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Recognizing Israel ?

24 June, 2003

Israel said that it would be pleased to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan if Islamabad recognized the Jewish state.

Mr. Zvi Gabay, deputy director general (Asia Pacific), ministry of foreign affairs of Israel said,

"We do not regard Pakistan as an enemy, we have no conflict with them (Pakistan). If they would like to establish diplomatic ties with us, we would be pleased to have relations between the two countries."

Should Pakistan recognize Israel ?

Reader Comments:

Pakistan should never make the mistake of other nations including Arabs, in establishing ties with Israel. Pakistan is far away from Israel and there is no reason for Pakistan to establish these ties. Once these ties are made, Pakistan will lose its freedom to keep these ties or not. Israel and USA will keep pressuring Pakistan to dictate their interests. Those Arab nations which established limited ties with Israel against the will of their people are suffering from social, political, and economic instabilities. Turkey is a good example of a country which established close ties with Israel and has gained nothing except becoming more on the sideline.

Abu Khalid, Bahamas - 10 July, 2003

Why Israel Should be recognized by Pakistan While Isarel Has Got Military Defence Pact with India ?

Bismillah Airaham Nirahiem
Read LAHUL Before Recognizing ZIONIST Israel. Is Pakistan Government Under US=UK=UN Jordan & Egypt who recognized Israel in Camp-David as Pre-Condition for Having lost The 1967-War to Israel,
did Pakistan also lost to US or Israel.

First support Arab-Cause Just like in case of Mujahidien versus Soviets than Created Taleban against Mujaidien. Later USA Support against Talaban now Isarel Recognition against Islam or Arabs or Muslims ?

Would Israel & US=UK=UN Recognize Kashmir & Palestine ?

Have comments or write to
Post Box: 5857, 3008 AW Rotterdam Holland.

Faridullah KOCH (Chairperson & Founder of Islamitische Partij Nederland & E, Netherlands - 10 July, 2003

Gavriel Strasman in Israel, I look forward to the day our two countries not only establish diplomatic relations but also become firm friends.

It's good to see so many Pakistanis here (elsewhere) in favour of recognizing Israel!

Ashraf, Pakistan - 10 July, 2003

Pakistan should recognize Israel. There is no harm in accepting the existence of a nation. The muslim ummah especially Palestine has never recognized Pakistan. Why should we care about them??

Omar, United Kingdom - 11 July, 2003

let them be friends

if pakistan want friendship with india why not to israel .

sajawal.hussain, United Arab Emirates - 11 July, 2003

no never

we dont want to have relation with Israel and israel is a accupation country and we dont want have relationship with if pak gov want we will start fight against that.its early to stop recognize of israel and other wise it will not good our country.

waqar, Pakistan - 11 July, 2003

ISrael - Pakistan

I am honoured to see my letter of about two years ago to your site, praising the expression by Pakistan to establish relations with Israel. It is nice and encouraging to realize that a brave government decides in the right direction being guided by the right political interests and in fact renouncing the stubborness and hatred expressed by Moslem fanatics who favour terror and war and hatred instead of supporting peace and cociliation between peoples and nations.
Hurray to President Musharaf's courage in favouring the establishment of relations between our two states, both born out of the ruins of the British Empire.

Gavriel Strasman, Pakistan - 02 September, 2005

Recognize each other

Would the world tolerate a political movement that called for the elimination of France or China? No?
Why, then, should Israel deal with those who have sworn to destroy them?
Complaints of Israeli oppression have little credibility when you consider that Israel's very existence is threatened every day.

Al Lahissatan, United Kingdom - 24 February, 2006

To all those putting the PA first -- Pressure the Palestinians to recognize Palestine

To those saying pressure Israel first to recognize a Palestinian state... The problem is that the Palestinians don't recognize it! They have elected Hamas based on removing Israel, and establishing a side-by-side country is unacceptable. So please pressure them to come to the table. Maybe they will listen to their Muslim brethren! They have even rejected the Saudi initiative. Israel has recognized a Palestinian country as an option, offered it several times, offered to pull up settlements, pulled up settlements in all of Gaza, and provided and offered economic help to make it happen. Pressuring Israel, won't make it happen because it's not the part that's stuck. The Israeli minority who say they don't want a PA state say it is ONLY because they are afraid that it will just be a base from which to remove Israel, and not a real country with real relates in peace. (I should know, I live with one of those people.)

There are a number of minorities in the Middle East. The Jews were the first to be desperate enough and significant in numbers enough (in a localized area) to want self-rule. It's time to stop the myth that the Middle East is for Arabs-Muslims only. It's strength in it's primetime, was built on connections to all sorts of places and appreciation of all it's peoples as a mix with it's Arab-Muslim population. Pakistan really does share the same auspices beginnings from the ruins of the British empire.

I am so impressed with the many here who have said it is time to reach out for relations, even when they have personal animosity. It's an amazing outreach into world relations.

(About the comment on Turkey - they did gain by recognizing Israel -- a lot of respect in Europe that has lead them closer to joining the EU, and from the rest of the world for years, and benefits like economic over the years.)

As for getting the U.S. more involved in Kashmir, please, please wait until Bush is out of office and see if someone wise is in office to help. He'll (Bush will) just find some way to make a bigger mess of it all. Probably with guns since he doesn't seem to know about anything else to try, no matter how hard the American people yell, stop.

Sheri, United States of America

sheri, Pakistan - 18 February, 2007

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