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Recognizing Israel

03 September, 2005

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Pakistan and Israel had their first-ever "official" high-level talks in Istanbul on Thursday in a bid to normalize ties following latter’s pullout from the Gaza Strip.

Though, the meeting was considered the first-ever contact between the two ideological states which do not recognise each other, however, a backdoor diplomacy between the two governments was continuing for last various years. A Karachi-based defence analyst and a senior religious scholar from Lahore had been shuttling between Islamabad and Tel Aviv via Jordan during last four years.

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and his Pakistani counterpart Khurshid Kasuri met in Istanbul for what they called ‘historic’ talks arranged after Turkey played a mediating role to bring them together.

At a joint press conference with Mr Shalom, Mr Kasuri hailed the withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip, which he said constituted a turning point for the establishment of a Palestinian state. However, the Israeli minister did not mention whether the Zionist state is going to pull out from remaining over 130 settlements.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Authority says it is ‘worried’ about Pakistan’s first diplomatic contact with Israel as the Jewish state continues to occupy east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“It is not good to give Israel gifts before it really implements the peace process, not only in Gaza, but, the West Bank and Jerusalem,” deputy prime minister Nabil Shaath told reporters.

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas has also denounced the meeting and urged Pakistan not to fall into the trap of seeing the Gaza pullout as synonymous with the end of occupation.

Although, Pakistan says its position on the Middle East crisis remains unchanged that calls for an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as its capital, however, according to analysts, this sudden meeting has raised the doubts that Pakistan may change its stance as it did in case of Kashmir.

Israel has full diplomatic relations with three Arab states — Mauritania, Egypt and Jordan — and a handful of Muslim majority states, including Turkey.

1) Do you think it was the right time to commence dialogue with Israel?

2) What is your opinion about Palestinian leaders’ reaction on the meeting?

3) Do you see any US pressure on Pakistan in this connection.

4) Do you think the move aims to counter the growing Indo-Israel relations? .

5) What kind of reaction General Musharraf may face in the backlash of this new adventure?

Reader Comments:

even being a a hindu i believe in allah.but at the same time i tell u people of pakistan change urself when time change.dont stick to those medivial policy.let modearte islam flourish,dont listien to those dogmatic mullahs.every problem can be solved when u r friendly with others, may allah bless ur country.

all are brothers, Pakistan - 09 December, 2005

We must not betray our brothers and sisters of Palestine

We must understand the issue both from legal point of view and under the Sharia law. Israel is an illegal political entity which must be dismantled at all cost. Since 1948 all the European and Russian immigrants are settled under the name of “Israel” declared as Jewish state. It has proven again and again that it is terrorist and racist country who has waged a war against innocent Muslims. We must not forget Israel's many attempts to destroy our nuclear capabilities. It s our enemy and must not be recognized at any cost.

Atif, Pakistan - 02 August, 2006

No harm in contacts

Israelis know themselves that the creation of the state of Israel is illegitimate so long as Jews remain in 'exile'. The exile will end only when the Messiah comes. In this case, the Messiah is none other than Jesus Christ. The Jews still reject him. So, the acts of Israelis are self-defeating.
God is still kind to the Jews. He is keeping the door of Islam open for their repentance. But to their own harm the Israelis are on a warpath with not only the Palestinians but also with Islam and their own God.
Israelis history is full of heavenly punishments. The last none in Holocaust is still fresh in their memory. The next one -- the chain will continue until the end time -- is knocking at Israel's doors. he world is watching with surprise and dismay America's unbridled support to Israel. Both stand to suffer big setbacks and humiliation.
Yes, there will definitely be a backlash against Musharraf in the country. But it is for the media to create awareness in the masses not to be carried away by emotions and sentiments. The right fight against Israel lies in offering peace, Thereby the Israelis are expected to split in mutual hatreds and even civil war.

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 02 August, 2006

Holocaust or Bust !

Along with recognizing Israel
we have to accept holocaust as displayed against Hamas and Hezbollah! If the world had refused to accept this demand Zionism would have gone bust.At least we know IDF did learn a lesson from the Holocaust.How to use it against the people whom they have kept under their sabres
since 1948.All Palestinians and later Lebanese learnt the art of terrorism from IDF when they burnt entire towns and villages and made the Palestinians flee with nothing on their backs.While
the Arab leaders followed the adivise of European advisors! Now Pakistan will pay lipservice to victims of
Israel's aggression through an approved statement from DC.If Israel is interested in peace and security then she must pull back from all the territories since she has occupied in 1948 and let
Jerusalem be a city state for all three religions.They
have Tel-Aviv as Capital and
Palestine can build a new one,but not Jerusalem and to
ensure peace disband militia
and establish regular force for internal security.If US jewish congress and Israel are willing to accept terms of the UN mandate.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 04 August, 2006

Welcome the friendship and respect the all religions

If Egypt, Jordan can establish a good relation with Israel then why not Pakistan. Talking about Arab/Muslim countries for God sake look at Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia who helped US to invade Iraq. There are also UAE forces helping US army in Iraq. They were those people who did not say single word when US gave threat Pakistan to attack if it would not help cleaning Taliban in 2001. Was there any Arab world who sad no do not attack Pakistan or Afghanistan? Well wake up Pakistanis and make friends all world including Isreal, true if we can make India a good friend then why not Israel. Respect them and let them respect you.

Saa, Georgia - 22 January, 2007

Recognising Israel

It is indeed a greatest question for the Pakistanies and the Israelites whther to recognise each other or not.Both the countries have not harmed directly or indirectly in any way.So I feel there is no harm in recognising each other and be benefitted from each other in every possible way.I pray for the leadership of both the countries and many others who are involved in this process.

Daniel, Pakistan - 30 January, 2007

Israelis and Jews; Two different coins

In my opinion, Israel is facing isolation in result of murderous destruction they have caused for their own survival since 1948. They want ties with emerging Muslim States like Pakistan now because they are loosing ground & credibility in USA & Europe. Developing relations with Muslim states was the last option Israel had. Its another cunning move by Israelis in order to acquire support for their illegal state.

List of anti-Pakistan moves by Israeli lobby in U.S and Israelis themselve goes on, but lets talk about some core issues here. Did Israel want Pakistan as a strong state? Do Israel and USA want any Muslim state out there to be economically properous? NO ! My Pakistani brothers, why do you forget that Israel have never wanted Pakistan a strong country and have tried attacking our nuclear facilities several times. Pushed arms and economic embargoes in UNO against Pakistan. We could not get American and UNO support for Kashmir conflict because Israeli lobby is a hurrdle and keeps U.S congressmen away from arbitrating, just because we support Palesinians, and not illegimate state of Israel. They have put barriers in front of every Muslim state, including Pakistan, when we tried to expand our trade with Europe, U.S and India in World's Economic Forums and pushed all kind of sanctions on Islamic States through UNO and IMF. They armed India to their nose in fear of a strong prosperous Pakistan causing us to spend 70% of our GDP or more on our military to keep the balance of power in the region. American and Israeli investments are litterally getting poured into India to built them against China and Pakistan. Do you think Israel & USA is in love with India? Its Neo-Cons(Israeli Lobby) in American congress that is always out there to demonize Pakistan and try to portray Pakistan as an official terrorist state. Why is it now, when they have failed in every tactic of theirs, they want to use their strategy of attacking us from within by making an embassy in Islamabad.

Its sad that Pakistan has never got any solid support from the fellow Arab and Irani muslims in the Kashmiri cause. No body even talks about it- Never heard of anything about Kashmir on Aljazeera too. Yasir Arafat use to visit India, but avoided Pakistan. But that doesn't mean we should re-invent morality and religion of humanity, and re-discover what is wrong and what is right. That doesn't mean we should betray our Muslim brothers in their cause of winning their rights back.

Israeli 1948 borders were never meant to be like that. Annexation of Lebanese & Palestinian's land is an official Israeli policy to date. Terrorism was started by Israelis first, the day they bombed King-David Hotel in Jerusalem to kill hundreds of Brits in 1948. And later IDF and IAF commited itself to state sponsored terrorism in west-bank and Gaza.

Resistance from Palestinians with everything available at their disposal is a retaliation, not something they are bound to do.

My Pakistani Brothers, lets not forget our moral connection with Palestinians, not just we are Muslim brothers, but, we are supporting them at their cause. Lets not betray our brothers for temporary economic reasons or for Military ties. Remeber, todays American and Israeli Ah-ley-Kitab(People of the book) you thought of are Athiests(No belief in God). Why don't you listen to orthodox Jews & Christians who are against creation of Israel and find it against Judism core beliefs?

We are going to improve our relations with India no matter how much other countries meddle in. We will fight and fight, and one day we will get tired and drop our weapons against each other. Do you think Europe & Americans were like this in the past? They have fought 2 world Wars and are still volatile to little things. But now they've realized that all the nations at Wars are loosers.

Zionist State and Jews are two different thing. And please, just don't get hyponotized with the flash of some dollars.

Israel cannot be recognized untill they effectively go back to thier 1948 borders and compensate Palestinians for their demolished homes and murders of their family members.

Israel cannot be recognized untill they help make Palestinian State with East Jurusalem their Capital.

Pakistan can help Israel abolish their forceful right of existance policy on Palestinians lands. Pakistan can arbitrate as a peace-making partner as most of the Arab Muslim states have failed to solve it to date...

Just a Pakistani

Mahmood Butt-Lahoria, Canada - 31 January, 2007

Israeli-Pakistani relations

Israel&Pakistan should have established diplomatic,trade,military and intelligence ties back in 1948. Israel,Pakistan & India are all nuclear armed powers. Pres.Musharaf is a wise leader.It is important for all important powers, especially those with nuclear arms to maintain tries at the highest level possible.

Neil Klein, United Kingdom - 10 February, 2007

Recognizing Israel is not at all a bad option. It should have been done years ago. The best way to cool things down is to sit together over a cup of tea and discuss like gentlemen. I am totally for Israel-Pakistan dialogs/recognition. It will open up doors to peaceful and warm relations between Muslims and Jews.
About Palestine, recognizing Israel does not mean we are against independent state of Palestine.

Muhammad, Pakistan - 17 September, 2007


hello from the US. If there were to be a peace between Israel and Palestine, what would need to occur? Where would the states territories be? What about the economic viability of Palestine as well as water resources regarding those lines? Could there ever be a cohabitation. Don't some cross the borders, checkpoints to work already? Wouldn't up rooting Jewish settlements cause further issues? As refugees are considered how will they be identified and assisted? What do you think the US role should be ,if any? Just very curious to read a citizen view. take care

sarah, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2009

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