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Recognizing Israel

26 January, 2007

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By Farzana Shah
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President General Musharraf who is currently visiting the Middle East has called upon the Muslim countries and their masses to 'recognise' Israel for resolution of Palestine issue. This is not the fist statement made by the military General. By time and again, he has ' urged' the Pakistani nation to ' think' about recognition of Israel as Pakistan can get numerous benefits by doing that.

Musharraf's recent statement has triggered strong criticism on the part of religious and political parties. The PPP, which often avoids condemning any policy or act, which pertains to USA, has once again refused to comment on Musharraf's statement saying it would consult other opposition parties on the issue.

However, the six-party religious alliance MMA, and Nawaz Sharif-led PML(N) have openly criticised the idea saying that Musharraf is taking another U-turn on the country's traditional stand on Palestine after Kashmir.

They say Musharraf instead of brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, must try for peace within Pakistan.

Here are some questions
1) Do you agree with the contention that Musharraf is selling some US proposals vis-à-vis Palestine?
2) What could be the motive behind Musharraf's call for recognition of Israel?
3) What benefits could Pakistan achieve by recognising the Zionist State?
4) Should Musharraf try for peace in Middle East first or peace in Waziristan, and Balochistan?

Reader Comments:

Neither Israel nor reference to Quranic Bani Israel Match

Israel was Quran Reference.Jews had vanished even at the time of Jesus. Jews
Numbering 10 million or more with Saudis are newly born Babies in thousands
Of years.So is Pervez Musharaff with Pakistan Jewish helper Team fighting
on their behalf for their and own Recogniztion under pressure. If Quranic Bani Israel has become alive so is the Qatal Gaatrat Theft Stealing Qureish Abdullah Sabah Party of Jews and Islamic Prophecy. If prophecy has become live –Zionist claim own Prophecy. Musharaff as self promoter become Zionist Champ working with Saudi King and Sheiks.. Muslims Shia Sunni Ayatollah Maulvis become Obsolete requiring Pakistan made Women Rights legislation of Pervez Musharaff as need of the hour as alternative to Quran and Islamic Prophecy UMMA .Pervez Team and Sheiks Israel US EU become Champion Of Legislated Boycott of Quran and UMMA in Kangaroo Hop (without any basis)to retain Islamic Properties to their liking with own glorification at gun (presumed)
due to soldiers around as if Islam is under occupation and partitioned.none Custom made internet control which few Muslim read reflect.

b m z, Hungary - 26 January, 2007

in musharaf last seven years,what i found he is a good business man then army cheif or president and he make good deals,he did very fruit full deal with nawaz sharif 2 send him away from the country for 10 years,then with ppp release asif sazari,and also with usa,killed his innocent people for good money,and now he is in dealing with zoinest 2 recoginze them ,god knows for how much,if he stay long one day pakistan will be on sale

tahir saeed, Pakistan - 26 January, 2007

REcognisisng Israel,Is it a priority or necessity.

Ever since Pakistan has gotten in the clutches of Army its priority have gotten messed up.The first priority is to correct corruption,then to correct law and order situation ,implementing merit.
Recognition Israel is of no benefit to the country nor nation.Yes It will please USA because USA is controlled by Isralei Lobby.Nothing gets done in USA if it is not approved by Israelis.All the machoism of US to world becomes cowardice when it comes to dealing with Israeli lobby.SO Musharraf knows well that to please USA at the cost of nation,justice,truth etcetc is for his survival.He is doing that and like many actions of his,and army this will bring to benefit to the nation.
Once the nation will get over corruption,law and order situation gets better and merit implemented in every walk of life all the countries will treat Pakistan as respect like they do to India,because situation there is not as worse as in Pakistan.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 27 January, 2007

Tough road to stay free

All puppets dance to the tunes of their masters and this thing or repeat is nothing new.

They have got Pakistan right by the balls at its power nerve and that is its military. The patriots have been sold out for some money, and who cares if the whole nation is sold out.

Turkey refused 20 billion dollars offer to let use its Kurdish territories as invasion route of Iraq.This offer could have been increased to 50 billion or may be 100 billions of dollars to make its military and rulers super rich.

But Pakistan rulers and military can do any thing for much less money and green cards for their children and self.

Musharraf is dealing with the people, who will enslave you if you do not do things after you surrender your confidence to them.

My perrsonal experience is an example here even after my over 40 years stay in the west.

Only 2-3 years ago i managed to do some world class knowledge and publications in gas engineering in leading spots of north America. I was paid as much as fedral ministers here.But, once you show your independence, you loose it all. I now get rare contracts and even in my business ventures with some one here, i had no say of my own. I had to loose it all to stay free and independent. I chose freedom and i am more happy with much less money than 2-3 years ago.

The rulers or the military won't suffer as they will get enough reward for driving wedge within Islamic world. Do you think that the people, who would swallow poison before swallowing names like Muhammad or Mahmood will be your real benefactors. Just do things to a certain threshold that keeps you safe.

We can expect any thing from Musharraf or BB.If BB does'nt give a statement to this effect, she is also party to the effect. At least Mr NS has spoken out in people's interests and wishes along with other six leaders.

It is all part of a master plan to drive a wedge within Islamic world and contain Iran. Since Pakistan does not have much of real natural resources of energy like Iran, we can at least stay neutral.

Turkey did not sell itself for 20 billion dollars or more and declined invasion route to Iraq through Turkish Kurdish territories. This will be the key reason for America's failure there.

We do not want to be enemy of any one including Israel, but we do not want to bleed our Islamic world for any body. Look at Egypt after selling itself. They are sending men and equipment to already cornered Hamas so that they can appease their masters and collect some money for the foreign bank accounts of the Egyptian military and the rulers.The conscience of killing fellow muslims Hamas is dead within the sold souls.

On this whole issue, you will be wise if you can wait like the majority of the Islamic world until the key thorny issues are resolved.

Majority Islamic world is our reason to be living and we cannot stab fellow muslims in the back.That is why hardly any nation trusts us any more. Even the people of Pakistan on my every visit there tell me their un-happiness over the jobs like university VC and governers of province taken up by army generals.With no biast against any one, i only listen to people there and Pakistani people here. I listen to muslim people here and they know how our rulers are selling their patriotic countrymen for few hundred dollars a piece.

Here are my answers to your questions as such:

Do you agree with the contention that Musharraf is selling some US proposals vis-à-vis Palestine?

Answer:Like Egypt, Pakistan will wash its hands off Palestine.
We will be complete, resolute and thorough slaves of US and Israel.A bold stand by Musharraf MAY bring him the same fate as of Bhutto or general Zia. The choice will be his to do balanced walk if they will allow him to do.The fault lines may lie in the unfortunate,yet money wise lucky circumstances for few or more after 9/11.

2) What could be the motive behind Musharraf`s call for recognition of Israel?

Answer: As i have mentioned, sleeping with tiger and the master monkey riding the tiger's back is not an easy thing. The nation and its rulers and the military have been sucked enough to make exit a difficult thing.A very bold Musharraf could face Bhutto or Zia type drop or down fall if not death.The nation can put tremendous uproar to save him and the country and force a safe middle course.

3) What benefits could Pakistan achieve by recognising the Zionist State?

Answer:There will be financial rewards for the time being like every slave is supposed to have at the expense of stabbing his own brother in the back.

4) Should Musharraf try for peace in Middle East first or peace in Waziristan, and Balochistan?

Answer:Peace at home comes first. No body listens to a quarreling family.No body has trust in a family that is fighting within. If we cannot make peace between ourselves, we are useless to others.Only the abusers, by throwing few coins at, will exploit MORE and further bleed the feuding family.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 27 January, 2007

peace is best

recognizing israel is the right thing to do. we can not win!! you know it and the world know it too!so be it and live in peace with all

SAJJAD RANA, Pakistan - 27 January, 2007


Mushaaraf is a thief, dont trust him

Inzy, Pakistan - 27 January, 2007

The Holy Quran on Jews & their homeland (Israel)

Since all major religions' true messages are basically the same - treat oneself and one another (no matter if of the same faith or ethnicity) and the earth well and with kindness and mercy and forgiveness and moderation, it is very moving to see that there are Israelis (who include Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Druse and more) and Pakastanis who actually will walk the talk and recognise one another as brothers and sisters that they are.

And for those people who use opposition to Zionism (belief that Jewish national homeland should exist and that its rightful place is in the geographic location of the Judean / Israelite kingdoms, or some reasonable portion thereof) as an reason to reject peace or wage war, please "Zionism, the Qur'an, and the Hadith" by Khaleel Mohammed, PhD (who studied Islamic Law in Saudi Arabia), which says many important things, including: "If the idea of Israel (Zion) as a homeland for the Jewish people were to be found only in the Torah, it would have been irrelevant to discuss the Muslim view on that issue. But this Biblical concept is found in the Qur'an to the point where Islam's main document mentions that God favored the Children of Israel above all nations and decreed Israel as an abose for them, granting holy status to that land:

'And Remember when Moses said to his people: O my people! remember the favors of your Lord that he has bestowed upon you, as He has made prophets and kings from among you, and has given to you that which has never been given to anyone amongst the nations. Enter then, my People, the Holy Land, that God has written for you, and turn not back, or you will suffer.'
Qur'an 5: 20-21

Long before the formation of the State of modern Israel in 1948, the Muslim exegetes explained these verses in a manner that would have shaocked their coreligionists today who clamor for the destruction of Israel. To elucidate my point, I have rendered verse 5:21 above in as literal a manner as possible: translating the Arabic KaTaBa as 'written.' This word has definite theological connotations: in Islam, as in Jewish belief, it conveys the idea of decisiveness and finality,....

For most Muslims, the views of famous exegetes are extremely cogent: a Muslim scholar cannot attempt to gain any respect unless s/he is thoroughly familiar with the views of the famous mufassirs (exegetes). I will therefore attempt to present a summary of what the most well known mufassirs have provided as the explanations of Q5:21. Abu Ja'far al Tabari (d. 310/922), Islam's most famous exegete explained Kataba as: 'That which God has firmly inscribed on the Guarded Tablet (al-Lawh al-Mahfuz) that this (land) as an abode and residence for you instead of the tyrants that inhabited it.' It is significant the al-Tabari refers to al-Lawh al-Mahfuz in his explanation, for the term is used in Chapter 85: 21, to refer to a heavenly tablet that is divinely guarded, and something that is inscribed on it therefore must be seen as absolutley inviolable and immutable.

Abu Ali al-Tabarsi (d. 1153), the Shi'ite commentator, repeats al-Tabari's statement without change. Ibn Kathir (d. 1373) explained Kataba in terms that would have pleased the most ardent zionists: 'That which God has written for you,' i.e., That which God has promised to you by the words of your father Israel as the inheritance of those among you who believe.' Muhammad al-Shawkani (d. 1834) interpreted Kataba to mean 'that which God has allotted and predestined for you in His primordial knowledge, deeming it as a place of residence for you.'....

Perhaps as, if not more intriguing, is the interpretation that the exegetes give to 'al-Ard al-Muqadassah' (the Holy Land) in Q5:21. Al-Tabari gave several reports, citing respected authorities, showing that the Holy Land in fact was (1) Sinai and the surrounding area (2) Greater Syria (3) Jericho (4) Damascus, Palestine, and some of Jordan. Al-Shawkani also repeated this in his commentary...."

These are not my words, but those of a Muslim scholar. I say, let us all be brave and true to the best that is within us and within our faiths, and so recognize this goodness within one another - and thrive in peace.

Salam, - 27 January, 2007

Recognizing Israel.

First of all Isreal is a very strong country backed by United States. No country in the world can defeat Israel. Israel just wants to live in peace and harmony with arab neighbors. Israelis are patriotic and they will defend their country as much as Pakistanis and Indians defend their country. So recognizing Israel, if you want to or not, they dont care.

Sunil Sinha, United Kingdom - 27 January, 2007

Another U-Turn, Whats Next?

Musharraf has been taking u-turns even on the maters of national consensus and interests. He is been detracting his own statements. As like traditional dictators making brainless decisions without consultation, even his king’s party. Why, It looks he has sole motto of saving him at whatever cost.

Enough is enough at least he should say no to excessive US/Indian demands. In this way he can win some trust before 2007 elections or some respectable exit. Do you think, one can trust him to take this bold step, even though suppose to have bravery of a commando?

Real question is why we get the coward and brainless generals each time and bold enough against their own masses. It’s been killing hundreds of Pakistani in so-called US sponsored war against terrorism of whatever. Real solders being killed, hate rising even for Pakistan's true brave solders. But who cares, Did Musharraf or You do or I?

khurram, Pakistan - 27 January, 2007

Musharaf is deteriorating image of Islam behind his policies of moderinizing Islam, which is toatl against the concept of Islam. There is only one Islam and no one has right to chage it after what our beloved Prophet(PBUH) has left for us. It is said right away in Quran that zionists are your enemies never accept them. And if Musharaf does so he will be on the line of doing great mistake after mistake. This time Musharaf is the great mean to Zionist this is what he should understand and he shall be fired after the resolution of all there means.

Aamir, Pakistan - 28 January, 2007

Could agree more with Anwar Mahmood

Usually I don't write comments on these kind of articles but I couldn't agree more with Anwar Mahmood who is from Canada. Every single word he wrote reflects my opinion, it was like reading my heart out. What Musharaf is doing is good for the country(atleast for right now) but bad for muslims and for country too in a long run. He is diminishing muslim beliefs in Pakistan. Recently I went to Pakistan and I was shocked with the liberty of media.I am not talking about the freedom of speech but the vulgarity of it. Please wakeup now and do something otherwise this person will sale the country to his Master and yes I am talking about USA....

A Pakistani Muslim, United Kingdom - 28 January, 2007


Assalam o Alaikum! Yes we can recognise a bigger Syria with all these lands of the present Israel, Labenon, Palestine been united in it as a single, safe and stronger land to all religions and folks. This will end the fight of 1000 years but to be careful as the open market of weapons or money producers of some countries will in that case be in danger and they will certainly not let it be done. This is the only solution and non other.
Presently Israel is an outpost and place of testing weapons in the area how do we accept that?

Shirin, Pakistan - 28 January, 2007

Recognize the birth of a 60 years old man (or get laughed at)

Recognizing Israel is long overdue just like admitting the birth of a man who is now 60 years old. Even when we don't establish embassy in Tel Aviv, we are bound to come across Israeli leadership at the world forums. If we can recognize Bangladesh or shake hands with Indian leaders, then playing deaf and dumb in front of Israeli leaders is simply childish. Just see the picture (in another online Pakistani paper) of Peres, and Abu Mazan during Davos summit. They are laughing and having a good time. So what stops a Pakistani leader from shaking hands with Peres? As they say "Mian Bibi razi, to kia karey ga Qazi". If Palestinian leadership is OK with Israel, Pakistan should not be the odd man out.

Here are quick answers to your questions.

1) Do you agree with the contention that Musharraf is selling some US proposals vis-à-vis Palestine?

Answer: Musharraf cannot sell anything to Palestinians. Abu Mazan is there to accept peace deals. Why else Abu Mazan would get $100 million from Israel. The issue is mutual between Israel and Palestinians.

Think about this folks! Kashmir issue has not stopped Arabs from being friends with India. In fact late Yaser Arafat was much more cozy with Indians than he ever was with Pakistanis.

2) What could be the motive behind Musharraf's call for recognition of Israel?

Nothing complicated here. Musharraf is simply asking to accept the fact that Israel has existed for 60 years. Many Arabs like Egypt, Jordan, and Palestinians accept Israel, so what stops Pakistan from seeing the obvious?

3) What benefits could Pakistan achieve by recognising the Zionist State?

The only benefit at this stage is that Pakistan will be considered a sane member of the global community.

4) Should Musharraf try for peace in Middle East first or peace in Waziristan, and Balochistan?

As a I said, Pakistani role is really limited in the Middle East. Even if Musharraf visits Tel Aviv, what could he possibly do to stop the maddness in Gaza?

Accepting Israel as a country will project Pakistan as reasonable and responsible country. That's all.

Balochistan and Wazirastan problems are important but they have nothing to do with recognition of Israel.

Would you ask whether Pakistan should build a road or recognize Israel? Well! building a road in Pakistan is "LOCAL issue", while recognizing Israel is simply a "non-local" formality.

It is time that us Pakistanis deal with Israel as a country. If we see that Israel is harming Pakistan, then we should raise that issue directly with Israel. "Main na Maanoo" attitude is simply ridiculous.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 28 January, 2007

we should

Well i think we should recongniseing Israel but should after the resolution the palestinan issue.

About benifts.

Well we can allot of benifts like financial benifts from US,Like defence Benifts from US,Like defence Benifts from EU, Like we can get allot of sampathies about kashmir issue from US and EU and i have an idea ok here is the deal,Ok Us if we recongnise israel then US should play an important role in the resolution of kashmir in true sence accounding to the thoughts of kashmri people,So this is the deal.

Nouman qureshi, Pakistan - 28 January, 2007

The Heart which loves nobody

The Heart which loves nobody

How far can we go to define terrorism?
Whether it is an act of heroism?
Or a devil’s mind that thinks evil
as their way of life of death and destruction
the meaning of JIHAD has been defined
to defend yourself against the aggression
There is no life for the Palestinians
Who are living for so long under occupation?
They see no hope and no future at all
Their life is only devastation
When the one’s life is ruined in such a way
He began to think in state of mind of frustration
He is deeply disturb by the surroundings
His family members who are killed mercilessness
His heart replaces with hate revenge and ammunitions
And the bombing starts as an act of desperation
With every human blood spill in such a way
It is mass killing of a whole civilization
With the death, destruction, and frustration grows
Will there ever be peace? Will there ever be a conclusion

Wasi Siddiqui ( copy right 2007)

wasi siddiqui, Canada - 28 January, 2007

No trust

Actually main thing is trust on Musharaf,
I believe there is a no harm if we recognize Isreal but who believed on Musharafe,
in what bases he said 'recognise' Israel for resolution of Palestine issue,
If we recognize Isreal, Is Isreal withdraw from west Bank , Gaza,and from whole Palestine,
If Musharaf said all this because he got some assurance from Mr Bush so this will also open the dabate
,how many time he lie with his own people with whole world

Kashif Siddiqui, Pakistan - 29 January, 2007

No trust

Actually main thing is trust on Musharaf,
I believe there is a no harm if we recognize Isreal but who believed on Musharafe,
in what bases he said 'recognise' Israel for resolution of Palestine issue,
If we recognize Isreal, Is Isreal withdraw from west Bank , Gaza,and from whole Palestine,
If Musharaf said all this because he got some assurance from Mr Bush so this will also open the dabate
,how many time he lie with his own people with whole world

Kashif Siddiqui, Pakistan - 29 January, 2007


Recogniseing Israel would be very costy not benefical and Musaraf already sold Kashmir to india. However he doing good things for country but he must respect the general consense peoples of pakistan rather than pro-amercian and jewish lobby and burden of IMF.

Picture is clear as crystel.

Raja Khan, Pakistan - 29 January, 2007

Recognising Israel?

Commando General is out on tour to be a spokesman for Israel while no one even wants to consider Pakistan as a respectable country. No one wants to talk about Kashmir.,or the coutnry's right to have atomic technology. Same Israel and West were in the forefront in coining the term of Islamic bomb et etc.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 01 February, 2007

The sand dune

Like an ostrich we've placed our heads in the sand dune. Is it not time we come out of our shell and embrace the reality that Israel exists in our midst and we say Hi neighbor,we want you to let go your illegal occupation and Pakistan will do her best to bring peace to your region. But what if everybody recognizes and Isreal with US support continues to hold on to land that did not belong to them?

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 01 February, 2007

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