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Recognizing Israel ?

24 June, 2003

Israel said that it would be pleased to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan if Islamabad recognized the Jewish state.

Mr. Zvi Gabay, deputy director general (Asia Pacific), ministry of foreign affairs of Israel said,

"We do not regard Pakistan as an enemy, we have no conflict with them (Pakistan). If they would like to establish diplomatic ties with us, we would be pleased to have relations between the two countries."

Should Pakistan recognize Israel ?

Reader Comments:

Palestinian independence first!

We can all talk about whether we should recognize Israel. But the real fact is Israel must be made to subscribe to the idea that UN resolutions do matter. Palestinian independence will automatically be the beginning of Israels existence. The other thing that must be done is that all Muslims, in their respective countries in the West must organize together and lobby the governments just like the Jewish lobby. Remember play the cats game and the cat will give everything.

Khalil, United Arab Emirates - 30 June, 2003

Recognize Israel and establish diplomatic ties.

Sahil Ali khan, Pakistan - 30 June, 2003

Why shouldnt we what have we against Jews .We should not be dictated by the whims of few ignorant illetrate Mullahs .They will always object to anything which is good for Pakistan A country is considered strong when its strong Economically for how long will we suffer because
of few regognize prosper and try and live in peace with all

Fareed, Pakistan - 30 June, 2003

Recognizing Israel ?

Recognising Israel is not a million dollar question. Pakistan is a super power like others and have a great say in world affairs to-day. To have diplomatic relations with any country for the benefit of the people and country there is no harm whether the country is muslim or non-muslim makes no difference. I would go along with it to recognise when there anti muslim policy changes.

Mohammad Akram, United Arab Emirates - 30 June, 2003


Pakistan should be the last muslim country to Recognize any jewish state or Israel.

khan, Belarus - 30 June, 2003


Pakistan has been supporting the arabs throughout its history and in return most of the arab countries do not support us in our disputes with india and even the ones who do support us do so with equal parity to india. What have we gained in return for this blind support of arab counties, nothing. If it is our islamic duty to support them then the same duty also applies to them. I say it is about time Pakistan began to give priority to its own interests. We have everything to gain and nothing to loss by recognising israel.

Saqib, United Arab Emirates - 01 July, 2003

Never must we recognise the,

If other countries wish to jump into the fire and recognise the Zionist entity, we must never follow them.

This would spell the end of Musharraf. How can we recognise an illegal state, which Allah and his Messenger have forbidden us from recognising. May Allah save us from these ignorant secularists.

Sardar Asaaf Khan, Pakistan - 01 July, 2003


Hello to all Pakistanis,

Welcome to the club! It is high time that Pakistan joins the World. The policy of "No Recognition" of something one objects to is ridiculous. Israel and Pakistan were established at the same time after they got rid of the same colonial ruler. Religious and political enmities have caused so many casaulties in both countries. It will be nice to see the Pakistani flag in Israel alongside the ones of China, Japan, Jordan and - don't minimize its importance! - India.

Gavriel Strasman, Iraq - 01 July, 2003

For what ?

Recognise Israel and sell your sole to the devil, what next ?
Recognise that Kashmir belongs to India ?
Israel has greater aspirations than the small plot of land it controls presently.
As for those ignorant fools who criticize the so-called 'ignorat mullah's', I say it is these mullahs who are pulling us back from the abyss.
Paskistan has been a poodle dog to the US since its creations and recognizing Israel would be merely a continuation of that.
How much longer does this country have bow to the US before it decides it wants to stand up for iself ?

Musharaf, United Arab Emirates - 01 July, 2003

Get Real

Lets get real here, lets recognize Israel and Palistine. Both have the right of history to have a home in the region. Problem is how do they share ? Can they ? Will they ? The other issue is, if the muslim countries bordering Israel and all gave up land, to include Israel, so the Palestinians could have land to call home would they ? These two races are no different than the tribes in Africa who have constantly wared against each other for centuries. And you would think that being in this century we would have a higher intelligence to understand, forgive, give and compromise for peace.

Nope, we will never make it as a world race, ie, called HUMANS.

Jim, United Kingdom - 02 July, 2003

Recognizing Israel?

Pakistan recognizing Israel as a state would be a BIG MISTAKE. Israel is an occupation whose laws don't even abide by the UN resolutions. Its been killing many many innocent palestinians our Muslim brothers and sisters creating vast propoganda against Muslims. If Pakistan does recognize Israel as a state. It should not call itself the Islamic Republic. We are Muslims and should support Muslims. Has anyone ever raised the question of the EXISTENCE OF A PALESTINAIN STATE.

Muhammad Haseeb Minhas, Canada - 02 July, 2003

Does it matter?

Should Pakistan recognize Israel?

Considering that your favorite neighbour is growing closer to Israel, I would think Pakistan would be stupid not to recognize Israel.

Recognition could enhance security by giving better access to military technology that India is alreay obtaining from the Jewish state.

Besides, there is no reason individuals can't help fund things the Palestinian freedom fighters need like anti-tank rockets, SAM's, et al...

Jim Vinsel, United Kingdom - 02 July, 2003

Recognize Israel - Yes. Right now - No.

I see only two kinds of perspectives here from the people. But my opinion differs from both.

Yes, absolutely. Israel does have the right to exist, and we would only harm ourselves by not accepting it.

But now is not the time. We must not accept Israel; not until the rights of Palestenians have been secured. The occupied territories issues have been settled. And not until Israel's threat to its arab and muslim neighbours with its military and otherwise, have ended.

Recognizing Israel now, would infact do us, and the whole Muslim world harm.

Recognizing it at the right time would be the best for all of us.

Hisham Durrani, Pakistan - 02 July, 2003


israels killed too many muslims....cant forget that man

abdulahad ansari, Canada - 02 July, 2003

Recognizing israel?

Infact israel is an artificial state.There is no place for israelis except they must be driven out of the Holy land.Those who support the creation of diplomatic ties with israel are building castles in the air.Can't these folks manage their eyes to witness what is hapening to the innocent Muslims in the Holy land?Can't these folks manage to set their minds to observe what the intentions of India and israel are towards PAKISTAN?If these people cannot then ALLAH may show them the right path(Ameen).

Usman Saad, Pakistan - 02 July, 2003

Israel and a Palestinian State should BOTH be recognized!

As an American of neither Jewish nor Arab descent, I've seen the Middle East tear itself apart, often made worse by an inconsistent U.S. government policy towards the region. The Bush administration is full of the corporate self-interested and the far-right Christian.

The first group wants only the resources of the area and judges every situation on its return on investment. The second sees its mission as preparing for Armageddon by the to conversion or repelling of Muslims. They see this as righteous and holy. Much like some fundamentalist Muslims and Jews also react towards other religions.

All Americans do not feel this way. The majority of Americans wants peace in the Middle East and respects both Arabs and Jews. However, our news shows us mainly Arab hatred and acts of violence and terrorism committed against the U.S. or its allies. Little of the true situation in Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, etc. is shown on our television, and Al-Jazeera is often slanted in the opposite direction. I'm proud to be an American, but do not support the current direction my country is taking. I fully support the Palestinian right to a state and believe Israel should continue to exist. Israelis and Palestinians have years of atrocities and suffering weighing their hearts. The hatred is ingrained.

If other countries, like Pakistan, reach out to Israel by establishing diplomatic relations, Israel and the U.S. will begin to get to know the Muslim world in a more directly way and begin to appreciate it. And vice versa. Change is only accomplished through education and understanding. The ways of violence, hatred and ignorance have already proven themselves to be ineffective. Let the civilized countries of the world that want peace and justice (and I hope that the U.S. becomes one of them) create an example for the Israelis and Palestinians to follow as they work towards building a tolerable and just relationship.

Traci, United Kingdom - 02 July, 2003


Pakistan should follow Egypt and Jordan in accepting Israel and should forge better ties with the Jewish state than those achieved by either Egypt or Jordan. There are many benefits for both countries and the Israeli hand that has been streched out for peace should finally be shaken by a Pakistani one.

Amir, United Kingdom - 02 July, 2003

Why not?

Those opposed A) interpret the Koran's writings to say so B) swear allegiance to the Palestinians because they are Muslims and perceived to be oppressed by the Israelis.

I doubt any holy book would wish harm to any human being, so there is no basis to hate Jews on this account.

Israel accepts the creation of a Palestinian state, regardless of arguments of entitlement. The Palestinians have yet to accept Israel.

The Jewish state occupies less than 1% of the Middle East. Jews have suffered enough over the centuries. There are less than 15 million Jews in the entire planet!

Pakistan should recognise Israel because it is the civilised thing to do. It can only benefit by doing so and set an example to a Muslim world that have been fired up by self serving fundamentalists.

Letter written by someone with no vested interest in either side. Subject: A Japanese view of the Palestinians. " A few basic questions about historic Palestine: .When was it founded and by whom? ·What were its borders? ·What was its capital? ·What were its major cities? ·What was its form of government? ·Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat? ·What was its language? ·What was its religion? ·What was its currency? ·What caused its demise and when? . Arab countries have never abandoned the dream of destroying Israel. For that purpose, they created a terrorist organization called it the Palestinian people. Jordan and Egypt refused to accept back the West Bank and Gaza. Sagamori on Nov 6, 2002.

rami, United Arab Emirates - 02 July, 2003


I believe it would be in the best interest for a muslim state like pakistan to commit to a lifelong goal of establishing relations with the jewish state of isreal.

danny einhorn, Pakistan - 03 July, 2003

Recognizing Israel ?

The truth is, that Israel is being oppressive, and as remarked by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, guilty of unlawful displacement, occupation, blockade, and now extra-judicial killings, which should not be ignored. There could be no excuse for Israel's brutal behaviour. The holocaust and the atrocities on Jews could not be an excuse for such inhumanity. There must be an end to it.
Until there is no end to all this then Pakistan SHOULD NOT RECOGNISE Israel as a state. It should not matter whether India has strong ties with Israel or not since Pakistan has been successfully facing India without having any ties to Israel till now thus Pakistan should have no problem in future.

Muhammad haseeb Minhas, Canada - 03 July, 2003

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