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Recognizing Israel ?

24 June, 2003

Israel said that it would be pleased to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan if Islamabad recognized the Jewish state.

Mr. Zvi Gabay, deputy director general (Asia Pacific), ministry of foreign affairs of Israel said,

"We do not regard Pakistan as an enemy, we have no conflict with them (Pakistan). If they would like to establish diplomatic ties with us, we would be pleased to have relations between the two countries."

Should Pakistan recognize Israel ?

Reader Comments:

50 years of existance.. how is that significant?

Israel being around for 50 years doesnt mean we must accept it.

Also, singling out Mullahs for not accepting Israel is senseless too.

The fact is, that Israel has been occupying a region illegally. We may accept it. But for the sake of humanity - 'NOT until the occupation is over!

Hisham, Pakistan - 03 July, 2003


Salams. I wish to contribute some comments on this discussion too. I would say pakistan has no choise but to recognise israel because ISRAEL IS-REAL. The name says it all, 150 million muslims surrounding 15 million jews cannot even bulge jews from Israel an inch. Guess which side Allah is on. If Allah(SWT) is with 15 mil jewish people from history we know how Muhammad(SAW) defeated enemies with small army and captured Mecca only reason was Allah(SWT) was with him. Just because we are muslims doesn't mean Allah(SWT)will support us. Allah is for all equally.

Talib Khan, Hungary - 03 July, 2003

You are stupid for thinking agaist israel!!!

Israel is more powerfull than all of the arab countries remember the 6 day war or do you not want to hide your shame if you must i don't care. you blame my country for taking Israel's side but my country is protecting you, so why do you think it owns palestine?

-Roman Catholic War without end..........AMEN!!!!

Anthony, United Kingdom - 03 July, 2003

Mix reactions

In favour of humanity i think Israel should exist, they have every right to exist but not to forget the Palestinians who have suffered alot but one why or another Pakistan will recongnise Israel.But what i think is that Pakistan should not recongnise Israel unless the rights of Palestinians are met,which means indepedent state of Palestine.

Ali, United Arab Emirates - 03 July, 2003

Israel should be the first.

I think, the Israel should recognize the Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza Strip as an Arabs and Islamic land. then they should respect the religion of Islam and all Islamics countries, and the last thing that they should do , that they should respect humanity,human right and democracy in this world. at the moment the act 100% like Nazi people from Germeny. after all that things ,the muslim countries should recognize Israel as a country and not as a friendly country.but unfortunately the stat of Pakistan is very friendly country to Israel. the Pakistan is nr. 1 friendly so called Islamic country in the world. and the information I has from the stat of Israel.

Mikkael, Czech Republic - 05 July, 2003

Recognising Israel

Nations like Jordan and Egypt, whose lands are still under Israeli occupation have recognised Israel. We dont have a conflict with them, so is it our misplaced loyalty to the muslim ummah or the continuous atrocities, including summary executions of Palestinian leadership and people? Without a doubt, it figures very much in the anti Israel section of our society. I think its a matter of principal, and President Musharraf's contention that the recognition is linked to the peace process is the right one at this time.

Nafees Mahmood, Pakistan - 05 July, 2003

Recognizing Israel ?

Israel does have the right to exist. That is not the point. Even now Israel does exist. HOWEVER how can u recognize a region to exist who hasnt given the Palestinians the RIGHT TO EXIST. If this was not true we wouldnt be having this discussion.

Muhammad Haseeb Minhas, Pakistan - 05 July, 2003

What Israel?????

Just to call the occupiers Israel is these murderous and illegal occupiers have conspired to destroy the Muslim world, so Pakistan establishing ties with this illegal state so called as Israel will be like acid slowly ripping Pakistan apart (god forbid) will be a massive destruction..There is no need for Israel to exist...who are they? who gave them the right to exist...these occupiers have taken our third qibla and Pakistan is considering on having ties with the occupiers.....its very strange. Pakistan has no place to recognise this state, and it would be very illogical to consider having ties with it. Pakistan should rather have plans to rid this cancer(Israel) of the world.

Mujtaba, United Arab Emirates - 05 July, 2003


where are the muslim community
and palestinians when pakistan needs them.have they
ever took pakistan side regarding kashmir.pakistan should do anything for national interest and live with everyone in peace.

azfar imam, United Kingdom - 05 July, 2003

Israel is a terrorist state, by recognizing israel would mean to recognize terrorism.

sadaqat ullah, United Arab Emirates - 06 July, 2003

Pak/US Ties

Dictator Musharraf needs to pledge his fealty to the Zionist state(as the Shah did) if he would like to continue to garner the favour of Bush and his neo-conservative court jesters(which he has in the position of political advisers).

Now that the US has forward bases in Afghanistan,Iraq,and Kuwait the value of having Pakistani flying rights,a-la Francis Gary Powers, is greatly diminished.

Of course Musharraf will sign his own exit visa the day that he recognizes Israel,causing a civil war and thus giving the US the excuse to go in and "secure the nuclear weapons".After all,the only nuclear power in the Middle East doesn't want any other state in the region to acquire nukes.

Adam Frank, United Kingdom - 06 July, 2003

Recognizing Israel?

First of all, Israel does have a right to exist; what was born in sin, does have the right to live.
When Israelis stop acting as racist bigots, and stop their apartheid policies against the palestinians, and when they settle the question of Jerusalem, at that point Pakistan should accept Israel.

Syedsaad Ali, United Kingdom - 07 July, 2003

Why should we recognise Isreal when Isreal does not recognise the human rights of Palestinian Muslims?

Ali Khan, United Arab Emirates - 07 July, 2003

Recognizing Israel ?

At this current moment recognizng Israel would do us Harm and to other Muslims. Israel must abide by the UN resolutions and stop invading the Palestinian land. It should allow international reporters to report over what is going on there rather then just the CNN and BBC news cast. Israel is not defending its land from terrorism rather its terrorising the PALESTINIANS.

Muhammad Haseeb Minhas, Canada - 07 July, 2003

zionist? no, jews? yes

kia ora
recognize only the jewish people, but not the murderous zionist movement
do not allow pressure from any other state to dictate your foreign policy
wiremu nz

bill, New Zealand - 07 July, 2003

recogicnition !

Having read the statements of
Israelis and Americans.I feel
that they only stress on the
rights of the Jews,to be far
more important than those of
the Palestinians.The ball has
always been in Israel's court
and it lies upto Sharon how
magnanimous he is in playing
a fair game.Remember all road
maps are useless without the
UN resolution 242.Once that
status quo is established and
both Isreal and Palestine sit
side by side at UN,then we can recognize Israel.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 07 July, 2003


Isreal will be of great help to Pakistan in developing industries.
Most of the Pakistanies are the lost tribes of Jews ( Wazir in Wazirastan)..

Imran Khan, United Kingdom - 07 July, 2003

Islam First........

Pakistan should not run into a trap of recognising Israel. A simple freedom minded person can regect the existence of Israel, it has no place in the world. Western countries have been forced to recognise this illegal state. Pakistan should adopt a policy like that of Iran which does not even recognise the word Israel.
Pakistan should consider Islam first in dealing with the occupiers who have shed hundreds of thousands of the lives of our dear Palestinian brother and sisters, and Islam is the religion they are against and are doing everything in their power to destroy it.
O Muslims don't forget Islam, we have a rightful duty to protect Islam, and establishing ties with the usurper Israel is endangering Islam.

Arifa Sufi, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 08 July, 2003

Israel exist and is a historical fact regardless of whether we accept it or not. We can stay in denial but Israel do exist. In politics, time, history and events change and we have to be flexible on issues. Most Arab and Muslim countries including Palestine accept Indian claim over Kashmir. It is time that we start thinking what is in our best interest.We have to make a choice and be on one or other side of the issue rather than being on the sideline. This is what politics and leadership demands-courage to make decissions and take responsibility like an independent nation. In politics, sometime glass half full is an acceptable solution.

Dr. Syed Imam, United Kingdom - 09 July, 2003

Does our recognition matter?

Israel does exist and its existence does not depend on our gesture of recognition. So let us accept the reality and get as much political benifits as we can. Having political relation with israel does not imply that we are going to adopt jewish frame of mind but it is requirement of the changing scenerio of international politics.

Talat Waseem MD, United Kingdom - 10 July, 2003

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