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Recognizing Israel ?

24 June, 2003

Israel said that it would be pleased to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan if Islamabad recognized the Jewish state.

Mr. Zvi Gabay, deputy director general (Asia Pacific), ministry of foreign affairs of Israel said,

"We do not regard Pakistan as an enemy, we have no conflict with them (Pakistan). If they would like to establish diplomatic ties with us, we would be pleased to have relations between the two countries."

Should Pakistan recognize Israel ?

Reader Comments:

A big YES!

A big YES! Israel exists and it has been more than 50 years.

I think it's about time that we should wake up to the fact and recognize Israel.

Akbar, Pakistan - 24 June, 2003

Strategical Move

It would indeed be a strategical move on Pakistan's behalf. We must recognize Israel to come under the security blanket of USA.

It would eventually engage the USA more in Sub-continent to resolve the issue of Kashmir as well..

Bottom line, recognize Israel and establish diplomatic ties.

Naeem, Pakistan - 24 June, 2003

Right to exist

i think jews have equal right to exist as a nation and people. It is also a sunnah, that prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had established and made contracts first to jews then any other nation in Madina.Besides more then 140 countries of the world recognise Israel why not pakistan.

Iftikhar Adil Rana, Pakistan - 24 June, 2003

National Interest

We Muslims were classified as fundamentalist, talibans and lots more after 9/11 in world and especially in US, Time has come for radical change in our foreign ploicy. We haven't got anything by appossing Israel. We still have some cards to play. Its a need of time that we should strengthen our relationship with outside world. Its also aid in establishing long term relation with USA (especially it shall helps in reduction of apposition done by US Jewish Lobby for Pakistan National Interest).

Mohammad Azim, Pakistan - 25 June, 2003

Israel EXISTS!

Israel exists. If Egypt, Jordan, etc. acknowledge it's existance, then with the permission of our other Muslim brethren we should acknowledge it too. Our relations with a country should only be dictated by national interests. Muslim sentiments from around the world should be a secondary factor, just as it is for them when dealing vis-a-vie India.

Rizwan, United Kingdom - 25 June, 2003

Recognizing Zionism.

Pakistan should not jump on the wagon,in order to please
the mentors.When we talk of UN resolutions on Kashmir,we
must insist on 242 and the complete withdrawl of Israel
to 1967 borders.If they want their settlements to stay in
place,they must accept the return of the Palestinians.If
these conditions are accepted
only then recognition be given and relations established.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 25 June, 2003

Military vs political decisions!

Israel is an illegitimate occupation (country) on earth. If Pakistan is to recognize Israel, it will need to compromise on principles once again and then allow MQM to have Muhajristan, Pushtuns to have Pushtunistan etc etc.

Sunny, Pakistan - 25 June, 2003

Yes, Isreal is real.

Isreal is real. Despite the incredible importance of creating a Palistinian state, it is hard to deny that Isreal is a nation of its own.

Jason, United Kingdom - 25 June, 2003

I think the leaders of Pakistan like anyother issue should consider recognizing Israel, its not weapons anymore that best describe nations strength rather its diplomatic polies which people around the world observe and perceive about our national values. So let's be more realistic and try to cure the tooth that hurts!!

Imran, Pakistan - 25 June, 2003

Yes why not

The most important thing for Pakistan is our national interest in recent situations. We should not only recognize Israel, but should also strive for trade and defence ties with her.

Mohammad Shamim, United Arab Emirates - 26 June, 2003


'Pakistan First' This should be the guiding principle in deciding the issue. Israel exists and this cannot be denied. Arabs are moving towards the same conclusion. Egypt recognized Israel long time ago. Since 9/11 it is a new world which we should recognize and rapidly realign ourselves. As soon as feasible, diplomatic relations should be established with Israel.

Masroor A. Syed, United Kingdom - 27 June, 2003

Pakistan will eventually extend formal recognition to Israel, let there be no doubts about that. What should be done in this process, though is to give Israel some stake so that it allows an independent and separate Palestinian state in the middle east.

Pakistan should tie its formal recognition of Israel to Israel's recognition of and active cooperation towards the establishment of an independent Palestine within its 1967 borders. Otherwise, Pakistan will have betrayed its previous committments, and forfeited its long-standing solidarity with the Palestinians.

Hamesha, Afghanistan - 28 June, 2003

To be or Not to be

Pakistan should have recognised Israel a long time ago...the state of Israel is there, very sound and powerful, we recognise or dont the sate remains.
The Mullahs will start screaming, yelling, hollering... but unfortunately the Ulema of our nation are doing the same since they were born. They too have their reasons..come to think of it, what do these "Ulemas" the guardians of to earn their living. And mind you the living is beyond expectations of even a upper middle class person...So forget about the nuisance of the vultures of our society and carry o with the progressive work.

Yousuf Ahmad, Pakistan - 28 June, 2003


Pakistan must recgnise Israel .i hate Israel but when i see Palistinen leadership i get soooo sad .
Pakistan always brings palistine issue in world forum .when we listned that any palistine has been killed(shaheed) we get sad we fell that our brother has killed .Pakistan always with palistine but Palistinen leader they r not with us .Yasir Arfat says India is my second home he says india should try to solve palistine problum he loves india but he forgets that what is India doing in Kashmir he forgets to condmand Indian barbaric act in kashmir he forgets to say that Kashmir should be independent he forgets to say Kashmir people must not b killed by Indian forces he just remember palistine he dosent think about others.

Qadeer, Pakistan - 28 June, 2003

Recognize Israel

A BIG YES! Why are we sentimental? Concerned countries are shaking hands with Israel. Why not us. Its time to face facts.
Mansoor, USA

Mansoor Shah, United Kingdom - 28 June, 2003

We have no animosity with Israel, only emotional aversion. If its in our National interest to recognise Israel, emotions can be set aside then.

Qasim Naqvi, Pakistan - 29 June, 2003

Recognizing Israel

Pakistan and Israel are the only two countries found on the ideology of religions. They have more in common. I think reconizing Israel would be in self-interest of Pakistan.

Asad Rehman, United Arab Emirates - 29 June, 2003

No we shuldnt

No we shuldnt try to recognize israel ..y we ...cauze we can find very clear instruction in our HOLY BOOK that they never bcame friends to MUSLIM...then y u ppls trying to get opinion abt this issue????

Imran, Pakistan - 29 June, 2003

No dictation from Arab world.

By closing eyes, reality does not change. In our national interest, we must recognize Israel.
Arabs don't take dictation from Pakistan concerning their relations with India. Some Arab countries are floating the idea of giving India Honorary membership of OIC because of their big Muslim population. If it happens, I will go to the extreme extent by saying that Pakistan must quit impotent Islamic organization at that time that has done nothing for Palestine and Kashmir.
Perhaps most of the Pakistani's don't know that several Arab states have already recognized Israel, and there is no such Hadith banning relations with Jews.

Shahzad, Ukraine - 29 June, 2003


iSRAEL SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT FOR RECOGNITION.If Pakistan is recognizing India why not Israel.It would be beneficial in technological, educational anfd scientific ways.Mullahs should keep quiet. Qazi sahib should know well.

arif69, Pakistan - 29 June, 2003

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