judges of Supreme Court then whole operation is illegal. Pakistan. Aggression is illegal to kill citizens of state without any solid proof; any case represented in courts against any one ever and verdict is issued against them. No court absconder or verdict against any one in absence. Use of force against any particular group for the purpose of targeting killing, armed invasion on religious place of worship or an education institution, killing large number of children and women who were present in education centre, tress passing, disappearance of large number of students, disallowing any independent observer to watch the facts, stopping media on gun point, closing water and electricity, siege, blockage of medical necessities, debarring ambulances and non-political human rights groups, using those weapons which are used in wars, use of nerve gas, humiliating and disfiguring dead bodies, stoppage of medical aid for the treatment of injured, to make hostage to 2000-3000 students with armored tanks is a non-acceptable act in civilized world, a coward act which is usually a sign of fascist governments historically.
Students were only “alleged terrorist” without any proof their criminal terrorist activities, alleged through media trial. Which law permits authority to conduct such massacre, while civil administration was in place and did not provide any such proof before siege of the students and administration of Lal Masjid. Except some columns written by state sponsored strategic institutes and Jang-Group for the sake of financial benefits. We have been told by retired Army experts that majority of ammunition showed after massacre was brought from Pakistan Army camps, no place of recovery is shown to media. And siege drama of attack with Anti-aircraft was also part of the same game, as alleged guns were brought from “Ojhri Camp” from the old rubble.
Whole operation is illegal; aggressors have committed a crime against humanity, used force against own peoples. Now the peoples who are supporting massacre due to their religious and political believe are registered anti-Pakistan and existence of Pakistan. Quickly a few examples of their statements against Pakistan, MQM Kacha Qila operation, Bhutto Hanging, killing of his son, appointments of Al-Zulfiqar activist on Government posts in Benazir era, anti-Pakistan statements of Altaf Husain and Najam Sethi’s in India, visit of Khalid Hasan ex PPP advisor to Israel, killing of civilians at East Pakistan, Killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, missing peoples, humiliation with Chief Justice and recent massacre of Karachi etc.
Massacre is a crime more dangerous then anti-Pakistan activities, group which is dividing society by imposing self fabricated allegation for the sake of political power at home to receive funds from West. More over peoples who ordered massacre are convicted criminals, recently Supreme Court issued verdict against them with a fine of one lac rupees, their attorney refused to defend them. This is called true criminal.
All the victims murdered are true Shaheed according to Islamic, legal, morale, international and national values. It is a state sponsored terrorism, and who conducted are true terrorist historically, socially, morally and with religious point of view. Groups and individuals who are supporting this barbaric massacre are anarchists and anti-Pakistan, by cheering aggressors for their illegal act will open door for other massacre, any body who will be found a hurdle in their political agenda whether liberal, atheist or Islamist will face consequences. We strongly condemn barbaric extra-Judicial killings which are immoral, irreligious, unconstitutional, against humanity and human values.
Khadim Hussain

Khadim Hussain, Pakistan - 14 July, 2007

stop this bloodshed

pakistan is now facing one of the dirtiest crises of the present times . this is because pakistan is not himself clear whether what is the extent of the extremism which is to be followed by the people of the country .. they always remain in the confusion about the policy which mr. parvez musharraf has to apply with the other countries and with the nation himself .. he must be ready to face another revlution which will start in his own home...

abbas ali agha, Hungary - 14 July, 2007

to all those who do not appreciate their origin

Salam and tears to all my fellow muslims in turmoil because of our dictators.First to you NADEEM SHAH you are a pure MUNNAFIQ and retain your wannabe American attitude to yourself obviously your sisters dont live according to sunnah nor do you implement Sharia'h in your home So Go To Hell and take YOUR off-spring with you and your ARMY is lead by a coward.It is not a terrorist act to learn and preserve your religion and culture i.e so does that mean my teaching my South African born PAKISTANI kids their culture I am moulding fanatics there is no sin in being proud of being MUSLIM or PAKISTANI.Did you Nadeem Shah call the Jew a TERRORIST when he teaches the TORAH to his kids /did you call the Catholic an extremist because he choses a school with a catholic ethos 4 his kids NO!And to the ill-informed Nadeem Shah Sharia'h has protected its folk from sin from crime from atrocities/if we choose to impose Sharia'h in our homes that is our rite by AllAH and in this Democratic Society we are living in and just because we are not living in Islamic States we don't have to lose our IMAN and Nadeem bear in mind when you read this I am not of pakistani origin-I'm a 4th generation malaysian-european and I grew up in the beautiful Cape Town and I lOVE doing the duty of Jamaat which is dhawah which is to spread the beauty of ISLAM come back brother we will make duaah for those of you who condone murder and again a beard is purely a Sunnah so if you choose not to appreciate looking like a man that is your perogative and it remains between you and ALLAH Islam has no extremist those are the choices of individuals so please to the leaders do not use religion to achieve your political aspirations.Do not sell the blood of your Nation Mr.Musharraf to fatten your family fortune it remains Blood money and do not attack the Maddrassa because in all your socalled intelligence you do not know the meaning of MADDRASSA it only means school in arabic be Secular or Religious.The President of Pakistan is a dictator and having visited that beautiful country it is peaceful and pure its a country with a lovable people and a wonderful culture and to all Pakistanis abroad support your people dont ever forget them and lets take our children back as leaders in order for them to contribute to upliftment and establishment of a new Pakistan with a great future and prospects for all and equality.Also if Mr Ghazi was not a hero neither was Mr.Musharraf Note to you Musharraf you are clearly a murderer,a sell-out and A TRAITOR.Get off the gravy train your tickets expired live with your nation Feel their agony lose your loved ones to murder and rape and extortion and come tell the media after this what its like to live in reality.Musharraf the world HATES you not only Pakistan HATES YOU and do you know normally all America wants from a country is there wealth REMINDER TO THE GENERAL AMERICANS ARE CAPITALIST!!!!Please stop negotiating with the lives of your NATION

Mrs.Nasir, Slovenia - 14 July, 2007

Clerical vs Secular Extreism

Why the state of our State does not look stable vis-à-vis vice of ‘vicious-mullahs’ (‘ullama-e-soo’ viz vicious-savants), despite the fact that standpoint of the mullahs, by and large is not sound in terms of Islam? The reasons are many but to cut short.
Firstly: every government has been diverging the people from the day one into four castes or columns; supreme-being (brahman), middle-being, (viz kshatriyas) lower-being (viz vaisyas) and the lowest-being (viz sudras). And hence there have been four education system; i) Aitchison Group of Schools (ii) Cadet Group of Schools (iii) Government Schools and (iv) Madrasas.
Our supreme-being (viz Brahmans): are entitled for all sorts of privileges & perks, including education institutions and health facilities of high grandeur - and are immune from all sorts of restrictions.
Our middle-being, (viz Kshatriyas): are rendering security services and gets according to theirs ranks & risks.
Our lower-being (viz Vaisyas): are the small farmers and merchants earning their bread accordingly.
The lowest-being (viz Sudras): comprised of congenially deprived and who are entitled for nothing and liable for all perils and they mostly do not or read in madrasas.
Secondly: Actually the vicious-mullahs are doing every vice against the state & society in the name of Islam and so they gain public prop up in their favour. Contrarily every strategy this government is applying against the vice of vicious-mullahs, in the name of ‘war on terror’ or secularism which attains the civic wrath & rage, for the public equate them with ‘war on terror’ that has been declared by US in Iraq or Afghanistan. Whereas in fact in Islam the most horrible punishment that Allah Almighty has provided in the Holy Qur’an is the punishment for commission of ‘fasad fee al ard’. Allah Almighty says: “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom” (5.33). But nonetheless our state is coping with the clerical-extremism of ‘vicious-mullahs’ (‘ullama-e-soo’ viz vicious-savants) with secular-extremism; half naked fashion shows, cat walks, women marathon and vulgarity. And no heed has ever been paid to research works of the real scholars, e.g. Maulana Ghamdi, Maulana Javid Ahmad, and late Maulana Ameen Ahsan Islahi and many others.
Thirdly: Acting in time saves nine and reacting in wrong time slays more than nine. But our state never acts in time rather always react in wrong time.
Fourthly: Our political lot whether secular or clerical both have sworn to abuse any situation even at the cost of the country security. They have been inviting overtly, at full volume and very barefacedly their US & EU masters to intervene to their advantage.
Fifthly: President Gen Musharraf alone is supposed to cope with every situation and all his team either don’t or give wrong reasons about any situation.
Sixthly: On one hand almost all of the present government ministers are either dumb or dope. While on the other hand opposition is very vocal and they speak as if most annoyed or madden dragons breathe.
Seventhly: Previous governments had been enjoying the robust instrument in the shape of civil servants of the DMG. The present governments neither having political roots nor administrative apparatus - and hence statelessness is reigning the state. President Musharraf must restore the DMG for the purpose of administration without any delay.

Aftab Alam Advocate, (High Court) Swat, Pakistan - 15 July, 2007

brave men

The Pak army officers fought like lions against innocent civilians .I ask myself why we don't see their bravery when it comes to liberating Kashmir for example .I think it comes because Musharaff knows that it is better to spill energy on searching a weak ennemy then to make a powerfull friend .Our victorios army ones again defeated innocent civilians .The indians are no match for our men willing to die for the prophet Musharaff

kamal, Pakistan - 15 July, 2007

Subversive Acts- Mousque,caneda,US of Amrika Timple,Cherch

who is reponsible for subversive Acts amid presence of foreign soldiers foreign militants and above all mis spelling knowingly?

i.e. Mousque,caneda,US of Amrika Timple,Cherch as a headline

be Zee, Canada - 15 July, 2007

Who to blame

Historically, reactionary policies are responsible for the lal masjid mishap! Issue couldn't have been resolved through talks since supporters behind Ghazi were unyielding, harden and have holly stand. Talks would have worked prior to the internalization of the extremism!

In 80's same extreme spirit was beneficial that was back then projected outwardly though now has started spreading internally! Administration or even society at large in not really ready and equipped to handle and manage this change!

Ulemas are wrongfully blaming Musharraf for or if any event based failure in lal masjid case! In early stages of operation all these Ulemas were standing on fringes watching it happen! Utterly muted! None of them seems like really wanted to see it resolved, peacefully! Rather appears though as if further the situation deteriorates closer these political leaders/Ulemas will get to the source of dislodging General Musharraf!

Some of the Ulemas and political leaders while this tragedy was unfolding were in London trying to figure how to divvy up the power! When and if it falls! Even some of these Ulemas while standing outside lal masjid visibly trying to help government negotiate the stand off were contacting and propping Ghazi on cell phone against government not to give up!

Lal masjid tragedy may speed up the process but religious extremism has been fanned already regardless, lal masjid bloodshed or restriction on journalists during or after lal masjid operation! Nevertheless, restriction on journalists may have helped Pakistan in controlling damage!

Rather than a villain! Ghazi is the causality of the foreign policy failure at exponential scale! Ghazi would have been a hero if have had successfully aligned his efforts with the government in meeting bigger goals!

kadar khan, Pakistan - 15 July, 2007

Mr. Ghazi could save...

Mr. Ghazi could save his life and the life of so many more if he would have any respect for the constitution of a country he was born to.

Islam is not about fighting it is about submition, peace, dialouge and compromise. He must be taken responsible for the losses of lives and I think the Pakitani government was left with no choice but to bring the to conclusion the foriegn plot, under Islamic fundamentalism which helps nobody but the Zionist movement.
In order to help Muslims and Muslim causes, one needs to work for Democracy, education of man and women, advace technology, employment and terminating poverty. I think Muslim movements are working for the wishes of Zionism. The Zionists want Muslims to kill one another under the name of Shiite, Sunnis, Wahabis, Ismailis, Arabs and non Arabs. If this trend continues not only Muslims will be wipe out of the earth, together with them will be wipe out the Muslims world, by the end of this century. It is for good Muslims not to fall in the trap of Islamic fundamentalism instead help educate others to compromise for the advancement of the Muslim world.


akbar Khan, Pakistan - 15 July, 2007

Ghazi a Mujahid?

Even though I am a practising Muslim I for one find the tortuous logic of the Lal Masjid brigade impossible to follow. Their use of force and of children as human shields, their lack of a consistent principalled attitude (A.Aziz escaping in burqa, Ghazi adding in demands after completing a negotiated agreement)is not consonant with the spirit of any religion let alone that of our compassionate Prophet (PBUH).
I cannot condone the muddled handling of this law and order situation by the Govt, where was the single voice of command and decision making in a crisis affecting the lives of innocents?
Lal Masjid was a sad episode in Pakistan's history, there are no heroes, no shaheeds, no ghazi's.
We must however struggle for our right to rule ourselves. To free ourselves from both the mullahs and the military.

Imran Ahmed, United Arab Emirates - 16 July, 2007

situation out of control

9 july se qabl lal masjid intizamia ghalati per thi aur 10 july ko govt. ne molana hazrat se bari ghalati ki.ulema ki baat-cheet kamyab ho sakti thi magar govt. maghrib k samne apna secular image behtar bnana chahti thi khaas tor pe america ki nazar mein.aur mazeed fund wasoool kerna chahti thi america se.ap ne dekha k usi din pakistan ko f-16 ki pehli khep mil ki qiadat ko shak tha govt. lal masjid ki soorat mein nai mazhabi siasi jamaat bna ker mazhabi halqe ka vote bank taqseem kerna chahti hay,isi kiey ulema wafd ne sustee ka muzahra kia.ab soorat-e-hal "out of control" ho jae der pe khud kush dhamake hon gay.nuqsan govt. ka kum ho ga aur awam ka ziada...

muhammad ali ahmed aamir, Pakistan - 16 July, 2007

Letter to President Musharaf


Dear President Musharaf,

I congratulate you on killing hundreds of people including Army Colonels, Jawan and innocent children. You have proven beyond doubt that you are a crony and a toady of godless and hedonistic forces in this world. I congratulate you for making Pakistan a bastion of secular hedonism and godless materialism. I read your book in which you praised Turkey and how it affected your childhood and worldview. I admire your quest for modernization and agree with a lot of things that you have to say. But I disagree with the way you conducted this matter. I don’t buy this argument that there was no other way. Like the old adage goes when there is a will there is always a way. I think this kind of harsh treatment by the government is going to fan extremism and push a lot more people to become suicide bombers and killers.
In US “Red Mosque” issue gave Pakistan a very bad rap in the media. I know that Mr. Bush congratulated you on your success but that came at a very heavy price. I wonder why Mr. Bush lets you stay in Power when you are not democratically elected but goes after Saddam Hussein who was not democratically either. Even worse Mr. Bush doesn’t acknowledge Hamas which was democratically elected but recognizes your government which has been in Power without any rhyme or reason. I think we all know why?


An ordinary Citizen of Pakistan

Ahmad, Pakistan - 16 July, 2007

First ever victory of Pakistan Army

The first ever victory of the Pakistan Army on July 12, 2007, will be remembered as a landmark in the history of the country’s armed forces. Since the creation of Pakistan 60 years ago on more than ten occasions, when the Pakistani army has taken action against its own citizens it has had to either surrender or abandon the action.

The military action against a mosque (Lal Masjid) in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, was completed after 9 days of continuous attacks against the mosque and the adjacent seminary, Jamia Hafsa, where more than 1200 students were trapped. This is according to the statement of the military spokesman (there is no question of using the term ‘spokesperson’ as it is gender bias). The Pakistan Army can be pleased that they managed to take the Lal Masjid Mosque, despite the fact that their action costs the live of more than 100 persons, including eleven military personnel. What they are not quite so eager to crow about is that the majority of the inhabitants were teenagers and young; not more than 20 to 21 years or age.

According to the evidence collected by reliable witnesses only a few of the 200 people present in the mosque and seminary resisted the attack with live ammunition. These people, who were older and supposedly more mature than the younger ones used them for their so-called, sacred motives.

It was a victory of the army over the people that they (the army) allowed to operate in whatever way suited them. For up to six months prior to the military action the managements of the seminaries and mosques were free to adopt any and all methods to implement Islamic codes of ethics (Shariah) through their students, by force where necessary. They were even allowed to kidnap police officials and Chinese workers, and government was then forced to negotiate for the release of the victims. The Lal Masjid Mosque was just one kilometer away from the headquarters of the country’s strongest intelligence agency, the ISI; it is within walking distance from the residence of the Prime Minister and federal secretariats. The question then arises as to how they were allowed to stock pile arms and ammunitions inside the mosque.

In political circles it is being said that this was no more than a drama, staged by the army to make fundamentalism, once again, an issue in mainstream politics in order to gain some popularity from outside the country. And in doing so the government certainly succeeded in getting a pat on the back from George Bush and others.

A very strong argument is presented by the legal community that it was a demonstration by the army against the lawyers’ movement. An indication perhaps that the Army is waiting for the time to be right before it take decisive action. General Musharraf once said in 2006 to the political leaders of Balochistan, a southern province where the army has been carrying out operations since 2001, that “one cannot imagine how and from where we (the army) will hit, so be aware of it”. A few days later the army bombarded a hide out where the popular leader, Sardar Akber Bugti, was residing and killed him along with his friends. The lawyers believe that action can be expected in the near future as within a week or so, the Supreme Court is going to deliver it decision in case of the presidential reference against the Chief Justice.


The armed forces of Pakistan are five times larger than any other country of its size. It is common knowledge that 29 percent of the country’s annual budget is spent on defense expenditures, whereas pensions and other perks of the officers are paid from civilian expenditures in the annual budget. However, despite its huge numbers and expenditure, the army has a bad record of losing; in particular in the confrontation with India. Historically, the armed forces do not have the capacity of surviving more than 17 days during a conflict.

On the domestic front the armed forces have carried out 11 military operations, using their full might in different provinces and have never achieved the success that they did at the Lal Masjid Mosque. Amongst these 11 operations one was a “friendly military operation” in Karachi in 1994, in which several young people were killed. But even then it could not be called a success because the results for which operation was started were not achieved. In many of these operations the aim of the exercise was the killing of certain people and nothing more than that.

Baseer Naveed, Holy See - 17 July, 2007

In the shadows of Pak military

The world powers appear to be contesting the future of mankind over the coming decades on the geo strategy of Pakistan . And the strength, unity, discipline and the capacitated handling of perhaps the most difficult governance on this planet earth is made possible only by the armed forces of the country, which is on the confluence and convergence of the routes in and out to the future power structure of the world.

Don’t blame some managed problems on Musharraf or the very capable military of the nation. Actually this is the grand force that is keeping Pakistan cemented and united. You have the world’s fiercest tribes and the most difficult terrain inhabited by those tribals. You are seeing the rise of future super power like China around and you have emerging super power Russia close by. Then we have the world’s sole super power America knocking on our doorstep for friendship and for help. Yet, the main conducive peace around us has been very effectively promulgated by the army of Pakistan . With the tigers, dragons, bears and others around, Pak army has proven itself the master of the control on events and situations.

There have been some power groups, who should and must have retired after the fall of Soviet Empire and after their services were required to be terminated. And the Pak army has had to tackle with those situations with patience and success to maintain the integrity of the nation. The latest carnage in Islamabad even used some pretty and pious Pashtoons and Kashmiri girls in a way resembling the outdated past, which has been described by the world’s most renowned historian Edward Gibbon in his famed “Decline and fall of the Roman Empire” as such:

“The various tribes of Britain possessed valour without conduct and the love of freedom without the spirit of union. They took up arms with savage fierceness. They laid them down or turned them against each other with wild inconstancy. And while they fought singly, they were successively subdued”.

So, Pak army has to tackle with some situations of that nature on either isolated or periodically with on off basis and still maintain discipline, unity and strength. And the army has propensity to absorb such internal bleedings once in a while and yet stay as strong as it always is. Any one trying to weaken the national defense is doing gross disservice to the nation. The innocents ones embroiled in, like those pretty Pashtoon and Kashmiri flower girls in Lal Masjid carnage by those taking on the nation’s army, will perhaps, and rather should be compensated with some pacification money to the relatives of the innocents caught in crossfire as by standers. No one need to sympathize with the ones who took on the nation’s life line, which are the defense forces, regardless of the piety of those few involved in this challenge to the nation’s army. The matter is all over now. But to show high moral grounds, president Musharraf is requested to announce some pacification compensation for those pretty innocent girls who died as by standers in cross fire. The moral elevation taken by Mr president will show our Pashtoon brothers about how much the nation cares for them and our pretty sisters who got caught in cross fire as by standers or as stranded unfortunate ones.

The united, disciplined and powerful Pak military is the guardian of peace at home and on borders. It cares most for peace and peace only. Even Dick Chenny had to go empty handed with refusal of invasion route against Iran . Pak military is in charge and in command of all what must happen from within Pakistan for sustaining peace for our country and the world at large.

Even with the most dangerous and yet most important geo strategy on this planet earth, Pak military has not let the country go the ways of Iraq or Afghanistan . One storm after the other brewed over our mother land like CJ’s case, like political disturbances, like Lal Masjid and others of the sort. But, all has been kept under the lid and under effective control by the capable army of Pakistan . All those storms did not even get chance to get out of initiation loops, let alone progress to any troublesome propagation that would have been detrimental to national integrity.

Pakistan has wars and quasi wars situations on borders or close by our borders. The inner disturbances have been dissipated by our nation’s life line, which is Pak military. And every nation wants its army to be strong, disciplined, powerful, invincible and devoid of any internal challenges.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 17 July, 2007

Correctly understanding Lal Masjid: Detailed Analysis

The bloodbath unleashed by Musharraf's forces at the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad has shown just how far he is prepared to go to achieve his aims. Amidst claim and counter claim from the regime in the aftermath of 'Operation Silence', it is beginning to emerge that hundreds, including women and children, may have been killed in the bloody assault. It is rumoured that Musharraf himself rejected a possible deal at the last moment that could have led to a peaceful outcome and instead ordered the assault. What is known is that Abdul Rashid Ghazi, one of the two brothers who led the Red Mosque, were killed.

It is well known that the Red Mosque had extensive links with elements of the establishment. ISI officials have in the past been closely connected with the seminary, links that were forged during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The question that arises is how has it been possible for the Mosque students to go virtually unchallenged in the last 6 months on the streets of Islamabad? In their self styled campaign they targeted alleged prostitutes and music shops. Yet the obvious question is how has this been possible right under the noses of Musharraf's regime, an area where the National Assembly, Supreme Court and Musharraf's Presidential Palace itself is closely situated nearby? How were these students in the Red Mosque allowed to build up such an alleged large arsenal of weapons without been detected?

Musharraf has tried to justify the operation by saying that he wanted a peaceful outcome and avoid large-scale casualties, particularly with such a large number of women and children being involved. However his real intention was made evident when on 29 th June he said to journalists "Can you guarantee that blood of any dead or injured will not be screened on television channels during the operation?" If the regime really wanted a peaceful outcome all it had to do was wait after cutting off all gas, electricity and food supplies to the compound. The recent past shows that Musharraf has always used military force in such situations where he has been confronted by opponents, whether Islamic or Nationalistic. The lessons of Nawab Akbar Bugti, the Balochi rebels and the operations in the tribal areas of Waziristan show this to be true. Indeed in the past Musharraf has unashamedly said, "If someone happens to be very close to [the target], that somebody is an abetter and they suffer the loss. Sometimes, indeed, women and children have been killed but they have been right next to the place. It's not that the strike was inaccurate but they happen to be there, so therefore they are all supporters and abetters of terrorism - and therefore they have to suffer. It's bad luck."

The regime repeatedly alleged that there were 'hundreds' of fighters including suicide bombers inside as well being heavily armed with all sorts of light weaponry. Independent observes though estimated that at least over a thousand students were still inside the Red Mosque compound at the time of the assault, mostly women and children. Musharraf further alleged that highly wanted foreign terrorists were amongst the students. But by the regime's own admission only about 80 alleged fighters have been killed. It remains unclear how many women and children were rescued, if at all. No bodies have been produced thus far to substantiate the claim that foreign fighters were indeed amongst the dead. Moreover only 11 Pakistani commandos died in the operation. How could this be possible if the militants were so heavily armed and prepared for suicide bombings? Ghazi claimed in his final phone interview they only had 14 AK-47s to defend themselves. If Musharraf's claims were true there should have been many more deaths amongst his troops.

The other possible part of the explanation of why casualties were so low amongst the security forces is that they indiscriminately attacked everyone inside the Red Mosque to minimise their own losses. With the world's media gazing on, an air strike would have been political suicide. They had to be seen to be trying to save lives. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz claimed that not a single woman or child died but as details emerge reports suggest otherwise. Indeed there are reports of mass graves being dug to quickly bury the dead with hundreds of students including women and children being killed with many more unaccounted for. With the media being denied access to the Mosque in the aftermath no one can believe the carefully choreographed footage shown on state television by a regime which has every motive to hide the number killed. The only question that remains is why Musharraf chose to wait so long whilst a surreal situation developed on the streets of Islamabad.

Tauseef Zahid, Pakistan - 17 July, 2007


Mass Murder or Holocaust

It is proved after barbaric attack on students of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid was not due to terrorism, foreign elements or ammunition at Masjid. But it was pre-planned and approved in Feb 2007. Only weakest point which victims have that majority of them belong to lower class “Untouchable” or “Schedule Caste” of the society, dozens were orphans, about 99% were not descendents of establishment. If this massacre could have happened in International, City or Beacon house school, reaction could be quiet different. It is not understandable that while dead were without coffin, in cold storage or still missing, some peoples started a hateful campaign on religious and political grounds. Is it justified in the light of teachings of any religion? It is always time to calm, let victim families bury their love ones, every religion says pray for dead, ask God to forgive them. But it was reprehensible for those who started a hateful campaign. There were 6000 students, if we may count according to our family system multiply with minimum twenty person per family, more over there were 20, 000 to 30, 000 Namazis who had been offering prayers behind both Imams, in addition to that there are hundred thousand who had been their Muqtadi since twenty years. Think why some groups are spreading hate in the society without looking in to seriousness of the matter. It reflects culture of a nation how cruelty they have. Peoples who are running to make numbers in front of dictator reflect how oppressed brains of the society are? As nation has no compassion, who is living on foreign aid and doing what crusaders ask for. This image our enlightened moderates are spreading for their highly paid jobs in Western countries.

Question is this operation was legal? Answer is no, it has no legal, moral and religious values, against all international treaties. Main point is when this case was noticed by Supreme Courts of Pakistan, why aggressors raided without taking Supreme Court in confidence. Sacrifice of Chief Justice and all movement of Bar Council are based on securing rule of law; this is the only way which can boast our soft image. By repeating political slogans of crusaders against Muslims, implementing them on different groups of the society by some peoples which have vested interests will never boast our soft image. History will prove that massacres, democide, mass murder, holocaust are always remembered as barbaric act. Dujail, Falluja and Pul Charkhi prison massacre will always be remembered. Blood is very strong; it speaks whether you are dead or alive. Western culture is based on compassion, human rights and charity. No western country commits those acts on their soil which they conduct in Muslim countries, on other hand they provide protection and honor to their citizens including Muslims.

Targeting a particular group of society called hate crime; civilized nations never allow any one to spread hate. It is an open example in front of any body that political or religious groups who asked for political asylum in Western countries, live there like wet cat, for the sake of their existence those send statements to Pakistani media. What happened to MQM minister, he was declared terrorist, the same Col. Mashahadi reached at the home of killed SSG commander to award him medal of bravery against killing of women and children. Peoples Party has thousand of weak points, if those are repeated Jialas will commit suicide, what shameful attitude Benazir had adopted after massacre.

Recognize all those who are spreading hate in the society to divide them for vested interests. If morale drive of Jamia Hafsa was against the law, so law defines punishment, but no law permits death sentence or massacre, neither aggressors have the constitutional right to invade with armored vehicles on civilians.

This is great massacre of this century and all killed are Shaheed, aggressors who violated all international laws, Geneva convention, charter of human rights, tear off women protection in Pakistan , child abuse and killing, invaded place of worship, and educational institution on the basis of religious and political hatred is a crime against humanity. Matter of moderation and Mullahism is a healthy discussion, it does not mean to brutally kill any citizen, these type of discussions remained in society, Ghazali, Abdul Qadir Jailani, Ibn e Timmia, Abdul Wahab, Shah Waliullah, Sir Syed, Parvez, Maududi, Amin Islahi, Dr. Israr and so many names who fight against superstition and illiteracy. Prof Mubarik and Mehdi Hasan have another angle to strengthen society except feudal Makhdooms who are eunuch of the society.

It is time to condemn aggressors and ask for their trial in International Courts of Justice, if Supreme courts of Pakistan has no power under LFO.

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 17 July, 2007

Lal Masjid

Part 1 - Lal Masjid Cricis.

There are lots of interesting news recently like Bush commuted Libby prison sentence, Iraq where according to US Military commanders situation is improving which is not reflected in any news coming out of Iraq. The news which catch my attention when it was reported by BBC which is related to Lal Masjid. This Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) drama is continuing from last six months where religious male and female students are in lock-down situation demanding to implement Taliban type Sharia Laws in Pakistan. These students are violent criminals who had burned down plenty of businesses and even kidnapped the police officers.

This week these students tried to attack the law enforcement agencies which turned violent with exchange of fire from both sides killing 16 people including the police officers. Pervez Musharraf government showed leniency and offered these criminals to surrender and they will no press any charges against them and the government kept their promise by letting the people go home after they surrendered. The government also given them US 83/= each so they can go home without any hardship.

There are still hundreds of male and female students inside the mosque situation is still tense and this is all because Pervez Musharraf government weakness. Pervvez Musharraf government should have handled this siege with iron fist since the beginning of the situation. The interesting part of the story is that these Mullah brothers Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid Ghazi are hypocrites. Mullah Abdul Rashid Ghazi was arrested by a female police officer when he tried to escape during the violent confrontation in Burqa. These Mullahs used the religion to exploited the stupid sentiments of common Muslims who had no knowledge of Qur’an message for their own agendas.

The solution is simple arrest all these male and female violent criminal students using the force and put them in jails for creating unrest and destroying private and public properties.

Part II - Lal Masjid mishandled Operation Reaction.

Pervez Musharraf vowed to eradicate extremism from every part of country. The immediate strong reaction coming out from North Western Frontier Province. There are more than dozens suicide attacks reported so far killing 35 people including 17 soldiers and police. There were very small demonstration in few other cities without any violence. This does not mean that there will not be any bigger demonstration in Pakistan. All the religious parties have given call for demonstration on Friday which ofcourse will be after prayers where all the Imams will be giving fiery sermons for the people to join the demonstrations. Tomorrow will be the day to keep an eye on Pakistan news and see how much momentum they get from these demonstrations.

The majority of the students in Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa were from NWFP so the dead students caused anger in that province. Also Ayman Al Zahawari was quick to release his audio tape calling to start jihad against Pervez Musharraf government.

There were few rallies and demonstrations reported from Frontier Province. The religious parties right now looks like failed to gain large political and religious all around the country. These religious parties will keep Abdul Rasheed Ghazi issue alive trying to cash on his martyrdom thats what all religious leaders are calling him. Pervez Musharraf should have given the strict orders to arrest Abdul Rasheed Ghazi alive which was in the best interest of his government but it looks like power take common sense away. Dead Abdul Rasheed Ghazi death made him martyr and there is a possibility that this can turn into effective movement against Pervez Musharraf government.

The Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and his students deaths will further escalate anti Pervez Musharraf sentiment and it will be very difficult for him to cling to power. The Abdul Rasheed Ghazi death will become “martyrdom” for religious parties and their supporters. The chances are that Abdul Rasheed Ghazi mission will now become the national movement and when it happened than Pervez Mussarraf had no other alternative other than stepping down from power and that will be another tragedy for Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf in deep trouble and he only has to blame himself for blindly following all Bush regime commands.

QB, Pakistan - 17 July, 2007

Well done Musharraff!

Once again i have to applaud the handling of this most difficult situation by the Pak president. it was made clear to the fanatics to lay down their arms and surrender but instead they chose to be killed because of their fanatical fantasies. These people in the mosque are not muslims in my eyes, to me they are deranged, brainwashed village idiots, bent on death death and destruction, im sorry to say but good riddance to these people that call themselves 'muslims'.
Well done Mr Musharraff on the handling of another difficult situation!

zahid, United Arab Emirates - 18 July, 2007

Part III - Pervez Musharraf made Abdul Rasheed Ghazi martyr.

Operation Silence has escalated the hatred towards US, UK and Australia.

The latest suicide bomb attacked killed 11 soldiers and 3 civilians in Swat on Sunday. There were other attacks which killed 38 people. Pervez Musharraf is in real trouble. He did not take any action for over six months to clear Lal Masjid when his government decided to take action it benefited Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and radical religious parties. Pervez Musharraf had all the resources but no intelligence with handling this operation so poorly. I would have done it in very different manner avoiding to kill anybody including Abdul Rasheed Ghazi with similar gas which Russians used to end theater hostage situation. Pervez Musharraf , as a matter of fact all head of states are surrounded by very bright intelligent educated people and it really surprises me that they don’t understand a very simple fact that anybody who die fighting for their cause no matter how absurd that cause would be will instantly become “martyr” giving boast to their cause and popularity among the masses with lots and lots of sympathy of the people. This is what happening now in Pakistan. It will be early to writeoff Pervez Musharraf government completely because outrage is not spread country wide.

The world would be better place if we had rulers with some brains.

QB, Pakistan - 18 July, 2007

Homicidal Over Reaction

There is little controversy over the view that the Lal Masjid brigade neded to be neutralised.
Once surrounded and their electricity and power was cut off they posed little threat to Islamabad citizens.
They could have been dealth with without a military style assault and consequent loss of childrens lives.
Poor leadership was exhibitd by our Government.

Imran Ahmed, Pakistan - 19 July, 2007

Ijaz & Benazir

Massacre of Lal Masjid and descendents of dictators

During and after massacre of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa innocent students including children and women, two persons are very vigorous by issuing statement against departed or abducted students, which have many things in common; their statements are matching with each other. Ijaz ul Haq son of ex Martial Law Administrator and other is daughter of ex Civilian Martial Law Administrator.

General Zia promoted Al Qaeda and Benazir promoted Taliban. But now both are making numbers in front of Western countries to show how faithful are they. Bhutto and Zia both were Arain, both moved from East Punjab . Bhutto descended Al Zulfiqar, and Zia Al Qaeda. Except two facts that left for behind Zia, committing conspiracy which leads to Fall of Dacca and use of Alcohol were exclusive achievements of Bhutto.

After brutal murder of students of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa, both are on top of the list to issue statements, Benazir has no civilized manner in her general attitude, she is master of evil-speaking, as a result of which most senior PPP leaders left her, and she was kicked out two times on corruption charges. On other hand it was in public that sons of Zia did not spare women servants of their home, but peoples generally had soft image and treated as PPP propaganda.

Now elections are speculated in two or three months, Musharraf, Benazir and Ijaz ul Haq are in hot waters, troika believe that peoples are not hoodwink and it is difficult to win elections democratically, so dictator is using Army and America to remain on seat in unconstitutional way, Benazir and Ijaz ul Haq are cheering him under slavish tone to get some thing, could be a few bones which he will throw, when his belly will be full, sufficient to compensate services of Benazir and Ijaz ul Haq.

Against students of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid, who have been murdered, thousand are missing, or in prison, have no sources to answer allegation of both, either dead or out of reach of media. Hateful campaign which both is running, looks like whether Benazir is daughter of Zia or Ijaz son of Bhutto, similarities in hateful statements are common and if some body may study statements, it looks their address is toward Bush not Pakistani peoples.

Benazir has billion of dollars to use, Zardari was the Satan of Islamabad, she has spent at least one lac US dollars for a single column, for three inch in total length statement in “Times” recently, if you may go to Larkana and Garhi Khuda Bakhsh area, peoples are living in 19th century, poverty is written on their faces, while Supreme Court convicted criminal, Bhutto is resting in Rs 30 Crore mausoleum built on Government expenses, Zia is also resting on Govt. built grave.

Massacre of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa is the greatest mass murder of this century, and aggressors who attacked on Masjid will reach to their destiny one by one. Some were cheering “well done Musharraf”, Army has done a great job, same peoples are uproar and weeping by keeping both hands on the head when “drinking blood ghost” struck poor workers of PPP at Islamabad yesterday to sabotage meeting of Chief Justice. But at condolence message of Benazir and Ijaz had similarity, statement and allegation against Lal Masjid. No sympathy with PPP workers, no hand in the pocket to pay them some money.

We will not let die great massacre till aggressors will not reach to gallows or Supreme Court will conduct independent enquiry with in this month. We hope Chief Justice and Pakistan Bar Council will play its role to chalk out cruel faces in public sitting behind iron curtains. Every body is laughing how coward out ruling class is, every body in government is asking for bullet proof cars and Shakuit Aziz is spenting Rs two crore on security. Satanic game is in progress after invasion on Lal Masjid, Benazir and Ijaz ul Haq no role to play in this game except distorted lick spitting statements in favor of dictator

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 19 July, 2007

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