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Playing Politics or Need Revolution by Altaf Hussain

26 August, 2010

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On 22nd August, 2010, MQM chief Altaf Hussain in his telephonic address from London said his party would support steps like martial law if taken against “corrupt feudals and landlord politicians”.

He urged “patriotic Generals to initiate martial law-like steps against feudal politicians and former generals who disgraced the army institution during the Soviet-Afghan war”, adding that the country was in desperate need of a change much like the French Revolution, and by stirring such a revolution, the MQM would cause consternation for the influentials, landlords and capitalists.

At the time when Pakistan is facing such a worst ever flood in the history, these statments of MQM chief Altaf Hussain has opened a new horizon of discussion between all political parties. Every political party didn`t endorse his view point but somehow PTI Chief Imran Khan too welcome the same methodology that only for the purpose of maintaining stability in Pakistan, Pak Army should be indulged into Pakistan`s Politics.

  • Do you think MQM / PTI is working on some hidden agenda and can call for Mid Term election?
  • Do you believe that martial law is necessary and the only way to remove the corrupt politicians?
  • Does these views predict the true picture of Pakistan Government failed policies?
  • Please discuss your views.
  • Reader Comments:


    Martial law is not necessay but we need some kind of discipline in governance (do we have any?) If we take help from army to overcome the bump in the road, we must establish that army should be
    accountable in civil arena.Everything should be transparent and SC should be responsible for oversight.Something has to be done because what we have is not working

    DAUD MUNAWAR, United Kingdom - 04 September, 2010

    Martial Law

    Please give the pakistani people who are suffering at the hands of these corrupt politicians our best EID Gift by installing Martial Law on Eid Day. Thank You and May Allah Bless our Army.

    Dr Hasan Salam Khan, Pakistan - 04 September, 2010


    I admire bravery, and it is brave of Altaf to show willingness to go back to Pakistan for his British and Indian friends after all that he has done to Pakistan. But if he opens his eyes fully then he will also realize that there is no place left for people like him and Mr Salman Rushdie anywhere in the Muslim world because no Muslim country in the world can now be slapped down and forced to keep quiet by the threat of violence or Economic blackmail.

    Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 06 September, 2010

    revolution is needed for pakistan

    I totally agree without a second thought with MQM chief statement. It is need of the hour.He right beyond any doubt. The corrupt politician of pakistan do not any place in this great country as they have just looted and brutally ruled pakistan.

    People of pakistan are suffering and these co called politician has made life miserable for us. Revolution could be brought either by power of people or people with the support of army , as these politician are so strong , there is no other way to remove them from power.

    May Allah bless us with vision to fulfill this dream.

    muhammad akram, Pakistan - 06 September, 2010

    Beware of Altaf Hussein

    Altaf Hussein is the master of double play. His game is to stay in Govt no matter who is in power and at the same time make the best political use of every crisis situation that the country is dragged into - befooling the masses by masquerading as saviour. He has the wit to make anti-wadera statements whie hijacking the people of urban sind through systematic extortion and brutal terror.
    What the feudals do through land holdings and the resultant control, Altaf's MQM does through nazi-style terror campaign. These statements are attempts to show him standing with the poor suffering class and carry no weight while he is fully supportive of Zardari and co and even defends him in speeches and interviews.

    AQ Khanzada, Pakistan - 09 September, 2010

    a great nation with immense potential,failed to have a sincere time has arrived to hold free and fair accountibility under the supervision of supreme court and pakistan army should help the process within the frame of constitution other wise pak may fall in the hand of chaos and anarchy.i stressed army should not even think to clamp martial law

    syed akhter, Pakistan - 13 September, 2010

    Revolution is the only option!!!

    It’s been observed that elected government is completely failed to fulfill its responsibilities. I do not want to go in detail every one knows about it. The only solution to change the system (not government) is revolution which can come by election but first one should erase the corruption otherwise same face and same system.

    I believe, Every Pakistani tried enough from every government due to corruption and irresponsibility. Mr. Altaf Hussain is the only light in darkness.

    We gave chance every one for govern in Pakistan why not Mr. Altaf Hussian.

    This is Last Chance to Change system OR ………….

    Waqar Khan, Pakistan - 15 September, 2010


    Altaf Hussain has called the patriotic Generals to come forward and eradicate corruption. He later directed that the people who were made homeless or who lost their agriculture lands or crops due to breaching of the protective bunds by the Fuddles to save their own Havlies, Farms and lands, to capture the lands and houses of such Fuddles.

    A lot criticism has appeared that Altaf Hussain was calling Martial Law, who are "patriotic General", Altaf Hussain himself is part of the same corrupt government, what he did to get rid of Feudal when he remained 10 years part of Musharraf etc. I am a common man. I am not aware of what is "practical" difference between Martial Law and the Democracy despite having seen both. I was of a few months when Pakistan was born. My late mother told me that she walked miles hungry miles bear foot crossing bloodshed she reached Lahore in a refugee camp. Now I am a senior citizen. During my life I saw four martial laws and democracies. My experience as a commoner is that it makes no difference for the people like me if a General rules or Nawaz Sharif or for that matter a Bhutto. Fate for us is the same; to concentrate on our daily livelihood, in the evening to listen the Karachi soon to become another Singapore, while every year my salary to increase Rs. 50 or Rs 150/- immediately cost of living increasing from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500, tax on petrol/kerosene oil which is never to affect the common man, my kitchen day by day becoming thin etc. However what I know as being a live member of this society is that the creation of PPP and later the MQM a sort of PPP extension (in relation to bhutta, distortion, recruitments etc) was in fact was the "punishment" from God for our individual and collective sins. I never like Altaf Hussain knowing well how from lower middle class my family has come to poor class and yet we have to dispense off "bhatas" in different forms to Altaf's activists. For example on Eids despite not willing I will have to pay "Fitrana" to MQM workers when a knock will come on my door .which later being an ordinary faithful I will re-pay again to my satisfaction to some deserving.

    Muhammad Javed, Pakistan - 02 October, 2010


    However it is the first time to a good extent I agree with Altaf Hussain calling patriotic generals to clean the corruption. His choice of words for the purpose may be another matter. This is the firm belief of this senior citizen based on his whole life spent in Pakistan and having no bank account or house abroad and more being a commoner that it is the Generals who can to a good extent provide justice to the common man rather than our minister, MNAs, bureaucrats. I have spent one third of my life near a Cantonment. In my childhood I saw that the army people were very innocent, kind heated, simple and helping hand towards suffering people. There was a time it was a big blessing if an army man was your neighbour or living in your street as it was a sure sign of protection of your family from street loofers. Today however I wish God no army personnel becomes my neighbour knowing well how it will be a 24 hour harassment for me, my family through the hands of children of such an army man. Perhaps I may not explain it properly but example of Presidential Brig. Taj is one to remember what happened to his family.

    However during the three Martial Laws what I saw is that these so called political activists trusted more on martial law authorities for their personal grievances needing justice rather than on their own so called democrats. In the 1968, 1972 and in 1977 Martial Laws I found it very interesting that those who yesterday afternoon participated in protest march raising loud slogans seeking so called democracy, the next morning in the office requested me to type their applications complaining against a builder who had received full money but not was delivering the flat, against one who had encroached upon on their lands, against KDA which was not issuing allotment letters etc. In my Office during 1972-75 as is always a usual since 1968 the time of birth of PPP, there were many PPP stalwarts (3 colour party identity card holders) who sat in office more than like SHOs. They occasionally for a while came to office, as one can see today any time during work hours 70% seats deserted in KDA. But whenever they came they wanted applications to be typed addressed to martial law authorities. The reason behind this as I observed was that the military officials working in civil, as far as the common man was concerned, had always been kind, judicious and strict in discipline. I read in an autobiography of a bureaucrat that during the martial law he was attached as secretary/staff officer to Karachi martial law administrator. The small length road from lucky star (Saddar Karachi) to Napier Barracks had always been neglected and broken as I myself in my youth saw it. During the 70s martial law one day the Karachi Martial Law Administrator passed through this road. When his car jumped twice he murmured what was this bloody road. The secretary listening this next day telephoned some KDA senior about it who stated that the road was within the jurisdiction of Cantonment Board. When the Secretary phoned them he was apprised that the road belong to the KDA. The Secretary, at his own, asked both the persons attending the phones at KDA and Cantonment Board that they both should come personally next morning 09.00 am and explained themselves to the Administrator on whose jurisdiction the road was. The autobiography records that the next day morning saw the road having fully been carpeted during the previous night. Who did it, KDA or Cantonment Board, the book did not reveal. Being an ordinary soul having seen the affairs I feel if in the mind of Altaf Hussain really is the speedy gradual deterioration of services, law and order, economic lootings, appointments of criminals, then his voice to the patriotic generals is very wise, timely and in the larger interest of the common and in true spirit of saving the country as at present unlike previously its very foundations are being dug.

    Muhammad Javed, Pakistan - 02 October, 2010


    He has now directed that the people who were made homeless or who lost their agriculture lands or crops due to breaching of the protective bunds by the Fuddles to save their own Havlies, Farms and lands, to capture the lands and houses of such Fuddle. It is very easy for people like Altaf Hussain to advise others to capture the lands and houses of concerned fuddle. But he did not tell when the aggrieved on his advice will capture lands and houses then how to face and handle the situation vis police, private jugga force, abduction of family members who capture this land etc. Similar advices so often keep coming from others advising people to come out in the streets against the rulers but kith and kin of such voice raisers are never seen in the streets. Amin Faheem about three years back in the background of severe load shedding advised people not to pay their electricity bills. Electricity is cut if one does not pay bill for two consecutive months. It is four years that Amin Faheen’s house is still in lights in the evening clearly meanings he wanted only the ordinary people to get their electricity cut why he acting on his advice he could not dare stop making payment of his own home.

    Muhammad Javed, Pakistan - 02 October, 2010

    Revolution and Martial Law


    Sarfraz Hussain Naqvi, Pakistan - 19 October, 2010

    Vote with your conscience

    The rest of the world will not support a Military take over.
    If you don't like the current set up wait till its time to vote. Vote for Imran Khan who I believe is honest and patriotic.

    Tariq K Sami, United Kingdom - 19 December, 2010


    How can a person, who calls himself an Indian immigrant, is now settled in UK with British nationality, and who cannot even go back to Pakistan, bring about a revolution in Pakistan. Yes there is a wind of democratic revolution in the air, where all governments in the world would work hard to raise the standards of living of their people. All countries will have to industrialize themselves using their domestic resources and their domestic markets, and even foreign markets, if they are allowed to do so. To achieve this, all governments will need to use the resources in hand, honestly, and will need to keep a check on corruption. To achieve this Pakistan needs a parliamentary form of democratic government, with honest and free judiciary, and responsible and free media. Having said all this I must confess that I have always felt really disturbed with Pakistani politicians who cause strife within Pakistani nation, or who allow foreign powers to interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan. I use to dislike Mr Nawaz Sharif because of this, but lately Mr Sharif has been behaving gently. Now it is Mr Altaf Hussain who is sitting in a foreign country and doing politics in Pakistan, challenging the sovereignty of the country and nation in the process, and making the country and the nation weak.

    Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 01 January, 2011


    I moved to US long time ago there was no MQM but I do follow Pakistan Politics after the visit of Chinese Premier I was opptimistic that Pakistan situation will get better now suddenly in Saudi Arabia the incident 2 ministers got fired and JUI leader demanding the removal of the PM makes me think the invisible hand working who donot like Pakistan to get to close to China or they donot want Pakistan to be stable MQM leader is a suspicious personality why the hell he lives in England his Pakistani citizenship should be revoked Moulana is a trouble maker PPP can alone cannot solve all the Problems I like Imran Khan but he also has to wait for the election and let this Govt finish its term

    masuma, United Kingdom - 04 January, 2011

    Pakistan and revolution

    One does not become a Pakistani just by being born in a certain region in Pakistan. During British India everything from the NWFP till the tip of South India was called India. All the citizens were called Indians. But of course there was a big difference. There were Indian Muslims and Indian Hindus. Muslims of India at that time always felt the difference in culture,religious beliefs and political ideologies.After the British left Pakistan had to happen. Pakistan was a gift for the Muslims of British India who feared Hindu hegemony and treachery after British departure.The gift was won by the Quaid Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Although the intention was noble and justified the father of the nation did not foresee the narrow mindedness and ingratitude of the potential Pakistanis. They did not realize the preciousness and priceless value of this idea. Instead of appreciating this invaluable gift created by the genius politician Jinnah backed by the intellectuals of Aligarh Pakistanis began to behave like a rowdy rabble devoid of human decency. They began to squabble and fight on narrow lines of ethnicity,language and regionalism. Jinnah's right hand man Liaqat Ali Khan who was a highly educated man a barrister of the Cambridge University was assasinated within three months of the creation OF Pakistan.The reason was regionalism and language.Such was the savagery and appalling sense of ingratitude of the masses who certainly did not deserve a special nation.These were Jinnah's words on this tragic happening:O'God.What will happen to Pakistan now'!
    In his noble passion to create a separate homeland for the Muslims of India Jinnah sadly overlooked the narrow-mindedness and bigotry of his own people.This was because he thought of everyone as a Muslim and nothing more.Regionalism,ethnicity ,language did not matter. Muslims had to have a separate country.Alas this was not to be.
    Till today children of those educated Muslims of Aligarh, Lucknow,Hyderabad Rajasthan,Bihar whose fathers gave their blood for the creation of Pakistan are still referred today as 'Mohajirs' and sometimes even as 'Indians'. This is a depraved form of shameful characterization and totally unforgivable.
    It should be remembered that MA Jinnah himself was indirectly or directly from Bombay.He studied and worked during his early years before he left for England to gain his law degree and became a barrister.He left the Congress party in disgust as he found it was composed of dishonest Hindu elements who lied to the Muslims. He was however called back a few years later by Muslim politicians who felt helpless without his guidance. He came back and performed the miracle of creating Pakistan.
    Z A Bhutto who certainly changed and made Pakistan a powerful country by making Pakistan go nuclear and creating strong ties with all countries of the Middle East and China and US was himself a product of St Xavier's school in Bombay. So this talk of 'Indians coming over to Pakistan' does not hold ground and only speaks of the illiterate mentality of the Pakistani political class.Every Pakistani was an Indian before 1947.

    Pakistan was created for the security and safety of Indian Muslims irrespective of racial,ethnic,linguistic differences. It was the concept of Islam that mattered.Most unfortunately it was not to be. Muslims in Pakistan began to kill fellow Muslims like wild dogs. In fact when Hindu politicians are confronted with the question of massacres of Muslim minorities in India they retort with a confident scorn saying:'Ever since partition you Pakistanis have killed more Muslims of your country than we ever have'. Although it sounds alarming there is an element of truth in it. Apart from Algeria in the 1990's no Muslim country has slaughtered its own population as the Pakistanis have done. We all know what happened in Karachi during Benazir's rule in the late 80's. Nasrallah Babar is dead and gone.But the legacy remains with the Quaid's dream shattered. MQM was thus born.A land created for Muslims of India became a joke. Today the military generals who ruled most of the time during Pakistan's history are still backing the feudal barons and landlords the 'Waderas' who still own the country's wealth being totally indifferent to the sufferings of the majority poor.Jinnah's dream is shattered. Pakistan a country rich in resources,culture and geography remains a land of disillusioned people often talking of a revolution.Pakistan is ripe for a revolution . But the question is , is it ready for one? Are the citizens really organized like those of Tunisia and Egypt? Is the Islamic fervor and sincerity of 'Muslim brotherhood' really genuine.From recent local political happenings in Pakistan this is indeed a serious question. Pakistan is deeply divided today between 'secular' or 'modern' minded individuals and those fearful of Islam and devoted to its beliefs. Or simply the rich elite and the poor illiterate backward masses. This is indeed a cause for concern.

    Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 01 February, 2011

    We Are Doomed

    No matter what we are doomed. There is no hope. There is so much hate! So much corruption. So much violence! And, we are at odd even with the USA who have supported us for so long. Where are our leaders? What are we up to? God help us.

    Dr. Abdul Rahim, Pakistan - 27 February, 2011

    What is wrong with you guys? Don't you ever learn?

    Joseph, Pakistan - 27 February, 2011

    Altaf the scounderal"s revolution advice

    my sincere advice to pakitanis is to shun this dacoit.

    nasir zahid, Canada - 17 January, 2012

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