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Presidentís address to Parliament and flight diversion of vocal opposition members

19 January, 2004

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It's reported that government in order to rebuff the expected agitation of opposition during inaugural address of President General Pervez Musharraf, diverted the flights of two of the top Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD) leaders to Peshawar from the Federal Capital.

One of them, Ms. Tehmina Daultana central leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has termed the diversion of her flight as conspiracy against her in order to stop her from raising her voice in Parliament. She has also submitted an application for the registartion of FIR against President for his alleged involvement in hijacking besides filing a privilage motion in the national assembly.

1-Do you think opposition leaderís claim of Plane hijack is justified?

2-Did government gain something from diverting the flights that were carrying few opposition members of the Parliament?

3-Who and how should anyone be held responsible for these diversion of flights?

4-Is this a similar case of Hijacking through which former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was convicted?

Reader Comments:

Good Speech

The speech was excellent and one would have expected this statemenship from the President.

I feel, rather than making an uproar in the parliament, opposition should have simply walked out like MMA.

If the plane was delayed deliberately, then someone from the goverment side should be accountable for this act.

Akbar, Pakistan - 19 January, 2004


I believe President Musharraf made an honest and candid presentation of issues confronting the nation. Misplaced obsession with religion and romantics with the so called Ummah, are destroying this country.

As far as the conduct of the opposition is concerned, these are a bunch of street urchins who can not play a positive role to strengthen democracy in the country. By indulging into non stop rowdyism, the opposition is fast losing whatever little support it has. What can one expect from remote controlled parties which are run by absconders, looters and corrupt individuals ?

PIA,Civil Aviation and the government must explain their respective position and involvement if any in the events leading to the delay of the planes. Guilty must be penalized.This nonsense should not be tolerated in any civil society.This violates individuals rights and liberty.

Hassan, Pakistan - 19 January, 2004

Unconstitutional President

I am surprised to see the Commando President of Pakistan wetting like rain while delivering the speech. His trembling voice and lost confidence speaks of his guilty of being unconstitutional. I agree with Hamid that he should show these fists to India, and other enemies of Pakistan not to his own countrymen. Such a gesture could only come from a dictator, hope he is feeling the taste of democractic environment, though the environment he has created is 'Adha Teetar Adha Betair'.

Sunny, Pakistan - 19 January, 2004

speech of president

Speech of President Mussarraf can be rated quite reasonable.
Attitude of the opposition(ARD) was within the limits but that of MMA is not justified.
Delaying the flight of PIA carrying Ms Tehmina Daultana should be probed.

mir tabassum mairaj, Pakistan - 19 January, 2004

Ideotic At it's Best...

Dosn't make sense that just that a president will divert a Full PIA flight to somewhere else for stopping some 2nd Class Politicians to come in the Parliment. Even if he wanted to stop them he can even stop them Just outside the Parliment. And adding to that Many of the Superior Politiciance were already there to do their Job. But it looks like they know a Presidents Respects atleast.

Fahad Ahmed, Ukraine - 19 January, 2004

No need to divert

I agree with Fahad that there's no need to divert the whole plane of PIA when the rest of the opposition is allowed to step in the parliament and bark like dogs, why not let this die hard supporter of Nawaz sharif to do the same. I can't buy this lame story of being kidnapped.

Opposition has been a disgrace to the parliament and the whole world witnessed it that how tolerant is our , so called elected members of the house. These Makhdooms, Chaudhris and Vaderas known for their screaming in their villages, also think they are sitting in their farm houses than Parliament.

If I were Musharraf, I rather not only show the gesture of fist to them but really make them feel too...

Agha, Pakistan - 20 January, 2004

Plane Hijacking

It is very unethical and undemocratic to divert flights with an intention to stop opposition members attending the parliament session. Trial of President Musharraf should be carried out for hijacking a plane as we have witnessed in the past that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was pleaded guilty of so called hijacking. If Nawaz faced the music that why not our "beloved" President Musharraf. One should not support this ugly act of Musharraf and even his "Hijacked Democracy".

Mian Miraj, Pakistan - 20 January, 2004

Reply to Agha

Isn't that enough which speaks of General's sincerity, that he thanked the same Chaudries for making arrangment on his LFO approval. The general brought the same Vedara Chief Minister in Sindh and Chaudhry in Punjab. What do you think Farooq Laghari is? and do you want me to remind you about the Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat whose name was on Exit Control List before Jamali's vote of confidence.

Sunny, Pakistan - 20 January, 2004

Presidential Address to the Parliament

President address to the Parliament was superb, articulate, meaningful and thoughtful. The nation was shown a visible and viable road map - and the destiny if the former wants to follow and achieve the destiny.
So far claim of supremo lady of the opposition regarding the hijacking is concerned it is as ridicules as the opposition, for so many members of treasury benches were also on the board. Nevertheless if some officials of the PIA are involve for real then they might be dealt with in accordance with law.
And this alleged case has no similarity with offence of N. Sharif in any respect.

aftab alam khankhel advocate, Pakistan - 20 January, 2004

The problem is not how good or how bad the presidential address is / was. If we look back, all our leaders had something meaningful to say on such occasions. It's the hypocracy of our leaders that eventually let's us down. The diversion of flights and other such tactics are well within our national character; Benazir flew them to Swat, Gen. Zia was quite an arm-twister, Nawaz / Shahbaz had their ways ... Musharraf too is from among us. So what if he diverted flights. Come to think of it, our opposition's way of protest is also well within the realms of our society. Nothing comes as a surprise to those who have seen it through the years. Our leaders inherently lack legitimacy and hence the support which then leads to such diversions. Under such manipulative circumstances words do not carry much weight. It is the nation that provides weight and meaning to the leaders' assertions. That obviously missing, Gen. Musharraf's words were essentially his own and no more!!

Zulqarnain Qazi, Pakistan - 21 January, 2004

President Musharraf vs. Politicians

President Musharraf vs. Politicians
The whole outburst of the stereotype stuff of the political as well as the so-called intellectual lot has been against the President Musharraf & Pak Army. But my simple question is that apart from the army whether any other institution can be singled out that has accomplished its obligation ever? Can one counter these facts?
∑ Our political lots always harping on the tune of democracy and elections in the country but not in their outfits and have established dynasties in their bunches just like monarchs do in monarchy.
∑ Our lot of politicians talking relentlessly about the constitution in the country but not at all in their political gangs.
∑ That defense has been the primordial duty of army and the latter has well excelled in the domain all roundly, despite the innumerable barriers of assortment - and hence Pakistan stood the seventh formidable nuclear force in the world.
∑ Despite the awesome omni-sort numerical superiority along with the beloved-ness of Bharat in the eyes of the (late) USSR, the now Russian Federation, the United States, the United Europe, the Israel and in the 'Muslim Ummah,' containing and keeping in senses the rabid most Hindus is not a jest.
∑ Pak Army has dealt with all our enemies skillfully and nimbly.
∑ The intelligence services of Pak Army have gained world recognition.
∑ Their peace keeping has gained the world veneration.
∑ Their discipline is unrivaled.
∑ PAF with much limited resources has outclassed the IAF with unlimited resources - the same is the case of Pak Navy against the Bharati Navy.
∑ The products manufactured in Wah Ordnance Factories as well as in other military factories have gained world acknowledgement.
∑ None of the commissioned officers in the army is uneducated.
∑ When the plunderers politicians crippled the WAPDA, the Pak Railways and the Pak Steel, the army was called for the rescue. So much so that a 'pumpkin' PM of the country was about to call the army for the task of atta (flour) distribution.
∑ Before this regime, none of the state agencies could dare to make the recovery of loans or the WAPDA arrears from the looters.
∑ Before this government, none of the courts could dare to initiate proceedings against a naib tahsildar let the pharaohs Commissioners, Additionals, DCs, ADCs, ACs, and EACs, alone.
∑ Before the NAB, none of the state agencies could dare to nab a plunderer navy chief.
∑ Being the from the same cluster none of the dacoit politician dared to proceed against the other dacoit politician for real - and instead for the ends of justice they used accountability simply as a tool for their own ends.
∑ They were unable to rein the 'Lucifer the great' of Karachi, until and unless the only pride of PPP, the Lt. Gen. (ret.) Naseerullah Khan Baber was asked for the task.
∑ Previous governments lost five slots in the upper space and the only remaining one would have gone as well, had the Musharraf government not acted timely by sending our own satellite.
∑ None of the past governments could dare to tame the rabid pack in clergy.
∑ The plunderers politicians were so apathetic on one hand and trash-minded on the other towards the country - that they could not manage simply to block the longstanding menace of hundi and hawala monopoly of the outlaws - other wise the Forex reserves would have reached to the national exchequer long before and the country would have taken off financially long before.
∑ The forex reserves even in heyday of the twosome outlaws PMs have not exceeded from figures in millions, now it has touched first ever height.
∑ Nearly every country needs and seeks the skill of our armed forces for the training of their armed forces, whether any country has ever asked us for the services of personnel of any other institution?
∑ Pakistan had acquired not a single sea oil tanker for the huge import of crud oil and hence a huge outflow of forex Ė but now for the first time Pakistan acquired 3 mammoth sea oil tankers and would acquire the fourth one shortly which would make it possible for the first time in our history to import all the bulk of the crud oil by our own tankers.
∑ We have all our grace because of the armed forces and all the disgrace because of our embezzlers politicians and the rabid pack of the clergy. And one must not forget that the personnel of the armed forces are not aliens - and above all they are our friends in all needs, indeed.
And this is the prime cause that the trident of US, Bharat and Israel has been hell-bent to contain and scorn the Pak Army in the guise of sugarcoated slogan of democracy.

aftab alam khankhel advocate, Swat, Pakistan - 22 January, 2004


More than anything the opposition's behavior was unacceptable. Can we compare it to speech of Mr. Bush, in the USA? After the president's speech, Democratic leader extremely criticized it. However, during speech she did allow him to say his point of view. The problem is that we have forgotten the fundamentals of Islam. In Imam Jaffer-as-Sadiq's university, anything and everything was open for discussion, even the existence of God. Everyone had freedom of speech. In Pakistan even the President doesn't have freedom of speech.

Ms. Daultana, wished her plane to be hijacked, so she can become a heroine. If such are our politicians and leaders then, we are better off without democracy.

Naqvi, San Marino - 22 January, 2004

Dictator Mushi

Well well well, so finally the real Mushi is appearing infront of public, when he was diverted from his trip from outside in Nawaz regime, it was hijacking, and now it's not, waooooo, people, bravo, bravo, i am not advocating any political party here, botom line is Mushi is not legit, an he has done every wrong thing to make him legit, and let me tell you mushi lovers, you can not build a tall bulding if there is no base, so keep in mind every dictator in the history have tried to do it but in the end they failed, and by not letting any member of the asambly attending all you are doing is digging your own grave, and getting more opposition, yes mushi has done few things right but he will get the credit for those when he is an elected president, untill then let's rally against him. I think he should be put on trial and people should be able to see the truth, and if he has nothing to do with flights being delayed or diverted then he should not fear any thing since he is so clean and fair in all his decisions, so i ask Mushi to come forward and fight the fight in court not infront of his bought supreme court, he should be arrested asap and brought to justice.


Usman, Pakistan - 22 January, 2004

I can't comment on Musharraf's speech, because I don't live it. I would like to throw in two cents. From afar, and on a simplistic view, redirecting a plane to keep away the opposition is "hijacking democracy", as some-one said earlier. If their as loud-mouthed, and illrelevant as most of these post say, let 'em speak. Here there's a phrase, "Give them enough rope, and they'll hang themselves." Although I beleive that Musharraf has the right goals, sometimes getting on the right road can be tough. God speed to you all.

TC, Pakistan - 23 January, 2004

I think that the reaction from the opposition during the President s speech was just another sign of disgrace that they brought and still bringing to Pakistan. I believe that the President has a plan and that he should be given the chance to do his job without the opposition barking all the time. The country is doing much much better than when bhutto and boldy nawaz were on power. The economy growth was under 2% prior to President take over in 1999. Now with the help of Almighty we enjoy a growth of over 5% and still growing. The economy is doing much better. There are more foreign companies investing in the country, thus creating jobs. I think this is all because of President and the government s policies. It s so funny that previously, bhutto and nawaz were on each other s case, but now they seem to be like the perfect couple. They were useless on their own and even more useless now when the two parties are joint. bhutto is the sort of person that whenever something happens back home or something, she is seen in New Delhi talking with the Indian Goevernment. Is she working for the sake of pak or ind. Nawaz is enjoying all his money in Saudi Arabia. Can someone ask where did the money come from?? It belongs to the people of pakistan.

Basically, the president and the government are doing very well in restoring the democracy, strong economy, improve our international relations, increase trade, increase the level of education and eliminate poverty. What the hell is wrong with that??

shakeel, Belarus - 26 January, 2004

President Speech to the parliament

the overall speech was satisfactory. If we desire to survive,all of us should behave accrding to the trends of the world.
the agitation of opposition was their right and is the fruit of democracy. they should react as opposition plays an important role in the far the problem of delay is concerned it is against the ethics of democracy and it should not be practiced.

M Anwar Marwat

M.Anwar Marwat, Pakistan - 27 January, 2004

Unfair to divert flight carrying opposition members. Musharraf should face the music as former Prime Minister Nawaz did. FIR should be launched againt Musharraf on the charges of Hijacking as was done against Nawaz Sharif. I hope this message will be posted as your site seems to be operated under the supervision of Army.

danial Aziz, Pakistan - 29 January, 2004


Hey,,give this guy a break!! Will you? I am telling all those opposition leaders and wannabe-PMs. I think this guy is great for Pakistan, economically at least. KSE is sky rocketing these days, all previous records have been broken. KSE stocks werent so high during "dictatorships" of Benazir and Nawaz. No I am not out of my mind, I intentionally used word "dictatorship". I dont think even Nawaz or BB's governments were democratic, they hijacked whole country, nearly putting it on edge of bankcruptcy..corruption was everywhere. They didnt do anything good, believe me!!. Unfortunately., Pakistani people are not mature enough to have a democratic rulers. I am not against democracy, no sir!. I am only against it when voters dont know whom they are voting for, and how good that candidate will be. Nawaz and BB came to power two times each. So I think dictatorship is better for them (only if dictator is good! otherwise bad democracy is better than bad dictatorship). Musharraf has been good for Pakistan until now. Corruption has decreased, economy has improved, etc. I think we should all support Musharraf. I know he may not be the PERFECT leader, but who has been since creation of Pakistan? No one. Since his government, Pakistan is progressing in every way, slowly and steadly. He must be given time and support of all political parties. I dont think Pakistan will have such a sincere leader again.

Rizwan Khan, United Arab Emirates - 31 January, 2004

Common Man

while taking into consideration, the pak economy, we will find that we are develpoing in certain sectors. Prime minister declared that the year, 2005 will be the year of micro finance. it maens that the govt. is trying its level best to inculcate the habit of investment in all the sectors of economy, especially in agri-sector where pakistan can compete and develope.
now comin towards the FDI, all the multinational copmanies working in pakistan, they paved a way of employement. by keeping these exapmle in view one can say that the economy is getting stronger day by day. but in spite of all these, common man is still suffereing a lot as there is no strict price control. the dearness is rising day by day but the income of labour community remains constant. if our common man is not satisfied and he is not enjoying all the facilities of life then how can we say that we are developing. here i would like to suggest PM Pakistan, to make a price control unit to make sure the prices be constant for a longer interval of time. if our common man is trapped in the vicious circle of poverty then there is no need of public debt.

zafar iqbal, Pakistan - 02 April, 2005

Chance meeting

According to a 'chance theory' related to 'playing cards', a 'king of spade' has a chance of 1/52; a black coloured card has a chance of 1/26 and any ace has a chance of 1/13.Meeting between the two world leaders out of 175 attending '2005 World Summit'had a chance of 1/175. Top officials denied any planned meeting between heads of Pakistan and Israel.We as a Pakistani Nation have strange traditions; what our leaders plan rigorously for the betterment of this poor nation, does not happen and what happens depends on mere chances.óIslamabad

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 20 September, 2005

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