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President Musharraf's statement and dispute of Kashmir

19 December, 2003

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President Musharraf the other day gave out a strong statement on the dispute of occupied Kashmir during an exclusive interview with Reuters. Mr. President said that Pakistan is ready to put aside its demand for a referendum guranteed by U.N. in the disputed territory of Kashmir.

Meanwhile, spokesman of Foreign Office, Masud Khan said, President Musharraf's interview on Kashmir was reported and quoted out of context as he did not state that the resolution of the issue should not be in accordance with the UN resolution passed, fifty years back. Mr. Khan said that the Kashmir issue could only be resolved, as the president said, by showing flexibility, from both sides, not unilaterally.

Should Pakistan put aside the U.N. Resolution while talking to India over the dispute of Kashmir ?

Is peace possible in the subcontinent without resolution of Kashmir ?

Has the statement on Kashmir of President Musharraf, quoted out of context by media?

Reader Comments:

Development first, Kashmir later.

Dear Sir,
I have read the Kashmir issues for several years either in books or newspapers. My father, foreign service officers also have also followed the Kashmir issues since he joined foreign services. So did my grandfather. What I really think is that since both India and Pakistan would never agree to let Kashmir people decides their future themselves as an independent state, why can they at least for several years to come, agree to maintain the status quo on the condition that both countries would cease hostilities or provoke hostilities. India and Pakistan can then proceed in developing their mutual cooperation and concentrates more on development. Boht countries need to spend more of their money to give the development benefits to their citizens instead of buying F-16 or Mirage-3000. South Asia has so far left behind compared to Southeast Asia. forget East Asia. I sincerely believes people in the street needs economic prosperity and political stability, more than anything else. So give them what they need first.
Thank you.
Andi Effendi

Andi Effendi, Iceland - 07 January, 2004

people from N.W.F.P and Punjab crossed the boarder to help the fellow Muslims but 65% of the total number of people who took part in the revolt were native Kashmiris.

Requiem, Pakistan - 01 February, 2005

Kashmiris are the main people, without their involvement , nothing can happen.Since last 15 years 100,000 people have died for their freedom struggle.More blood shed will give more pain and no good results.It is an extremely delicate situatition for Pakistanis, Indians and Kashmiris.Truth is that the problem is their ,but solutions have to be taken out, but not in the way as Indian PM commented about baldistan.Every day till today ,, people are being killed, they are all humans not animals,,,,,so for the sake of better ment of both societies, Humanbeings, trielage talks are the most important thing , all options should be on table even free and fair plebicite of people.This is not matter of ego, But of massive understanding. Everyone should hope for best .

Kashif Imam, United Kingdom - 14 June, 2005


We should forget all these issues. Make the LOC permanent international border and help in eliminating poverty from our nation. Make Pakistan a great nation with responsibility. If we get stuck to Kashmir issue, we will need to loose whole nation for Kashmir, because one more war beteen India and us, they'll not spare us this time.

Wajid, Pakistan - 20 October, 2005


The truth is kashmir was part of india and it will matter what pakistan or for that matter rest of world do. Time has come for pakistan and their miltary leader to understand the facts. Killing whole family in front of 6 year old kashmir girl will never be justified in any religion or any kind of war. Instead of spending more time on kashmir, spend time and resources on make it develop country..that's what india is doing.(We are slow but at least we are trying to reach there) And as someone said in first comment this time there will be no pakistan on world map so better leave us alone..pakistan can never match india in his political and miltary might..and whole world is with you if you have power..look at US and rest of world powers how they have chnage their attitude towards india in last 3-4 years. Pakistan has done so much for US but US is willing to do more for india (recent nuke deal between India and US) then for pakistan. We are 1 billion people with more then 1 billion problems, but we are at least trying, we are not spending our money and resources on Terrorism.

Use common sense if Pakistan can not do any thing against India in present it will never able to do so in future. India is developing, in another 20 years we will be out of reach for countries like US so forget it and think and work for your country.


Sardar, Hungary - 22 October, 2005

how can u take kashmir from india

i would like to know how pakistan can get kashmir from India. by war,not talks, not possible.By terrorism , india can also send more sarabjits. So is there any solution to this.
World opinion- Usa, japan, and whole europe has no pro paksitan stand.They say resolve it your self.India has more resources, It can play bigger tactical games.

sunny, Hungary - 30 October, 2005

we as indians love kashmir more than it was mentioned that zab has conceded to indiain 1971 about resolution.dear dont think that kashmir can be urs if once it freed from india.god will ing it wont happen ,even if freed it wont be yours.i advice u please stop fighting for K.u got ajk with u so be with that ,make loc as international border.dont show that u r muslim brotherhood to the kashmiris.,as we also consider them as our brothers.if u are really sincier in your behaviour give independece to the baluch people who struggling for their freedom.

all are brothers, Hungary - 17 November, 2005

pakistan is India

isn't Pakistan india ? mass conversiaons during the time of the dogras and rule of Wajid ali turned all buddhist and hindus into muslims. Pakaistani's are originaly indian and most have indian names, so why can't we all get along. India is assasinating their own people whilst Pakistan are as well this is just not right. i ashere to an independent kashmir but definately not a pakistani one what about hydrabad and other muslim mAjority places ? India has given east and west Pakistan and she is still grieving. Not only is has this conflict become geo political but domesticaly stupid. both primeministers need to resolve their conflict.

sindhi, Aruba - 15 January, 2006


The way some of the passengers are being offloaded by foreign airlines due to their language similar to Arabic or their appearance disturbing fellow passengers, on their suspicion and request, time may be very near when an airline booking clerk would ask the would-be-traveller; smoking/ non-smoking, muslim/ non-muslim, bearded/ non-bearded?

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 05 September, 2006


I believe ,we are one in everyaspect. The best solution to the Kashmir issue would be softening borders and removing visa restrictions. The reunion can also be considered.

vineet, Pakistan - 08 December, 2006


All Pakistanis should first worry about their Jihadi brothers ...
They should first try to save their own country and then they should think about resolving Kashmir issue.
How can you provide independence to Kashmir when you yourself are being ruled for last 30 year under military rule...under dictators... Without the independence of your own judiciary

A piece of advice :=> SAVE YOURSELF FIRST

Afzal, Hungary - 04 June, 2007

if u can't beet them, join them`

many people think that we can get kashmir easly!!we should do for the people not for ourself!

najeeb, Pakistan - 25 November, 2007

There was no kashmir as such

"Humans are the only species on this earth who kill their own species". 50 years back we were brothers and now we are enemies. what must have changed. remember the civil war in america. they are now United and super power. It is possible for Indian and pakistan also. Nothing is impossible if we have a true leader who works for their people. Until then we will be misled. I am not mentioning my country here.. can any one guess whether I am indian or Pakistani. one more thing if you can not unite it is fine, at least dont separate. if we both go to western country we both will be treated as dark skinned untouchable persons.. because we can not make a decision to live together in peace and develop. guys whole world is laughing at US. Wake up.

st, - 27 December, 2007

india pak

India and pakistan are one and the same thing. they always have been. the food, culture, races, people, monuments everything. people in the future like me are gonna bring them both together into one country called whatever and we can beat the entire world together again as one. let the youth strive toward a common goal to unite the two best nations back into one. kashmir will automatically be resolved also.

zeeshan, Hungary - 23 June, 2008


there is no issue of kashmir people there are much better than other parts of world but the issue is pakistan only pakistan because pak is too much prosper and successfull country they want kashmir do the same after patition in 1947 they progress a lot so they want for kashmir.

sahil, Pakistan - 13 October, 2010

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